Angels and Essential OilsArchangels are the highest-ranking angels in heaven. God gives them the most important responsibilities, and they travel back and forth between the heavenly and earthly dimensions as they work on missions from God to help human beings. In the process, each archangel supervises angels with different types of specialties — from healing to wisdom  who work together on the light ray frequencies that correspond to the type of work they do.By definition, the word “archangel” comes from the Greek words “arche” (ruler) and “angelos” (messenger), signifying archangels’ dual duties: ruling over the other angels, while also delivering messages from God to human beings.In heaven, archangels have the honor of enjoying time directly in God’s presence, praising God and checking in with him often to get new assignments for their work on Earth helping people. Archangels also spend time elsewhere in the spiritual realm fighting evil. One archangel in particular  Michael  directs the archangels and often takes the lead to battle evil with good, according to accounts in the Torah, Bible, and Qur’an.People have given names to the archangels who have interacted with humans throughout history. Most of the archangels’ names end with the suffix “el” (“in God”). Beyond that, each archangel’s name has a meaning that signifies the unique type of work that he or she does in the world. For example, archangel Raphael’s name means “God heals,” because God often uses Raphael to deliver healing to people who are suffering spiritually, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Another example is the archangel Uriel’s name, which means “God is my light.” God charges Uriel with shining the light of divine truth on the darkness of people’s confusion, helping them seek wisdom.Believers say that God has assigned guardian angels to protect each individual person on Earth, but he often sends archangels to accomplish earthly tasks of a larger scale.Seven archangels supervise other angels who work in teams to help answer prayers from people according to the type of help for which they’re praying. Since the angels travel through the universe using the energy of light rays to do this work, various rays represent the kinds of angelic specialties. They are:

Blue (power, protection, faith, courage, and strength – led by Archangel Michael)

Yellow (wisdom for decisions – led by Archangel Jophiel)

Pink (representing love and peace – led by Archangel Chamuel)

White (representing the purity and harmony of holiness – led by Archangel Gabriel)

Green (representing healing and prosperity – led by Archangel Raphael)

Red (representing wise service – led by Archangel Uriel)

Purple (representing mercy and transformation – led by Archangel Zadkiel)

Image result for Angels and Essential OilsEssential oils are distilled from herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, and other plant material. Pure essential oils carry the vibration essence of the plant they were derived from.Essential oils are powerful because of their purity. They contain living biological compounds that send out strong vibrations of energy.Essential oils are powerful tools for bringing healing to your mind, body, and spirit… Each oil has its own unique scent, vibration, and healing properties. Most kinds of plants that God has created (from trees to flowers) contain their natural essences in their oils. People derive these essential oils from various parts of plants, such as their seeds, roots, stems, leaves, petals, fruit, and bark.They can also help you to connect with help and guidance from your angels. Essential oils which are the pure oils of plants  can be useful tools when contacting angels through prayer or meditation. Each essential oil contains powerful chemical compounds that people can use for healing body, mind, and spirit. Since the biological energy in each type of oil corresponds to a certain type of angelic energy (just like the electromagnetic energy in different kinds of crystals does), people have come to associate specific essential oils with specific archangels. Here’s a look at what essential oils are, as well as why and how people use them to communicate with angels.

Essential oils are distilled from herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, and other plant material. Pure essential oils carry the vibration essence of the plant they were derived from.
Image result for essential oils fantasy artFor centuries, cultures and people all over the globe have sought out essential oils to promote spiritual, mental and physical well-being. With spiritual uses ranging from anointing oil or being used to cleanse and purify sacred spaces or places of worship, essential oils are a powerful tool for spiritual growth, angelic communication, meditation, or to simply honor the divinity within.Across the lines of time and cultures spanning the globe, essential oils have remained a constant in the spiritual growth of people around the world.Angels are spiritual beings whose energy is so light and pure, their presence and guidance is easy to miss unless you take steps to raise your vibration, and consciously tune into the realm of angels.Essential oils each have a specific and constant vibration. Many essential oils carry an incredibly high and light frequency, which when smelled or rubbed on the skin, can help you to raise your vibration to bring you into alignment with the angelic realm. Like flowers, herbs, or crystals, there are many essential oils which can help with specific issues or to connect with your angels. Essential oils can also be blended together to create a unique vibration frequency.For this reason you listen to your intuition as to which oils will work best for you… You can also use pendulum dowsing to tune into the oils which will best serve your purposes.We’re all unique, and you will naturally resonate with certain oils more than others, trust your intuition and go with what works.People may use specific essential oils in a variety of ways as they pray or meditate, such as: inhaling them; bathing with them; massaging them into their skin; diffusing their scents with heat (such as through candles); and placing drops of the oils on their clothing, items in their house, or on the pillows before going to sleep (if they hope to receive messages from angels in dreams).Related image

It’s important to keep in mind that what matters most to angels aren’t the oils themselves, but the intentions in the souls of the people who use them as communication tools during prayer or meditation.

