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Angels and the Zodiac and of the SeasonsAngel: Angels are supernatural beings found in most religions and believed to have abilities to either protect, guide or direct people living on Earth.The term ‘angel’ is derived from the Greek word, angelos, and means “messenger.”Angels are considered by many to be servants of God, acting as emissaries, messengers or facilitators who can bring change to humanity when directed by the Divine; but, this belief may hold a very limited view of the angelic. Angels have now evolved in our consciousness.

Modern beliefs in angels include a much more personal interpretation, especially the idea that angels interact with each and every person (e.g. guardian angels). Because angels are known as communicators, we may want to also include human spirits in their definition. The interaction between spirits and the living, including spirit communication, is eerily similar to descriptions of angels (with human form) found in the Bible.

Angels are often confused with enlightened spirits because they are enlightened spirits, but they exist at a higher vibration, or estate, than spirits who are elevating. Allow us to explain. All spirits, all life, is growing, maturing, increasing in consciousness. The more we, human beings, comprehend about who we are as people, the higher we elevate in understanding; and, that is what we mean by vibration (think about light and sound being ‘waves’). Because of being higher, or let’s just say further along in their life path, angelic spirits are not always recognized in human form. Those who have learned to perceive angels often describe them as being shapes of colors because that is the best they are able to view them from the lower-in-vibration, earth plane. This idea is quite similar to how some people are able to detect the auras (energy pattern) of people. Others say they can “feel” the presence of angels when detecting them.According to many sources, especially those who claim to communicate with angelic beings, angels are elevated spirits that may or may not have been in human form at one or multiple times. They may also choose to act as spirit guides and often remain nameless. Angels may also appear in a masculine or feminine form by choice. Every culture in the world has some sort of lore about angels held within their belief system, especially that angels are spirit messengers who, from time to time, interact with the living. As one might imagine, there are common threads found within lore; but there are also disagreements about the nature of angels and what their purpose might be. Some believe angels are real; other cultures view them as figments of the imagination or ancient creations from religion or fable.There are angels and Archangels who rule over the astrological Zodiac and associated sun and star signs.  The Zodiac is split into 12 astrological signs that are associated with 12 constellations, and the Angels of the Zodiac oversee each of these, as well as people (and animals) born under each sign.Related image
There are angels and Archangels who rule over the astrological Zodiac and associated sun and star signs.  The Zodiac is split into 12 astrological signs that are associated with 12 constellations, and the Angels of the Zodiac oversee each of these, as well as people (and animals) born under each sign.

When the time comes for our return to live another earthly life (reincarnation), we are given the opportunity to select the Star Sign we feel is most necessary in order that we learn the life lessons of our experiences.  We are, of course, given choices and guidance to do this.  We are told the lessons most important to each of us, and then helped to make the best choice for our growth.  It is at this time that we are told of the Star Sign that will be of most benefit to our particular learning experiences, including the pitfalls as we may see them once we have incarnated.

The Angels of the Zodiac can help us to understand our astrological birth sign and how it relates to our life path and soul purpose. It tells us of our inherent traits and personality.

The angels of the Zodiac rule and oversee each of the individual star signs of the Zodiac, assisting us to understand and work with our personality traits, life lessons, experiences and influences throughout our life time.

The angels and archangels of the Zodiac oversee and rule all under the influences of their particular birth sign. We are able to communicate with the angels of the Zodiac, as with all other angels and Archangels.
Angels of Seasons. 
Each season of the year and every month has its own special angel.  These angels help us learn from nature the particular lessons and insights that every season imparts.

Ruling Angel: Spugliguel
Angels of Spring: Amatiel, Caracasa, Commissoros, and Core

Ruling Angel: Tubiel
Angels of Summer: Gargatel, Gaviel, Tariel

Ruling Angel: Torquaret
Angels of Autumn: Guabarel, Tarquarn


Ruling Angel: Attarib
Angels of Winter: Amabiel, Cetarari

Archangels of the Seasons...

Spring: Raphael

Summer: Uriel

Autumn: Michael

Winter: Gabriel

The zodiac angels fall under the domain of a specific planetary archangel, and it is these planetary angels that form a link between the Divine and us, these archangels are the ‘Master’ angels that rule and reside over all the ‘Lesser’ angels of the zodiac. This is not to say the planetary archangels are superior to the zodiac angel, they are not, but they do have a governing influence according to the work that may be performed under the planets ruler ship. They, the planetary angels, offer protection to the petitioner and ensure that no harm will befall them.

The Angel of January –  Gabriel(AKA: Cambiel) – Teaches us to take stock of ourselves and our lives. Gabriel helps us to be honest with ourselves and patient at the same time. He conveys the wisdom of an elder, and assist us to seek understanding from lessons which need to be learned. With this guidance we may establish new objectives for the coming year.Teaches us to look within, to take stock of ourselves and our lives. The January angel keeps us company as we ponder over those long, cold winter nights, helping us to be honest with ourselves and patient at the same time. Conveying the wisdom of an elder, the January angel takes our hand as we seek to glean understanding from our lessons of the past year.

PASSAGEIRO: With this support, we can give ourselves both recognition and admonition and admonition in their turn. With this help, we can chart a new course or alter our present one. We seek and receive the companionship of the January angel to warm us through the winter of our introspection.Our glorious Angel of January is Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger, and is one of four well known and great archangels. His name means “God is my Strength”.  He is the angel of many things, some being:  Annunciation, Resurrection, Mercy, Angel of Death and Revelation.  Often known for “bringing gifts of hope” and “bearer of glad tidings”.  Gabriel presides over Paradise and guides the soul on its journey back.There are 7 levels of heaven, the first heaven is called Shamayim (or Shamajim), this is the lowest heaven and is associated with planetary angels and angels that rules the stars, atmospheres, wind and water.  This heaven is ruled by Gabriel and is said to be the paradise where Adam & Eve first dwelled. Gabriel is also a ruler of the Cherubim sphere, this sphere holds the energy of the Sun, Moon and the Stars and are not little cupid beings as often described, but instead are vast cosmic light beings. Each angel has a spiritual home called his “Temple of Light” within the etheric realms. Each Temple has a different purpose that will help an individual on his journey.  Archangel Gabriel’s angelic temple meditation helps one with guidance, awakening and purification.

Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame, Archeia Hope, assist Lightbearers in working with the light in the base-of-the-spine chakra and in mastering qualities of the white ray – purity, order, hope, joy and discipline. The seraphim of God also serve with Gabriel and Hope. The seraphim come bearing the light of the Father-Mother God. They can literally place their presence over us and we can absorb that light and energy into our bodies as a sponge absorbs water. When we desire to unite with divine consciousness through purity of body, mind and soul, these angels can help us raise the kundalini to achieve that goal. Gabriel, who is often depicted with a trumpet, is the archangel of the annunciation, bringing good news to each soul of light about the path of the ascension and their ultimate union with God. His announcements, made to many of us, result in the sudden realization that we are being called home and have much work to do towards balancing ourselves. Regarding working toward this goal, Gabriel has give emphasis too, that serious spiritual seekers should determine to know, to have and to hold light, and to be the servant of light while they are becoming masters of the light. In Islam, Gabriel, (Jibril also spelled Jibra’il) the revealer, revealed the Koran to Mohammed and acts as the messenger between God and man. Mohammad once confused Gabriel with the Holy Spirit, which was understandable. It is Gabriel that begat the Virgin Mary with child and informed her she “had found favor with the Lord” and “would conceive in her womb”. He stood beside her at the birth of Jesus. Gabriel’s planet is the moon, he uses this feminine energy to help one interpret dreams and visions. He also uses the moons energy to inspire humanity.  It has been noted down through history that the moon has been a symbol of guidance and has a profound influence on all living things.  The fuller the moon, the more influence she gives to the mind and psychic power.

Armand Cambon: Ángel sembrador, 1860. (Anjo Semeador): This Archangel is connected to birth, family and the mysteries of life within the soul and relations. He is found in the ancient texts of all religions. Often known as “man in clothed white linen”. Some people believe that Gabriel is a female spirit, some think Gabriel is a he. Others hold that angels have no gender. Gabriel is one of the main four archangels one can invoke upon to help rid oneself of negative emotions, homesickness, nostalgia, remorse and unfulfilled desires – all feelings and emotions that tie up your life energy and weakens your connection with your current conditions. He was also regarded in Persian lore, as a most mighty guardian angel message bringer who could also be invoked for assistance in removing demons during exorcisms. During Times of Assistance . Angels of the Zodiac – Gabriel is associated with Cancer and has sensitivity and sympathetic qualities.

Seasons – Gabriel is associated with Winter, Water, and the direction West.

Childbirth – he helps guide midwives and assists in any way needed. He is the awakening archangel, the soul’s guardian. He carries a trumpet to awaken your inner angel and bring good news.

Essential oils -Jasmine and Camphor are used to contact Gabriel. Jasmine lifts sadness and opens us to the angelic realms. Camphor dispels negative energy and brings about purification and can be used to cleanse crystals.

In order to raise our awareness of angels, one needs to practice. Archangel Gabriel teaches us to seek angelic help through invocation, ritual, meditation and dreams. He offers you inspiration and divine inner strength during times of great challenge and sadness. Gabriel is also traditionally known as the great communicator for the Divine. So he is especially able to help you with inner communications for accessing your “knowing” and “intuition”, as well as provide support for effective communications in day-to-day life. Gabriel is here to help guide us to take time to recognize and experience the existing joys we experience and to manifest new and exciting joys in our day-to-day lives. He can help you to find what “makes your heart sing.”  Even the most mundane activities can be more divinely experienced when you can operate more fully in the state of joy. As Archangel Gabriel works in the background, he will assist you in expanding your capacity for having and experiencing joy in all aspects of your life. When a divine spirit grants your wish, it is customary, to give an offering of some kind in return. Because Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger of God, is generally depicted with white lilies or a trumpet horn, it is considered appropriate to make an offering of white flowers or to play music before the altar a thank you offering.

Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel – “Oh, Blessed Archangel Gabriel, we beseech you, to intercede for us in our necessities at the throne of Divine Mercy, that you who made known to Mary the Mystery of the Incarnation, through your prayers and intercession in heaven, may obtain for us the benefits of heaven that we may sing the praise of God forever in the land of the living. Amen.”

The Angel of FebruaryBarchiel .The angel of patience. Barchiel teaches us to wait for Spring and to appreciate what winter has to offer. Barchiel during this period will assist us to finalize projects which may have been started but remain unfinished. He also prepares us to establish new objectives which we can start in Spring. The comfort we receive from Barchiel will help us to enjoy the solitude and quiet of the winter.Is the angel of patience. During the dark, blustery nights of February, when nature is in a deep chill and we long for a sign of warmth and life, this angel can help us learn to await with grace the first signs of spring. Each of us has a Birthday Angel, and each month they give us messages that are just for us. You can call upon these angels by name should you need assistance with a matter.When you took your first breath your special Birth Angel began their journey with you they watch over you and guide you every step of the way as they walk hand in hand with you each day. The wind stirs and within the energy of this month it can pit us against struggles and if you find yourself being tested and your patience wearing thin call upon Barchiel to bring you to calmer seas and gentler shore where you feel you can handle life much better. Since Barchiel’s color is pale blue visualize this color to bring calmness into your life, as it is the color of the clear skies and tranquil oceans that kiss shores with swaying palms and warm blissful nights. Barchiel touches our hearts that beat of love and compassion, romantic or not.

Call upon Barchiel and let this angel guide you to using the positive energies and to help you stay focused on all the positive things that surround you. Barchiel is known to be with sun sign Pisces as one of the angels of the Zodaic and if you were born on any of the days of the week you have another angel that you can call upon, they are:

Sunday Micheal
Monday Gabriel
Tuesday Cameal
Wednesday Raphael
Thursday Sachiel
Friday Anael
Saturday Cassie

February’s angel teaches us that winter has its own special peace, that being snowbound or staying indoors can give us a welcome reprise from the busyness of life. In February, we can complete unfinished projects and prepare for new initiatives in the spring.

The angel of February brings us the gift of patience, helping us to enjoy the solitude and quiet of the winter, guiding us to replenish our energy for the warm, busy days to come.
Fantasy Art Gallery de Hiroyuki Satou: The Angel of March
Machidiel (AKA: Malahidael) – Brings us physical and mental stamina and courage. Spring is the period of new birth, spring flowers appear and the darkness of February starts to lift. It is during this period that Machidiel will help us to grow more confident and therefore assist us to move forward. Look to start new projects during this period as Machidiel will help you to make them successfully and grow, just as the power of the Suns grows. Brings us stamina and courage. Angel of the Month Machidiel.

This month angel brings courage to you, as the now view the days growing longer. The long winter’s frozen lands are beginning to thawing and a new seeds of hope begin to emerge. This angel gives you heartiness to break new grown work and light new paths for which you can embark on. Machidiel’s color is pale yellow and of air energy so now is the time you are encouraged to step forwards as you fulfill each new task.

Call upon this angel Machidiel to help you achieve these undertakings in your daily life. As winter ends, we take heart from the crocuses that push their way up through the snow.

The Angel of March cheers us on through life’s frozen moments, boosting our morale and helping us achieve new landmarks. With the angel’s help, we dare to break through whatever barrier, whether personal belief or lack of self-confidence, that holds us back. We gather the will to launch a lifelong dream or begin the project we have envisioned but never dared to tackle. As the sun begins to warm our spirits, the March angel rejoices with us at the first signs of spring and lends us courage to prepare for a new and daunting, but also fulfilling, task.

The Angel of AprilAsmodel – The spirit of rebirth. April is a time for new life to spring forth and therefore a time for new ventures. We are encouraged by Asmodel to look and consider new ventures which will help us grow as a person. This angel teaches us to delight in each sign of awakening, in nature and in ourselves.Is the spirit of rebirth. As the days grow longer and the sun begins to warm us, April is a time for new life and new beginnings. April’s angel spurs us to test ourselves in new directions and to make ourselves vulnerable in the face of unfamiliar people and places. Encouraged by the April angel, we search for novel endeavors that will enrich our lives and bring new meaning to our career or family roles. The April angel teaches us to delight in each sign of awakening, in nature and in ourselves.As you begin the month of April you once again notice the days grow longer. Asmodel is one of the guardian angel for April and encourages you to view the energy of rebirth and to take time to replenish your energies and to test yourself now. April is about new directions, so you can grow and explore your daily life. Guardian angel Asmodel is there to help you enrich your life during the month of April, with transformations/rebirth spirits so you can begin to view things/situations with new perspectives.

The colour of guardian angel Asmodel is the energy of green and it is allowing an awakening process to take shape. Guardian angel Asmodel guides you to embrace new theories/teachings/studies in your daily life. Like the new shoots and stems the leaves reach up and embrace this new awakening so let your energy feel the love and the nurturing of guardian angel Asmodel, who is there for you during the month of April.

 : The Angel of MayAmbriel (AKA: Ambiel) – Spring is embodied in this angels ruler ship. May sees the Earth grow, trees and shrubs in bloom and the Earth becomes fruitful. A new cycle of life commences. Ambriel helps us to develop and realize you inner potential and give a promise of fulfillment.Brings the blush and promise of spring. May’s angel rejoices with us as we take heart at the sight of trees ad shrubs in bloom and relish our anticipation of the fruits to come. This angel of spring reminds us that this is a time of awakening the seed within ourselves. Perhaps we have a deep longing, an artistic talent never explored or a friendship never quite attempted. This angel of May will help us discover this potential, nurturing our spirits as we can dare to fulfill this hidden promise and bring forth the fruit of a life fully lived.This blessed angel inspires clear communication to awaken our spirit and helps guide our consciousness toward inner truth. Gently guiding human beings toward a time when truth and clarity will be the universal norm.Ambriel is also known as a protective angel. Ambriel presides over the sun sign of Gemini and the month of May.Those born in May pray to Ambriel for special blessings and protection.

The Angel of JuneMuriel Helps us flourish and grow strong. Summer is upon us and Muriel teaches us to involve yourself with nature and to also continue with our plans and ambitions we first contemplated during February and March. Be out in the sunshine, feel the grass under your bare feet, the soft rain on your face and the scents of the summer flowers. Let these actions rejuvenate your body and soul.Helps us flourish and grow strong. June’s angel teaches us to sustain our enthusiasm for the new projects and directions we started in the spring. In this glorious time of sunshine and growth, we learn to seek out the warmth of friendships and family ties, to help nurture the seeds we planted and become all that we were meant to be. The angel of June urges us to be steadfast in our intentions, to renew our dedication, and to stay on course. Muriel is the Angel for the month of June and ruler of the sign Cancer. Muriel is also one of the rulers of the order of domination. He also serves as one of the chief angelic officers of the third hour of the day. June is a month of new beginnings. Graduates face a future of limitless possibilities; young couples leave the altar to begin a lifetime of happiness together. In June, everything is fresh and new. The Junes in life are to be cherished, for seldom are things in such perfect harmony.The year itself is in balance ~ you have a choice: the next six months can follow the same course as the past six ~ or you can forge the path of a new beginning. If you’ve chosen to embark on a new journey, Muriel will help light your way.

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The Angel of JulyVerchiel  – It is the time for leisure and holidays. A time to recharge your batteries, a time to play. Relaxation is an important lesson here and Verchiel encourages you to continue to involve yourself in nature. Appreciate the plants all around you, they will bring you happiness and joy.Brings a season of leisure, a time to play and replenish our energy. The projects we began in the spring should be well underway and growing stronger on their own. July’s angel urges us to take the time, now, to step back and observe what we have planted. July is filled with the sign of Leo. It is time to appreciate all that we have around us – the everyday miracles ~ trees, butterflies, birds, blue skies, flowers, fresh water, friends & family ~ what can we buy that is more precious than any one of these? It is easy to get wrapped up in today’s material consumption, so let us not forget what we are thankful for. Verchiel encourages individuals to take time for leisure, to step back and observe what has been achieved, be happy, to play and replenish our energy. July is a good time to make a list of the things that are absolutely essential to your happiness. How many can be purchased and how many are so precious that they couldn’t be bought at any price. Verchiel will provide the gift of clarity as you create your list of treasures. Verchiel is the angel of affection and aids with nobility and a generous heart. Verchiel is the governor of the Sun and grants powers of the intellect, language, learning & math. He also is one of the Rulers of the Order of Powers and is the secondary Guardian Angel of Cancer natives born during the month of July. The July angel encourages us to tend the garden of our life, to care for what we have started, and to be objective enough to weed out the unhealthy or unproductive elements. This angel of summer reminds us to nurture the people and things that bring us happiness, so we can product for ourselves a crop of joy and fulfillment.

The Angel of AugustHamaliel  – Is the angel of perseverance. Angel of Logic – this luminous angel presides over the sun sign of Virgo and is also one of the rulers of the “orders of virtue.”  Archangel Hamaliel instructs and in a repetitive manner guides seekers with unwavering responsibility, as they move forward, step by step, from troublesome situations to satisfying their needs.  Hamaliel aids us in increasing our abilities to think in a logical and orderly manner.This is the time to review tasks, make changes and to re-double your efforts for achievement and personal success.Is the angel of perseverance. The new directions we began in the spring may have become difficult to sustain. Like a garden that needs constant watering and weeding in the scorching August sun, our projects and dreams require stamina and determination to bring them to fruition. The angel of August helps us with unflagging energy to tend the garden we have planted. When the hot summer sun and the work of our lives demand too much of us, the August angel brings us the fortitude to cleave to our tasks through completion.

