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7 chakras of Earth

Earth chakras are physical locations super-charged with energy that help to keep the planet and all life on it in balance. Depending on who you ask, there are more than 150 recognized earth chakras located within and on the surface the earth — from deep within the sea and rocks to mountain tops and valleys. These positive and negative energy vortices can offer feminine-, masculine- or neutral-based energy.

For millennia the earth has been revered as the giver of life, as “Mother Earth.” So it only makes sense that the seven major chakras of the earth correspond to the seven recognized human chakras The Earth is a living organism. Its rain forests, seas, mountains and oceans are like the organs that make up a self-sustaining system. On a subtle level she has a chakra, the city’s special energy that inspired many world travelers

Our chakras stretch from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and are connected through a current of power that flows between them. Similarly, earth chakras, or energy vortices, are connected via a web of ley lines that create an energy field.

To help you visualize, imagine the layout of earth chakras and vortices as an intricate, electrical circuit board with lines, intersections and pathways all linking one earth chakra or vortex to the next.

Just as our body has seven major energy centers, each of which has a specific function, as well as on earth, there are seven major energy centers.

There are seven major locations that are widely accepted as high energy spots on earth. According to the earth chakras map, here is each location, its chakra correspondence and a brief description.

Although among specialists and the subtle energies of the Earth (geomancy) there are some differences, most agree that these are the main energy centers:

  1. Machu Picchu – Peru

This pimage2lace is called the “Lost City of the Incas”, a river that flows through the valley below the mountain is the main tributary of the Amazon, whose water gives life to the earth. The city was built around 1300, but it remained hidden until 1911. Many believe that was abandoned 400 years before the Inca empire conquered by Spaniards. It binds to the second center, the center of sexuality and creation (of life).


  1. Grand Canyon – Arizona, USAImage: 0185735389, License: Rights managed, Setting sun warms Krishna Shrine, view south from Cape Royal, North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA, Property Release: No or not aplicable, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Place: Arizona, USA, Credit line: Profimedia.com, Corbis

This area of the first energy center inhabits indija¬nsko Hopi tribe, which means “peaceful.” It is in direct opposition with Mount Kailash in Tibet, which is considered the seventh earthly center. Interestingly, the Indian and Tibetan culture have much in common, even their languages are similar, and are believed to originate from the same tribe. These two centers, as well as the root and crown, ties between the earthly and the heavenly principles. Through these clamps our ideas receive divine assistance in the implementation.


  1. Image: 0095973635, License: Rights managed, Restrictions: Not available for use in Corbis Merchandise. Content available for use in Corbis Mobile Offerings., Property Release: No or not aplicable, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: Profimedia.com, CorbisUluru – Australia

For Australian Aboriginals Uluru is a sacred mountain on which are believed to have been answered many of their prayers. Uluru is the biggest rock monolith in the world, also called the Stone Hill, part of the National Park Kata Tjuta. It is believed that balances and strengthens individuality, which is located in the body with the third center.


  1. Glastonberi Tor – Engleskaimage5

Translated from the Celtic fold means “conical hill,” and for him to tie a number of Celtic and Druid legends, and legends of King Arthur. It is believed that the area was Avalon – the island from the legend of King Arthur. This is the central energy vortex, which operates in all the centers. Here the role of the body has a heart, which, when open, emits a very torsion box and healing us from serious illness.


  1. image6Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

This is the center of the ancient ancient Egyptian civilization, and is located not far from Cairo. Giza was once the prime meridian point of reference for determining longitude, which is the beginning of the Great Pyramid. Many believe that a strong energy vortex and Mount Sinai, an important place of all Christians. In the body is related to the throat, and the center’s communications and our decisions.


  1. Mount Fuji – Japan

This mountain is one of the main inspirations of Japanese art. As the embodiment of pure holiness, it is a central place of Japanese Zen masters who meditate on it. In the body is linked to the sixth center, a third eye, which allows us to see things more clearly, which is achieved precisely meditation.

7.Mount Kailash – Tibet

This Himalayan image8top crown is sacred. Buddhists, Hindus and đainisti consider it holy, and is visited by numerous Westerners in search of alternative life and spiritual solutions. For him, the story is bound to appear and stay of the legendary Indian saint Mahavatar Babaji. The body is attached to the Seventh, Crown Center, which is our direct links with the divine.