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Astral Body1

The fourth layer of the auric field is the astral body or called the causal body or Spiritual body.  It extends approximately eight inches to a foot from the physical body.  Associated with the fourth chakra; our sense of love, well-being, expansion and balance in life.  It is the window of our spiritual nature. Also, it indicates the individual’s capacity for conditional and unconditional love. Feelings of our highest desires and needs are in this layer.  The astral body is connected with the psychology and life experience of the individual.  On a physical level it deals with the cardiovascular issues.

It is similar in to the second layer as it has multi colored clouds.  The colors are finer, paler and lighter, but are harder to view than the second layer.   It is also seen as a rosy glow, but frequently reflects silver, blue or green.
The astral body is our connection with the astral plane, which is where our Spirit guides and others on the astral plane dwell. This body is where we find the silver cord that allows us to astral plane. It separates us from our physical and psychic bodies.  The astral plane is most visited when we are sleeping, meditating, undergoing some form of transitioning.
Dysfunctions and impurities in this layer present themselves as an

unappealing discoloration, muddied, smeared or streaked colors or patterns.

Spreading about a foot from the body, the astral body represents the bridge to the spiritual realm and is the doorway to the astral plane. As with the

Emotional body, this field produces a myriad of color; however, because it’s strongly correlated to the heart chakra, more hues of pink are present in a loving individual.

This colorful gaseous layer extends one to one and a half feet beyond the physical body.  The astral layer is where astral cords are formed.  It is the layer infused with rosy pink color when love relationships, plutonic or intimate, are formed.  The chakras are often visible here, but are infused with a pink shade.

This is the actual bridge to the spiritual plane. When we begin working with this plane, and beyond, our perception and abilities transcend from the physical to the etheric. Here we start perceiving energies that are not of this vibrational frequency.

The astral body consists of colorful clouds, which extends one foot outwards from the physical body. It includes all the colors of the colors of the rainbow and a pink hue is often present with these colors, especially people with a strong heart vibration. The astral plane is also called the “emotional” plane; it has a powerful connection to the heart chakra and the emotional body. Because it’s connected to the emotions, when people fall in love, great hues of pink can be seen shooting from their heart chakra. This is also why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way.Image result for astral body picture

The astral body is made up of astral forces and as discussed earlier it is gathered before each incarnation and will be different each time. When incarnating into the etheric body various astral forces are attracted to certain parts of the physical body. The organs each attract a certain astral force so depending on the astral body’s makeup the organs will receive differing amounts of required astrality. For example: if the incarnating astral body has an abundance of Venus astral force, the kidneys will be overflowing and so they are likely to be very strong. As the Venus force goes into the kidneys, the chi there will be transformed into kidney chi and will likely flow strongly throughout the meridians. If this astral body has very little Mars force the stomach will be weaker and so less Mars chi will be created to flow through the meridians. While young, the strong kidneys will likely be helping the weak stomach as it will draw energy from the kidneys to function properly, but as this person gets older, if no strengthening has been done, it will eventually put a strain on the kidneys and all other systems.4

As the meridians are flowing with an excess of Venus and lack of Mars force they will become out of balance with some having very little flow and others very strong. As these two forces also relate to all the others, they will all be affected, leading to greater unbalance. The physical body will be affected by this unbalance leading to weakness in some areas and most definitely poor posture. Your mental and emotional aspects are situated in the astral body so any unbalance here will also show up in your psychology. The astral body is the main hindrance to spiritual awakening and is the most important body to be cleared before higher forces can be incarnated. If you have poor posture, a weakened etheric and weak physical part as described above the only way for this to be cured at its root is by healing the astral body. You can work on your posture which will help, but as long as the imbalance resides in the astral body it will continually be reflected in the physical.

If you heal the astral body and do no work on the etheric which has been damaged by the years of unbalance, full healing of the physical and etheric are unlikely to occur. This is why work on all levels is essential for fast and steady progress. As the level of vibration of consciousness increases there is a corresponding need for the vibration of the etheric and physical to also increase so as to hold or maintain the higher consciousness. If not it becomes more difficult to stay at this new level of consciousness and will likely fluctuate between the higher states and lower ones.5

The Astral Body is where we hold all our past experiences. This includes past lives, which can appear in our energy field like an undigested residue of experience; an unlearnt lesson. This level is all about relationships because all experience happens in relationship: to a person, to an object, to a place, to a situation etc.