Since angels also send out strong energy vibrations, natural attractions occur between oils that vibrate at frequencies that correspond to angelic energy frequencies. People have developed a color system to organize the different types of energy through which angels work, and each light ray color within this metaphysical system is led by a different archangel who supervises other angels working within that same energy frequency. While essential oils aren’t categorized according to their color, they do correspond to the different types of work that God has assigned different types of angels to do. So people can use the system of angel light ray colors to figure out which angels would most naturally respond to their prayers for help with different types of issues.The angels are always around when you work with essential oils, and their aromas tend to open up your psychic abilities by heightening your intuition. The fragrance of the oils transcends the physical world and awakens your spiritual body. They detox you physically, emotionally, and psychically.

Image result for essential oils fantasy artEssential oils contain aromas that believers say help them become more aware of angels who are present with them during prayer or meditation. So just as people use essential oils for healing aromatherapy, they also use the oils to better connect with angels through the spiritual power of scent.One of the most potent tools we can use for attracting angelic help is beautiful fragrance, especially in the form of essential oils … Scent is an subtle etheric form of communication that heightens our consciousness that heightens our consciousness because it carries the soul of the plant.By appealing to our sense of smell, plants communicate with us on a deep instinctive level. Our fragrance receptors are located in the oldest part of our brain, which is intuitive and not governed by our logical mind. An angel altar is not complete without some angelic essential oils burning. These delicate fragrances have the ability to heighten our consciousness and make it easier for us to receive the presence or influence of the angels. Essential oils are pure, and because there is nothing nasty added to them, that adds to their angelic appeal. Because of their purity, they possess the ideal energy for spiritual use.Then, they can choose essential oils that vibrate to the frequency of the archangel who leads those particular angels.

Essential oils are extremely complex, and on average most essential oils contain over 100 components including aldehydes, alcohols, esters, ketones, phenols and terpenes.  When you combine two or more essential oils together a new compound is created.Certain problems or issues respond to numerous different essential oils and Archangels.  Several essential oils and Archangels are able to perform more than one function.  It is possible to use a pendulum to dowse to discover which oil or oils are most appropriate or your current issue or problem.
The archangels are the eighth ANGELS: ranking Order or Choir of Angels in the Third Hierarchal Sphere; these angels tend the larger arenas of human endeavor and act as the administrative leaders of the heavenly beings.They are usually given tasks that is of great importance to men.The word comes from the Greek archaggělos, meaning chief angel.It derives from the Greek archō, meaning to be first in political rank or power; and aggělos which means messenger.They are also the most widely known hierarchies, since the only Angels mentioned by name in the Bible (Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael) come from this Order. Scroll down the page to read more about them.They are said to be the guardian angels of nations and countries, and are concerned with the issues and events surrounding these, including politics, military matters, commerce and trade (e.g. Michael is traditionally seen as the protector of Israel). One of their duties is to influence who amongst the living will rule.

Michael Protection and Communication
Raphael Healing and Harmony
Uriel Spiritual devotion through service to others and peace
Gabriel Good News and Restoration
Chamuel Love and Relationships
Jophiel Beauty, Illumination and Wisdom
Zadkiel Benevolence and Mercy

It is believed that Archangel Michael is the leader amongst archangels. He appears in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible and in the Book of Revelation and this powerful being of light is known as the “Angel of Protection” and the ” Defender of the Light & Goodness” who sits at the right hand of God.

By knowing about the archangels and how to use their power as well as the power of Michael to help protect you and your family is invaluable.

His name is a battle cry for the host of angels as they battle for mankind and Lord Michael’s most important function is to rid and free the earth of the toxic ants affiliated with fear.

Michael can assist you whenever you feel the presence of negative forces.His domain is the “fiery” energy of the solar plexus while sun-yellow is actually his main color but because Michael carries a sword made of sapphire, he is associated with the Blue Ray and the development of the third eye and the throat chakra.

Chambers (Etheric above)  –  Banff, near Lake Louise, Canada

Color  –  Sapphire Blue

Crystal  –  Lapis Lazuli

Focus  –  Communication

Chakra  –  Throat

Physical Associations  –  Throat, thyroid, parathyroid, upper lungs, base of skull and body weight.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Courage, strength, perfecting of your soul, freedom from fear and self-doubt.

Practical Assistance  –  Psychic protection, physical protection on anything from car accidents to burglaries.Related image

World Service  –  Inspiration for leaders, improvement of government.

Represents  –  Love

Element  –  Fire

Direction  –  South

Season  –  Autumn

Zodiac signs  –  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Archangel Raphael – His name means “God has healed” and is based on the Hebrew word “rapha” which means healer or doctor hence he is also known as the physician of the angelic realm.He is a very powerful healer and is charged with the healing of our beloved Mother Earth, Gaia and all of her inhabitants.Not only does he conduct general spiritual healing directly upon the ill or injured but when working with you, the individual, Raphael begins with purifying your mind and erasing false beliefs because, as I am sure you are aware, it is your thoughts that trigger your health problems, not your body.Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray is really great at helping with healing ear and throat infections, reducing fever and inflammatory conditions, lowering high blood pressure and heart rate, reducing stress and calming the central nervous system, the blue ray is also a natural pain reliever.

