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5th Ray of Energy


The Green Ray Represents Healing and Prosperity

5th ray –image1 The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science. This energy has produced science and led to man’s comprehension of the natural world. Because it operates on the plane of the higher and lower mind and because “man” is literally “one who thinks”, the 5th ray has special significance to humanity.

Higher Expression: The science of the soul. Esoteric psychology.

Lower Expression: Modern educational systems and mental science.

Again, the words of the Buddha invoke the essence of the 5th ray: “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

Ray 5 servers are coming rapidly into prominence. They investigate the form in order to find its hidden idea, its motivating power, by proving the idea either true or false. Through scientific investigation, research and discovery, they are preparing the new world.

Angels of the green color light ray, led by Archangel Raphael, can help you with healing and prosperity.

This Ray is pre-eminently that of mind, critical ability and research. It is the Ray of the keen and enquiring intellect that demands great accuracy and gives much attention to detail. Within this stream are found those working in all the different branches of science.

The green angel  ray represents  and . This ray is part of the metaphysical  based on seven different light rays: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple. Some people believe that the light waves for the seven angel colors vibrate at different  in the universe, attracting the angels that have similar kinds of energy. Others believe that the colors are just fun ways of symbolizing the different types of missions that God sends angels on to . By thinking of angels who specialize in different types of work according to colors, people can focus their  according to what type of help they’re seeking from God and his angels.

Archangel – , the  of healing, is in charge of the green light ray. Raphael works to bring people closer to God so they can experience the healing peace that God wants to give them. He’s often associated with  and .

Raphael also works to heal  and the Earth, so people connect him to animal care and environmental efforts. People sometimes ask for Raphael’s help to: heal them (of illnesses or wounds that are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature), help those overcome addictions, lead them to love, and keep them safe while traveling.

Crystals – Four different  are associated with the green angel light ray: sugilite, sodalite, indigolite, and angelite. Some people believe that the energy in these crystals can help people concentrate on something they’re trying to understand, calm down stressed or anxious emotions, and think more creatively.

Chakra – The green angel light ray corresponds to the brow chakra, which is located at the center of the forehead on the human body. Some people say that the spiritual energy from angels that flows into the body through the brow chakra may help them physically (such as by helping to treat spinal conditions, strokes, and vision and hearing problems), mentally (such as by helping them clear away confusion and clearly evaluate various options before making decisions), and spiritually (such as by helping them open their minds to ).

Day – The green angel light ray radiates most powerfully on Thursday, some people believe, so they consider Thursday to be the best day to pray especially about situations that the green ray encompasses.

Life Situations in the Green Ray

When praying in the green ray, you can ask God to send  and the  who work with him to help you heal from whatever illnesses or injuries you’ve suffered in your body, mind, or spirit. God may choose to send green ray angels to heal you directly or to anoint the healing efforts of medical professionals, counselors, and clergy who are working to help you.

You can also pray in the green ray for your well-being and wholeness, asking God to send angels to deliver the  and strength you need to make healthy choices about how to take care of yourself, and preventing you from becoming sick or wounded whenever it’s his will to do so.

God may send power to you through green ray angels to help you concentrate on the spiritual messages he is communicating to you through angels, so you can understand the truth that they contain.

Praying in the green ray may also help you develop the ability to analyze the various options you’re facing before making an important decision, so you can act in a way that reflects God’s will and experience God’s best for you.

You may also ask God to send green ray angels to help you with , so you can prosper by finding the best opportunities to earn an income (such as a new job), and learning how to manage money wisely (budgeting, avoiding debt, saving, investing, and giving generously).


The 5th ray gives a somewhat stiff, set appearance; a tendency to clumsiness, awkwardness, rather than physical co-ordination.