The Angel of September◆ · Acryl - Engel Kunst & Fantasie-Kunst-Engels-Malerei: Uriel (AKA: Zuriel) – The summer is drawing to an end, it is time to continue to push your goals forward. Uriel is the angel of salvation and encourages us to take stock, and if required use one final push to achieve your aims. Uriel will help you to recognize your successes which may come as a suddenly as a flash of lightening in a summer storm.Prince of the Order of Principalities, ruler of the sign of Libra. Also one of the child bed amulets angels and our Angel of September. This glorious Angel of Ministration & Peace coordinates the work of all the Archangels. Uriel bestows upon us the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy. We appeal to him for foresight into the future and for help in developing our psychic abilities. Uriel assists us in releasing unforgiving issues and to release resentment. He brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to our past. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our greatest blessings. Sometimes it takes the death of our most cherished dreams in the form of an unpleasant experience in order to realize the birth of new life, understanding, and opportunity. Uriel’s goal is to assist you in anchoring yourself in love that is strong enough to withstand negativity. Uriel and his legions enfold us in thoughts of peace when we ask for his help. This fourth Archangel confronts the souls of those who have erred or strayed from their spiritual path. For this, he is known as the “Angel of Repentance”.  And with Uriel’s lighter side, and a patron of literature and music, is also known as the “Angel of Music and Poetry”.Uriel is an angel of transformation, archangel of salvation, regent of the sun, and is the spirit of ministration and peace.  Known to cure stupidity in humans. This archangel’s name means “Light of God” or “Fire of God” and is the most funniest and most easy going of the angels. He represents clear thinking.  His traits are:  element is Earth, direction is north, season is summer, color is white and zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. He would then represent the bull.

Invocation to the Archangel Uriel 

Glory to God and his deeds,
for everything is good and wonderful.
Holy Archangel Uriel,
protect and look after rivers,
their waters we drink,
life springs up from them;RAOUL VITALE:
make grass sprout for cattle,
make man yield bread out of the land,
wine to enliven his heart,
oil and food to give him force.

Helps us prepare for the harvest at hand. As the summer draws to a close, September’s angel reminds us to pause and gather fresh strength because the culmination of a project often demands one last surge of energy. The September angel brings us this boost, seeing us through to the fulfillment of our task. This late-summer angel also helps us recognize the fruits of our labors and share with others the bounty of what we have created in our lives. In September, we take delight in our good fortune, whether in a garden, a relationship, or a career and we share our joy with all those whose support has made our harvest possible.

The Angel of OctoberBarbiel  – Your personal harvest is here, now is the time to review the achievements you have accomplished. Is it what you wanted. The angel Barbiel will help you to see what you have actually accomplished. He therefore bestows clarity to you actions, honesty and objectivity to all you have done. Archangel Barbiel was once the order of archangels and a prince of the order of virtues. He is the angel for the month of October. He is associated with the archangel Barchiel (the archangel of February). One of the 28 angels of the 28 mansions of the moon, each phase of the moon has a corresponding angel these are the 28.In the underworld, Barbiel serves as one of the 7 Electors under the suzerainty of Zaphiel. Barbiel is a fallen angel but now he helps archangel Gabriel and archangel Uriel , and he loves doing work to help you with tests, and he helps you with walking across the roads safely. When you call on Barbiel he will look after you when you go to hospitals for test, and he will help you when you are at home, he will also help you look after your children and help others too. When you call upon Archangel Gabriel and archangel Uriel they will send Barbiel to help you in whatever you want. Barbiel is willing to help you, he sends his love to you all.This assists us to grow and understand our current resources. Rejoices as we reap the harvest of what we have sown in life. October is a good time to step back from our projects and our dreams and to take a hard look at what we have actually accomplished. The October angel helps us to be honest and objective about what is good and what is not. With this help, we can face clearly the consequences of our choices over these past seasons. We will taste our harvest and reject what is bitter or unripe; we will make note of what worked and what did not, and we will change for the better. October’s angel teaches us that the greatest fruit of our personal harvest understands ourselves.

by Hiroyuki Satou: The Angel of NovemberAdnachiel (AKA: Advachiel) – Autumn is here and Adnachiel urges us to acknowledge and appreciate the supporting others may have played in the accomplishment of our goals. Adnachiel is our Angel of the month for November and rules over Sagittarius. He is one of two angels ruling over the Choir of Angels, the other being Phaleg.  He is a regent of the Seraphim.  Adnchiel is also angel of independence and guidance. Some say he has control over the four elements – earth, wind, fire and air. Adnachiel is the shining one and watches over those born in November and keeps them in his loving care. He actively helps you to open the door to the spiritual light of the soul. If you ask for this angel he will help you and guide you to what you want to do. If you need guidance he will help and he will be happy to be there for you.

Pray to Adnachiel to receive his wonderful protection and many blessings. He brings many precious gifts to you and your loved ones. These include:  Independence, Honesty and Confidence to those who are shy. He hellps you when you are pioneering (making ways for others) and being adventurous.  It is also said, that God gave him an amulet that cures all stomach ailments. Adnachiel works with all the other archangels so just give him a shout. He will listen to you and guide you in your work. Adnchiel is very loving and very happy with you.  When you shout for Adnchiel, he will be right there to support you, he also sends..  Relationships during this period are therefore extremely important.Is the angel of humility. This autumn angel brings a special gift that helps deepen the meaning of the Thanksgiving season for ourselves and our loved ones. November’s angel urges us to acknowledge and appreciate the supporting roles others have played in our lives this year and even thank those who have taught us difficult lessons. The angel of November leads us to give thanks in a new way by forgiving old hurts and healing broken relationships. Thus we help one another to be truly grateful for our relationships and the richness they bring to our lives.

The Angel of December(Hanael or Anael) Angel of Love & Passion – We may be in the grip of Winter but life is still all around us and therefore it is a time to give thanks for what has been achieved and to share our successes with others.“Glory or Grace of God” (he who sees God), Haniel is the Archangel of Divine Communication through clear perception. But generally he is thought of as the Chief of Order of Principalities, Virtues and Innocents. Plus he is the governor of the sign of Capricorn and of Venus. In occult writings he is credited with their feat of transporting Enoch to Heaven. Haniel has been compared to the Chaldean Ishtar (who ruled Venus) and is invoked as an amulet against evil.This archangel is a warrior angel, his authority assists you to fulfill your soul’s mission, which is praise, honour, love and to reunite with God by using and trusting in your own higher abilities and he is the protector of your soul. Invoke Archangel Haniel’s turquoise ray to give you strength and perseverance when you feel weak. He will guide you through visions, personal revelations and angelic coincidences. Haniel has the power to make fruitful that which previously was not so: to turn states of sadness, confusion or breakdown, anxiety and worry towards happiness. He will help to restore your soul, Soul Retrieval and bring those lost soul fragments back to us so they may be regenerated. Archangel Haniel represents love, passion, beauty, love and friendship and is able to fill the gaps in your life that were previously empty from being out of sorts or lost. These times of depression, emptiness and sadness as stated above can be turned into new adventure for you and fill your life with love and joy. He can also help us to stop looking outside for inner happiness and respond to these problems from within. When we find inner happiness, beauty and light we can then grow with self-confidence. Then these qualities will start to shine on us and those around us and encourage others to grow as well.  He gently provides you with the virtue of determination and supplies you with the energy needed for you to fulfill your Dharma (which means gaining enlightenment by releasing illusion).During meditations, the Angelic Temple Meditation states that Archangel Haniel’s Sphere of Influence is, working with group energies and communication. Is the angel of generosity. The December angel celebrates with us this time of giving gifts to all the wild creatures and to all of God’s children. The angel of December leads us to join hands with people of all races and religions, recognizing that we are children of the same creator, and we all share the responsibility of bringing joy and health upon the earth. Inspired by December’s angel, we can celebrate this season of brotherhood by doing one act of kindness every day of December ~ going out of our way to bring warmth and light into another’s life.

ARIES – Angel Malahidael and the Archangel Ulisse Sartini. Angelo della Pace - olio su tela (Ангел Мира - холст, масло): Ariel 

The Angel Malahidael and the Archangel Ariel rule over the sign of Aries. These angels bring the attributes of courage, assertiveness, confidence, bravery and determination.

The name Malahidael means “Angel of Courage.” This angel summons the energy of the sun by imparting a ray of sunlight inside each person giving that person courage, stamina and hope during difficult personal times. Malahidael is one of the angels of the Tree of Life and he is frequently invoked in matters of love. His main task is to help people who lack the necessary courage to express their love to others. He brings confidence and the courage to move forward. Governing over the spring, he will help you start new projects that will grow and become successful.

Archangel Ariel is experienced as a feminine angelic presence and her name means “Lioness of God.” Other names –   Auriel, Arael, Ariael,
Colour –   Pale pink, rainbow colors and Golden Orange
Focus –   Nature
Chakra  – Heart
Element  –  Wind, Water, Fire and Earth
Direction  –  North
Crystals  –  Rose quartz, Amethyst, Emerald, Jade, Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline, Carnelian, Gold, Silver, Gold Topaz, Peach Adventurine, Opal, Sugarlite, Rhodochrosite.
Trees  –  All trees
Animals –  All animals
Signs/Symbols  –  Symbols of the Earth
Essential Oils  –  Carrot seed, Hyacinth, Hyssop, Jasmine, Neroli, Sandalwood, Frankincense.
Archangel Ariel’s name means ‘lion or lioness of God’ (and is associated with lions), and also means ‘altar’. Archangel Ariel is associated with the element of Wind and the direction North, and oversees the Earth, creative forces and Elemental spirits. Archangel Ariel is the ‘Angel of Nature’ as she oversees the protection and healing of plants and animals. Archangel Ariel is often depicted with a globe representing the Earth, or with water, fire or rocks, symbolizing the elements of nature. Archangel Ariel is also the ‘Angel of Destiny’ and is believed to be the feminine aspect of Archangel Uriel. Being androgynous, Archangel Ariel appears in both male and female form, although most often interacts from a feminine aspect. Archangel Ariel speaks to us through the Heart Chakra. Archangel Ariel resonates with pale pink and rainbow colors. Archangel Ariel oversees sprites (Elemental s or nature angels associated with water) whose purpose is to maintain healthy environments around all water areas such as oceans and seas, lakes and rivers, estuaries, streams, creeks and ponds.
Related imageArchangel Ariel serves as the patron angel of wild animals, and some consider her to also be the patron saint of new beginnings. Archangel Ariel and her nature angels help us to understand the natural rhythms of the Earth with its seasons and cycles, and encourages us to experience the healing properties of rocks (including crystals/gemstones), trees, plants, animals, waterways and nature as a whole. Archangel Ariel may impress upon you to help with the mission of protecting and purifying waterways and their inhabitants, and preserving and protecting natural environments of all kinds. Archangel Ariel encourages us to listen to the wind as you will hear whispers of guidance and will notice signs of many kinds. Archangel Ariel is the bringer of signs and messages and these can come in many forms such as people, books, songs, numbers and number patterns (Angel Numbers), animal symbols, or anything of the Earth. Archangel Ariel is a courageous angel who helps us to overcome any fears or worries, and imbues us with courage and/or confidence when needed. She gives assistance with standing up for yourself and your beliefs as she gently guides you to have the courage to stand up for your convictions and principles. Archangel Ariel combines the elements of Earth and Air and helps to ground your ideas and bring them to fruition. Ariel helps you to let go of fears of failure or of not being good enough by releasing any blockages and developing your intuition and psychic awareness. Archangel Ariel helps humans to develop the soul qualities of focus, courage, healing and awakening. Ariel encourages people to realize that they must make choices and take personal action to manifest and create positive changes in their lives. Archangel Ariel also inspires humans to live up to their full potential by discovering their true life purpose and soul mission. Archangel Ariel helps to discover, pursue and reach your full potential, and assists you to become all that you can be. Archangel Ariel assists with manifesting and manifestation of all kinds. Money is an Earth energy, and abundance is Divine energy. Archangel Ariel assists with manifesting material needs (eg money) so that we are able to fulfill our responsibility and goals, and helps us to tap into the flow of Divine abundance. Ariel assists with goal-setting, problem-solving, over-coming obstacles and achieving goals and aspirations. Archangel Ariel inspires and encourages bright ideas and great new concepts, enabling new discoveries and innovative changes leading to positive new paths. Archangel Ariel also assists with manifesting in all its forms. Archangel Ariel teaches the skills of manifesting and manifestation. Archangel Ariel is committed to community welfare and prosperity. Archangel Ariel can help you to reduce your carbon footprint, and take care of bills and expenditures.

Ariel can help to spruce up your life by Hiroyuki Satou: and lifestyle and can help you to find environmental causes that suit your passions, interests and circumstances. This in turn increases the flow of ‘good’ in your life. Archangel Ariel facilitates the discovery of hidden treasures, reveals the secrets of nature through dreams, and helps you to find lost objects. Archangel Ariel reveals the secrets of the mystical and occult worlds and brings enlightenment. Archangel Ariel assists us with making the right choices and decisions for ourselves so that our lives are heading in the right direction. While we may see only a small fragment of the bigger picture, our angels see the entire tapestry of our lives and are able to guide and assist us accordingly. Archangel Ariel helps us to envision and recognize the possible consequences of our actions and helps us to weigh up the consequences of our actions so that we choose things that are in-line with our life’s plan and destiny, in turn, creating the best possible outcomes in our lives. Ariel reminds us that each choice we make must be based upon the true needs of the soul. Ariel brings wisdom and can be called upon to shed light on your highest path. Ask Archangel Ariel to send you signs, omens and messages that you need to make the best life choices for yourself as Ariel guides you towards a higher choice. When an important choice or decision needs to be made, Archangel Ariel will send you signs through synchronicity; therefore, before making final decisions be aware of the energies around you. During times of duress, Archangel Ariel reminds us that everything happens for a reason and everything serves a higher purpose. Archangel Ariel can be invoked to take you back into the forgotten memory of your soul’s origin. Archangel Ariel is the angelic being who oversees healing and offerings, and helps to clear the karma of families, groups and cultures.Archangel Ariel is the one who draws you to the places on Earth where you and your highest good resonates most strongly. Archangel Ariel heals the disconnection many have with the planet, and the fears that come from experiencing lack, limiting beliefs and mind-sets, and any imbalances in your life. Ariel helps us to provide for our physical and material needs, such as home, money, food and life’s essentials. Archangel Ariel assists with Divine magic, the natural environment (particularly water bodies), healing and protection of animals, fish, birds and reptiles, particularly non-domesticated (wild). Archangel Ariel works to bring about manifestations, spirit rel easement and Divine magic. Archangel Ariel works with Archangel Raphael when healing all of Earth’s inhabitants and elements. If you find an injured bird or animal (particularly non-domesticated) that needs healing, call upon Archangel Ariel for help and healing. Archangel Raphael can be called upon alongside Archangel Ariel.
Related imageEach of the archangels has a special place in the ether of planet Earth. You can ask to visit their temples where they work during mediation or sleep. Archangel Ariel’s spiritual retreat is in Fatima, Portugal, and you can visit there for healing and light.Ariel is aligned with the natural world and is known as the Angel of Nature. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants, as well as the care of the Earth’s elements, such as water, wind, and fire. Ariel invites us to go outside and encourages us to spend time within the natural world. She reminds us that there is a magical healing energy found in nature that is restorative and rejuvenating to our body, mind and spirit. Soothing, refreshing and inspiring, simply spending time in nature has the ability to clear our perspective, providing a new and positive outlook on life. As an Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation, the Angel Ariel is devoted to helping us transcend the illusions of separateness and limitation. Ariel reminds man that we each wield the creative power of miraculous manifestation, through the power we project through our thoughts, through our words, through our beliefs and emotions and through our intentions. The power of miraculous manifestation is wielded through what we visualize and through the power of our imagination. Archangel Ariel assists man in releasing, healing and transcending fear based beliefs and fear related thought patterns and cycles. She helps us to consciously focus and direct the creative power of our thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs and intentions. with that which we actually desire to create and experience.Aries represents the beginning of creation. It begins the cycle around the great wheel of life. Aries is called the Light of Life Itself. It is the “searchlight” seeking that which can be used for divine expression.The patron saint of animals and the environment, Archangel Ariel’s name means ‘lion or lioness of God’. Her role is to protect the earth, its natural resources, ecosystems and all wild life and is always available with support and guidance for any activities that involve environmentalism and protecting, healing, rejuvenating, and/or maintaining our environment. Archangel Ariel assists in healing injured animals working closely with Archangel Raphael in these endeavors. It is believed she also works to oversee the order of the physical universe including all planets, the sun, the moos and the stars. When seeking to learn more about nature or connect more deeply while hiking or exploring, she assists in providing insights and opportunities to expand your awareness and experience. Given Archangel Ariel is watching over the earth’s natural resources, she can also be especially helpful in ensuring your needs for food, water, shelter and other supplies are met.

Through Aries, initiating conditions will stream into our solar system. Aries provides our solar system with electric fire and the dynamic nature of God, whose qualities grant a fostering and nourishing heat, as well as a fire that burns and destroys.Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. All souls, as individual entities emerge as mental entities in the sign Aries. It is the place where the initial idea to institute activity takes form. It is the birthplace of ideas, and a true idea is in reality a spiritual impulse taking form~ subjective and objective. There originates the response of the soul to the highest aspect because there appears the “will to incarnate.”

   Aries, therefore, starts the process of the “most ancient initiation” which all humanity has already undergone and will undergo. The first great cosmic initiation is initiation into incarnation~ the initiation of individualization. Aries is the creator of those activities, conditions and processes which lead to the manifestation of soul through the medium of form, and later of those higher creative undertakings which lead in due time to the manifestation of spirit through the soul. The soul words of Aries are, “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule.”The Act of Identification involves what has been called a “moment of opening-up,” during which the initiate sees that which lies within the cosmic intent. Man’s work is only now beginning to assume importance. He learns to overcome desire through experiment with and experience of every kind of desire and selfish impulse. Thus gradually, and with infinite pain, the human soul learns to function first as a member of the human family, and, secondly as a spiritual entity, the divine soul. This sign is also dual. In Aries we have the duality which is attached to the bringing together of spirit and matter in the great creative activity of manifestation at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle.  Thus the human being and God are brought to their destined expression and manifestation. Aries, Scorpio and Pisces are the three death signs. These signs bring about “three needed and determined deaths” in the human cycle. Energies pouring through them initiate a crystallizing process and the eventful destruction of form. Aries, which at different points along the Path of Life forces the soul on to the burning ground and subjects it to a purifying process during incarnation. Through the lesser fire of mind, the” jungles of experience are set on fire and then the Path stands clear and unobstructed vision is achieved.” Death by fire or burning in Aries releases the disciple into the world soul. The three deaths release the soul into the centers of Humanity.Through the process of initiation in Aries an ability to implement ideas into action develops. An idea’s stimulation before it externalizes into form. The ensuring of an idea’s ‘birth’ into consciousness; the direction of mind is revealed. The ‘knowing’ of how a new idea needs to be expressed is enabled and man is able to connect with, motivate, and lead others based upon a ‘right’ understanding of what underlies Human activity. The undertaking of ‘right’ action now occurs, allowing ideas to connect to Human consciousness. Man works with intuitively based response as ideas are penetrated into form. The words of Aries are, “Let form again be sought.”The planets play a vital role in this conditioning of our Soul and three planets have an important relationship with Aries. Mars is the guardian of Aries on the esoteric or personality level, while Mercury guards the planet on the esoteric or soul level and Uranus is the guardian on the hierarchical or conscious level.