The emotional body is how you feel towards yourself; your astral body is how you feel in a relationship.
Here we perceive images: objects, people, places etc. These are symbolic representations of someone’s past experience and how it effects the present. Mental Body you have simple thought form, Emotional body you have simple emotion, astral body a fuller picture of these and where they originate and the effects they produce in relationships and behavior.
Our experience of the past is held in our energy field. It is a creative web of beliefs and expectations, these can be positive – so if you experienced that you were supported by your environment, loved and accepted for whatever you did, you would have confidence and step into life expecting the best, and creating that through your belief and expectation. However if you had repeated negative experiences, those will tend to be fixated and re-create the present. There are areas of our lives which flow, which feel graceful, effortless, we are fulfilled and satisfied easily.6

There are other aspects which don’t flow, we are not fulfilled, and we may feel blocked, stuck. Here there will be past material blocking the flow of life. The block will take the form of an image (a whole conglomerate of experience which is contained in an image, a mixture of memory, beliefs, thoughts and emotions).

On this level in energy healing we work with releasing the old images so that we can live fully in the present, free from old baggage.

Healing techniques that are often used are inner child, relationship cord and past life healing.
Astral Mucus builds up when we have had an emotional exchange with another person and we wrap up any emotions we don’t want to feel in an energetic packet that is enveloped with astral mucus and lodged somewhere in our energy field. In this way it does not have an immediate, devastating, dramatic effect, but does slowly poison us with seeping emotional toxins and clogs up and congests our ability to raise our vibration and conduct mature relationships in the present time. We carry a huge burden of this mucus from all of the previous unprocessed relationship issues we have ever had, including those from previous lifetimes. This then blocks our ability to access these parts of ourselves, and tends to build up more and more around a particular issue as we continue to interact with others through the transferal distortion of past unresolved relationships.

6The mucus builds in everyone concerned, but may be of a different quality depending on the defensive reaction of the individual. This can be anything from the effects of a child being punished, to an argument, a betrayal, violence, abuse, jealousy, hatred etc. The mucus is different colors according to the emotion that is being carried in it. The colors are similar to those found on the emotional level. See my post on emotion and color healing.
When mucus is cleared people can experience enormous relief both the physically and psychologically.
The Astral Body gives you the ability to have desires, emotions, imagination, and psychic abilities. To thought it lends power which is essential for effective action and manifestation.

Astral consciousness includes the full range of emotions from fear, hate, and sorrow to love, happiness, and ecstasy. It also includes the full range of desire from totally selfish and destructive desire to common personal desire to high spiritual aspiration to selfless serviceful desire.

Astral experiences include dreams, fantasies, out of body experiences, near death experiences, hallucinations, imagination, and visions.

The five astral senses are: Clairaudiance (astral hearing), Psychometry (astral touch/feeling), Clairvoyance (astral sight), Imagination (astral equivalent of taste), and Emotional Idealism (astral equivalent of smell).

Astral consciousness and the Astral Universe includes anything imaginable, from the worst possible hells to the most glorious heavens. 3The Astral Universe contains an astral replica of the higher universes. It is filled with imagery, feeling, and above all a personal point of view.

The Astral Body has a figure form in the shape of the Physical Body and an aura usually in an ovoid shape pointed at both ends. The aura extends about 4 to 9 feet from the Physical Body. It has 7 major energy centers, 21 minor energy centers, and many smaller centers, just like the etheric body.

It is constantly changing color, dark to brilliant colors depending upon your mood.

It has a total of 4 spatial dimensions.

Astral consciousness is primarily awakened through the stimulation of desire.

Awareness of the Astral Universe is awakened by meditation, psychic development techniques, out of body (astral) travel techniques, shamanic practices, lucid dreaming, drugs – especially psychedelics, certain pranayama practices, certain types of trauma, biochemical imbalances, and certain types of energetic stimulation.