Chambers (Etheric above)  –  Fatima, Portugal

Color  –  Green

Crystal  –  EmeralShe flew violently, blocking herself from the armorous scales across his back. "No!" she screamed, a light beaming from her hand.:

Focus  –  Healing and harmony

Chakra  –  Heart

Physical Associations  –  Equalizes calms and relaxes, encourages personal growth, balances physical and mental energy.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Wholeness, healing, abundance, inner vision, spiritual sight, inspiration of truth.

Practical Assistance  –  Healing of body, mind, soul and spirit, inspiration for the study and practice of music, mathematics, science and both traditional and alternative medicine, meeting physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter, tools of your trade.

World Service  –  Repairing of rifts between people, healing of those injured on the battlefield, inspiration for new cures for diseases.

Represents  –  Healing

Element  –  Air

Direction  –  East

Season  –  Spring

Zodiac signs  –  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Archangel Uriel –  Uriel is one of the most powerful Archangels and is associated with the unimaginable light of God which gives you illumination.He brings divine light into your life as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to your past.Whenever you feel you have lost your way, call on him and the Ruby Ray; invite his essence into your life to assist you in becoming a master of your energies.Uriel is one of the wisest archangels and will assist you with brilliant new ideas entering your mind.He is traditionally also considered the Angel of the Earth. He is the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet, underground and in the hidden depths of the living world. Therefore Uriel is the patron or Ecology, the science of the whole Earth and the inter-relationship of all life upon it.Archangel Raphael and the Green Ray is a general healing energy but works very well with tension headaches, migraines, gastric ulcers, digestive upsets, agitated emotional states and stress in general. Can help in easing problems with the heart, lungs and thymus.

Elemental Angel by on @DeviantArt: Chambers (Etheric above)  –  Tatra Mountains, Poland

Color  –  Purple & gold flecked with ruby

Crystal  –  Angelite, Ruby

Focus  –  Spiritual devotion through selfless service to others.

Chakra  –  Root

Physical Associations  –  Muscles, feet, legs, knees, hips, reproductive organs, genitals, blood, circulation.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Inner peace, release of fears, tranquillity of spirit, untangling of knots of anger and fear in your psyche, renewal of hope.

Practical Assistance  –  Peaceful resolution of problems in personal, social and professional relationships, help in creating a harmonious environment for nurturing creativity and growth, inspiration and help for nurses, doctors, hospice workers, counselors, teachers, judges, public servants and all who serve others.

World Service  –  Ending of war, bringing of peace, promoting of brotherhood and understanding, manifestation of divine justice in courtrooms and between nations.

Represents  –  Clear thinking

Element  –  Earth

Direction –  North

Season  –  Summer

Zodiac Signs  –  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Archangel Gabriel
is the messenger who whispers in your ear of coming events, changes, and opportunities for new experiences.He is the bearer of good news and is the angel that announced the forthcoming birth of Jesus to Mary also in Islam Gabriel (Jibril) awakened Mohammed (the Prophet of God) and dictated the Koran to him.Gabriel will assist childless parents towards child conception or adoption as well as healing anyone whose life purpose involves the arts or communication.

Call on Gabriel to open doors ArtStation - Archangel, Lorenz Basuki: to help you express your talent in a big way.Ask Gabriel to restore any blocked areas in your life and fill you with the remembrance of your divine purpose and destiny.One of this magnificent Archangel’s tasks is the restoring of life and light into stale areas of your life such as relationships, businesses, households, etc.Call on him and you will receive creative ideas and opportunities to help you get moving again.Gabriel will assist in improving bronchitis and asthma, he will balance your hormones and aids fertility, he eases constipation and unlocks deadlocked processes.Archangel Uriel and the Ruby Ray must not be used for angry inflamed and hot conditions such as high blood pressure, swellings, fever, ulcers, hyperactivity and inflammation. Very useful to increase energy and stops debilitation.

Chambers (Etheric above)  –  Mount Shasta, California

Color  –  White, orange

Crystal  –  Danburite or Carnelian

Focus  –  Creativity

Chakra  –  Sacral

Physical Associations  –  Abdomen, lower back, kidneys, lower intestines and governs the adrenal system.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Purification, guidance in creating your spiritual life, revelation of your life plan and purpose, dissolution of discouragement, joy happiness and fulfillment.

World Service  –  Help in organizing peace keeping operations, distribution of food and medical assistance, relief for victims of natural disasters.

RepresentsOvercoming doubt and fear.