Through the fiery processes of war and strife, brought to the individual through the influence of the planetary ruler, Mars, the God of War, a needed purification takes place.  Mars in Aries gives, above all, the ready willingness to fight~ be it for one’s desires, one’s personal will, or one’s ideals.Mars is the primary energy providing the motivating, driving force. It is related to the ‘vital body’ and brings life-force energy into physical existence. The planet rules not only the physical body but the entire form vehicle, which we call the personality. Mars in Aries greatly stimulates the idealism of the personality and its tendencies towards fiery devotion.  Mars in Aries can stimulate the personality into becoming an energetic ally of the soul~ a ready fighter for the promotion of soul-inspired ideals.The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but leading to great revelation. In Aries, it is the final revelation of the nature of knowledge and the purpose of incarnation.Mercury represents the illuminating principle which releases the mind, directs the way of man through life and enables him to be aware of the divine Plan which underlies all his fiery experience. The influence of Mercury, as it relates Aries to our Earth, establishes in time and space a unique situation, for it incites to trial efforts or initiates a series of beginnings in order to relate opposing forces and produce certain planned and definite effects upon our planet, thus influencing the kingdoms in nature or an individual soul-in-form. Being the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury illumines the mind and mediates between the soul and the personality.Uranus relates spirit and matter and brings together electric fire and fire by friction, thus producing manifestation. It leads the soul to the burning ground during the final stages of the Path, when the fire of Aries produce the flaming heat of the final burning ground.Aries has a dominant personality  –  but this is often to cover their feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.  Ariens may often present a front of bravado, but deep down inside they are very unsure of themselves, so can be very insecure.Aries has little or no patience for details and are easily angered.  Their rages are short-lived, and grudges are quickly forgotten.  Aries will explode in a fit of tempter one minute, but will have no recollection of what it was about the next.hiroyuki satoh art - Google Search:

TAURUS   –   Angel Asmodel and the Archangel Chamuel 

The Angel Asmodel and the Archangel Chamuel rule the sign of Taurus. These angels bring the attributes of patience, reliability, practicality, persistence and peace. Asmodel was formerly a member of the Order of Cherubim that guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden and Babylonian temples. The Cherubim are some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring of all Angels. They stand below only the Seraphim in direct closeness to God. Asmodel is believed to convey the Spirit of Rebirth. Asmodel means “Angel of Patience,” and he aids in providing patience. Asmodel encourages man to go in new directions and test himself in unfamiliar situations, yet gives him the security of mind to do so. This angel encourages man to seek out the novel endeavors which will enrich and bring new meaning to life. Asmodel teaches individuals to take delight in nature and those around them. Asmodel is believed to have fallen to damnation after a rebellion and some consider him to be a be a Demon of Punishment.

Chamuel is the Archangel for pure love, not just romantic love, but the purest force within all of creation. Angel Chamuel presides over contentment, joy and beauty. The name Chamuel means “He Who Sees God.” Also known as –    Camiel, Kemuel, Camael, Camiul, Camniel, Cancel, Johoel, Kemuel, Khamael, Seraphiel, Shemuel
Ray  –                              3rd Ray
Color  –                           Pink (all shades)
Focus  –                          Relationships
Chakra  –                        Heart
Element  –                     Air. Developing the higher emotions
Crystal  –                        Rose Quartz, Flourite
Day/s  –                          Friday, Monday, Tuesday
Planet  –                         Venus, Mars
Crystal  –                       Rose Quartz, Green Adventurine, Jade, Prehnite
Animals  –                     Deer, Dove, Rabbit, Butterfly
Trees  –                         Cherry and Apple
Essential Oil  –            Rose Otto and Rose
Astrology/Zodiac  –    Aries, Scorpio

Angel of The New Year © Hans Georg Leiendecker: Archangel Chamuel’s name means ‘he who sees God’ or ‘he who seeks God’. Archangel Chamuel’s message is: “It is only the love energy within any given purpose that gives lasting value and benefit to all creation”. Archangel Chamuel presides over the Sephira Geburah on the Tree of Life. Rose Quartz crystals resonate with Archangel Chamuel’s healing energies and emotional healing. Archangel Chamuel helps to renew and improve your loving relationships with others by helping to develop the Heart Chakra. Essential oils of Rose Otto and Rose can be used to connect with Archangel Chamuel, and are used to open the heart chakra, bringing love, inner-peace and emotional balance. When you expand your heart chakra your cosmic heart becomes open and you can connect to the love of the cosmos.The Pink Ray of Archangel Chamuel takes the heat out of emotional stress and restores equilibrium without suppressing the release process. Archangel Chamuel brings the energies of unconditional love, beauty and compassion, and specializes in emotional healing. Archangel Chamuel is known as the ‘Angel of Love’ and he oversees all the ‘Angels of Love’. They pour unconditional love into you and enable you to express love through creativity of all kinds. Angels of Love appear unexpectedly in response to people who are working with their hearts open and Archangel Chamuel sheds his loving light over artists, philosophers, peacemakers, meta physicians and musicians. Archangel Chamuel and the Angels of Love bring pure compassion and love when you need it. The Angels of Love help in any situation that requires heartfelt communication and will do whatever they are able to within the guidelines of the Universal Spiritual Laws to ease your life and heal a hurting heart. The Angels of Love specialize in making your daily life more harmonious. Chamuel assists with all of our relationships and particularly through life-changing relationship situations that may involve conflict, emotional upheaval, bereavement and separation or endings. Archangel Chamuel also assists with seeking ‘soul mates’ and life-partners and helps in all situations that require heart-felt communication. Archangel Chamuel helps us to find true love in personal relationships and works to help us build strong foundations for healthy, long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Chamuel helps us to appreciate the existing love relationships we have in our lives today. Archangel Chamuel helps us to improve and renew relationships and helps us to build solid foundations so that they are meaningful, healthy and long-lasting. Chamuel assists with strengthening bonds, feeling love for the self and others, clearing negative emotions and blockages, and healing a broken heart. Chamuel assists us with our abilities to love and nurture others, and to be able to give and receive love unconditionally, free from all self-interest. It is unconditional love that transcends and transforms the self and moves us through compassion towards emotional security.
Archangel Chamuel helps people to find compassion and forgiveness and expand Archangel Raphael (RL2): the love in their hearts. Archangel Chamuel enables us to experience self-love and dissolves the feelings of low self-esteem. Archangel Chamuel helps us to seek out important parts of our lives, such as relationships of all kinds, careers, lost items and our Divine life purpose and soul mission. Archangel Chamuel helps us to build strong foundations for all of our relationships and careers so that they are long-lasting, successful and meaningful.Archangel Chamuel embodies protection in the form of prowess and skill, and represents the acquisition and utilization of skills and resources, enabling us to face and overcome obstacles and challenges in our lives. Archangel Chamuel heralds peace on Earth and can be called upon to help you to find whatever will bring you peace. If you don’t know exactly what you want or need, Chamuel will lead you to what will bring you the most lasting peace. Archangel Chamuel assists with global peace, so if feeling concerned about conflicts and/or war anywhere in the world, ask Chamuel to bring about peace. Archangel Chamuel can help to ease tension and nervousness, and can be called upon to ease and manage worry and anxiety and bring about inner-peace. Archangel Chamuel is known as the protector of the weak and defender of the down-trodden, and may be called upon for comfort, protection and intervention. As Archangel Chamuel can see everything in all directions of time, Chamuel and the Angels of Love can help you to find lost items of all kinds. Just ask quietly for their help. They will look after things until you can collect or claim them, or will help to have them returned to you. If it is yours by Divine right, the angels will look after it. If it is not, let it go.Chamuel is said to be one of seven archangels who have the honor of living in God’s direct presence in heaven. Archangel Chamuel is known as the most compassionate of all the angels. He embodies the great heart and love of the Divine Creator for all of mankind. The Archangel of pure love, he lifts one from the depths of sorrow to find love in the heart. Archangel Chamuel is also an angel of passion and determination, and he is invoked in the need of courage and motivation. This angel is known as the angel of peaceful relationships. People sometimes ask for Chamuel’s help to discover more about God’s love, find inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, forgive people who have hurt or offended them, find and nurture romantic love, and reach out to serve people in turmoil who need help to find peace. Angel Chamuel reminds us to open our heart to connect with the source of all that is and stay true to our authentic self.Archangel Chamuel’s name means ‘he who sees God’. This archangel and has been called by many names throughout history and therefore is sometimes confused with other angels. His mission is to bring peace to the world and as such he protects the world from fear and lowers vibrating, negative energies. He is believed to have all knowing vision seeing the interconnectedness between all things. Archangel Chamuel assists us in finding the strength and courage to face adversity when it seems we have none left. He can also help to find items that are lost, to find important parts of our lives such as life purpose, a love relationship, a new job, and supportive friendships, and to find solutions to problems. Lastly, Archangel Chamuel also helps to heal anxiety, bring peace, and to repair relationships and misunderstandings.

Taurus is earthy, acute and appreciative of both physical and material comfort. Taureans enjoy luxury, beauty and high quality goods and thrive on anything which pleases the senses. Taureans like to be production, and put that energy into power.  They must be careful though, as that power must not become ‘control’.

Taurus represents the material form of creation. It is the eleventh sign upon the ordinary wheel of life, preceding each new cycle of incarnated expression. Guarding the secret of light, Taurus confers illumination upon the initiate. Taurus represents being in the body and feeling the sensations of the world. Under the potent impression of Taurus, man feeds his ardent desire for the many material advantages of physical incarnation and of constant worldly undertakings. The secret of Taurus is revealed as the second initiation by the sudden removal or disappearance of world glamour in the binding energy of light.All souls emerge as emotional-desire entities in the sign of Taurus. This sign is concerned with the initial impact of energy upon form of energies upon the soul. Taurus symbolizes the dual relationship between energy/matter and mind/energy. The keynotes of Taurus are, as usual, clear in their implications. One states the note of the form aspect, “Let struggle be undismayed.” The word of the form is to take, grasp and go courageously after that which is desired. The word of the soul is, “I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.” The eye of the cosmic Bull is open and from it light pours radiantly forth upon the sons of men. The eye of vision of the individual man must likewise open in response to this cosmic light.Taurus governs desire and carries the test into the emotional or astral plane and carries desire-sensitivity up from the form side of life into that world of sensitive perception which we call the intuition plane. Called “the sign of the major life incentive,” Taurus is the symbol of desire in all its phases. Desire in its lowest expression is linked with the form in Taurus. Desire is developed and focused in Taurus when man is progressing around the Zodiac. In Taurus, the mind expresses itself through intelligent desire, for that is the goal of knowledge for ordinary man. It is under the sign of Taurus that humanity learns the deeper spiritual lessons of desire and the transformation of the energy of desire. It is through desire that we take a physical incarnation and it is desire that also keeps us trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth. Taurus teaches us about the nature of desire, and what needs to happen so we can release our personal attachments and transform the energy of desire into spiritual realizations.In Taurus, desire is transmuted into aspiration, and darkness gives place to light and illumination. In Taurus, we find the most materialistic impulses and desires ultimately transcend into the light of illumination and revelation. The enlightened mind is the gift acquired when one transforms desire into spiritual aspiration. Aspiration idealism in its highest possible expression is achieved in Taurus. The path of Taurus involves strong will, and strong choices, for desire has the habit of leading our attention outwards towards worldly concerns. The working out of the Plan on the fulfillment of desire is carried out upon the outer plane of living through Taurus.

Fantasy Art Gallery de Hiroyuki Satou: Taurus is a sign which veils a certain divine mystery. Being the custodian of the light of knowledge, Taurus incites towards experience and towards the gaining of knowledge. In Taurus, man comes to the point wherein the real goal or the true vision appears. Taurus represents an idea’s need for physical form. With the form of an idea recognized, it can be created. The strength, determination and stability that supports the manifestation of an idea. Through Taurus is the uplifting of human awareness; of recognizing that determined and steadfast creativity is needed to support productive humanitarian growth. Taurus is a great transformer under the great creative plan.Taurus represents self-sufficiency, which applies to all levels of the human being, including the material, bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The sign of Taurus forgets the instruments of constructive living or of destruction; it forges the chains which bind or creates the key which unlocks the mystery of life.Cosmically related to the eye of the Bull, the conferrer of illumination. This is the sign that most completely represents desire. After space, desire and mind are the two most powerful forces in the universe. On the path, desire becomes aspiration and aspiration becomes will.Taurus has two planetary rulers, Venus and Vulcan. Venus is the personality or esoteric guardian and Vulcan is both the esoteric or Soul guardian and the hierarchical or conscious guardian.Venus is the goddess of Love: the powerful energy of desire, which translates as romantic love, when filtered through the human mind. In Taurus the loving energy of Venus has a more sensuous, earthy, influence. It works initially through the physical senses to eventually bring awareness of the bliss body Vulcan is known as the blacksmith of the Gods. Its job is to shape and fashion substance: forging physical matter from light in the heat of its furnace. On a higher level of manifestation Vulcan’s establishes the link between humanity and the Plan. Vulcan stands for the soul, the individual, inner, spiritual man; in his activity we find the key to the soul’s task upon the eternal round of the wheel of life.Taureans are naturally attuned to nature and are very practical.  Their life lesson is to learn ‘patience’.Tarueans have a natural leaning towards stability and security, but they must be careful not to become trapped in the material world.

Arte - HIROYUKI SATOH - Portal Arco Íris-Núcleo de Integração e Cura Cósmica: GEMINI   –   Angel Ambriel and the
Archangel Zadkiel

The Angel Ambriel and the Archangel Zadkiel rule the sign of Gemini. These angels bring the attributes of communication, independence, forgiveness and compassion.

The Angel Ambriel aids with communication, innovation and independence. Ambriel encourages man to use his own inner potential to accomplish life’s tasks. This Angel aids in the discovery of such potential, nurturing the spirit toward fulfillment of this “hidden promise” in order to achieve a life which can be lived to the fullest. Ambriel imparts wisdom and contentment. He helps us to awaken our deeper consciousness in order to see the inner truth of what is around us. This angel inspires clear communication so that we might better speak our own truth, while gently guiding human beings toward a time when truth and clarity will be the universal norm. Ambriel is also known as the “Angel of General Protection,” affording protection from evil. Ambriel is usually invoked upon for special blessings and protection.

Archangel Zadkiel gives man insight into situations and helps him to feel mercy, compassion and understanding towards himself and others. This allows man to heal negative memories and resentments and to let go of judgments and forgive. The name Zadkiel means “The Righteousness of God.”  Zadkiel helps man with the harsh memories and emotional scars that are amassed through his life by shifting his focus away from the painful memories, and encouraging him to remember the more pleasant times of life. Also known as:  Tzadkiel, Tzaphqiel, Tzaphquiel, Tzaphkiel, Hesediel, Jafkiel, Japhkiel, Satquiel, Satqiel, Zachiel, Zadakiel, Zadkiel, Zafkiel, Zaphiel, Zafchial, Zaphkiel, Zedekiel, Zedkiel, Zidekiel,
Ray  –                         7th Ray
Colour/s  –                Violet, Lilac, Blue/Turquoise
Focus  –                     Self-transformation, accessing angelic guidance
Chakra  –                   Crown Chakra, 3th Eye Chakra / Brow Chakra
Element  –                Cosmic energy
Planet  –                   Jupiter
Day  –                       Thursday, Saturday
Crystals  –                Amethyst, Ametrine, Blue Chalcedony, Tanzanite, Charoite, Fluorite
Planet  –                   Jupiter, Saturn
Trees  –                     Oak, Ash, Cedar
Animals  –                Elephants, whales, swans, ducks
Essential Oil  –        Benzoin
Astrology/Zodiac  –   Pisces, Sagittarius

Archangel Zadkiel represents Sephira Healing light from an angel ~☆~: Binah and presides over Sephira Chesed on the Tree of Life, and relates to understanding. Zadkiel’s name means ‘the righteousness of God’, ‘Knowledge of God’ or ‘the Justice of God’.
Archangel Zadkiel rules the highest vibration in the rainbow, the Violet Ray which is the 7th ray of the rainbow’s color spectrum. Archangel Zadkiel is the guardian of the ‘Violet Flame of Transformation and Healing’, which has the highest vibration frequency. This brings soul freedom and joy by releasing us from our limiting behaviors, concepts, beliefs and karmic binds or lessons. Archangel Zadkiel is known as the ‘Holy One’, the ‘Angel of Mercy and Benevolence’, the ‘Archangel of Deep Contemplation of God’, the ‘Angel of Understanding and Compassion’ and the Archangel of ‘Divine Joy’. Zadkiel resonates with Divine Grace and Divine Forgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel is also related to darkness, primal waters and inertia, and helps us to understand obstacles/difficulties that confront us in life, and with learning how to overcome them effectively. Archangel Zadkiel is the ‘Angel of Deep Contemplation’, representing the Divine feminine, and the water aspects of creation. Archangel Zadkiel represents the ‘Cosmic Mother’, contemplation and nurturing, the deeper aspects of the Divine Feminine (to protect and nurture), and the deeper aspects of intuition. Archangel Zadkiel is associated with feminine energies, mothers and motherhood due to the emphasis on nurturing and caring, as Zadkiel nurtures all things and gives glimpses of other realities. Archangel Zadkiel has the mission of helping us to discover the Divine aspects within ourselves and encourages spiritual growth and cosmic alchemy, accessing angelic guidance, wisdom and understanding. Archangel Zadkiel helps us to develop our natural tendencies towards helping one another whilst serving your life purposes. Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy and forgiveness, and resonates with balance expressed as cosmic consciousness, cosmic awareness, discernment and understanding. Zadkiel resonates with contemplation and meditation, and brings balance, calmness and peace to an anxious, troubled mind, and eases worry, irritation and tension. Archangel Zadkiel brings insight, discernment and mysticism and assists with spiritual awakening, awareness and development. Archangel Zadkiel is associated with Universal Divine knowledge, wisdom and truth. Archangel Zadkiel bestows blessings that are designed through faith to increase understanding by imparting wisdom which increases spiritual growth. Archangel Zadkiel casts out all that is superficial to spiritual development and increases insight, mysticism and discernment by helping to fully develop the feminine side of our nature.Using the Violet Flame, Archangel Zadkiel inspires and frees the imagination, aids meditation, enhances psychic abilities and develops the intuition.
Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels 2Archangel Zadkiel brings spiritual dedication and meaningful dreams and aids soul connection and development. Zadkiel helps to open us up to our higher minds and gives psychic protection, and offers transformation and transmutation using the energies of his Violet Flame. Archangel Zadkiel enfolds you in the transformational energy of the Violet Flame and transmutes all of your negativity into joy and inner-peace. Zadkiel can be invoked to bring forgiveness to the Self and others. Archangel Zadkiel directs the ‘Angels of Joy and Mercy’ to transmute lower energies and help people to find forgiveness, tolerance and diplomacy. The healing energies of Archangel Zadkiel and his angels of joy help us to transform past memories, limitations, energy blockages, negative personality traits and addictions. Archangel Zadkiel resonates with love, joy, forgiveness, mercy and freedom, and encourages strength, self-reliance, tolerance, an expanded mind and the ability to work in harmony with the Divine. Archangel Zadkiel encourages us to express love, forgiveness and compassion without fear, shame or feelings of unworthiness, and encourages us to love and support one another.Archangel Zadkiel helps people to love the self and others unconditionally, and to forgive, develop compassion, resolve conflicts, and to serve others in need.

