Arabic astrology


Arabic astrology appears in Lower Mesopotamia in the years 2600-2700 about BC. It is one of the most prestigious in the world although it remains relatively unknown in the Western countries.

In Arabic Astrology, the names of constellations are replaced by names of knives. These weapons are intended to inform the individual about his life which is considered as a fight. A special feature of this astrology is that it evolves over the life of an individual.

Weapons in astrology Arabic are 12 in number. It distinguishes hand weapons, the medium weapons and long weapons.

Hand weapons are KnifeDaggerShiv and Arabic Dagger. It refers to serious, rigorous, energetic and introverted people. These people struggle to achieve their goals.

Medium weapons are Mass of ironMaceAxe and Chain. It refers to calm, quiet and ambitious people. These people have a goal, that of advancing the social ladder.

Long weapons are SwordLanceSling and Arc. It refers to energetic, reliable and persistent people. These people want to maintain their social level and especially not to go.

How to calculate your Arabic sign?

The determination of the Arabic sign is made using three elements that are western astrological sign, the number of people in your hometown at the time of your birth and the social background of your parents when you were born.

The first step is to note the number that corresponds to your astrological sign.
The second step is to note the number corresponding to the size of your city of birth.
Finally the third step is to note the number corresponding to the social environment of your parents.

In order to know the weapon that suits you and which refers to your Arabic astrological sign, you just have to average the three values correspond to three stages.
You are the sign of Leo, you live in a town of 58,000 inhabitants and your parents are farmers, it gives you 9 + 6 + 6 = 21 which is divided by 3 or 7, which corresponds to the Axe.

Figure Astrological sign The size of your city of birth The social environment of your parents
1 Virgo Less than 500 inhabitants Disadvantaged backgrounds (unemployed or homeless)
2 Aries 500 to 2,000 inhabitants An environment of unskilled workers (workers, maids…)
3 Cancer 2.000 to 5.000 inhabitants Medium skilled workers (masons, small traders…)
4 Scorpio 5.000 to 15.000 inhabitants An environment of people in the margins of society (homeless faxes, thieves and)
5 Gemini 15.000 to 50.000 inhabitants Middle of a military occupations
6 Taurus 50.000 to 100.000 inhabitants Medium farmers, farmers in connection with the land
7 Pisces 100.000 to 200.000 inhabitants Medium teachers, executives from the bottom ranks of nurses
8 Libra 200.000 to 350.000 inhabitants An environment in connection with the bourgeoisie, linked to money in daily activities
9 Leo 350.000 to 600.000 inhabitants Middle of a church people of high rank, high graduates
10 Capricorn 600.000 to 1.500.000 inhabitants An environment of architects, people from professions, journalists
11 Aquarius 1.500.000 to 5.000.000 inhabitants Environments related to poetry, scholars and researchers
12 Sagittarius More than 5.000.000 inhabitants Middle of a celebrity, famous people

The Knife: number 1

The ancient weapons and tools that have always been used for different purposes: from defense to attack, and daily use in the kitchen. A person born under this sign is unpredictable, moody, often quite lazy, wild, independent, indifferent to the discipline and links that promise a lot, likes to dominate and to rule alone. Sure of himself and his own mind, does not accept conventionality and schemes of behavior. Thinking of others is indifferent. The charity does not accept compromises, is prone to scenes as they often have weak nerves. It is important to find a person who submits to everything, so there will be styles. He agrees only with persons in characters: mace, chain, lightning and tweaked. The others did not agree well, especially wicked do with those born under the sign of a pocket knife, Arab sword and saber.
It is the basic weapon in astrology Arabic. It is considered the most useful because it symbolizes the weapon of all. The knife represents the low emotional, conservative, and confident and people who like to take initiatives. These people are destined to climb the social ladder. They succeed in technical trades and arts.

The Dagger: number 2
It is the weapon of struggle in Arabic astrology. It is considered as the knife while having a broader scope. The dagger represents loyalty, reliability but also brutality and aggression. These people are often dangerous and violent. They succeed in the business of public relations.

Old, very crude weapons. A person born under this sign is a proud and loyal. Although sometimes forests react vigorously, essentially sympathetic. Often a favorite in society. Endowed with great vitality, excellent health and indestructible energy. It is very brave and seamlessly in dangerous situations and provocations. The love is romantic, forests and wants a lot to offer. But never tolerated infidelity if her loved one to do so, their relationship is the end, no matter how much trouble it can to bring her. Goes well with people born under the sign of the chain, bow and arrow, mace and spears.

The Shiv: number 3

Another Home tool that can be very dangerous if it is in the hand of bad men. A person born under this sign is disciplined, is a great worker and takes a long time before we have to decide. He does not like the sudden change, has their routine which is difficult to renounce, and when it forced on her a very hard fall. Has your lifestyle, orderliness, pedantry, healthy life and a love of the sport, who will not give up even in marriage, is often considered egotist. It is wrong because it is not an egoist, but only loves his habits. In love is faithful, solid and does not require much. But, if you find a person that she was completely opposite what habits are concerned, there is a terrible disparity. Therefore, it must be carefully selected partners. Goes well with: a spear, and with a sling shot, a bad with a saber, sword and chain.
It is the weapon and a professional tool. The shiv represents workers although they are generally introverted and lacking imagination. These people are seen as conservative. They succeed in business law, government and war.

The Arabic Dagger: number 4
This is a dangerous old weapons for the attack, but also for defense. A person born under this sign is adventurous, aggressive, restless, often somewhat crude, likes risk and adventure. Has its own morality and norms which abide by, and the opinion of others is not interested. When you want to achieve something she is unscrupulous, for it is often true proverb: ‘The end justifies the means’. In love, knows what she wants and when they want. And when someone chooses, he will surely be with him, no matter how impossible it seemed. Love is changing; with a loved one is a gentle, willing to sacrifice all her permits. But that would be so, that person must have been born in one of the following signs: arrows, mace, and mace, tweaked. No style there with a knife, knife, and supply chain.