Zodiac signsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

CyberWolf: Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Love, he is in my heart as we speak as I hope he is in yours, but more about that later.His name means “He who sees God” and he helps you to expand your heart chakra by developing the infinite flame of love within you.Chamuel is very loving, sweet and kind.You should call on Chamuel to help with strengthening a parent-child bond, or in those times when you’re unable to feel love for yourself or others, lost someone close through death or separation, your heart is blocked with depression, hopelessness and despair.When you feel lonely and broken hearted, need to be loved, or if you are trying to stop being judgmental and cynical or if you don’t appreciate the love that you have in your life, call on him and he will help you.Archangel Chamuel particularly works with you to improve your loving and caring relationships with others he will help you to build strong foundations for these relationships so that they will be healthy, full of meaning and long-lasting.Archangel Chamuel also assists in the healing of the parts of your body that you have rejected or that you have judged to be unlovable, he eases physical tension and psychosomatic illness.Call on Chamuel to to assist you in releasing fear that is blocking your physical recovery to help you to accept you physical self.Spend a short while meditating with his image will improve and invoke the powers, speeding up the healing you are seeking.

Chambers (Etheric above)  –  St. Louis, Missouri

Color  –  Pink

Crystal  –  Rose Quartz

Focus  –  Relationships

Chakra  –  Heart

Physical Associations  –  Shoulders, heart, lungs, arms hands and your skin.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Love, compassion, mercy, creativity, forgiveness, dissolution of feelings of selfishness, self-dislike, self-condemnation and low self-esteem. Assists in the opening of your heart chakra.

Practical Assistance  –  Protection against malice, slander and misunderstanding, inauguration of new friendships and relationships, repairing of damaged relationships, help in getting along with others, help in finding a job, locating lost objects.

World Service  –  Healing of ethnic and racial tension.

Archangel Jophiel helps you to think beautiful thoughts, those thought that enable you to attract and manifest more beauty in your life.You know when you have those sudden flashes of wonderful inspiration and suddenly the answers to problems, that is Jophiel bringing joy, laughter and light, he also helps you with studying, exams, and concentration as well as developing intuition, inner wisdom and insight.Because Jophiel helps in absorbing information, it’s a great idea to have him at your side when you’re studying for and want to pass tests.Call on Jophiel’s energy to help you slow down and smell the roses.Use Jophiel’s yellow ray to help you to develop a fresh approach and bring to life enchantment and pleasure.

Chambers (Etheric above)  –  South of the Great Wall of China Here to Raze Hell:

Color  –  Yellow

Crystal  –  Citrine

Focus  –  Illumination and wisdom

Chakra  –  Solar Plexus

Physical Associations  –  Pancreas, solar plexus, liver, gall bladder, spleen, middle stomach, nervous system skin and your digestive system.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Wisdom, illumination, understanding, inspiration, knowledge, clear seeing, creativity, beauty, connection to higher self.

Practical Assistance  –  Help in absorbing information, teaching, studying for passing tests, freedom from addictions, and dissolution of ignorance, pride and narrow mindedness.

World service  –  Exposure of wrongdoing in government and corporations, help in fighting pollution and cleaning up our planet.

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of mercy and benevolence and is also known as the holy one and the Angel of Prayer and Affirmation.This awesome Archangel guards the powers of invocation and affirmation, which are the essences of prayer.This Archangel will responds to the deepest call from your heart, no prayer goes unanswered, as he encourages you to intensify this energy through your desire.With his help you will be reminded to open your heart and mind in gratitude to receive the presence and power of the Universe.Call on him when you are in need of forgiveness, whether it is for others to forgive you or for you to be able to forgive others or yourself.Use his power to transform all negativity into positive energy, purifying you in body, mind and heart.Learning how to ask and receive the help of Zadkiel and the other Archangels and having their power help you to clear your energy field and improve your well being .These magnificent beings of light, the “Magnificent 7” should be an integral part of everyone life.

The mission of Archangel Zadkiel is to help achieve forgiveness and to assist with spiritual doubt.

sekigan: Chambers (Etheric above)  –  Cuba

Color  –  Violet

Crystal  –  Amethyst

Focus  –  Spiritual growth, self-transformation and cosmic alchemy.

Chakra  –  Crown

Physical Associations  –  Brain, scalp, crown, pineal gland and the top of the head.

Spiritual Gifts  –  Soul freedom, happiness, joy, forgiveness, justice, mercy, dissolution of painful memories and negative traits.

Practical Assistance  –  Tolerance, diplomacy, inspiration for scientists, engineers, architects, actors and performers.

World Service  –  Dissolution of memories of strife between nations and ethnic groups, inspiration for the creative negotiation and writing of laws, regulations, fiscal and economic policies, trade and peace agreements.

Essential Oils and Archangels:Each Archangel  has a similar vibration to particular essential oils.Aromas open up and heighten our consciousness making us more receptive to the heavenly hosts.Essential oils because of their purity are particularly suitable for creating the vibration of love, which is ideal for attracting the angelic realms. Essential oils may form part of your angelic spiritual altar since the aromas raise the vibrations and invite the Archangels and Angels towards us.Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Ray improve and assist with internal inflammation and aid the correct function of the immune system. Ameliorates bruises, swellings and black eyes and eases eye problems. Soothes irritations, relieves pain and speeds up the healing process.