Archangel Zadkiel helps each individual by connecting them to their soul energy and mission, and helps us to see the Divine Light within ourselves and others, and cleanses the heart of un forgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel helps us to free ourselves from karmic blockages, as well as fears, regrets, bitterness and un forgiveness for the self and others. Zadkiel helps us to see ourselves and others with love and compassion, and helps to release painful memories and find forgiveness and peace. He helps to increase your connection with the Divine energies. Archangel Zadkiel brings healing to emotional wounds by bringing comfort and strength to soothe painful memories. Zadkiel helps us to free ourselves from the past using the power of forgiveness. Zadkiel helps to repair broken relationships by encouraging and motivating estranged people to feel and show mercy and forgiveness to each other. Working with Zadkiel increases your self-esteem and helps you to recall and bring forth your natural talents, skills and abilities. Call upon Zadkiel if you need help to remember details and specific facts. Archangel Zadkiel can help you to remember your Divine origin, and can be called upon for help with remembering your life purpose and soul mission …. Your reason for being. Call upon Archangel Zadkiel to assist efforts to free, heal and transcend our negative emotions and thought-patterns. Zadkiel helps with memory functions and you are able to call upon him for assistance when needing to memorize, recall or remember things, and/or to develop and enhance your memory in general. Zadkiel also assists us to improve all other mental functions. Archangel Zadkiel imbues you with the desire and power to free yourself from your negativity and limitations. If you wish for more tolerance and diplomacy in difficult situations you can call upon Archangel Zadkiel as he transmutes the lower consciousness into the higher. Zadkiel cleanses, illuminates and raises your vibration. Archangel Zadkiel is the energy behind both poverty and wealth and any and all of its manifestations, so is often associated with luck and chance. Zadkiel however, knows that both good and bad luck are duly earned by the individual, and he gauges fortunes accordingly. Archangel Zadkiel swiftly dispenses justice without bias or prejudice, yet is merciful to those that deserve or earn his mercy. Zadkiel also helps to expose injustices.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels 2Archangel Zadkiel is responsible for the beginnings and endings of things, and he can be called upon to bring a swift end to a long-term painful situation or circumstance. Archangel Zadkiel is able to break down blocked or stagnant energies caused by anger, hatred, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, intolerance, blame, fear and guilt. He gives protection from over-indulgence and blockages which have been lodged in our emotional body. Archangel Zadkiel teaches trust and brings comfort in our hour of need. Archangel Tzaphkiel brings peace to a trouble mind and his energies can be used for deep emotional healing work. Archangel Zadkiel helps us to find the courage within to do the right thing by ourselves, others, and the world. Archangel Zadkiel encourages us to learn to honor and respect the Earth and all of it inhabitants.To connect with Archangel Zadkiel use the essential oil Benzoin in order to gain spiritual wisdom, understanding, detachment and letting go of painful emotions and emotional wounds. Violet, Lavender and/or Amethyst coloured candles can be used to contact and connect with Archangel Zadkiel.
Purple, lavender, violet and/or amethyst candles can be used to connect with Archangel Zadkiel.Archangel Zadkiel is also known as the Angel of Prayer and Affirmation. He helps people approach God for mercy when they’ve done something wrong, encouraging them that God cares and will be merciful to them when they confess and repent of their sins, and motivating them to pray.  Zadkiel helps empower man to develop confidence, discover and fulfill God’s purposes for life, and build healthy relationships with others. This archangel guards the powers of invocation and affirmation, which are the essences of prayer. Zadkiel will respond to the deepest call from our hearts, no prayer goes unanswered, as he encourages us to intensify this energy through our desire. He reminds us to open our hearts and minds in gratitude to receive the presence and power of the universe. Zadkiel is the most important Archangel of the Aquarius Era. He helps us to change through forgiveness, compassion and grace. He is also known as the Angel of Invocation and he teaches us to co-operate with the World of Light. He brings the fire of freedom, joy, forgiveness, alchemy, justice, conversion and liberation of the soul. He teaches us New Age ceremonies both festive and spiritual and helps us realize that we are divine beings. Zadkiel serves The Seventh Ray of Creation. The universal as well as the planetary color of his energy is violet and it resonates with the chakra that exists over the top of our heads, where the soul resides. This Ray grounds the spiritual to the physical and brings Heaven on Earth. We can work with him using the power of the spoken word by invoking the Violet Flame through decrees, the prayers of the New Age. The Violet Flame can wipe out achievements of the past, bring forgiveness, to transform a disease to health and increase the joy within us.

Gemini can sometimes be depicted as presenting as two separate people.People under the influence of Gemini are often very clever and gifted, and their main tool is their mind.  Geminis have a great need for variety and this may leave them with scattered energies, and this sometimes leads to nervous exhaustion.  They often appear to have an insatiable thirst for learning and knowledge and have endlessly curious minds.  They are gatherers of information, but don’t always share this with others.Gemini represents the energy connection within creation. It is described as the “light of inter-play,” meaning that it is Gemini that reveals the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit and form. All souls, as individual entities come into human incarnation as vital entities through Gemini. It governs the breath of life, the movement of spirit in form. In Gemini, the relation between soul and body emerges in which the body or form serves the soul. Gemini is the custodian of conditioning energy and the intermediary between soul and body. An expanded field of expression for the life and function of the soul is provided through Gemini. It opens the door for the personality to experience itself in all sorts of environments and life situations. Gemini reveals the true intent of the soul: the interplay and interconnections of spirit and matter.Gemini focuses attention on the many, the multiples and the myriads, the potentials and the possibilities. Gemini broadens the mind and expands our sense of contentedness with life. The purpose of Gemini in terms of ordinary life is to produce an awareness of the relationships that exist between all people, places and things. In Gemini we realize our interconnections with one another, Earth and her creatures and all sentient beings. The vast and mighty potency of the mind and its ability to gather information and awareness is symbolized in Gemini. Through Gemini’s ability to search and bend, the necessary adjustment of contrast can be understood. Gemini symbolizes the movement between the different points of an idea; learning of the interplay that enables a fusion of opposites. The idea that “love underlies the entire universe,” is expressed in Gemini. It accesses the intelligence of the heart through higher love. Gemini is here to untie the head and the heart, creating a bridge between lower and higher mind. Mercury in Gemini teaches us to connect and commune with our higher selves and hear our spiritual calling. In the words given for this sign, the word of the self, indicates the objective of the Gemini experience: “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”

Gemini controls the pulsation of life Related imagewhich sustains all that is. This sign has a unique roll to play in the spiritual awakening and evolution of planet Earth. It changes, mutates and adjusts everything that is necessary for the evolution of consciousness, both in ordinary human life and in the collective life of humanity. Gemini awakens in humanity the sense of duality which is the basic factor in the conflict between desire and spiritual will. The apparent superficial quality of Gemini belies its deepest mysteries: the mystery of life and the mysteries of our divine purpose as a spiritually awakened humanity. Gemini leads to the development of skills which enable harmonious links between humans; of seeing the internal order which exists with the chaos of human life and understanding the human drive for connection. It is a deep sign for humanity because its basic impulses are inspired by a pure sense of brotherhood, pure love and the greater family of humanity. It is  through Gemini that humanity fulfills its divine purpose as custodian for the Earth and the elemental kingdoms. Gemini takes the threads of life and the threads of the universe and weaves them all together into one cohesive whole.Gemini is a conditioning sign where exceedingly powerful subjective energies are generated. Phenomenal influences are in the form of effects. The air signs are signs of human relationship and Gemini fulfills this requirement admirably. A mutable sign, Gemini produces change in time and space and this affects all existence. Gemini represents the scintillating white energy that permeates all space, known to humans as love. Technically, the energy of Gemini is behind all twelve signs as they are all seeking to establish relationships and Gemini provides the lines of communication that make this possible. This gives Gemini an enduring capacity to love and can give access via this sign to the most sublime energies of interrelationship.

•♥••♥• Más: CANCER   –  Angel Muriel and the Archangel Gabriel

The Angel Muriel and the Archangel Gabriel rule over the sign of Cancer. These angels bring the attributes of love, loyalty, peace, creativity and fertility.

Angel Muriel, whose name means, “God’s Perfume,” is responsible for tending the plants and animals of Earth. She is often shown with a crown of flowers, which she lovingly places into the river of life. It’s said that when she is around, you may smell the subtle scent of your favorite flower. Muriel’s mission is to bring messages of peace and harmony, encouraging selflessness and compassion for others. Muriel is known as the “Angel of Emotions” and helps man to get in touch with his deepest emotions. She absorbs the release of any painful emotions so that man may heal and see the world more clearly without the bias of any pain he may be carrying from the past or past-lives. Muriel also helps man to merge his emotions, mind and ego with his soul. This allows him to remain centered in his earthly purpose and existence. She teaches man to act with an open heart, without expectation of personal gain, reminding us that every selfless good deed is rewarded exponentially. Then, and only then, will man’s blessings be multiplied. Muriel is said to teach that helping others is the path to true happiness. Her huge heart teaches man how to love unconditionally. Angel Muriel is known to help connect man to his destiny in which she helps him to find his “true self” and become comfortable with who he is in this life.

 Archangel Gabriel is a powerful and loving messenger of divine love, wisdom, and guidance. Her name meaning “Strength of God,” she is the archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength. Also known as:  Lord Gabriel
Ray  –                          2nd Ray
Colour  –                     Orange and White, sea Green
Focus  –                      Creativity, vitality and originality
Chakra  –                    Sacral Chakra
Element  –                 Water
Planet  –                     Moon
Day  –                         Monday
Direction  –               West
Crystals  –                 Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite,
Metal  –                     Silver
Trees  –                     Pear trees and Weeping Willows
Flowers  –                 White Lilies
Animals  –                Wolves and Owls
Essential Oils  –       Jasmine and Camphor
Astrology/Zodiac  –  Cancer

Raphael Más: Archangel Gabriel’s name means ‘God is my strength’, ‘strength of God’, ‘the Divine in my strength’. Archangel Gabriel presides over the Sephira Yesod and the Moon rules over the Tree of Life Sephirah (Yesod). Archangel Gabriel is known as the ‘Angel of the Annunciation’, the ‘Angel of Resurrection’, the ‘Chief Ambassador to Humanity’, the ‘Angel of Revelation’, and the ‘Bringer of Good News, Judgement and Mercy’. Archangel Gabriel is the ‘Angel of Harmony, Beauty, Purification and Art’, the ‘Angel of Joy and the Spirit of Truth’, and is the ‘awakening’ Archangel and the ‘soul’s guardian’. Archangel Gabriel, being the angel of the ‘Annunciation’, announced the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ. It is also said that Archangel Gabriel inspired and communicated with Joan of Arc. Archangel Gabriel teaches us to seek angelic help and guidance through invocation, ritual, meditation and dreams and helps to raise our conscious in order to increase our awareness of angels. Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of the West and rules over the element of Water. Archangel Gabriel also works in the purest essence of every ray, the pure white Light. Archangel Gabriel governs the Base or Sacral chakra, and when this chakra is functioning at its optimum, you have the thrust and energy to get things done and feel passionate about achieving your goals and making a success of your life. You also put more energy towards your relationships and social contacts. Gabriel is in charge of the development of the Base  and Sacral chakras of the planet and humanity as a whole. Archangel Gabriel is the archangel of the mind and can be called upon to help with mental challenges, to help construct alternative choices for outcomes in situations, and to help with decision-making. Archangels Gabriel represents resurrection, mercy and revelation, change, emotions, purity, clarity, order, discipline, communication skills, creativity, the arts, finding your life purpose, relationships, conception, pregnancy, adoption, inspiration, emotional healing and transformation. Archangel Gabriel is a powerful and loving messenger of Divine love, wisdom and guidance, and is the archangel of communication, strength and new beginnings. Archangel Gabriel is the guardian of emotions, relationships and creativity. At times when we are struggling with abuse, addictions, dysfunctional families, the struggles of sexual minorities, and to have love and be loved, Archangel Gabriel is the Angel to invoke as he offers guidance, awakening and purification. Archangel Gabriel offers spirituality, love and hope, and assists with heightening the intuition. Archangel Gabriel helps us to interpret our visions and dreams and aids and assists with fertility, child conception and adoption. Archangel Gabriel uplifts our spirits and helps us to feel more fully connected with the Universal Mind. He alerts us to be awake and aware and to pay attention to the energies around us. Archangel Gabriel brings news and information about one’s spiritual destiny or life purpose; that which the soul has agreed to embark upon in this lifetime. Gabriel brings inspirational messages and guidance regarding your life purpose and soul mission. Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the ‘Angels of Guidance’, and their mission is to help us to understand the life plan, chart or blueprint that you agreed to prior to your incarnation. Archangel Gabriel eases bereavement and loss and enhances creativity, optimism and a positive outlook on life. Archangel Gabriel helps to ease fears and phobias and releases the fear of experiencing pleasure of all kinds. Archangel Gabriel helps us to balance our hormones and aids with fertility. He also gives us motivation, balances our body levels, increases vitality and helps us to build up energy, step by step, throughout our lives. Gabriel also helps us to see the right path for us to follow. Archangel Gabriel cleanses and raises your vibration rate, helps you to open your heart and re-connects you with your soul purpose; your reason for being. Archangel Gabriel guides you towards the next steps in your life and reveals your life purpose and soul mission on Earth, and those who call upon Gabriel will find themselves pushed into action that ultimately leads to beneficial results. Archangel Gabriel helps us to realize our personal truths and assists us to live our truths faithfully, honoring our own unique gifts, talents and abilities. Gabriel helps us to find the courage to live our truths, and helps us to develop our individual gifts, and fully express them.

Archangel Gabriel helps us to express We all have a Guardian Angel: our truths, honor and respect our individuality, and listen to our inner-voice and intuition. Archangel Gabriel tells us that by being true to ourselves we are able to use our natural gifts, talents and abilities for the highest good. Gabriel reminds us that we each make a valuable contribution to the spiritual development of humanity, simply by being who we truly are. Gabriel brings us the courage to be true to ourselves and encourages us to have strength in our convictions. Archangel Gabriel helps us to ascertain truths in situations where there may be a conflict between what we know within to be right, and what is being presented. He helps us to see and know what the truth is for us in every situation, where our intuition and insight may be called upon to guide us. In matters of the arts and any kind of creativity, call upon Archangel Gabriel for loving assistance as Archangel Gabriel’s energies stimulate joyfulness and spiritual upliftment.
Archangel Gabriel brings joy and grace, system, order and clarity to your life, and opens you up to compassion and sympathy, generosity and benevolence, empathy and understanding, discipline, efficiency, determination. Archangel Gabriel helps to purify negative emotions, thought-patterns and beliefs and clears the body’s energy system. Archangel Gabriel gives guidance on your spiritual growth and the direction of your future and brings awareness that we are always receiving messages from the Universe. Archangel Gabriel helps to keep the airways or channels open and clear for those who focus upon the highest and purest aspects of messages from the realm of spirit. Archangel Gabriel greatly assists with tapping into the highest spiritual guides and teachers. Archangel Gabriel guides all midwives and all facets to do with pregnancy and childbirth. Archangel Gabriel has assisting angels; Armisael (the angel of the womb) and Temeluch (protector of children) at birth and during infancy. During the birthing process, Archangel Gabriel radiates love and light as he connects the new spirit with the physical body of the newborn. Archangel Azrael is said to stand in the background. Archangel Gabriel gives courage and strength to parents and helps pregnant woman stay calm, centered and balanced in order to create the best atmosphere for the growth and development of the baby. Archangel Gabriel helps those whose life purpose involves art and communication and oversees artists of all kinds, teachers, facilitators, lecturers, actors, singers, songwriters, dancers, musicians, writers, authors, journalists and reporters. Gabriel also acts as a coach of sorts, motivating and inspiring communicators and artists to express their talents and to overcome fear, doubt and procrastination. Archangel Gabriel also inspires, motivates and coaches artists and communicators and helps them to overcome procrastination and fear. Before beginning any communication or artistic project, ask Archangel Gabriel to guide, assist and oversee your activities.
Archangel Gabriel is an angel of action and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action, leading to positive results and outcomes. Archangel Gabriel brings us the knowledge that nothing ever really dies, but rather, changes to a different form and then re-born in another realm of existence. Archangel Gabriel has a connection with spiritual leaders, astronomers, biochemists, physicians, healers, psychics/clairvoyants, designers, architects, journalists, writers, communicators and musicians. Archangel Gabriel instructs us as to what our talents and tasks are in our lifetimes prior to our incarnations, and brings forth information and news regarding our life purpose, soul mission and spiritual destiny. During meditation you can ask Archangel Gabriel to light up within your aura, and show you the symbols of your soul mission so that you are able to attract perfect connections and opportunities. Archangel Gabriel helps us to find our true calling and you can call upon her for guidance to understand your life plan/life chart and life purpose. Archangel Gabriel helps those whose life purpose involves communication, and inspires, motivates and encourages artists, writers and communicators of all kinds, helping them to overcome fear and procrastination. Call upon Archangel Gabriel for help and guidance when doing anything involving delivering spiritual messages.The energy of Archangel Gabriel draws messages of good news that lifts the spirits and makes us feel connected with the Universal Energies.

Archangel Barachiel is the angelic prince of God’s blessings! What do you need? What will bring you financial security, comfort and abunda...: Archangel Gabriel brings messages through the heart and emotions rather than the mind, and draws our attention to the signs, omens, messages and synchronicity that the Universe sends us to answer all of our questions and guide us in the right direction. Archangel Gabriel encourages us to pay attention and be aware and alert about our own energies and what we ourselves put out to the Universe. Gabriel encourages us to be our highest and best so that we only send out positive vibrations, and in return, receive in kind.
Archangel Gabriel seeks to bring awareness and messages of good tidings and hope, as well as cautionary and dreams of warnings. Gabriel assists with interpreting dreams and visions, and can forewarn you of changes ahead and help with adjustments and transitions.

It is one of Archangel Gabriel’s purpose is to deliver the messages, then step back and allow the individual to act (or not) upon the situation as they see fit. Archangel Gabriel encourages you to focus on the things that bring you joy, gratitude and peace.Gabriel seeks to guide and nourish the child within us all and protects what is pure and natural within us. Archangel Gabriel also oversees disadvantaged children and children with illnesses and disabilities of all kinds.One way to connect and work with Archangel Gabriel is through affirmations as they encourage and inspire us and fill our hearts and minds with positive expectations and hope.
You can call upon Archangel Gabriel to clear and purify your body of toxins and your mind of negative or impure thoughts, beliefs and mind-sets. Archangel Gabriel is the angel to turn to for help with all forms of communication, including the ability to speak your mind, make new friends, express yourself through creative or artistic projects, and to reach your Divine potential. Archangel Gabriel helps you to find balance during all transitions and changes within the body. Call upon Archangel Gabriel for help with communication of all kinds, promotional work and networking, arts and media, writing, public speaking, teaching and advocacy work. Call upon Gabriel to gain and promote support for any cause that you are passionate about.Archangel Gabriel helps to overcome procrastination.If you want clarity about a personal issue or situation, Archangel Gabriel helps you to find clarity, enabling you to make positive decisions and move forward.When working properly, the sacral chakra enables you to have warm, loving, comfortable friendships and relationships of all kinds. It makes you feel emotionally balanced and harmonious. ARCHANGEL GABRIEL : THE QUALITY OF LOVE KNOWN AS RECEPTIVITY: Archangel Gabriel helps you to bring more joy into your life, and enables you to base your life on a strong, spiritual foundation. Call upon Archangel Gabriel if your 3rd Eye chakra is closed and your spiritual vision blocked. The essential oils of Jasmine and Camphor can be used to connect with Archangel Gabriel. Jasmine induces optimism, relieves sadness, and opens us up to the angelic realms. Camphor dispels negative energies, brings purification and can be used to cleanse crystals. Archangel Gabriel works with Archangel Michael to oversee our safety and offer us protection. Gabriel and Michael also remove unwanted spirits from buildings and houses and from around people and places. Gabriel is known as the messenger of God and the bringer of good news and hope. She brings inspiring messages to assist man in finding his highest calling. Gabriel is the archangel that connects man to his creativity, guiding him to bring his greatest gifts into the light. Gabriel brings news of one’s spiritual destiny, that which the soul has agreed to embark upon in this lifetime. She speaks to many through the heart, not the mind. It is through the voice of emotion, when one thinks of a path and feels the heart and soul soaring, that is Gabriel bringing the message that it is indeed the proper path to pursue. Gabriel is also the bringer of resurrection and the knowledge that nothing ever dies but simply changes to a different form and is born anew in other realms of existence.Gabriel is the first great spiritual teacher, who answers to our questions through an inner voice concerning life and death and teaches us resolution and the ability to set our lives in order. In addition, he helps us understand the purpose of life and fulfill our mission in life. When we request it, Gabriel’s Angels purify our chakras and our whole energy system. The qualities where he is master are purity, hope, harmony, conformity, ascension, beauty, art, order and discipline. From Gabriel, you can even request a home, a sofa, a computer and all things that you feel are necessary to you, especially in the implementation of your life’s mission. Gabriel serves on The Fourth Ray of Creation. The universal color of his energy is crystal/white with a golden aura, the planetary color is green. This energy resonates with the sacral chakra as well as root chakra. Gabriel is an important Archangel of Ascension, who harmonizes and cleanses our chakras on our request.

