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2nd Ray of Light


The Yellow Ray Represents Wisdom for Decisions

2nd ray – The energy of Love-Wisdom – the desire or love of Deity. This is not emotional desire, but desire as the great Law of Attraction – the capacity to draw to itself that which is loved. It’s the bond of coherence, the principle of magnetic cohesion which works through all creation of forms on every level, from a crystal to a solar system. All have been created to satisfy the desire of the Creator.


Higher Expression: The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts.

Lower Expression: Religion

Ray 2 servers ponder and meditate on the new ideas associated with the Plan. By the power of their attractive love, they gather together those who are at a point in their evolution where they can respond to that Plan. These servers can select and train those who can “carry” the idea deeper into humanity.

The inclusiveness of the 2nd ray is encapsulated in some words of Krishna: “Whatever path men travel is my path; No matter where they walk it leads to Me.”

This Ray embodies the building and relating qualities and is the blending and inclusive energy that leads to true understanding. Its strength is through persistence and it radiates the spirit of relationship and the attractive quality of Love. On this Ray are found the lovers of Truth and those who seek the path of Wisdom; the Teachers, Healers and Philosophers are the exponents of its magnetic energy.

Angels of the yellow color light ray, led by Archangel Jophiel, can give you the wisdom you need to make good decisions.

The yellow angel light ray represents the enlightenment that God’s wisdom brings into people’s souls to help them make good decisions. This ray is part of the metaphysical system of angel colors based on seven different light rays: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple. Some people believe that the light waves for the seven angel colors vibrate at different electromagnetic in the universe, attracting the angels that have similar kinds of energy. Others believe that the colors are just fun ways of symbolizing the different types of missions that God sends angels on to help people. By thinking of angels who specialize in different types of work according to colors, people can focus their prayers according to what type of help they’re seeking from God and his angels.

Archangel Jophiel, the archangel of beautiful thoughts, is in charge of the yellow angel light ray. Jophiel helps people learn how to think in enlightening ways that can help them develop beautiful souls. People sometimes ask for Jophiel’s help to: discover more about the beauty of God’s holiness, see themselves as God sees them and recognize how valuable they are, seek creative inspiration, overcome the ugliness of addictions and unhealthy thought patterns, absorb information and study for tests, solve problems, and discover more of God’s join their lives.

Crystals Four different crystal gemstones are associated with the yellow angel light ray: citrine, rock crystal, phenakite, and amethyst. Some people believe that the energy in these crystals can help people let go of harmful anger and fear, let go of destructive habits, think more positively, think more clearly, alleviate stress, enjoy peace, and understand God’s purposes for their lives more deeply.

Chakra The yellow angel light ray corresponds to the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head on the human body. Some people say that the spiritual energy from angels that flows into the body through the crown chakra may help them physically (such as by helping alleviate exhaustion or treat conditions related to the skin, muscles, or bones), mentally (such as by helping them recover from depression or clarify their values), and spiritually (such as by helping them discover and fulfill God’s purposes for their lives).

Day The yellow angel light ray radiates most powerfully on Monday, some people believe, so they consider Monday to be the best day of the week to pray especially about situations that the yellow ray encompasses.

Life Situations in the Yellow Ray

When praying in the yellow ray, you can ask God to send archangel Jophiel and the angels who work with her to help you let go of ugly attitudes (such as worry, bitterness, pride, and envy) and replace them with beautiful thoughts and feelings. Since your attitudes lead to actions, which then shape the course of your life, the practice of filling your mind with beautiful thoughts will help you grow consistently more beautiful within every day.

You can also pray in the yellow ray for the wisdom you need to discern God’s will in every situation you encounter. God may send the angels of the yellow ray to give you the fresh insights you need to make the best decisions in the different areas of your life, from your relationships to your work. Ask God to empower you to see the situations in your life from his perspective.

Praying in the yellow ray may also help you perceive the meaning of what people are trying to communicate to you. If something that a person says or writes is confusing, you can ask God to send yellow ray angels to help you clearly understand the person’s message. Likewise, if you need to study and comprehend information for a test or presentation, God may send power to you through yellow ray angels to accurately absorb that information.

When you need creative inspiration for a project you’re working on, you can ask God to send yellow ray angels to inspire you with new ideas. You can do the same when you need a burst of creativity to solve a problem.

Praying in the yellow ray may also help you lighten up and have fun to alleviate stress and recharge your energy levels when you’ve become fatigued.