By using angel essential oils, you are able to call on your angels to address countless issues and problems in your life.

Aromatherapy oils attracts these light beings because the vibrational effects of aroma and fragrance are some of the closest things in the physical world to their vibrations.

Essential oils are a key aspect to aromatherapy that can be used through either inhalation, topically or orally.When you use angel essential oils to make contact with them, you are able to effectively, yet subtly opening an etheric portal of contact with the their realm.

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL Europe Retribution: (Camael, Camiel, Camiul, Camniel, Cancel, Jahoel, Kemuel, Khamael, Seraphiel, Shemuel)

Archangel Chamuel’s name means ‘he who sees God’ or ‘he who seeks God’.  Archangel Chamuel is a ‘protector’ who oversees the protection of the world at large, as well as over our individual lives.

Archangel Chamuel assists us when we seek the important parts of our lives such as relationships with friends, loved ones and others, and our careers and work colleagues.  Archangel Chamuel helps us to resolve, heal and strengthen all of our relationships and assists with connecting us to our ‘inner child’.  Archangel Chamuel helps us to build strong foundations in our lives and assists us with our life purpose or soul mission.Archangel Chamuel also assists us to heal from past abuse, abandonment and/or neglect.

Essential oils to invoke assistance from Archangel Chamuel are:Benzoin  –  Chamomile  –  Frankincense  –  Geranium  –  Hyacinth  –  Lavender  –  Mandarin  –  Melissa  –  Neroli  –  Rose

To open and heal the Heart Chakra and to invoke Archangel Chamuel’s assistance with love, joy and happy relationships, the following essential oils can be used: Cinnamon  –  Clove  –  Coriander  –  Jasmine  –  Linden Blossom  –  Mimosa  –  Myrtle  –  Orange  –  Palmarosa  –  Rose  –  Vanilla  –  Yarrow  –  Ylang Ylang

Archangel Gabriel ( Abruel, Jibril, iburili, Serafila)

Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’.  Archangel Gabriel is a ‘messenger’ angel, and she assists ‘human messengers’ and parents.  She helps those whose life purpose involves the arts and communication, and those who deliver spiritual messages.  Archangel Gabriel is also the angel of motivation and positive action.

Essential oils to use to summon assistance from Archangel Gabriel areAngelica seed  –  Anise Star  –  Basil  –  Bay  –  Benzoin  –  Cinnamon  –  Clary Sage  –  Coriander  –  Dill seed  –  Elemi  –  Immortelle  –  Lemon Verbena  –  Linden Blossom  –  Melissa  –  Mimosa  –  Myrrh  –  Narcissus  –  Neroli  –  Ravensara  –  Rose  –  Spearmint


Light of the Kingdom by Steve Argyle | 2D | CGSociety: Archangel Haniel (Anael, Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel)

Archangel Haniel’s name means ‘glory of God’ or ‘grace of God’.  Archangel Haniel helps us will ancient natural healing remedies and techniques, and helps us to enjoy harmony, beauty and more grace in our lives.  Archangel Haniel helps us to stay centred and focused during our most important life events.Archangel Haniel helps us to form lasting bonds, assists with angelic inspiration and enhances all communication skills by purifying the Throat Chakra.
Essential oils to use to summon assistance from Archangel Haniel areBAY  –  Carnation  –  Chamomile  –  Grapefruit  –  Lemon  –  Linden Blossom  –  Myrrh  –  Neroli  –  Orange  –  Rose  –  Sandalwood  –  Tangerine
Archangel Jophiel
 (Iofiel, Iophiel, Jofiel, Zophiel)

Archangel Jophiel’s name means ‘beauty of God’, and she is known as the ‘Patron of Artists’.Archangel Jophiel  is the angel of beauty and art.  She assists us on the physical and metaphysical levels, and helps us to see and appreciate the beauty around us.  Archangel Jophiel helps us to manifest and create beauty and harmony in our daily lives.Archangel Jophiel aids with loneliness, grief, melancholy and depression and brings forth the energies of illumination and joy.

Essential oils to use to cleanse the body and soul, mind and spirit, and to invoke Archangel Jophiel are: Benzoin  –  Bergamot  –  Chamomile  –  Helichrysum  –  Lemon  –  Narcissus  –  Neroli

For assistance with balancing, centring, restoring inner-light and harmony from Archangel Jophiel, use the following essential oils:Amyris  –  Cedarwood  –  Geranium  –  Grapefruit   –  Lavender  –  Lemon  –  Mandarin  –  Orange  –  Rosewood  –  Ylang Ylang

For assistance from Archangel Jophiel to aid focus of intent, concentration, mental clarity and memory enhancement, use the following essential oils: Basil  –  Cajeput  –  Cedarwood  –  Frankincense  –  Juniper  –  Mandarin  –  Neroli  –  Oak Moss  –  Orange  –  Palmarosa  –  Rosemary  –  Spearmint  –  Sweet Fennel  –  Tea-tree