Related imageArchangel Gabriel works with the color Orange and rules the Moon, the star sign of Cancer, and Monday.  Archangel Gabriel is responsible for the West.Those under the sign of Cancer are overseen by Archangel Gabriel, bringing the attributes of sympathy and sensitivity.Cancer represents the foundation of creation. It is the diffused light of substance itself, the “dark light of matter.” Cancer is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul. This sign is the gateway into incarnation for the soul to gain the experience needed for evolution-all human lives begin here. Through the gate of Cancer streams the magnetic magical light which guides the soul into the dark place of experience. The first whispers of intuition in the soul’s journey are heard through Cancer. Cancer represents the spark of consciousness that is brought forth as the spirit. In Cancer, the influence of spirit begins to make its presence felt and man becomes a conscious personality. Cancer is the fusion of the physical body and the soul.Cancer rules the mass consciousness, and as such, this is ruled by feeling rather than reason. Symbolizing the will of the masses, Cancer provides the experience necessary to awaken compassion and a deeper sense-perception. It is in Cancer that sense-perception is cultivated and fine-tuned. Cancer is concerned primarily with the world of causes where we discover an urge to wake up from the illusion of the outer world.

@solitalo   1. AUTO-MANIFESTACION: Liberarse del “Juego de Culpabilidad Víctima-Victimario” y tener la disposición para asumir con responsabilidad todas las manifestaciones percibibles como pr...: The Moon in Cancer rules our past and past conditioning which represents major negative emotional response patterns inherited from the past. It represents the Prison of the Soul which has us cling to our past. Cancer is a sign of maternal instincts and feelings, and partakes in a nurturing nature. It is the sign of the Universal Mother and fertility, symbolizing nurturing and tenacity. Cancer indicates the drive of self-preservation, representing the ability to connect to surrounding support systems that are needed to support and nurture human survival. It symbolizes immortality which is the divine aspect of self-preservation. In the words given for this sign, the word of the soul, indicates the objective of the Cancer experience: “I build a lighted house and therein I dwell.”Cancer represents the soul of the world, the essential divine consciousness of all manifested things: human, animal, vegetable and mineral. It symbolizes the ultimate choice for humanity. Self-preservation is a major factor in the process leading to evolution and the recurrent appearance of life. Cancer is endowed with the ability to nurture and protect all of life’s forms. The truth of humanity’s interconnections is revealed through Cancer. The Moon in Cancer is the form of nature which is dominant in the longest stage of human unfolding, the nature which dominates man. Humanity in Cancer is preparing for unity, freedom and release.Cancer is a maligned sign that does not give up its secrets easily. It is the watery conduit of will power: think of expansive and concentrated outpourings of watery lives deluging incarnate existence. It is the empowerment, but not necessarily the control, of the solar plexus center as a complex of watery life. Cancer provides the power to facilitate the process of watery interrelationship upon which the whole incarnation process depends. Think of the matrix of watery love sustained and vivified. Without this astral/watery impulse there would be no physical; and hence our universe is sustained by Cancer. Alas, most human units experience Cancer as mass or instinctual consciousness, but it has much more to offer than that if you can ascend its watery beams to the source of all life itself.Cancer tells of the need to balance the emotions on all levels.Those individuals born under the sign of Cancer can be instrumental in helping others, particularly in encouraging the growth and development of their emotional potential.  Cancerians often appear to be quite passive, but are extremely active underneath the surface.On the down-side of Cancer is the ability to let go of any person or chattel they consider to be theirs.  This results in the negative tendency typical of the sign;  a possessiveness and tenaciousness.Relationships are extremely important to Cancerians, but although they long for intimacy, their vulnerability in the realm of emotion makes them mistrustful.
Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels 2LEO   – Angel Verchiel and the Archangel Raziel

The Angel Verchiel and the Archangel Raziel rule over the sign of Leo. These angels bring the attributes of  affection, generosity, insight and understanding.

Angel Verchiel is the angel of ego and leisure and encourages man to take time for pleasure – to step back and observe what has been achieved – to play and replenish energy through relaxation and recreation. Verchiel is Governor of the Sun and grants man the power of intellect, language, learning and mathematics. Known as the “Angel of Affection,” Verchiel grants man a generous heart, pleasant attitude, special protection and an optimistic outlook on life. He helps in healing the pain of loss and disappointment, helping man to move forward in life without dwelling in the past.

Archangel Raziel is known as the Angel of Mysteries for he is the possessor of a staggering amount of information on all matters secret, arcane and mysterious. His name means “Secrets of God,” and his knowledge stems from the fact that he stands at the curtain separating God from the rest of creation and hears and notes everything that is said around his throne. Also known as:  Ratziel, Saraqael, Suriel
Ray  –                6th Ray
Colour  –           Indigo
Focus  –            Intuition, insight and psychic abilities
Chakra  –         3rd Eye chakra
Element  –       Light
Crystals  –       Chevron, Amethyst, Labrodite, Prehnite
Archangel Raziel presides over the Sephira Chokmah on the Tree of Life.
Archangel Raziel’s name means ‘secret of God’ because he works so closely with the Creator that he knows all the secrets of the Universe and knows how it works. He represents the ‘Cosmic Father’ and the secret mysteries of the Universe. Archangel Raziel aids us to come to greater wisdom of how the Universe operates. Archangel Raziel rules over the 6th Ray of the physical visible rainbow spectrum  –  the Indigo Ray. Archangel Raziel may appear in many forms, but most often as pure energy or vibrant light. Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of the ‘Revelation of Divine Mysteries’, and he offers mysterious knowledge, insight and Divine wisdom to those who are ready to receive it.

Archangel Raziel works as a spiritual guide, infusing Divine grace and knowledge which helps to broaden the intuition, assisting with understanding metaphysical and esoteric aspects. Archangel Raziel brings Divine information by allowing us to glimpse the enigmas of the Universe. These experiences take our consciousness beyond the confines of time, so any glimpses of this level of existence will show past, present and futures as the eternal ‘now’. Archangel Raziel helps to create internal communications and helps to focus on personal issues such as self-awareness, self-knowledge and understanding. Archangel Raziel can help you to open up to higher levels of spiritual awareness and psychic abilities and increase your ability to hear, know, see and feel Divine guidance. Archangel Raziel helps you to understand spiritual and esoteric material, the principles of manifestation, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other high-level information. He helps you to deepen your spiritual understanding of esoteric information, knowledge and concepts. Archangel Raziel can help you to understand sacred geometry, quantum physics, the principles of manifesting and manifestation, alchemy and other high-level information. Archangel Raziel helps to enhance intuition, clairvoyance and clairsentience and also helps to develop psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Call upon Raziel to develop and increase claircognizance (psychically knowing), and for assistance with removing blocks to your spiritual gifts, allowing for clear and profound psychic perception. Call upon Raziel to unlock and encourage your Divine abilities and potential. Archangel Raziel also helps with past life regressions and helps to release any blocks from past incarnations. Archangel Raziel offers guidance and assistance concerning all metaphysical practices such as numerology, astrology, astral travel, alchemy, chakras, dream work, crystals, energy healing, Reiki, shamanism and psychic development. You can call upon Archangel Raziel, or visit his spiritual retreat, if you need a boost of energy or if you need strength and perseverance when facing a particular situation, and when seeking wisdom and information. He is believed to know all of the secrets of the universe and how it operates. Raziel opens man up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increases his ability to see, hear, know and feel divine guidance. Archangel Raziel assists man to cut negative ties to past life experiences by helping him to understand habits, patterns, and unrealistic expectations that are holding him in a level of disappointment and stagnation in the present.The Archangel Raziel is known as the angel of mysteries, and the name Razielmeans secrets of God. Other spellings include Razeil, Razeel, Rezial, Reziel, Ratziel, and Galizur. The Archangel Raziel reveals holy secrets when God gives him permission to do so. Those who practice Kabbalah(Jewish mysticism), believe that Raziel reveals the divine wisdom that the Torah contains. People sometimes ask for Raziel’s help to hear God’s guidance more clearly, gain deeper spiritual insights, understand esoteric information, and pursue clairvoyance, alchemy, and divine magic.In art, Raziel is often depicted bringing light into darkness, which symbolizes his work in bringing the light of understanding into the darkness of people’s confusion when they ponder divine mysteries.He enables man to understand and release the fear aspect of these experiences, while enabling him to maintain the wealth of knowledge he has obtained over his lifetime.Those under the sign of Leo are given the personality traits of generosity and ‘open-ness’.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels 2Leos are gifted with excellent organizational skills, particularly in areas where they will earn recognition.Leo represents the consciousness of creation. It represents the identity and identity construction.  Leo is the “birthplace of the individual,” the coming into form of individual self-conscious man who emerges.  It is in Leo that the human becomes the “five pointed star,” for that star stands as the symbol of individualization, of humanity, of the human being who knows thyself to be an individual and becomes aware of thyself as the self. Leo is ruled by the Sun and thus human beings become “solarized sparks” or solar angels incarnate. Leo has been identified with “The King” or life giver. The symbolism of the Lion is that of the life giving Father, the Spirit and its nature is of the center or the heart, through which all energy flows, and the life-force emanates.Leo rules individualization and initiation, where the soul and consciousness is recognized within the heart. The Lion represents individualization-the ability to stand alone. Leo as a soul, is called upon to operate from a higher, more group conscious point of view. From Leo, comes solar fire, the fire we associate with Soul consciousness, the fire of higher mind. Leo becomes centered in in consciousness by perfecting the personality and infusing it with soul energy in order to radiate love to others. Leo indicates the height of achievement of the human soul.  In Leo, self-centered man eventually becomes the soul in life expression and focused on the achievement of the spiritual goal of selflessness.It is in Leo that we walk the path of self-realization, which begins with the development of the ego. Leo’s deeper spiritual purpose is to express Divine Will through realization of self as an individual. It expresses this Divine Will through the qualities of open-hardheartedness, warmth, creativity, leadership and love.

 Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels 2Leo is the King, that sovereign entity that has ruler ship over Self. The pride of the Lion stems from the mental power of Leo.  The generous and outgoing instincts of Leo meet all kinds of responses through which the individual becomes more self-conscious with each experience, primarily the negative and painful ones. It is Leo which governs the roles we play in society, throughout our lives.Leo is a major sign for humanity, ruled by the Sun which governs all the solar mysteries-the mystery of pure expressive being and the magic that this brings into life. In Leo, through the influence of the Sun, there is a unique condition where humanity is concerned, as the Sun governs all expressions. The Sun creates and sustains the conditions for the development of life as experienced through Leo. This sign is a peculiarly human sign and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity upon Earth. In Leo, we individuate, but can never separate from the rest of humanity.Leo is the most self-aware sign of all, the Lion knows he will determine his own destiny. Three tiers of energy come forth through Leo: orange delineates the physical Sun, occupied with material existence, gold determines the Lion following the path of the heart, and finally, rarely, the scintillating white  light determines the expansive horizons of the glowing orb that is the consciousness and aura of the initiate who is touching the spiritual Sun. Remember the Sun rules our whole solar system and is the ultimate local distributing agent for all the other planets. Neptune distributes energies from the heart of the Sun and Uranus distributes energies from the spiritual Sun.Leos thrive on praise and being in the limelight.  They are prepared to go to great lengths to achieve credit and both public and private acclaim.Leos are competitive and certainly like to win.  Their greatest attribute lies in their capacity to be intensely individual, while at the same time loyal and generous towards those they love.Leo’s positive qualities include warmth and sincerity, protectiveness and affection.  They carry a genuine self-assurance and are generally able to tackle all that comes before them.On the negative side, Leo’s can be vain, over-proud and extravagant.  At times they have a tendency to show-off.

VIRGO   –   Angel Hamaliel and the From Archangels to your Guardian Angels, all of these compassionate beings are bridging your physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. The more that you trust and believe in them, the more they will pour their blessings upon you. ^i^ ❤ ^i^: Archangel Metatron

The Angel Hamaliel and the Archangel Metatron rule over the sign of Virgo. These angels bring attributes of logic, confidence and self-realization.

Angel Hamaliel aids mankind with fortitude, confidence and discrimination. He is referred to as the “Angel of Perseverance” or the “Angel of Logic.” When faced by challenges or adversity, this angel helps one approach the problem logically and calmly. Hamaliel helps man observe what areas need re-balancing in our lives and his specific energy injects us with a sense discipline and commitment to follow through and make positive changes at a core level of physical strength and health. This angel is about taking action – but on the details of life that make up a whole. Whilst he warns against over-fastidiousness, Hamaliel reminds us to leave out any drama or emotion and get practical enough to really examine what needs to be done. This preparation is required in order for us to move on and achieve big dreams. When mankind relies on Hamaliel they will be steadfast and confident.

Archangel Metatron is considered to be the most supreme of angelic beings. The meaning of this Archangel’s name is unclear, but many believe it means “Angel of the Presence,” for it is believed that he occupies the throne next to the Divine throne. Also known as:  Metatetron, Merraton, Metaraon.
Colour/s  –       White and Pink with Green swirls.
Focus  –         Spiritual evolution, enlightenment, light body activation and ascension
Chakra  –        Soul Star Chakra, Stellar Gateway Chakra
Crystals  –       Lapis Lazuli, Hyspersthene, Kyanite, Labradorite

Archangel Metatron presides over the Sephira Kether on the Tree of Life. Archangel Metatron is called the ‘Angel of the Presence’, the ‘Chancellor of Heaven’, the ‘Angel of the Covenant’, and the ‘King of the Angels’. Metatron is known as ‘Chief Elohim’, and is called the ‘Almighty Eternal Lord’ and ‘the Divine Voice of the Father’. Archangel Metatron is the ‘Angel of Sacred Geometry’ and the ‘Angel of Organization’. Archangel Metatron is known as the ‘Angel of Life’, he guards over the ‘Tree of Life’ and takes note of all deeds and relays them to the ‘Book of Life’, or the Akashic Records. Archangel Metatron is said to mean ‘he who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne’. Archangel Metatron represents judgement of the Divine throne and the brilliance and glory of God. Metatron acts as a bridge between humans and the Divine. Metatron resonates with the colors white, pink and green. Archangel Metatron represents pure white light, aids children’s developmental problems, wisdom, awakenings and new realities. Archangel Metatron is the overseer of the Indigo and Crystal children; those who have incarnated to awaken our planet. Metatron is also closely aligned with children and adults that are sensitive to the spiritual realm. Invoking Archangel Metatron and using his white ray of brilliance brings unprecedented spiritual growth to those who choose to use the energy of his white ray. Archangel Metatron is the ‘bright light’ often seen by those who have had ‘near death experiences’. Archangel Metatron rules over ascension and light-body ascension. Metatron guides in the realm of energy work, quantum physics, mathematics and sacred geometry. Archangel Metatron is in charge of the Stellar Gateway Chakra of individuals and the planet. Metatron activates the Soul Star Chakra which initiates a process known as ‘light body activation’, ‘ascension into cosmic consciousness’ or enlightenment.

Archangel Metatron, Angel of Sacred Geometry and Numerology, (Kabbalah), helps to clear and open our chakras, cleansing psychic toxins from our bodies. He works with sensitive children, indigos and crystals.: Archangel Metatron is the chief angel of Kabbalistic traditions, and guides those upon its path. Archangel Metatron imparts knowledge of the higher dimensions to all who are ready, at a level that they can understand and resonate with.
Archangel Metatron represents the Judgement of the Divine thrown and is the guardian and overseer of the angel keepers of the Akashic Records. ‘Akasha’ is a Sankrit work meaning ‘planetary record cell’ and can also be called the ‘Book of Life’, ‘Library of Light’, ‘Collection Unconscious’, ‘Universal Mind’ and/or ‘Soul’s Record’. It exists beyond time and space and contains information on all that was, is and ever will be. The Akashic Records are nature’s complete memory of every being on Earth and every person’s actions and all parallel Universes. Archangel Metatron is an energetic angel who works to help and assist Earth’s inhabitants, and has a special affinity and bond with children who are spiritually gifted. Archangel Metatron helps newly-passed over children to adjust to the spiritual, heavenly realm, and helps living children to become spiritually open and aware and to exercise and hone their spiritual gifts and abilities. Archangel Metatron helps very sensitive children and adults to adjust and protect themselves from heavy and chaotic energies created on Earth. Metatron helps to quell and ease struggles with these Earth energies, which can manifest in behaviors such as:  anger, inattentiveness, agitation, acting out and rebelling, depression, substance abuse, and other destructive and negative behaviors. Archangel Metatron comes to those during spiritual awakening and transformation, and assists during times of great inner-change. Metatron can help you to move beyond perceived limitations, and assists with developing your spiritual gifts and abilities.
Archangel Metatron helps us to connect with Source, and is leading and guiding the ascension of the planet.
Archangel Metatron inspires us to maintain a positive attitude about our lives and choose our thoughts wisely. Negative thoughts lead to unhealthy choices, and positive thoughts lead to healthy choices.

Archangel Metatron encourages us to be the master of our thoughts, and tells us that when we are in charge, we are focused, motivated and inspired in every way.

Archangel Metatron assists you with choosing your thoughts with love and care, and helps you to respect the impact and power of your thoughts.

Archangel Metatron helps us to tap into our own inner-light and teaches us to use our spiritual abilities for the highest good for ourselves and others.

Archangel Metatron helps us to know Archangel Uriel, Meaning ~"God is Light", "God's Light", Fire of God" ~Uriel is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of His intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight, but He is very subtle. You may not even realize He has answered your prayer until you've suddenly come up with a brilliant new idea~ His Element Is Earth. Face North And Visualise Him in Browns, Olive Green And Citrine When You Call Him By His Sacred Name~ Artist: Andrey Shishkin: the true measure of things, and helps us to recognize our potential as loving, spiritual human beings.

Metatron assists us with discovering our own personal spiritual power, and helps us to learn how to use it to make a positive difference to the world in our own unique way. Metatron encourages us to be who we truly came here to be. Archangel Metatron encourages motivation and action, and encourages you to overcome procrastination and take brave, bold steps forward in your life. Metatron helps you to release that which no longer positively serves you and can help to cut cords and attachments to material items/objects and/or people. Archangel Metatron can help you to become more loving, considerate and diplomatic, and helps you to see both sides of a situation. Archangel Metatron can also help you with your writing skills. We can call upon Archangel Metatron to help us to find the proper measure for every action we take. This helps us to find balance between what we give out, and what we receive and keep. This enables us to maintain our boundaries and keeps a clear sense of self. Metatron helps us to find balance in every way.
Metatron is a powerful angel who teaches people how to use their spiritual power for good while he records their choices and deeds in the universe’s great archive known as “God’s Book of Life.” He is charged with sustaining human life and acts as the bridge between the Divine and mankind. Metatron has a special place in his heart for children, especially those who are spiritually gifted for he serves as the patron angel of children. He helps them to become aware and to accept and polish their special gift. Metatron means either “one who guards” or “one serves behind [God’s] throne.” Other spellings include Meetatron, Megatron, Merraton, and Metratton. Archangel Metatron is known as the angel of life. He guards the Tree of Life and writes down the good deeds people do on Earth, as well as what happens in heaven, in the Book of Life (also known as the Akashic Records). Metatron is traditionally considered to be the spiritual brother of archangel Sandalphon, and both were humans on Earth before ascending to heaven as angels (Metatron is said to have lived as the prophet Enoch, and Sandalphon as the prophet Elijah).People sometimes ask for Metatron’s help to discover their personal spiritual power and learn how to use it to bring glory to God and make the world a better place.In art, Metatron is often depicted guarding the Tree of life.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangelsVirgo’s are known to be hardworking, paying great attention to detail.  They like to be able to discriminate and scrutinize every possibility before making their selection.The positive qualities of this sign are also apparent in their helpful, unassuming, dependable natures, while their more negative qualities often appear as over-fussiness, fault-finding and indecisiveness.Virgo represents the perfection of creation. Virgo is the point of departure for the return that the incarnated spirit must undertake at some decisive moment in the cyclical transit of life to which it submits in its need to express itself and acquire full consciousness. The sign of Virgo is the major key to the shifting of our consciousness into the new age.  In Virgo, the purpose for which the form has been created begins to be realized and now desires to shift from personality satisfaction toward the more internal yearning to know and understand spiritual reality.Virgo signifies the blended dual Light: two lights are seen-one bright and strong, the light of form; one faint and dim, the light of God. This light is distinguished by a waxing of one and the waning of the other. This sign stands for the “womb of time” wherein God’s plan (the mystery and the secret of the ages) is slowly matured and-with pain and discomfort and through struggle and conflict-brought into manifestation at the appointed time. Virgo represents the statement, “the Christ within you, the hope of Glory.”  Thus, the evolutionary stage of human development indicated by Virgo is the stirring of the objective life within each of us. The purpose of Virgo is to purify and prepare our physical form so that it is more receptive to light.Virgo is the sign that nurtures, protects and makes room for the Soul to be born. It represents the inner gestation and growth of the Soul force within each of us. In Virgo, matter and spirit serve each other, reflecting the relation between spirit and form and between soul and personality. The personality and the Soul are blended in Virgo, but this blending has yet to take on its objective manifestation. As we progress around the Great Wheel of the Zodiac, Virgo’s frequency stimulates us to “feed our Soul” through the qualities of introspection and eventually, service to others, the natural outpouring of one coming under the influence of their own Soul.Virgo marks the end of a cycle of purely personal development; it involves engaging the lower bodies (physical, emotional and mental) in a process of self-transformation. It is the synthesis of these three aspects of the feminine: the mental, emotional and physical expression of hidden, ever-present divinity.

