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Chakra HealingΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healing

There are literally thousands of ways you can “heal” and “balance” your chakras. Meditation and visualization are both very popular choices, sound is another good method, sight is yet another (using yantras or mandalas), and smell works really well too – it’s called aromatherapy. Yoga is another very popular way to work on your chakras, and I could go on as the list is too long to recite.

First of all, it’s important to realize that each healing modality is actually more closely associated with each one of the chakras. This means that one method may work better for a particular chakra than another.

The 6th and 7th chakras balance well with visualization and meditation and pure energy work, because they are in the higher frequency realm. The seventh chakra isn’t even truly “physical” – it’s our spiritual connection to everything. It resides off the body, above the crown of our head. The sixth chakra is at the third eye – in the middle of the forehead – and it is the least “physical” of the sixth bodily-related chakras.

Chakra healing can be defined as a process aiming at influencing how energy moves through the chakras of the human body. It is often referred to as chakra balancing because its goal is to restore the optimal balance between the energy centers.
When the chakra system functions properly, it is characterized by several properties:

  • balance, overall equilibrium
  • distinction between the different quality of energies or frequencies associated with each chakra
  • appropriate intensity or level of energy of each chakra
  • appropriate direction (clockwise or counterclockwise)
  • appropriate polarity (inward and outward flow, or reception and expression)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healingIt’s important to note that a chakra does not function on its own. It is part of a dynamic interrelated series of energy centers forming an entire system. Understanding what chakra healing means involves not only knowing how each individual chakra functions, but also how they interact with each other.

There are many energy healing modalities, some rooted in ancient wisdom and practices, some more recent. In today’s alternative medicine, the state of our chakra is impacted by life experiences. It’s as if our experiences imprint energetic patterns into the chakras and influence the way they work. Negative experiences have a particularly strong impact as they often result in raising defenses, translating in suppression or contraction of the energy flowing through the chakras.

This is what happens when we talk about a chakra blockage. Even though imbalances are often described in terms of “closed” or “blocked” chakra, it is more accurate to use the images of diminution or increase of energy flow. When a chakra is “blocked”, it means that the amount and quality of energy it produces and flowing through it is highly reduced.

Chakra healing aims at supporting a balanced flow of energy throughout the whole body or on specific parts of the body.

So, for the first chakra, the best, long term healing comes from very physical activities – like: Hatha yoga, because the first chakra is the densest and most related to the physical body.

Smell-oriented treatments, like aromatherapy, work well too because this chakra is related to your sense of smell.

Gemstones (pictured) are great for first chakra healing as well, because stones are from the earth, the element of this chakra.

Gardening is also really good. Walk around barefoot as much as you can

eat red foods such as strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers (capsicums), beetroot and add spices to your diet set up a savings plan if you’re worried about finances dance.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healing

Dance like nobody’s watching (be sure to move your hips)

Visualize red pouring into the area around your root chakra

Essential oils: cedar, clove, myrrh

Crystals: bloodstone, ruby, garnet, agate, smoky quartz, hematiteood for healing your first chakra.

For the second chakra – which is still very dense and physical – Hatha yoga is good – especially tantric ally-oriented yoga and hip poses (see the above video).
healing with chakra foods (juicy, orange foods like oranges, mangoes and pumpkins) is good for this chakra since it’s related to taste, and doing aquatic bodywork – like watsu (pictured) – is really good too, because the second chakra is related to the water element.

  • Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healingeat orange-colored foods, such as carrots, oranges and capsicums
  • be gentle and kind to yourself
  • have a long bath with lots of gorgeous bath oil and candles
  • watch some romantic movies (alone or with someone else!)
  • celebrate the little achievements in life
  • visualize orange pouring into this chakra

Essential oils: sandalwood, ylang ylang

Crystals: moonstone, carnelian

For the third chakra – visual therapy like working with

 yantras is very good here because our conscious, mental reasoning ability and our self-image are both associated with the third chakra.

Sun bathing is good, because the third chakra is related to the fire element, and it’s located in the solar plexus.

And if you’re up for it, fire walking will stoke your third chakra in a major way.