To invoke the assistance of Archangel Jophiel in matters of self-confidence, self-esteem, personal creativity and self-expression, use the following essential oils: Basil  –  Bergamot  –  Chamomile  –  Grapefruit  –  Jasmine  –  Lemon  –  Lime  –  Litsea   –  Cubeba  –  Mandarin  –  Orange  –  Rosemary  –  Ylang Ylang

To clear blocks within the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, and manifest prosperity with the aid of Archangel Jophiel, use the following essential oils: Cinnamon  –  Clove  –  Coriander  –  Jasmine  –  Linden Blossom  –  Mimosa  –  Myrtle  –  Orange  –  Palmarosa  –  Rose  –  Vanilla  –  Yarrow  –  Ylang Ylang

Archangel Metatron(Metatetron, Lancer, de Rayden Chen: Merraton,  Metaroan, Mittron)

Archangel Metatron’s name means ‘of God’.  The term ‘angel’ means ‘messenger of God’, therefore it is assumed that Archangel Metatron’s name implies ‘messenger of God’.

Archangel Metatron functions as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth, and helps us to understand and work with the angelic realm.

Archangel Metatron motivates and encourages us to overcome procrastination and motivates us to move forward in our lives.  Archangel Metatron assists souls to ascend to the heavenly realms.

Essential oils to use to invoke Archangel Metatron are:

Benzoin  –  Cedarwood  –  Chamomile  –  Cypress  –  Frankincense  –  Geranium  –  Jasmine  –  Juniper  –  Lavender  –  Linden Blossom  –  Mandarin  –  Neroli  –  Patchouli  –  Rose  –  Sandalwood  –  Vetiver
Archangel Michael
 (Beshter, Mikail, Sabbathiel, Saint Michael)

Archangel Michael’s name means ‘he who is like God’.Archangel Michael’s functions are to oversee Light worker’s life purpose and to rid all toxins associated with fear.  He also assists with bravery and heroic deeds.Archangel Michael guides and directs people who feel unsure of their life purpose or soul mission, and provides guidance in regards to which positive steps to take.Archangel Michael inspires leaders, bolsters courage, gives direction, energy and vitality, offers protection and motivation, and increases self-worth and self-esteem.
The essential oils to use for protection, security, safety, empowerment, releasing fears and overcoming obstacles with Archangel Michael are: Anise Star  –  Aniseed  –  Black Pepper  –  Cajeput  –  Carnation  –  Clary Sage  –  Clove  –  Cumin  –  Elemi  –  Frankincense  –  Galbanum  –  Geranium  –  Ginger  –  Hyssop  –  Juniper  –  Lavender  –  Lime  –  Melissa  –  Mimosa  –  Myrrh  –  Niaouli  –  Oak moss  –  Palmarosa  –  Pimento Berry  –  Pine  –  Rosemary  –  Sage  –  Sweet Fennel  –  Tea-tree  –  Thyme  –  Valerian  –  Violet  –  Yarrow
To banish negativity and dispel phobias, apprehension and anxiety with the help of Archangel Michael, use one of the following essential oilsBergamot  –  Camphor  –  Chamomile  –  Eucalyptus  –  Hyssop  –  Lavender  –  Lime  –  Mandarin  –  Neroli  –  Peppermint  –  Rose  –  Sage  –  Sandalwood  –  Sweet Marjoram  –  Ylang Ylang

Archangel Raphael (Labbiel)ArtStation - Icarus, april dede:

The name ‘Raphael’ means ‘God heals’, derived from the Hebrew word ‘rapha’ meaning ‘healer’.

Archangel Raphael is the angel of ‘healing’ and also the ‘patron of travellers’.  He overseas physical travel as well as inward, spiritual journeys, assisting with the search for guidance and truth.  Archangel Raphael guides human healers to know which treatments to use with their patients.  Raphael is also a guide and healer for both wild and domestic animals.

Essential oils to use to open the Heart Chakra and invoke rejuvenation, regeneration, renewal and healing with Archangel Raphael areCarnation  –  Chamomile  –  Clove  –  Juniper  –  Lavender  –  Lemon  –  Mimosa  –  Neroli  –     Palmarosa  –  Pimento Berry  –  Pine  –  Rose  –  Sandalwood  –  Spearmint  –  Thyme

Archabgel Raziel
 (Ratziel, Saraqael, Suriel)

Archangel Ratziel’s name means ‘secrets of God) and he knows all the secrets of the Universe.

Archangel Ratziel helps with the understanding of esoteric knowledge and higher wisdom.  He also helps us to open up to higher levels of psychic abilities and assists with manifesting.