VENUS - GODDESS OF LOVE: Virgo nurtures, builds and maintains the form of the lower self. This sign refines the personality so that it can receive the energies of the soul and thus birth the Christ consciousness in the self; helping to rearrange the physical plane in preparation for receiving the higher energies necessary for planetary initiation.The keynotes of Virgo convey their meaning clearly. On the ordinary wheel, the command goes forth in the following words which institute the activity of Virgo: “And the Word said, Let Matter reign.” Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin herself and she says, “I am the Mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am.”

Virgo symbolizes depths, darkness, quiet and warmth: it is the “valley of deep experience, wherein secrets are discovered and eventually ‘brought to light,’ it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crises and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to the light.” In this way, Virgo corresponds to the “blinded” stage of rituals, where the initiate is taken deep inside a cave, for example, in order to turn inward and silently await the appearance of Spirit.Through earthy Virgo practicality, the process of building a purposeful result is undertaken. Virgo represents the synthesis needed for an idea’s practical function. The practical knowledge that supports and idea’s form. The production of “right” form; the “knowing” of how and where to use what is gathered. Stimulated in Virgo is the urge to seek practical result coming from gathered information and material form. In Virgo, there is an understanding of practical truth; of the needed order and structure which allows wholesome activity to function within humanity.Assigned to serve and guide the race of humanity, Virgo is the spotless queen of heaven and the mother goddess of nature.

This sign symbolizes the whole goal of our evolutionary process which is to protect, nourish and finally reveal the hidden spiritual reality. Virgo is the golden harvest and gives material abundance to all of the children of this planet.Virgos are often shy and modest, unwilling to project themselves into the limelight.  Virgo prefer to work away quietly behind the scenes without too much fuss or attention.Virgo is methodical, painstaking and industrial, able to master the intricacies of any subject they choose to tackle.

LIBRA   –   Angel Zuriel and the Related imageArchangel Jophiel

The Angel Zuriel and the Archangel Jophiel rule over the sign of Libra. These angels bring the attributes of foresight, understanding, beauty and creativity.

Angel Zuriel is said to be divine justice and known as the Angel of Salvation. This angel seeks out justice in life to produce harmony and balance in all things. This angel helps us attain forgiveness and balance, showing us how to forgive and release resentments resulting from disappointments. Archangel Zuriel is an Angel of Transformation, he brings divine light into our lives and helps us to understand that those disappointments can actually be blessings and opportunities. He bestows upon us the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy. We appeal to him for foresight into the future and for help in developing our psychic abilities. Zuriel shows us that dark does not equal evil, but instead brings a fertile time, when we can assess what is important in our lives and make our efforts count by concentrating them where they matter. He helps us to develop a deep appreciation of beauty and to see that beauty in all things, especially ourselves. Archangel Zuriel confronts the souls of those who have strayed from their spiritual path. For this, he is also known as the “Angel of Repentance.”Archangel Jophiel’s name means “Beauty of God,” and she is known as the Angel of Beauty.

Color  –           Yellow
Focus  –          Wisdom
Chakra  –        Solar Plexus, Crown
Element  –      Fire
Day  –              Sunday
Crystals  –      Rose Quartz, Peach Moonstone, natural sea shell
Flowers  –      All yellow flowers
Animals  –     Salmon and the Kestrel
Foods  –         All yellow foods
Translated to English, Jophiel’s name means ‘Beauty of God’, or ‘the overwhelming beauty of God.’
Archangel Jophiel is the ‘Angel of
Pour information : vous pouvez ressentir l'effet des pri�res, physiquement et �motionnellement...: Wisdom and Illumination’ and works with the angels from the ‘Halls of Wisdom’. Archangel Jophiel helps you to develop a fresh approach to life, bringing positive and optimistic attitudes, enhancements and pleasure. Archangel Jophiel builds connections to align you to your Higher-self, and helps to recover soul fragments that may have been scattered by shock, fright, grief or severe illness. Archangel Jophiel rules over the yellow ray, which is the third ray of the rainbow’s color spectrum. Archangel Jophiel’s yellow ray illuminates our path through life by helping us look beyond the obvious to gain an understanding of the current life situations we may be caught up in. The colour yellow is the mental colour that deepens to gold as you open to more wisdom. Archangel Jophiel resonates with all yellow foods (eg. corn, yellow peppers (capsicum), bananas, lemons, grapefruit, honey and hazelnuts). Archangel Jophiel oversees the expanding of the Crown Chakra in humanity to enable everyone to connect with their Higher-Self. Archangel Jophiel helps us to look at life from a deeper level and assists to awaken our soul and bring a deeper understanding of we truly are and our spiritual life purpose in this lifetime. Jophiel brings about soul illumination and strengthens the connection with the Higher-self, spirit guides and angels. Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of beauty and art, is also known as the ‘Patron of Artists’. He assists with artistic projects and creating and acknowledging beauty within ourselves and others. Jophiel illuminates our creative spark and infuses us with the energy and ideas to carry out artistic ventures. Archangel Jophiel’s gifts include the ‘Wisdom Flame’, intuition, joy, perception, wisdom, renewal, energy, bliss and soul illumination. He assists when your creativity needs a boost to prevent feelings of low self-esteem, mental fatigue and/or inertia, and he can heal, cleanse, activate, balance and align the body and soul, mind and spirit. Archangel Jophiel uses his might and power to light up and inspire the mind and spirit so that we are able to be creative, open-minded and wise. Archangel Jophiel brings you illumination and the inspiration and courage to act and speak creatively and in an enlightened manner. When you feel that your creativity needs a boost, or if you are feeling blocked in any way, invoke Archangel Jophiel and his ‘angels of illumination’ for assistance. They offer illumination and wisdom to fuel creativity.Archangel Jophiel and the ‘angels of illumination’ assist in all aspects of education, study, learning, research, information retention, tests and examinations, and help with absorbing new skills and talents, offering illumination and wisdom to fuel creativity. Archangel Jophiel oversees artists, decorators, architects, designers, beauticians and hair stylists, Feng Shui practitioners, and all who strive to bring forth beauty to the world.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels 2Archangel Jophiel helps with the absorption of new information, and his ‘Wisdom Flame’ can be invoked to help any situation that needs clear mental perception, discernment and/or inspiration. Archangel Jophiel aids with mental agility and enhances learning, concentration and the gaining of wisdom. Archangel Jophiel stimulates conversations and communication and helps to raise self-esteem, self-control, well-being, freedom, laughter and joy. Archangel Jophiel brings balance expressed as logical thought processes, self-confidence and goal manifestation. Archangel Jophiel helps us both physically and metaphysically, by helping us to maintain positive thoughts and to see and appreciate the natural beauty in our lives. In the physical world, Archangel Jophiel brings us uplifting and invigorating energies. Archangel Jophiel assists leaders, politicians, ambassadors and people of power and influence, and you are able to ask Archangel Jophiel and his powerful angels to help and guide these people to work for the highest good of all. Archangel Jophiel helps one to have foresight in difficult situations and brings understanding, enlightenment, wealth and health. Archangel Jophiel helps people to remain faithful to a vision or belief, and/or to stand strong for an important cause, principle or value. Flashes of inspiration and sudden solutions are inspired by Archangel Jophiel and you can call upon Jophiel to find a deeper meaning and/or when seeking clarity, or a better understanding of Self.

Archangel Jophiel presides over all that is fair, sublime and Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels... -Hebrews artist: Duffy Sheridan: beauteous, and you can all upon Jophiel to beautify your life in every way. Archangel Jophiel helps you to feel confident and to express your unique beauty. Archangel Jophiel helps to heal negative body images and beliefs, and encourages you to spruce up your life, home and outlook to attract positive energies, beliefs and thought-patterns. You can invoke Archangel Jophiel if you wish to be able to impart truth and understanding to others, or if you desire more foresight and tact, intuition, wisdom and the ability to learn, understand and assimilate new information. Archangel Jophiel can also be invoked if you are feeling blocked and/or if your creativity needs a boost.Burn yellow candles to invoke help and healing from Archangel Jophiel. She helps man to think beautiful thoughts that can help him develop a beautiful soul. Not only does Jophiel give man the ideas he needs to create something beautiful himself, but she also helps him notice and appreciate the beauty all around him. The energy of Archangel Jophiel brings man to each day as a means to create fresh approaches, regarding each aspect of life. Jophiel brings inspiration and inspires man toward awareness, enlightenment, open mindedness and freedom of thought. She delights in helping people through the creative process. This angel helps man to change his creative vision to reality – from the original thought to manifestation. She assists man in the creative process, from curiosity, thought, imagination, expression through touch and technique and conception to the final creative product. Jophiel helps man to keep his mind full of creative ideas and infuses his creative endeavors so that the reflection of God’s love will be visible through his creative expressions. Jophiel serves on Creation of Gods Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. When his energy is universal, it’s golden yellow in color but when it’s planetary the color of it turns to light blue. This energy resonates with the crown chakra. This Great Archangel is an important messenger of the Divine. He is also the Patron of Education. Jophiel’s mission, is to help you focus and sacrifice your ego and fears to the Light and move closer to the Christ Consciousness, and your Higher Self. Jophiel helps people to learn and internalize teachings quickly. In addition he helps us acquire insights, wisdom, understanding, inspiration, judgment and intelligence for he knows the mind of God. All of these activities combine and settle in the crown chakra, helping to develop a clear seeing and understanding,- That’s why Jophiel helps us to become the wise men and finally achieve enlightenment. Jophiel’s mission as teachers and students archangel, is to help in teaching and education and particularly work with artistic people.Archangel Jophiel can release powerful energies of light to us, swirling around the head and brain area, which aids in removing any negativity and receiving  the perfect life plan of each individual. By invoking him, you will begin to open more to wisdom and you can get clarity and inspiration. He will help you to absorb and retain information during study or exam times.When you need information, understanding or spiritual wisdom, invoke Archangel Jophiel and he will pour the wisdom upon you, like a fountain of golden light. If you get stuck and are unsure as to which path you should take, be calm, and invoke Jophiel to assist you with your decision.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangelsLibra seeks to weigh things up and come to an impartial judgement, not ruled by emotions and Librans seek to always balance the body and soul, mind and spirit.

Libra represents the balance within creation. This sign forces everything into equilibrium. All the experience humanity has collected is laid in the scales of balance and weighed. What’s valuable is kept; what’s worthless is thrown away. The effect of this balance is harmony, developing our powers of discrimination, and bringing into equilibrium the two-sided forces of duality. Libra radiates the law of balance and justice into the three-dimensional world. Through Libra’s wisdom is known the manifestation of law-giving knowledge.       Libra is the sign of justice-it governs law, sex and money, representing life in the lower three worlds, the playing field of the personality. These three areas represent humanity’s greatest battlefields The first aspect of will or power expresses itself in this sign as law~as legislation, legality and justice. The second aspect manifests as the relation between the pairs of opposites~sex on the physical plane of which Libra is the symbol. The astral plane shows itself as money; this is the third aspect and demonstrates as concrete energy. It is literally gold, this the externalized symbol of that which is created by the bringing together of spirit and matter upon the physical plane.

Libra has three planetary rulers: .Angel: Venus is the ‘ruler’ at personality level, Uranus is the ruler at Soul level and Saturn is the ruler at hierarchical level.  All three planetary ‘rulers’ of Libra are considered to be sacred planets. Air signs are all about Mastery of the Mind, which shows a deep significance of Libra’s sacred role in the evolution of  consciousness.

Venus initially opens our hearts and minds, opening us up to shift from instinct to intellect. Venus brings the energy of magnetic attraction. Initially this is animal magnetism, and at the personality level she awakens desire and passion within the individual, which lays the foundation for experiences of Love. In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualities of cosmic desire are brought to the fore in the consciousness and balanced one against the other.  Venus, the mind or soul in Libra reveals to man the significance of the results of desire.

Uranus is the energy of rebellion. It transforms consciousness. The rebel brings inner change: a change of consciousness within the individual. Uranus is a planet of transformation who has the power to transform consciousness in particular. Once Venus has softened the heart, Uranus is able to bring in expansiveness. The expansiveness of space, of Being, and the individual is never the same again. They are made ‘anew’. Passion can now make a quantum leap into Higher Love and then further again, into limitless compassion.

Saturn is the planet which conditions primarily the point in evolution where choice definitely becomes possible and where the shouldering of personal responsibility becomes a recognized fact in a planned and ordered life. In this sign, Saturn is exalted for~at the point of balance~ opportunity comes and a situation is staged which makes a choice and a determination inevitable. It is a choice which has to be made in tell-i gently and upon the physical plane, in the waking brain conscious-ness. It is only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity can reached a point of usefulness, for it is only now that humanity has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailing response-ability. In Libra, the evolving  human reaches a point of tension that demands nerve and poise to make the best decision.Libra is the point of balance in the Zodiac, the place where neither spirit nor matter dominates.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangelsThis sign demonstrates the perfect balance of spirit and matter~this balance and this relation of the great opposites is symbolized in the personality situation of balancing the pairs of opposites on the astral plane. The soul reaches an equilibrium in Libra, in which the spirit and personality achieve a balance of cooperation.It is in Libra that the first real vision of the path appears. It is in Libra where the point of balance is eventually reached between spiritual mean and personal man and the stage is laid for the final process which is the subjective correspondence to the outer externalization upon the Path of Outgoing and which is carried forward upon the Path of Ingoing, or the Path of Return.

In Libra, the balance that follows the development of harmonious cooperation and fluid interchange is enabled. The individual becomes aware of the importance of relationship on all levels. Through the airy Libra process of harmoniously relating develops an ability to see that differing components need to be considered before any choice of action is undertaken. The need for “right” attitude in relation to a task remaining effective is recognized. The need for right values, good judgment and ethical laws, so that collective activity can function harmoniously, is understood.

The words of Libra are so clear and plain. They speak straight to the heart and without obscurity. To the average man with no developed spiritual consciousness, the word goes forth again and again throughout the eons: “And the Word said, ‘Let choice be made.’” The response eventually comes back as a result of the evolutionary process and from the soul : “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.”

Those born under the sign of Libra are known to be diplomatic, lovers of harmony needing a stable, balanced environment.  Librans are known for their logic and diplomacy.  Librans can see both sides of an issue, but can have difficulty making decisions.  Librans like to constantly circulate and love to socialize.  Their energy is one of cultivated refinement and charm.

Because Libra is an Air Sign, those born under it often displays a distinct intellectual streak and a love of knowledge.  They like to use language exquisitely; and ‘communication’ is very important to them.

SCORPIO   – Angel Barbiel and The Ascended Masters of Light https://divinerealms.wordpress.com/: the Archangel Jeremiel

The Angel Barbiel and the Archangel Jeremiel rule over the sign of Scorpio. These angels bring the attributes of love, strength, and insight.

Prince of the Order of Archangels, Angel Barbiel is one of the seven electors in the underworld. This angel has both negative and positive facets that are more obvious than some of the other angels. As with any energy, sometimes we have to understand the dark side in order to reach for the light. Barbiel helps mankind to develop discerning awareness and the capacity to make intelligent choices in the midst of great difficulty. He helps us to be honest and objective regarding what is good and what is not. With his name meaning “Angel of Compassion,” Barbiel teaches us to convert anger into compassion and helps us to develop inner strength. He shows us how to experience the less conscious side of our minds and how to reveal the most positive transcendent side. This angel gives us courage and strength of character. He will show us the dark side, but our quest for knowledge draws us out of a dark emotional state into a passionate expression for life and love.

Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who assists the newly crossed over souls in reviewing their lives on Earth. He is able to do this for us while we’re still living, helping us to review our life up until now so that we can correct the wrongs we’ve done by making positive adjustments. Through this, he’s able to help us make life changes, making us stronger and lead us to the right path. Known as the “Mercy of God,” it is with the guidance and support of Archangel Jeremiel that the reincarnation process begins. When mankind is uncertain about the truth and has forgotten what brings their heart joy and contentment, Archangel Jeremiel will bring clarity and enable them to view the situation with loving and compassionate eyes. Jeremiel is an inspire who motivates us to devote ourselves to spiritual acts of service. He wants us to experience true happiness and will assist us in any way he can so we can create harmony in all aspects of our lives. This archangel encourages us to be more understanding and merciful to others.Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of ‘hidden things’.  Because of this, the Scorpio personality can become a little paranoid and obsessed about what is going on around them in their lives.Also known as:   Jeremeel, Jerahmeel, Hieremihel, Ramiel, Remiel.
Colour  –                    Purple
Chakra  –                   3rd Eye (Brow Chakra)
Crystals  –                  Amethyst, Rhadochrosite, Garnet, Red Jasper,
Animals  –                 Bee
Signs/Symbols  –     Scorpio

John Melhuish Strudwick (1849 – 1937) – Pintor Inglês_25: Archangel Jeremiel means ‘mercy of God’, ‘God’s mercy’ and ‘Lord of Souls awaiting resurrection’, and is known as the ‘Angel of Presence’ and the ‘Angel of Visions and Dreams’. Archangel Jeremiel brings to light things that have not been in the light before.Archangel Jeremiel is also known as the ‘Angel of Transition and Change’, and embodies forward movement and positive change.Archangel Jeremiel is said to preside over bees. Archangel Jeremiel assists with prophetic visions, psychic abilities and clairvoyance, and presides over true visions. Jeremiel assists with bringing clear vision (clairvoyance) both in our waking and dream states and brings a sense of clarity of self. Jeremiel assists with developing psychic and spiritual abilities and bringing them to the fore to be used for the highest good of all.Archangel Jeremiel helps you to fearlessly face your past and learn from prior experiences.Archangel Jeremiel encourages positive life choices.Archangel Jeremiel reviews our lives with us after we have crossed over, and helps us to re-acclimatize to our spirit bodies once we pass back to the Other Side. Jeremiel is also able to review our lives for us whilst we are still on the Earthplane by helping us to review our lives up to the present moment allowing us to make positive changes and adjustments which lead us on the right path. Jeremiel helps us to consider, examine and consolidate our present life circumstances, and where we are headed in the future, enabling us to learn from experiences and maximize our opportunities.Archangel Jeremiel brings clarity of perception and hope through clear judgement, and this encourages us to reflect upon the lessons of the past which can be re-evaluated in order to bring clarity and hope. Jeremiel helps us to learn and understand our life lessons, enabling us to move on from repetitive cycles in our lives. Jeremiel helps us to let go of the past with a loving perspective that allows us to come to terms with all facets of our lives, and the life lessons it has brought us thus far.