Get outside into the sun

Eat yellow foods, such as corn

Drink chamomile tea

Be aware of who you spend time with (make sure they love and appreciate you).Catch yourself if you talk about yourself badly

Visualize yellow pouring into this chakra

Essential oils: chamomile, lemon

Crystals: tiger’s eye, amber, citrine

For the fourth chakra – the bridge between the lower (more “physical” chakras) and the upper (more “spiritual” chakras), touch is good.  Humans need hugging.

Hugging –even self-hugging (do it now!) is one of the simplest ways to boost and balance heart chakra energy.

The process of tapping – is great for this chakra too, as is breath work, because we breathe in and out of this chakra and the element here is air.

Schedule in regular time to do something you love, just for you, and commit to it- don’t make excuses!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healingListen and speak to others with an open heart; be generous and loving

Follow your dreams and desires

Eat green foods, such as leafy greens, green apples and avocados;

Drink green tea and green smoothies/juices

Visualize green pouring into this chakra

Essential oils: rose, bergamot

Crystals: emerald, green jade, rose quartz

For the fifth chakraSound healing takes the cake. you can use this technique two simple ways – putting sound out, in the form of mantras, chanting, and seed sounds (or even just singing a favorite song that makes you feel good) and taking sound in, in the form of crystal bowls, mantras or again, a favorite song.

Sing wherever and whenever you can- in the shower, in your car, while you’re drying your hair.

Be open and honest with those around you ,say ‘no’ kindly, but firmly,shine love onto authority figures you have trouble speaking with

Visualize blue pouring into this chakraΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healing

Essential oils: lavender, sage, neroli

Crystals: turquoise, aquamarine

For the sixth chakra

Visualization is the best tool, since our third eye is ground zero for all our dreams and visualizations. You can do this inwardly or outwardly.

Meditations are the best way to do inward visualizing. Just close your eyes and create a positive world within you. See and feel what you truly want and as you do this, you change your whole physiology in a way that causes you to interact more positively and confidently with your external world (and thereby change it). You can also visualize externally by creating an amazing vision board. i created an awesome 4-video series that walks you through the process of creating a sacred vision board that will ignite your creative energy in a major way and take your life to the next level.

Begin to listen more closely in to conversations- are there any hidden messages.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chakra healing

Try to feeling the energetic vibration of those around you- are they feeling positive or negative?

Praise yourself every time you intuit something and guess it right

Visualize indigo pouring into this chakra

Essential oils: jasmine, vetiver, patchouli, basil, rosemary

Crystals: lapis lazuli, sodalite

Best healing method for your seventh chakra

For the seventh chakra,

Meditation – pure, silent, thoughtless openness is the best. Just opening to the space that we are, with nothing added.

Getting into the actual body – tissues and bones – works much better for creating long-term, positive, first chakra shifts.

Essential oils: frankincense, olibanum

Crystals: amethyst, alexandrite

And conversely, for the sixth or seventh chakras to be greatly affected by something as physical as hatha yoga, you need to make sure you’re paying equal attention to your subtle energies while doing your physical practice.

When we are stimulated in our daily experiences, whether it’s through a direct physical stimulation or an emotional one, there’s a little change electromagnetically in our body that is registered through our chakras. The direction and quality of energy orchestrated by each chakra changes and the overall system balance fluctuates.

The cultural environment also has an impact the balance of our chakras. For instance, in a culture where mental abilities, rationality and scientific approaches are primarily valued, we can see a tendency to have a third chakra overpowering the whole system.

The way we live also has an impact, especially whether we take time to connect to a natural rhythm and earth elements. Spending your day sitting at a desk or in front a computer may translate into having very sparse energy in the first two chakras, limiting important supply and grounding for the whole system.

The seed sounds (shortest mantras) for each of the chakras are:

The philosophical premises behind chakra healing may vary depending on the tradition and healer. Here are the most commonly accepted theories.

There are two main flows of energies contributing to the balance of the chakra system: an upward flow coming from the earth’s magnetic field going up the chakras, and a downward flow coming from a universal, all-encompassing energy. These two main currents of energy are said to balance the whole system. Another view emphasizes the upward feeding flow of energy from the root chakra and up.

This dualism in sources of energies is reminiscent of the old philosophical question of “mind over matter” and the origins and causes of the psyche and consciousness. For the sake of clarity, we’ll focus on how the energy moves through the chakras and ways to balance it, instead of debating the philosophical underpinnings of chakra theory.