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Kosmic Energy Activation

Sonja Papadimitriou

Welcome to my website. My name is Sonja Papadimitriou and I live in Greece. I would like to start by telling you some things about me and how discovering cosmic energy healing changed my life. I was born in 1957, to a well situated academic family in Skopje. I was married with a Greek and went to live in Greece. I finished philosophy Gnostic School, Silva method and started in the same time human yoga and cosmic energy healing.

It was on one of my visiting my home town, my sister knowing my deep desire to help people, write me on the cosmic energy. There were many doctors and many people from that area who was visiting cosmic energy. From very young, since I was born, I had experience of astral projections and traveling and was spiritually guided.

I was always looking for a way to help the other people and was doing that in a way which I know than, by shearing my knowledge, experience and my thoughts with them .I also became influenced by parapsychology practices, yoga, spirituality and transcendental meditation. Although brought up in the Orthodox Church, which I still feel passionately about, I found myself searching for the meaning to life’s mysteries in the East.

Mr.Dang was bringing the mystery of cosmic energy healing from the East to the West and was given transmission to use a variety of cosmic energy channels. The diploma I was awarded can be viewed here.

As a gifted student I was permitted to skip some of the classes and proceed on a higher level. I was also been given written permition to establish a Canter of Spiritual Human Yoga in Greece.

On my return to Greece, I dedicate my self to help people in the new way with successes which make me even happier.

I settled down to a life in Greece, and have taken patients in this area of Greece. I am now practicing distance healing and have since taken patients in Greece, Germany, Balkan countries and Norway.

On this way I can share even more my experience and my knowledge about many different things with more people in the same time and change opinion with them.

Please enjoy the rest of my site.