Archangel Jeremiel enables us to see the situations and circumstances of our lives from a different and heightened perspective, bringing a new degree or sense of clarity. Jeremiel helps us to establish our true principles, motives and aspirations and helps us to understand higher perspectives, and teaches us to learn how to work with the angelic realm. Jeremiel also helps us to become more in-tuned and sensitive to our own intuition.Call upon Archangel Jeremiel for help with evaluating your life in order to make positive changes and adjustments to better fulfil your life purpose, to learn from previous experiences and mistakes, to solve problems and seek resolution, to seek new directions, and to find support and encouragement. It also helps to determine the most beneficial next steps to take upon your path.Archangel Jeremiel helps you to become more in-tuned with the angels who send you messages through your dreams, and helps with interpreting the meaning and messages of your dreams and visions. Jeremiel appears and communicates through dreams and visions and brings hopeful messages to people who are feeling troubled and/or discouraged. Jeremiel also offers support through times of intense transition and change and helps us to see the bigger picture of our lives.Archangel Jeremiel reminds us that we always have choice. We may not always have had a choice in some of what we may have experienced during our life time, however, we do have choices in how we react and respond to what we encounter in our lives. Jeremiel can help to show us the gifts and blessings within each experience. Jeremiel assists with learning the lessons and processes of life.

Scorpio is a sign of paramount importance in the life of evolving man, it governs the Path of Discipleship. The first indication of true spiritual will only begins to manifest upon the Path of the Discipleship for it is only in this period that humanity is to any large extent beginning to manifest evidence of a reaction or a response to spiritual will. Scorpio is under the influence or in flowing energy of Sirius, the great star of initiation. It is the great sign which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity and the life of the individual human being.

Three planetary rulers, are the guardians of this birthing process, which is vital for the evolution of humanity from an animalistic being into a fully awakened soul-centered being. Mars and Pluto are the guardian of Scorpio at personality level, Mars is the guardian at soul level, and Mercury is the guardian at hierarchical level. Pluto, at personality level, brings somatic awareness, the instinctual felt-sense in the body. Otherwise known as the great reveler, Pluto is able to hold our animal urges up to the light for healing and understanding. While in the dark they have control and power over us. Once they are brought to light, the soul has victory. It is this dual effect of Mars and Pluto that brings about both the tests and the triumph in Scorpio. Once Pluto and Mars have done their work at personality level, by revealing this darkness to not be our true nature but a result of the misdirection of our mind and energy, we are now receptive to a higher octave of Mars which transforms passion into spiritual energy through awareness, thus revealing our true divine nature.

When Mars has conditioned the "When honoring intuitive wisdom becomes the norm, in a life, in a relationship, blessing will always follow. You don't have to know why, or how that will manifest. It simply will. Honoring intuitive wisdom, being brave in the center of the storm... these are our tasks. [...] Above all, may you be blessed with the ability and will to choose your own intuitive wisdom when everything around you seems to point in another direction." - Sarah La Rosa | artist Andrew Ferez❤️☀️: passions at personality level and Pluto has brought illumination, Mars at soul level reveals knowledge through awareness.At soul level, Mars brings the higher consciousness that is pure awareness beyond the five senses. From this perspective, it becomes clear that all our darkness is the result of our misinterpretation of energetic influences as perceived by our five senses and misinterpreted through our ignorant, fearful and confused lower mind. With the illumination of Pluto, we are then able to use this higher wisdom of Mars to perceive through our senses our own divine energy and that of others. Once this happens, we naturally correct any excesses and misapplication of our energy, and use the power of our mind to direct our energy to the highest good.In Mercury, the powers of the mind are developed and tested. At its lowest level, Mercury is about “mental reasoning” and common-i cation, but at its highest level it is about “divine reasoning.” It brings forth the mental process which can reveal all obstacles to the bridging process; the mind which penetrates into the secret and unknown areas, including those areas of consciousness associated with the bridging process.Scorpio is one of three signs which test and perfect the personality. In Scorpio, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him to take the second initiation and demonstrate that the desire nature is subdued and conquered. The tests in Scorpio are the temptations of desire that keep our attention trapped in the cycles of materialistic existence. They are listed as nine tests, in three groups. The first test is appetite which relates to sex, physical comfort and money; the second is desire and relates to fear, hatred and ambition; and the third test is of the lower mind and relates to pride, separateness and cruelty. All of Scorpio’s tests take place on the physical plane and are eventually resolved through the illumination emanating from the Higher Mind. The result is a transfer of energy from the physical plane to the higher manic plane.Scorpio marks the profound change in human consciousness that occurs when the Soul is heard and obeyed, and the individual willingly begins the spiritual search and the path of return. It is through Scorpio that the personality enters into battle with the Soul and eventually emerges as the “Victorious One”~ the soul-infused personality.The keynotes of Scorpio are significant and illuminating, the soul chants or sings the words: “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”Scorpios are well known for their powerful emotional natures.  They will hold on tenaciously to what is theirs and refuse to yield anything without a fight.  But once a Scorpio loses interest in anything or anybody, the lack of feeling is suddenly and instantly apparent.  The quality of ‘fixity’ is not one which changes easily, and fierce determination can thus reveal itself negatively and ruthlessness.The more positive Scorpio qualities include tremendous loyalty and a sense of responsibility, but their negative aspects can be possessiveness and jealousy, and a tendency to be self-destructive and outwardly destructive.  Scorpios can be quite relentless with those who hurt or betray them.

SAGITTARIUS   – Angel Adnachiel and the Archangel Raguel

The Angel Adnachiel and the Archangel Raguel rule over the sign of Sagittarius. These angels bring the attributes of optimism, adventure, independence, balance, harmony and peace.

Angel Adnachiel is an angel that helps mankind turn our hopes and dreams into reality. He is known as the “Angel of Independence,” and will guide us in pursuit of his endeavors. This angel brings us optimism and teaches us to expand our horizons and seek personal and spiritual growth. With this angel man will experience independence, individualism, free spirit and honesty. Angel Adnachiel, whose name means “The Shining One,” is the angel of humility, for this shining being opens thee door to the spiritual light of our soul. Adnachiel asks us to appreciate diversity and support others with an open mind and a loving heart. This angel is responsible for faith and inner calm in mankind.

Archangel Raguel has a very kind and friendly angelic presence and his energy is naturally motivating and empowering. This archangel is known as the angel of Justice and Fairness. Raguel’s name means “Friend of God.” His chief task is assisting all creation to work together in harmony and order according to Divine order and will. Archangel Raguel is also considered the Angelic Ambassador of Harmony, Balance and Orderliness, offering assistance toward discovering balanced, harmonious, peaceful resolutions to disputes and disagreements. He will lovingly guide us toward adopting a more balance perspective, guiding us to reach agreeable solutions for the highest good of all involved. Archangel Raguel specializes in realigning mankind with our empowered self that innately resonates with balanced power, truth and integrity. He will help remind us that harmony, peace and balance is our innate and essential truth and that we are innately in tune with the Divine Order of the Universe. unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good and always honoring our free will.Also known as:  Akrasiel, Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan.
Colour  –     Pale blue
Focus  –       Individual and collective freedom
Crystals  –   Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Kyanite
Archangel Raguel’s name means ‘friend of God’, and he is often referred to as the ‘Angel of Justice and Fairness’, and is the archangel for the ‘underdog’.
Archangel Raguel is also known as the ‘Angelic Ambassador of Harmony, Balance and Orderliness’, and the ‘Divine Peacekeeper’.

Archangel Raguel can be considered a archangel Raquel creates balance and helps you to find your life purpose. The name Raguel means friend of God.: leader within the angelic realm as he is responsible for overseeing the other archangels and angelic beings, and ensures that all is in alignment with Divine order and Divine Laws.Archangel Raguel realigns us with our higher-selves and resonates with truth, integrity and balanced power. He assists us to rediscover and reconnect with the essence of who we truly are within, allowing us to experience truth, integrity, self-respect and empowerment within ourselves, others, and all of our relationships.Archangel Raguel oversees groups, relationships and social order. Raguel’s mission is to help restore the balance of power on our planet and to encourage further individual and collective freedom, and to help people and groups rise above oppression and the like.Archangel Raguel can be called upon to de-esculate tension, manage a crisis and dissolve stress and chaos, as he encourages diplomacy and brings resolution to any argument or misunderstanding. Call upon him to overcome discrimination, harassment, bullying and coercion, and invoke Raguel to ensure fair legal proceedings and outcomes, transparent processes and accountability. Archangel Raguel offers assistance when we wish to experience more harmonious relationships (of all kinds), and brings balanced, peaceful resolutions to disagreements or disputes. Raguel, while always honouring our free-will, lovingly guides us to reach agreeable solutions that serve the highest good for all. Raguel can help to heal, improve and deepen relationships of all kinds.Archangel Raguel is a resolver of conflict and is able to resolve problems and dissolve and dispel any residual negative energies. Archangel Raguel is able to assist those who may feel mistreated or slighted to feel more empowered within themselves. Archangel Raguel is also able to boost our energies and recharge us, as his energies are empowering and motivating.Archangel Raguel assists with instilling co-operation and harmony within groups and families, defending the unfairly treated, helping with empowerment and self-esteem issues, bringing energy and rejuvenation, and instilling orderliness and mediation of disputes.
Those born under the influence of Sagittarius have the attributes of being optimistic and adventurous. Sagittarians are by nature, intuitive and imaginative, but it often out of touch with the limits of reality.  Sagittarius finds restrictions of all kinds to be extremely tiresome.Sagittarius is a peculiarly human sign and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity on planet Earth.In ancient times, Sagittarius was represented by the centaur. Over time, the symbol changed to the archer, where horseman and horse are separated and where the horseman is the soul and the horse the personality. The archer begins to feel the call of the soul. The soul allows the man to see that there exists something besides and beyond his animal nature. So personal ambition is transformed into spiritual aspiration; from egoism we pass to a more impersonal form and from an interest centered solely on oneself, we pass to an interest in the outer: an interest in others.

Bella Donna Im sending you an Angel to look over you ~ luv Linka xoxox: In our time the symbol used to represent Sagittarius is an arrow with a little section of the bow.  The horse and rider are both gone, because they are no longer necessary; only the arrow remains and the man is now free to follow the arrow that he has fired, and once he reaches it he fires it further ahead. This is the aspirant, this is the Path: abandon that which binds, that which restrains, because it is no longer necessary, thus the personality, materialism, ties, desires, personal ambitions. This miss identification from oneself, from ones own nature, leads the human being to become the arrow, which, every time it is reached is fired towards another goal: the person identifies with the direction that they have taken and becomes the Path itself.

Three planetary rulers are guardians to Sagittarius. Jupiter is the guardian on the personality level, Earth is the guardian on the soul level and Mars is the guardian on the hierarchical level.Jupiter’s expansive influence in Sagittarius invites us to expand our experience on all levels, so we can expand our awareness. This planet encourages us to expand our minds. Jupiter’s role is to create the conditions to guide us from small mind to higher mind. Under the guardianship of Jupiter, Sagittarius resonates with the highest truth of spiritual nature.Earth in Sagittarius engages us in life as a spiritual path and helps
us find existential meaning.  She facilitates the expansion of our boundaries, our perspective and our knowledge of life.  She helps us find a universal system from which to understand life and live by universal laws and principles.Mars in Sagittarius indicates insistent desire, one-pointed focused desire, or one-pointed aspiration. It sharpens and focuses the concrete mind, helping it marshal all available knowledge for the achievement of a desired objective. This combination spurs the “quest for knowledge.” The expression of thought through word will be direct and “to the point”, and the mind will be tenacious in purposeful pursuit. Mars in Sagittarius helps create a personality that “knows where it is going”, and wants to reach the goal in the fast way possible. Under Mars in Sagittarius, the disciple begins the mastery of time, and the initiate makes great strides, for Mars in Sagittarius means speed. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and this fire is related to the fire of the spiritual Soul, the fire of mind, the fire that transforms and purifies. It is the flame of life, the spark of the mind and of the consciousness. The Soul, as fire represents the individual’s potential to synthesize and meld himself into the great Cosmic Fire. The Soul is a spark of the “fire of the mind,” the power of consciousness, the possibility of thinking and creating, of knowing and being known, the guarantee that man as Soul is a thinker, creator and will inevitably fulfill his destiny.Sagittarius is regarded as a sign of intuition, where the in vocative fires of aspiration evoke the returning “arrow of intuition.” In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illuminated, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name of intuitive perception.In Sagittarius, the disciple has two things to discover within himself; these are the power to make progress upon the path and to walk the Way, and also the ability to create in the higher and spiritual sense. The disciple learns to stop  identifying himself with his personality, and starts identifying himself with  his spiritual soul. In Sagittarius, the disciple enables opportunity for the development of one-pointed focus, which incorporates the knowledge-infused steps that work to support the attainment of greater collective goals.The keynote of Sagittarius is, “I see the goal. I reach the goal and then I see another.” Sagittarius is a disciple’s sign. It is the final goal of our work on Earth.Sagittarius is full of wonderful ideas and creative visions, but putting them into practice is a chore which he prefers to leave to other people. Sagittarians often make for wonderful philosophers and teachers, as they enjoy sharing their opinions with others.  They dislike being told what to do at any time.While the positive qualities of Sagittarius include positivism, generosity, enthusiasm, action, creativity and a fervent love of life, the negative qualities include a tendency to be dogmatic, opinionated and often tactless.

CAPRICORN   –   Angel Hanael and the Beautiful....: Archangel Azrael

The Angel Hanael and the Archangel Azrael rule over the sign of Capricorn. These angels bring the attributes and qualities of responsibility, dignity , intuition and comfort.

Angel Hanael is closely linked with the inner world of intuition, spiritual connection, and the emotional self. She is an angel of energy, vitality, and passion for life. The name Hanael means “The Joy of God,” for which she directs man to search for fulfillment through God – the source of all joy. She encourages man to stop looking for joy in his circumstances and to pursue a relationship with God, in which he can truly find lasting joy. Haniel brings harmony and balance wherever she goes. She reminds man that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness that comes from within is never lost. She encourages man to let his light shine and that it is only his fear that holds him back from showing the world who he truly is. Angel Haniel shows man how to achieve a proper perspective by combining personal love with unconditional love, and unconditional love with the appropriate degree of responsibility to self. She teaches us to embrace wisdom, insight, and stability while enjoying the euphoria of being in love. She also assists with new beginnings, aligning with good luck, and positive change. She offers protection and harmony, and will assist man in staying poised and centered. This archangel is a warrior angel, her authority assists man in fulfilling his soul’s mission, which is to praise, honor, love and reunite with God by using and trusting in his own higher abilities.

The name of Archangel Azrael means, “He Who Helps God,” and his primary role is to help man cross over to Heaven at the time of physical death. It is believed that Azrael separates the soul from the body at the moment of death. Archangel Azrael has eyes and tongues exactly equal to the number of people inhabiting the world. Each time he blinks one of his eyes, it signifies that another person has died. Azrael keeps track of the dying by recording the names of people in a heavenly book when they’re born and erasing the names when they die. Archangel Azrael is a direct link between here and the afterlife and he ensures that the transition process is painless and effortless as well as offers safe passage to those who are transitioning, lovingly guiding them to their heavenly home. Azrael brings healing energy, love and comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. He holds this space with deep honor and respect. Understanding that grief is a natural and also a very personal process, Archangel Azrael comes with great compassion. He understands that many of us elect to learn important life lessons, such as forgiveness, guilt, anger, and regret in relation to the loss of a loved one. Also known as:  Azrail, Ashriel, Azriel, Azaril, Azrail, Azraille, Azra’eil, Ezra’il, Ezraeli, Izrail, Izrael, Ozryel.
Ray  –                           2nd Ray
Colour  –                      Yellow, Pearl, cream
Element  –                   Water
Day  –                           Tuesday and Friday
Direction  –                 Southwest
Crystals  –                    Creamy yellow calcite
Astrology/Zodiac  –   Scorpio, Pisces
Archangel Azrael means ‘Whom God helps’.
Hans Georg Leiendecker: Archangel Azrael works on the 2nd ray. The 2nd ray holds the vibrations of love and wisdom.
Archangel Azrael is often recognized as the ‘Angel of Death’ and is also known as the ‘Archangel of Spirit’ because he is an intermediary between angels and archangels.Archangel Azrael comes with unconditional love, and provides guidance and assistance for our highest good.Archangel Azrael reminds us that death is transformation. Archangel Azrael’s primary purpose is to assist those who are making the transition from physical life to spiritual life. He helps us with experiencing a loving and gentle transition, and releasing our soul from the physical body that no longer serves us. Archangel Azrael comes with great compassion and wisdom and brings Universal healing energies, comfort, support and love to those grieving after the loss of a loved one. Archangel Azrael offers comfort where it is needed, particularly at times of grief and bereavement. Archangel Azrael is known as the Angel of Death’ and is with you when your physical body dies, soothing any suffering and fear, and assists with the journey as you pass over to the Other Side. Archangel Azrael assists with comforting the dying and grieving, crossing over the souls of the newly deceased.Archangel Azrael comforts people prior to their physical death and makes sure that they do not suffer during their passing. Azrael also offers assistance to new arrivals on the Other Side, helping them to adjust and assimilate to life on the Other Side in the spiritual realm.Archangel Azrael surrounds those left behind (eg grieving family and friends) with Divine Light and healing energies, helps them to cope with loss, and brings material, spiritual and emotional support. Archangel Azrael stands by as a source of quiet strength and comfort and is available to all concerned. Call upon Archangel Azrael to bring comfort to a dying loved one and to help and assist them during their physical death. Archangel Azrael works with grief counsellors to shield them from absorbing the pain and grief of their clients, and to guide their words for maximum effect and benefit. He also assists those whose life purpose involves mediumship and spiritual guidance. Archangel Azrael helps those on the Earthplane to connect with their deceased loved ones on the Other Side. Archangel Azrael and his angels can act as a ‘Rainbow Bridge’ to enable this connection. Azrael helps us to connect with our loved ones, and delivers messages of love to and from the spiritual realm. Azrael helps you to raise your vibrational rate so that you are able to connect with souls on the Other Side.Archangel Azrael is said to also stand in the background at births, while Archangel Gabriel radiates love and light as he connects the new spirit with the physical body of the newborn.Archangel Azrael is with us throughout all of our transitions and changes and all stages of life. Azrael assists us with our personal transitions and transformations and when experiencing change, Archangel Azrael administers guidance and wisdom and helps us to create space in our lives for those new energies to come into our realities. Archangel Azrael helps to release and heal the pain of unforgiveness, anger, guilt and regret so that inner-peace can be found and the soul grows and learns through the process. Archangel Azrael can also help you to develop mediumship and psychic abilities. Archangel Azrael also works with Archangel Metatron, assisting with the Akashic Records.It is another of Azrael’s sacred responsibilities to help release and heal the pain of these important life lessons, so that we may find peace, and grow and ascend through the process. In addition, Archangel Azrael’s angelic duties naturally include assisting grief counselors and those whose life purpose involves providing spiritual guidance. Archangel Azrael, comes with unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward man and always honoring our free will.