The 2nd ray is usually (but not always) small and delicately made, with a sense of fastidious refinement and sensitivity.

Persons not of this ray, though capable of feeling much sympathy for others, in their pleasures as well as their pains, though realizing the benefits that accrue to men through their cooperation, cannot so easily realize that the union is not an arrangement but a fact, that brotherhood is more than cooperation, because it implies feeling, where cooperation does not. When this sense of union is sufficiently established in any man’s heart, he will find himself not thinking of others from his own standpoint and considering how his own life is enriched and his own purposes forwarded by them, but in touch through some subtle feeling with their consciousness, so that he is as much interested in their lives and their purposes as in his own. The sphere of this sensitiveness goes on enlarging as the man of the second ray evolves, and he becomes the ideal father or mother, the ideal citizen, the ideal patriot, the brother at last of all humanity, so that whomsoever his eye lights upon, that person he loves. He holds thus within his heart the solvent of all social ills, the great power of love, and not the least of his virtues is the universality of that love, which makes him respect not only those who are similar to himself, and flattering to him in that similarity, but also those who are quite different in degree or in kind; nay, more, it makes him almost revere those who are different from himself, as possessing some part of the great and all-lovable light of consciousness which he has not been able to include in the small portion of it that is his own. For his happiness, it is not necessary that he should possess the means of entertainment and enjoyment, but it is imperative that others should have them, and so all his activity flows out in altruism, and perfect love has cast out both fear and greed, and most of the causes of possible human conflict. I heard of a poor man who sat near a rich man’s gate, and was able to enjoy the rich man’s pleasures without the burden of his possessions; as he watched the happy and prosperous people passing, and looked at times into the windows of the great emporia he had all that he could want. I heard, too, of a man who, returned from a journey, found that he had lost his valuable gold watch, and did not mourn, “Alas, alas, I have lost my watch,” but with a little glow of delight exclaimed, “Why, 49 someone must have found that watch!” These are perhaps ideal specimens of men of the second ray, but they clearly indicate the type. People of the second ray are willing to suffer for their love, yet no doubt the ecstasy of it hides from their eyes the sacrificial nature of much of their lives. They are not the people who help others who are suffering merely in order to remove their own suffering which they feel through sympathy, whose first care is to avoid scenes of suffering and remove them if possible far beyond their sight so that they may be forgotten. They are ready to face the world with all its imperfections, and its mixture of pleasures and pains, and humbly say, “Only God is good, and all this is just better and worse; but room for rejoicing at all times there is, because the worse is always becoming better, and because every act of kindness, of comradeship or service, serves the betterment which at last will lead to all that we can think of as good.” The doctrine of the evolution of life upward and onward forever appeals to people of this kind and fills them with an energy that makes their love no mere sentiment, but causes it to overflow in neighborliness and brotherhood.

People of this ray make the best teachers and doctors. I remember to have read some twenty years ago an article by the celebrated Oxford Professor, Bernard Bosanquet, in which he said that it was not advisable to employ the most brilliant scholars as teachers in schools, because these men had learned their subjects with great ease, and were not in a position to understand the state of mind of the average student; and certainly the quality of love is needed more than anything else, not only in education, the unfolding of the human powers in a child, but even in instruction, the imparting of knowledge. And everybody knows how, in most cases, the doctor who is able to take a real living interest in the patient is not only the most popular but also the most successful


If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, you are functioning on the 2nd Ray “The Second Ray is called the Master Builder…. It represents the cohesive force in the universe…. The Second Ray is the energy behind what we call “universal love” … connected to the powers of intuition…. The Second Ray instills cooperation between people, philanthropy, and the urge to serve.

Soul Level: The urge to bring about a sustaining, loving wholeness to any group or life situation; the ability—through magnetic attraction—to bring about healing; the focus for the stimulation of consciousness, and hence for greater love/wisdom; the ability to see beyond differences into unifying principles.

Personality Level: Ray of teachers, people in the healing and service professions.

Positive Traits: Naturally sympathetic and compassionate; eager to be of assistance; generous and philanthropic; calm, strong, and patient when dealing with the daily situations of life; faithful and reliable; lovers of truth who are very intuitive by nature.

Character Difficulties: Coldness, if Wisdom aspect is overemphasized; indifference to others; misplaced affection—always feeling sorry for things; a negative, ‘Why is it always happening to me’ outlook to life; rarely satisfied with personal accomplishments.

To Be Cultivated: Faith in love as the healing force in life.”