Essential oils to use to open the Third Eye Chakra in order to reveal the secrets of the Universe with Archangel Raziel’s assistance are: Bay  –  Benzoin  –  Carrot seed  –  Cinnamon  –  Galbanum  –  Jasmine  –  Lemon Verbena  –  Lime  –  Mimosa  –  Myrrh  –  Narcissus  –  Neroli  –  Rose  –  Rosewood  –  Sage  –  Sandalwood  –  Tuberose
Essential oils to use for help from Archangel Raziel in order to easily access higher guidance, hone in intuitive and divinatory abilities and enhance spiritual awareness, use: Angelica seed  –  bay  –  Benzoin  –  Carrot seed  –  Cinnamon  –  Clary Sage  –  Clove Bud  –  Frankincense  –  Galbanum  –  Lemon Verbena  –  Linden Blossom  –  Mimosa  –  Myrrh  –  Narcissus  –  Peppermint  –  Rosewood  –  Sage  –  Sandalwood  –  Tuberose
Archangel Uriel11893765_1682572428638800_8277880636370844968_o.jpg (850×1203):

Archangel Uriel’s name means ‘God is light’ or God’s light).  He is able to shed illumination upon situations, and gives prophetic warnings, intellectual information, creative insights and practical solution. Archangel Uriel has an affinity with the elements of weather and helps us with Earth changes such as floods, thunder and lightning, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes and natural disasters.  Archangel Uriel can be called upon to avert these events and/or to heal and recover from their aftermath.

Essential oils to use to invoke Archangel Uriel’s help to restore inner-peace, soul harmony and healing, use: Carnation  –  Chamomile  –  Hyacinth  –  Lavender   –  Mandarin  –  Melissa  –  Myrtle  –  Neroli  –  Pettigrain  –  Rose  –  Sandalwood

Essential oils to use to stimulate the Base Chakra and to invoke Archangel Uriel’s assistance with personal courage, endurance, strength and stamina, the overcoming of panic attacks, irrational fears and paranoia are: Basil  –  Black Pepper  –  Carnation  –  Clove  –  Frankincense  –  Ginger  –  Grapefruit  –  Ravensara  –  Sweet Fennel  –  Sweet Marjoram  –  Thyme  –  Yarrow

Archangel Zadkiel(Satqiel, Tzadkiel, Zadakiel, Zidekiel, Tzaphkiel)

Archangel Zadkiel’s name means ‘the righteousness of God’, and he is the archangel of ‘mercy’ and ‘benevolence’.  Archangel Zadkiel assists with letting go of judgement and unforgiveness, and helps with compassion and mercy towards others and ourselves.  Archangel Zadkiel is also known to assist memory retention and functions and study.

Essential oils to use to open the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and to invoke divine spiritual wisdom, understanding, compassion and mercy from Archangel Zadkiel are: Benzoin  –  Carrot seed  –  Chamomile  –  Clary Sage  –  Cypress  –  Frankincense  –  Lavender  –  Linden Blossom  –  Myrrh  –  Rosemary  –  Rosewood  –  Sage  –  Sandalwood  –  Violet Leaf

Archangel Zadkiel assists with purification, aura-cleansing, space clearing and transmuting negative energies into positive.  Archangel Zadkiel is the ‘keeper of the Violet Flame’ and he helps us to release negative feelings of anger, hatred, resentment and bitterness.

Essential oils to use to invoke Archangel Zadkiel’s assistance are: Basil  –  Bay  –  Cajeput  –  Camphor  –  Cedarwood  –  Citronella  –  Clary Sage  –  Cypress  –  Eucalyptus  –  Frankincense  –  Galbanum  –  Hyssop  –  Juniper  –  Lavender  –  Lemon  –  Lemon Grass  –  Lemon Lime  –  Melissa  –  Mimosa  –  Myrrh  –  Neroli  –  Niaouli  –  Peppermint  –  Pine  –  Rosemary  –  Rose  –  Sage  –  Sandalwood  –  Spearmint  –  Thyme  –  Valerian  –  Verbena

Angels in the war, Lee Kent on ArtStation at Archangel Zadkiel assists with the consecration of sacred objects and for creating a sacred space for dream work, meditation and ritual.
Essential oils to use to invoke this kind of assistance from Archangel Zadkiel are: Anise Star  –  Basil  –  Cedarwood  –  Frankincense   –  Hyssop  –  Lavender  –  Lemon  –  Pine  –  Rosemary  –  Sage  –  Sweet Fennel  –  Verbena

When we combine essential oils and Archangels we are able to invoke assistance and guidance whenever we need it, healing our body and soul, mind and spirit in a pleasant and uplifting way.

Essential Oils to Help You Connect With Your Angels:

Frankincense– Frankincense Essential Oil carries an incredibly spiritual vibration. In Biblical times it was considered to be more valuable than gold and used as an anointing oil. It will help to calm and ground your energy, preparing you energetically to lift in vibration so you can to connect with the angels.

Geranium- Geranium Essential Oil will help to open your heart which is a direct step on the path of connecting with your angels. It will also help to open your intuition.

Rose– Rose Essential Oil is well know to be the one of the essential oils with the highest vibration. Roses are also heart opening, and help you connect with the energy of love, and the angelic realm.

Hyssop– Hyssop Essential Oil is purifying and powerful for repelling negativity. Connecting with angels is so much easier when you cleanse yourself of negativity or dense energy you may be carrying… Hyssop will help with this! It also promotes balance, inner peace and calm, forgiveness, and faith, all of which are incredibly helpful in connecting with the love and guidance of the angels.