The fifth ray, the scientific, is devotional, though usually without knowing it. On this ray the thinking part of man finds itself bowing in unquestioning service to the great mind of the world, the world of ideas, the universe of law, and puts itself under the tuition of that world. Truth is the name for the ultimate reality when it is seen in this way, and though the scientist in his constant search for more of it will examine and question everything else most unmercifully, he never questions the truth of truth or the fact of fact. He bows before them in complete and most delighted submission, because they are final reality, and when its face is seen its authority is evident to the soul. To the fifth ray man the world’s truth is the foundation of reality, and his search for knowledge is thus a religious activity founded essentially on faith. Elsewhere I have formulated his creed as follows: “I believe in the world as a place where truth can be found; I believe in the human mind as an instrument for its discovery; and I believe that when it is discovered by man it will prove to be of benefit in his life.” If we contrast the state of the primitive man with that of the civilized man of today, the virtue of this creed will be seen. The uncivilized person has little peace of mind, for the simple reason that he does not know that he can think about everything. He accepts a great many things, like thunder and lightning, shadows and disease, as great mysteries, and when or where or how he will be struck by them he has little or no notion, but is full of fear of the event. But the civilized man knows a good deal about the world, and has enhanced the powers of his senses and the strength of his hands in a myriad ways too familiar to mention, from the benefits of which he does not escape even for one moment in all the day. Strange to say, with all 69 this achievement at their constant service and ready as most men are to admire the triumphs that the science of the ages has won for us, they still regard some things as mysteries to which thought is not applicable, as, for example, the problem of death. The drawing of that line between what can and what cannot be known is a remnant of savagery, but the men of the fifth ray, playing their part in human progress, will someday remove that prejudice and bring the knowledge of facts even about death within the mastery of man, long before even our Indo-European race comes to an end. It is impossible to estimate the god-like heights of knowledge and power to which science will raise the life of humanity on earth in course of time. And that will come about because of the method of the scientist, who examines his facts with the greatest care, compares them with dispassion and without prejudice, hoping for no particular results, and accepts his thoughts about them as knowledge, his hypotheses as theories, only when he has tested them again and again. To realize the faith behind science, recall for a moment those conditions in the middle ages of Europe when the light of knowledge was obscured by the cruel and cowardly men of the time who wielded paramount secular authority in the name of religion. They had decided that this was not really God’s world, that He was somewhere else, and though He had put us here as souls upon probation, He was allowing our lifelong examination to be conducted by His great adversary the devil himself. So this world came to be thought of as the devil’s world; it was a place of untruth, and knowledge about it would lead men away to their damnation, and indeed the human mind, with which men proposed to make their mundane enquiries, was itself held to be so conceived in sin that never could it be an instrument for the discovery of truth of real benefit to man. Clearly men did not then know that the world was a place of truth, but there were a few who felt that it must be so, who had faith in it and themselves, and faith so strong that not all the terrors of the Inquisition could stop them entirely, and utterly put out the light of science. These few stood firm and gradually won their way to general acknowledgment, and proved the value of the fifth ray faith that was in them; and today every intelligent religious devotee is ready to acknowledge not only that science has made physical life splendidly rich for man, and has raised it far above the animal lot, and enabled men calmly and peacefully to face all the problems of material existence, and develop the human mind by exercise to a splendid degree; but in addition to all that it has assisted the devote himself to improve his conception of God.

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Leo, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, you are functioning on the 5th Ray “The Fifth Ray is the expression of Love/Wisdom through the intellect. This occurs through scientific research and experimentation in order that the Plan of Divinity may be revealed through the mind of man…. It is the purpose of the Higher Mind to penetrate and purify the lower so that humanity may perceive, identify, and know the Mind of God behind all the forms of manifestation. This is the great work of the Fifth Ray.

As the sign of Aquarius is on the Fifth Ray and on no other, the scientist and researcher will lead the way into the esoteric realities in our time, and reveal through their work those metaphysical Laws and Principles which underlie the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

We are moving into the New Aquarian Age, thus the importance of this 5th Ray. The more evolved of 5th-influenced people will, through the scientific method, seek to prove the validity of metaphysical inquiry. The contributions they make to the well-being of society are limitless.

Soul Level: Those who work to be connecting links of intelligence between the abstract world of pure ideation and the concrete world of practical application; precision and exactitude in creating those forms and inventions which allow for the outpouring of Higher-Mind Intelligence.

Personality Level: Ray of the scientist, technician, lawyer, engineer, researcher, computer expert, and logician.

Character Traits: Power to master a chosen field on expertise; detached observer in quest for truth; accuracy in speech; precise mental perceptions and vision for the application of knowledge; love of scientific inquiry.

Character Difficulties: Lacking in compassion and sympathy; an overly narrow perspective; constant analysis and the splitting of hairs; pedantic; overemphasis on the form aspect of life; materialism; harsh criticism, mental pride, prejudice.

To Be Cultivated: Intellectual tolerance; devotion; active love, nurturing, reverence, and sympathy.”⨪