It represents the most dangerous weapon Arabic. The dagger represents defiance, aggression and violence. These people are perceived as arrogant, dangerous, vindictive and even depression. They succeed in the business of adventure, war and politics.

The Mass of iron: number 5

Medieval weapon, which can now be seen only in museums. A person born under this sign of competence in every situation, knows how to command, and to accept other people’s commandments, is a good friend and a person can be counted in trouble. She’s curious and brave, likes to travel and sudden unusual events. In love is fickle, loves flirting, does not like to be tied and all its connections are superficial. More price friendship than love. Goes well with all characters except Lightning, slings and maces.
It represents social relations. The mass of iron embodies the physical and intellectual abilities, sincerity and loyalty. These people are usually respectful of other human beings and their environment. They succeed in occupations related to the family and education.

The Mace: number 6
This is also a medieval weapon, but it is difficult to find today, and in museums. A person born under this sign is all hidden virtues, which are hard to notice immediately. It may seem lazy, but in fact is very methodical in business and what we do not like to accept the superficial. It is very wise but its quiet intelligence. The vulnerable, and therefore operates in slow motion, a very efficient when something is accepted. The charity is an ideal partner because it does not require a lot and likes poised to family life. He does not like quarrels and scenes, and loves nature walks, romantic situation. Goes well with everyone, but a little harder with chain sling and a mace.

It is a weapon of confidence. The mace represents respect, peace, stability and routine. These people tend to live in a stable and peaceful. They succeed in the business of the land as agriculture, botany and the environment.

The Axe: number 7

Is needed as a tool and as a weapon is unacceptable. A person born under this sign have a tremendous thirst for knowledge and an iron will. Those who devote themselves to research activities of any kind, achieved great success in their profession. Brave and ambitious do not know the obstacles. However, such people are very quiet, they are idealists who dream of a world without wars and want equality among people. The charity provides, but also seeks simplicity, little attention and tenderness. It can be found only with those born under the sign of chain slings. Very bad relationship with a knife, sword and Arab sword.
It is a tool that can be a formidable weapon if attacked. The axe embodies ambitious, kind, dreamy and smart. These people are made to succeed in life. This will be all the projects they may undertake. Trades are made for the professions of teaching and research.

The Chain: number 8

The medieval weapon used in rarer occasions. A person born under this sign is effective diplomat, who loves being, beautiful things, celebrities and talented lover. A person of this sign knows how to deceive people and to persuade, it can be a good leader. If you see a man that says what nonsense because some women, know that ninety percent of women of this sign. It is a great diplomat and seemingly agrees with everyone, and hides with whom he disagrees. Yet she does not recommend connection with mace and mace.
It is a weapon of protection against attack, and is a highly feared weapon. The chain represents diplomats people, intelligent and eager for wealth. These people seek in every way to fortune and to raise money, whatever the source of money. They succeed in the business of trade, finance and business.

The Sword: number 9

Although the parade weapons, can be very dangerous. A person born under this sign is predisposed to command, because it has natural authority, a sense of organization and the satisfaction of the government. Snob and likes to dominate in fashionable society, does not like loneliness, but likes noisy city. The marriage is a good mother and a father. Agonizing for the family, and tends to give her all the best. In love, loves originality, fiery statements and that requires a lot of chivalry, but also provides. Goes well with an arrow and a spear, a badly with a knife, an ax, mace and mace.
It is a powerful weapon. The sword represents people proud, authoritarian and with a sense of accomplishment. These people are combative and no obstacles will stop them. They succeed in the business of war and the company.

The Lance: number 10

Also called ‘halberd’, antique, medieval weapons being carried by nobles. A person born under this sign is an intellectual nature, lucid and physically attractive. Has a rich imagination, a nice talk, well they handle at every opportunity and in every society. It is an excellent psychologist. The disadvantage is that it feels overwhelming, but requires a lot of life and disappoint when it reaches the (im) possible targets. In love requires that the beloved, and if not, disappoint forever. He does not like flirting. It may well not agree with the knife and the knife, and the bad with the slingshot. According to other signs is indifferent.
It represents a long-range weapon. Lance embodies ambition, independence and patience. These people are perceived to have a certain charm and personable, although sometimes a bit unstable. They succeed in the fields of entrepreneurship and politics.

The Sling: number 11

One of the oldest weapons, which today exists only as a toy. A person born under this sign is a creative idealist, intelligent but often falls into a depression.

It happens to doubt themselves and their power; she needs help in trouble from which itself does not know how to get out. Often the bohemian with songful soul loves wandering and cannot eat her safety.

The charity is extremely romantic, love passionately but only once, because cheery. Goes well with an arrow, the Arab sword and an ax, a sword with the poor and the spear.
It represents a long-range weapon though invisible. The sling embodies intelligent, intuitive and disinterested. These people are generally introverted, individualistic and like to stay away. They often succeed in artistic professions and the arts.

– Once a deadly weapon, and is used today in the sports discipline.

The Arc: number 12

LIGHTNING (12) A person born under this sign have expressed strong personality, dazzling intellect and a strong talent, that goes up to genius.

There is no practical spirit can happen that material exploit poor people, and that she does not notice it. All love affairs of her predominantly turbulent, because love is understood in their own specific way. Goes well with a spear, ax and chain, a badly with a knife and a penknife.
It is a weapon skill and precision. The arc embodies those patients, intelligent, and talented volunteers. These people are combative and are made to succeed. They are generally successful in the business of creating, arts and culture.