Myrtle– Myrtle Essential Oil carries an uplifting energy which vibrates in harmony with love, and therefore with the angels. It will help you to love yourself, and tune into love in the present moment. It also promotes healing forgiveness, acceptance and harmony.

Lavender– There is a reason Lavender Essential Oil is the most popular essential oil on the market. Lavender has so many beneficial properties; some of its spiritual uses are oftentimes overlooked, but there are tons of them! Lavender will help you to relax and let go of stress (essential for angelic communication). It also helps to open clairvoyant sight (so you can see your angels), and it will also help you to focus, and quiet your busy mind (also key for connecting with angels).

Angelica– Angelica Essential Angel, Deva (from the D&D fifth edition Monster Manual). Art by Conceptopolis.: Oil… With a name like that are you surprised it made the list? This oil has a warm earthy sent which is beautifully aligned with the realms of spirit and of course the angels.

Cedarwood– It was while meditating under a tree when the angelic realm first opened before me. It’s no surprise the oils derived from several trees (Cedarwood included) are making this list of oils beneficial for connecting with angels. Cedarwood Essential Oil will help to sustain your connection with the spiritual energies you’re tuning into. It will also help you to balance, uplift, and focus your awareness so you can begin to tune into your angels.

Sandalwood– Sandalwood Essential Oil will help you to elevate your consciousness into the higher realms, and pave the pathway towards the realms of spirit so you can enter into deeper meditations where you’re able to receive guidance and healing from the angels.  Similar to how sandalwood incense invokes a spiritual atmosphere, sandalwood essential oil does the same without the smoke.

Lemon, Sweet Orange (other citrus)– Lemon Essential Oil, and other lively citrus oils are bright, happy, and perfect for aligning you with happiness, and with angel energy. Citrus oils vibrate quite highly, and will help you to connect with joy which will draw your angels to you.

Peppermint– Peppermint Essential oil serves as a great refresher, so use before prayer or meditation to refresh your mind which will allow better spiritual focus. Peppermint is also useful in stimulating dreams (a great place to connect with your angels) increasing awareness, and clearing the pathway toward the angelic realm.

Use your intuition as to which oils will help you connect with your angels. Try them out and let me know what you think! Which of these do you resonate with? Were they helpful in connecting with your angels?
When it comes to essential oils, be sure you’re using high quality essential oils… Also avoid fragrance oils or any essential oils which are less than pure.There are of course, many other oils that can help you raise your vibration which is key in connecting with the angels.But these three, I especially like for the purpose of connecting with your angels.

First, we have peppermint.Related image

Peppermint essential oil helps to clear your mind. It’s also very energizing, and will help you to bring your focus and awareness into the present. These are both important things for connecting with the angels.

Clearing your mind and quieting your ego will help you to tune into your heart, so you can then hear the guidance and receive the love of the angels.

Second is lavender.purple glass potion bottle:

Lavender helps you to relax and it helps you to open your third eye. Both of which will help you connect with your angels.

When you’re relaxed and calm, angelic guidance is so much easier to hear and see and feel and receive. And of course, when your third eye is open, that’s your center of clairvoyance sight, you can then begin to see angels.

Clairvoyance however is more than just psychic seeing. It will also help you to receive angelic messages, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of connecting with the angelic realm.

Sacred Frankincense has an incredibly high vibration. It will help you to tune into a spiritual sort of vibe that elevates your energy and supports you in linking with your angels.

Related imageSo How Do You Actually Use Essential Oils to Connect With Angels?

You can simply open up the bottle, and then take the oil and put a drop in your hand.

Next rub your hands together and then just smell the oil.

And just by doing that, especially with sacred frankincense, I experience an immediate vibration lift.

You can also then rub a bit on the area of your third eye which is great with the lavender or frankincense, rub a little bit on the back of your neck, or you can place it on your temples, your wrists, or just move it through your aura.

When you work with essential oils in this way, you’ll notice a vibrational shift, especially if you’re sensitive to energy.

Once you apply the oil, and alternately you can diffuse it in your home…

Focus inward and ask: “Angels, please surround me with love and light, help me open my heart, and tune in to your love, guidance, frequency, and message. I ask this for the highest and greatest good. And so, it is…”

Then breathe, relax, listen, and experience your angels because they’re always all around, and shifting your vibration and raising it with essential oil can help you to tune in.Whatever kind of oils you use, just make sure they’re incredibly pure and have a high vibration because there’s a lot of like synthetics and things out there in oils which you don’t want to mess with. So, use a quality oil and enjoy raising your vibration and increasing your connection with the angelic realm.In addition to their use as vibration healing, therapeutic grade essential oils provide many other key roles in improving health. Essential oils serve the same function in the plant as blood does in the human body. Their complex chemical constituents cleanse, protect, oxygenate, nourish, and offer many therapeutic benefits. Many therapeutic grade essential oils have anti parasitic, antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral properties.