Those influenced by Capricorn are careful and responsible in all that they undertake.Capricorn is a sign which desires status and a high position in the world, therefore, social acceptance is of great importance to them.In realizing their ambition, Capricorns are not afraid of hard work and will suffer many hardships and obstacles to reach their goal.There is a strong sense of determination and a powerful willpower which eventually carries Capricorns to their desired goals.  Whether this is goal is financial, acclaim or power, Capricorns will set out with the utmost resolution to attain the goal.All souls come into incarnation in the sign Cancer. By this I mean that the very first human incarnation was always taken in this sign which has been recognized down the ages as “the doorway into life of those who must know death,” just as the constellation Capricorn is ever regarded as another door and is called esoterically the “doorway into life of those who know not death.”In Capricorn, the will nature arrives at fulfillment and a visioned goal is reached. In Capricorn, the man reaches either the height of personal ambition or he becomes the initiate, attaining his spiritual objective. The difference between these two goals depends upon the mode of progression around the wheel of life. God’s idea in Aries becomes the concrete plan in Capricorn.  Capricorn, the “birthplace of the Christ,” the place of the “second birth” and the scene for the emergence of the fifth kingdom in nature when the right time comes. In this sign, the initiate comes into a spiritual awareness. Capricorn opens the door into the Hierarchy in a higher aspect.  Capricorn holds in itself the seeds of death and finality. Capricorn is ever the sign of conclusion, and of this the mountain top is frequently (though not always) the symbol, for it marks the point beyond which further ascent in any particular life cycle is not possible. This sign is, therefore, the sign of what has been called esoterically “periodic arresting.” Progress becomes impossible under the existing forms, and there has to be the descent into the valley of pain, despair and death before a fresh attempt to scale the heights takes place. Capricorn is, as a consequence of all the above, the sign in which is inaugurated a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is in connection with the individual man or with the initiate. Effort, strain, struggle, the fight with the forces native to the underworld, or the strenuous conditions entailed by the tests of discipleship or initiation—these are distinctive of experience in Capricorn.Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in the life of that world centre which we call the Hierarchy. It is only on the reversed zodiac that the man learns to pass with equally conscious purpose through the gate of Capricorn. In Capricorn we have the triumph of matter; it reaches its densest and most concrete expression; but this triumph is followed by that of spirit. There is full expression of the earthly nature in Capricorn but also immense spiritual possibilities.In Capricorn, the initiate learns to realize the meaning of the growing light which greets his progress as he climbs upward to the mountain top. The flashes of intuition with which he is becoming familiar change into the blazing and constant light of the soul, irradiating the mind and providing that point of fusion which must ever be the “fusion of the two lights, the greater and the lesser light.” The light of the personality and the light of the soul blend.Capricorn’s greatest talent lies in the field of organization and control.  They are disciplines and structured, wasting no time or resource that are not absolutely necessary.  They are also great upholders of family traditions, society and the correct way to behave within the context of family and society.Capricorn is concerned with amassing wealth for the security it brings.  This will generally bring them a position of authority and leadership, but they can be pessimistic and worry themselves unnecessarily.Capricorns like to be organized and can be overly cautious.
by Hiroyuki Satou: AQUARIUS    –   Angel Mihr and the Archangel Uriel

The Angel Mihr and the Archangel Uriel rule over the sign of Aquarius. These angels bring the attributes of love, companionship, ideas and insight.

Angel Mihr is the angel of love and divine mercy through relationships. He watches over all relationships and his job is to bring people together to combine their gifts and passions to assist Mother Earth in her progressive evolution. Known as the Angel of Friendship, Mihr serves humanity by granting platonic love, friendship and companionship. He encourages man to heal friendships that have gone astray. Mihr helps man to retire into the silence of his own being and to surrender and release his relationship issues to God. Through Mihr, God gives man the strength and guidance to attract blessed relationships.

Archangel Uriel’s name means “God Is Light,” for he shines the light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion. He helps man focus his consciousness on the eternal presence of God with gratitude and appreciation for the divine plan of life. Archangel Uriel is aligned with the energy of thought and helps keep man’s thoughts illuminated so that he is sure to manifest and experience the positive reality that he desires. He specializes in illuminating any and all aspects of man’s existence so that he may see and experience the light essence within himself, within his situations and within others. As the link to the spiritual realm, Uriel bestows the gift of creative fire, as well as the power of prophecy, showing man how to find his inner power. He helps man to develop his psychic abilities and intuitive skills providing insight through visions, dreams and sudden perceptions. As an Angelic Ambassador of Divine Channeling, Archangel Uriel reminds man that he is innately attuned to his Higher Enlightened Self, and is one with the Divine Consciousness and so he is one with Divine Wisdom. Through this oneness, man always has access to the answers he seeks, the answers, the wisdom and the knowledge are within.

Ray      –                        1st Ray
Colour/s  –                   Ruby Red, yellow and gold, purple
Focus  –                        Spiritual devotion through selfless service to humanity
Chakra  –                     Root or Base Chakra
Element  –                   Earth
Planet  –                       Venus
Day  –                           Thursday
Direction  –                 North
Crystals  –                   Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye
Signs/Symbols  –      The Flame of Love, glymph
Astrology/Zodiac  –  Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo
Archangel Uriel means ‘Fire of God’, ‘Flame of God’, ‘Light of God’, ‘God’s Light’, or ‘God is Light’, ‘God is My Light’, ‘Radiation of God’, ‘God is the Radiating Principle of Light’.

Archangel Uriel rules over the Red Dark Fairy Flutters: Ray, red being the first visible colour in the rainbow spectrum. His glyph is the lightening flash that he uses to bring flashes of inspiration.Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of the North, rules over the element of Earth, and relates to the astrological signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.Archangel Uriel brings the concept and practice of alchemy and the ability to manifest onto the Earth plane. Archangel Uriel assists with Earth changes, alchemy, problem-solving and solution-finding, spiritual understanding, studies, learning and education, weather and writing. Archangel Uriel is the ‘Angel of Peace’ or the ‘Archangel of Divine Peace’, the ‘Angel of Salvation’, the ‘Angel of Repentance’, and the ‘Prince of Light’. Uriel is also the ‘Angel of Music’, the ‘Angel of Poetry’, the ‘Angel of Prophecy’ and the ‘Archangel of Ministration’.
Archangel Uriel’s symbol is an open hand holding a flame, which he offers as the ‘Flame of Love’ towards all souls. Archangel Uriel is one of the most powerful of archangels, and he is associated with light, electricity, lightning and thunder, sudden action, courage, stamina and endurance. Uriel activates and revitalizes, and helps to release the energy blocks deep within the body’s system. Being known as the ‘Angel of Salvation’, Archangel Uriel is able to show us how we can heal all aspects of our lives, finding blessings through adversity, turning disappointments into victories, and releasing painful memories and burdens. As the ‘Angel of Repentance’, Uriel helps us to understand the concept of karma; the Universal Spiritual Law of Karma (Cause and Effect). Uriel helps us to understand why things are the way they are, and helps us to trust in the Divine plan for our lives so that we can know that even though things can seem to be going ‘wrong’ in our lives, ultimately, all is happening for our highest good. Archangel Uriel is the angel of transformation, achieving goals, dreams and dreaming, finding inner-peace, life balance, guilt and forgiveness. Uriel relates to Divine magic, astrology, problem-solving, spiritual understanding, alchemy, weather, earth changes, thoughts, ideas, creativity, insights, Divine order, Universal consciousness and writing.
Archangel Uriel rules over missionaries, ministers, priests, nuns, healers, physicians, social workers, community workers, lawyers, farmers and the like. Archangel Uriel is the guardian of writers, those in service, public servants, missionaries, nurses, care-givers and the like. Archangel Uriel is said to be the interpreter of prophecies, intuition and our dreams, bringing illumination to situations and prophetic warnings and information. He guides us towards taking responsibility for our own lives, and helps us to realize our full potential. Uriel helps us to find our inner-light and to express the fullness of the love and beauty within us.Archangel Uriel brings trans formative energies to the mind and is the presence to invoke when you are working with issues concerning science, economics and politics. This includes topics such as pollution, toxic clean-up, new technologies, food and farming, housing and building/construction, medical research, social equality, political reform, anything that involves organizations, system, structures and all work-related issues. Archangel Uriel can be invoked for clarity and insight, vision, understanding others and heightened intuition. Archangel Uriel works to develop the qualities of mercy, grace and compassion within humanity. He offers protection and teaches selfless service and promotes togetherness and co-operation. Archangel Uriel helps you to release your fears and connect with your higher wisdom. Uriel clears old fears and replaces them with wisdom, helping to renew your dedication to achieving your goals in all areas of your life. Archangel Uriel helps you to listen to your own inner-wisdom, opens channels for Divine communication, and encourages you to pursue your life purpose.Archangel Uriel helps us to discover our life path, promotes inner-peace and tranquility of spirit and promotes peace and unity among nations.

I look like an angel thats because i am i am the angel of singing and if you see me you woll probably hear me sing more then i talk: Archangel Uriel gives us the illumination vital for those who feel that they have lost their way and who may feel emotions to do with abandonment, fear, rejection, dissipation, depression and suicide. Archangel Uriel also helps to release our self-obsessive behavioral patterns and saves us from spiritual confusion by illuminating our path through life. Archangel Uriel teaches mastery of the material world and helps humans to connect with Divine order to bring about harmony and world peace. Archangel Uriel brings spirituality and serenity into our lives and frees us from fears. Archangel Uriel brings inner peace to the heart and soul and within family groups. Call upon Uriel when feeling resentful or guilty as he illuminates issues and helps to resolve dilemmas. Uriel can also help if you are feeling stuck in a sticky situation. Archangel Uriel brings practical solutions, creative insights, inspiring ideas and enlightened knowledge. Uriel brings ‘light bulb’ moments, increases intellectual capacity and claircognizance, and helps with conversation and communication skills. Call upon Uriel to clear your mind and help with academic pursuits, tests and exams as Uriel oversees and guides students, teachers, inventors and researchers.
Archangel Uriel can be called upon for intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight as Uriel brings inspiration and brilliant new solutions and ideas. You can ask Uriel to help you to release fear and anger, to renew hopes and to gain inner-peace and he will help you to find practical resolutions to any perceived problems.
Archangel Uriel works on eradicating fear and restoring hope, and is passionate about the welfare of people who are unable to live their lives free of fear and/or those living in unjust and/or substandard conditions. Archangel Uriel can help us to see and acknowledge the light within ourselves and others and helps us to dissolve fears and anxieties, and assists with the development of self-confidence and self-worth.Call upon Archangel Uriel to help you reach your full potential, protect you if you or a loved one has a perilous journey, or if you are concerned about floods, bushfires or other natural disasters.Archangel Uriel has an affinity with the weather elements of thunder and lightning, and helps us during earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, all natural disasters and Earth changes. Archangel Uriel can be called upon to help during extreme and inclement weather conditions and events, and to heal, recover from or avert such events.Archangel Uriel’s power connects to Earth most strongly on Thursdays.

The sign Aquarious is ruled by the Archangels Uriel  bringing the energies of being idealistic and a humanitarian. Archangel Uriel works with the Ruby Ray with a focus upon your life path and soul mission.Archangel Uriel is responsible for the North and rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the planet Uranus.

Image result for hiroyuki satou archangelsAquarians tend to be independent, progressive in outlook, and humanitarian.  Aquarians love the idea of helping humanity as a whole  –  but they often come unstuck when faced with the messy petty problems which arise in one-to-one human relationships.  The Aquarian whose high ideals inspire him to work positively for humanity, is usually extremely loathe to become embroiled in the world of personal relationships.

Aquarius represents the sharing of creation. Aquarius is the Light that shines on Earth across the sea. It is the light that shines in the darkness forever, and clarifies with its healing rays that which must be purified till all the darkness is gone. Aquarius deals with the nature of connection that holds everything together subjectively and in truth.  The soul words of Aquarius are, “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty humanity.”Water being the symbol of substance and of material expression plus emotional motivation, Aquarius is also consequently dual in its activity. Here, substance and the imprisoned soul begin to work in mutual tolerance and soul and spirit are expressing themselves through substance. Aquarius is the sign of universal relationships, interplay and consciousness. It is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrent mutations, and the symbol for the sign is expressive of this state of activity. It is, there-fore, a sign in which the significance of cycles is mastered and understood by the initiate.

Through Aquarius the detachment to ‘normal’ binds and inno-vative ideas are experienced. With the sharing of creativity with others, the ‘idea’ then becomes available to all. This leads to the gaining of insight about the wider scope of Human necessity; of being supportive of collective networking so that new ideas can be implemented within the human race. Here self-development and personal ideas are opening up to wider social concepts that focus upon change for the benefit of society.In Aquarius the individual awakens to the beauty of group life, group interests and his individual responsibilities towards the group. This is a result of the unfolding of his consciousness. Aquarius expresses the activity of the mind which has been initi-ated into the purposes of the Universal Mind. It is the sign which brings the soul into active cooperation with the inner plan of God. This is called service. The soul words of Aquarius, “And the Word said, let desire in form be ruler.” Aquarius is the man of spirit, of life and of consecration to the divine expression of service.Aquarius is consecrated to group service and to the welfare of humanity. The support for group action in the service of ‘group good’ is enabled. The individual works to establish networks that allow the development of new processes for the benefit of collect-tive purpose.  In Aquarius, the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned. The individual enables opportunity for the develop-ment of collective effort, which leads to increasing the level of group unity within Humanity.Man can then say with truth “Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.” For man, there remains now no goal but service. With his consciousness held steadily, man becomes an incarnated world server in Aquarius.The rulers of Aquarius constitute an effective group of planets. They determine the final stages and happenings of the path that the initiate must take. Uranus is the guardian of Aquarius on the personality level, Jupiter is the guardian on an esoteric level and the Moon guards Aquarius on the hierarchical level.

Fantasy Art Gallery. HIROYUKI SATOU.: Uranus gives innate spontaneous activity and this produces evo-lutionary development- both natural and spiritual. It is the urge to better conditions. The individual’s will is focused and developed by the influences of Uranus and he develops into a leader. He brings about desired changes and produces those new conditions which will help the soul of humanity to express itself more freely. Uranus brings into expression on the physical plane the major pairs of opposites~ spirit and matter- and relates them to each other, producing eventually one functioning whole. Uranus causes the great transference in the human consciousness from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge.Being the esoteric ruler of Aquarius, Jupiter helps selflessness and group service take the place of selfishness and self-service; soul and personality are thus, increasingly, fused. Jupiter in Aquarius is the symbol of abundant life realized through abun-dant love. This planet influences development of Love-Wisdom in the power to pour out love and wisdom on earth. With Jupiter in Aquarius, selfless outgoing love is the key to abundant return. Since the welfare of the larger whole comes first in the conscious-ness of the initiate with this combination of forces, he is given all he needs~ in fact, all his selfless heart desires- in order to promote that welfare. Jupiter in Aquarius symbolizes the “over-flowing cup”- open to the down flow of divine energy and just as liberally pouring it forth; the absorption of freely given divine gifts and their subsequent release in service; the assimilation of the gifts of  higher energy, and their free bestowal.The Moon is given as the hierarchical ruler of Aquarius. It is usually regarded as “veiling” or “hiding” some other planet. It hides the planet Uranus, the occult planet, which penetrates into the hidden side of life, and thus we have the period wherein man is not alert enough or conscious enough to seize upon opportunity, but can identify himself with the more advanced aspects of form.

The moon relates to the individual’s basic instinctual need to look for difference and change. Having worked with an instinctual skill for recognizing and supporting difference, the ability to support creative and unusual ideas can now work to attract their greater acceptance. The moon brings about the inclination to create the conditions which lead to the great and critical transformations of instinct into intellect. The  harmony through beauty and art is presented by way of the moon, indicating man’s field of service on planet Earth and the mode of attaining the goal, that of conflict and struggle in order to reach harmony and thus to express fully all truly human characteristics.

Aquarius represents the pitcher from which water flows. The pitcher is the vehicle of consciousness, and the water is the primordial substance, of which everything is made. It is a state of consciousness where the activity of consciousness is not limited by the form, or the organism of life through which consciousness is usually expressed. In a way, this sign reflects the ultimate liber-ation, which is possible when the cycle of evolution is completed.

Positively, Aquarians may come across as cold, aloof and unsympathetic.  His courageous, enthusiastic ideals can easily turn to stubborn fanaticism.

The Aquarium mind is usually highly developed, but their earnest nature often gives rise to friction.

PISCES   – Angel Barakiel and the hiroyuki satoh art - Google Search: Archangel Sandalphon

The Angel Barakiel and the Archangel Sandalphon rule over the sign of Pisces. These angels bring the attributes of intuition, sympathy and security.

Angel Barakiel is an ancient angel and he is the ruler of the order of the Seraphim. He leads the guardian angels, who work more closely with human beings than any other angels. He is known as the Angel of Blessings and he works to announce and deliver God’s blessings to man. Barakiel aids in discernment when dealing with other people and over intuition. He is the archangel of the seraphim and his name means “Lightening God.” His angelic mission is to open hearts to goodness and kindness – empathy and sympathy. He is the protector of innocents and hunts evil. Barakiel can help people to have a positive outlook and enjoy good fortune. As the guardian of Pisces, those under his protection can experience uncanny good luck. Call upon Angel Barakiel with an open heart and a willing spirit and he will answer your prayers.

Archangel Sadalphon is the Angelic Ambassador of Prayers and his angelic responsibility is to deliver man’s prayers to God so that they may be answered. Also known as:  Sandolphon, Sandolfon,
Colour  –             Nature’s colours
Focus  –               Environmental awareness  – personal and global responsibility.
Chakra  –             Earth Star (situated below the feet)
Planet  –              Venus
Day  –                   Friday
Crystals  –            Turquoise, Amazonite, Apatite, Aquamarine
Essential Oils  –  Sandalwood
Archangel Sandalphon presides over Sephira Malkuth on the Tree of Life.
Sandalphon means ‘brother’ in Greek, and he is said to be twin brother to Archangel Metatron. Archangel Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah, and Metatron was the wise man Enoch. Sandalphon’s primary role is to carry human prayers to God so that they are able to be answered and assists with music and conveying messages and musings. Archangel Sandalphon is the ‘Guardianof the Earth’ and he is responsible for the welfare of human kind and all that inhabitants of Earth. Sandalphon brings glory to the kingdom and is the steward who rules the kingdom, bringing the nature elements (or Elementals / the Elemental kingdom or realm) into harmony, and establishing peace and joy. Archangel Sandalphon offers us stability, balance and freedom.

Archangel Saldalphon is the angel of ARCHANGEL SAINT MICHAEL........BY ARILD ROSENKRANTZ..........PARTAGE OF SUJEETA MALIK..............: earth-healing, prayer and absent healing. When we use nature’s colors to heal ourselves and the environment, we naturally tune into the energy of Archangel Sandalphon. Working with Archangel Sandalphon includes having respect for and being involved with all life of Earth. Archangel Sandalphon helps us to integrate healing energy within the physical body, which is vital if stability and balance are to be maintained. He brings grounding to our daily spiritual practices and those who work with nature’s energies (such as Shamans and the like) utilize his energies. Nature has furnished us with all the colours displayed in the multitude of trees, plants, flowers and crystals. Archangel Sandalphon is known as the ‘Archangel of the Holy Spirit’ and the ‘Angel of Music and Prayer’ as music is a powerful tool to lift and maintain a positive vibration and mind-set. Call upon Archangel Sandalphon to develop your musical skills and guide you towards lessons, tuition and avenues and opportunities to bring your unique music, songs and words to the world. Sandalphon can also guide and oversee your career path within the music industry. Archangel Sandalphon is said to have lived on Earth as the prophet Elijah, prior to ascending to the spiritual realms and becoming an archangel. Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron and they are the only archangels who were originally mortal men. Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah, and Metatron was the wise man Enoch. Archangel Sandalphon works with Lailah, who is the angel of conception, and she can be called upon when help is needed with conception. Sandalwood essential oil can be used to contact and communicate with Archangel Sandalphon as it brings spiritual awakening and awareness, inner-peace, spiritual life purpose and alignment with the higher energies. He reminds man of the power of prayer, reminding us that when we open our heart, mind and spirit in any form of prayer, we are joined and supported by the angels. As we create with our words, our thoughts, our emotions, our imagination and our intentions and beliefs, we create energy with our prayers. Sandalphon reminds us that every prayer is answered within Divine and Perfect Time and within the essence of Divine Grace. Sandalphon is one of the only Archangels in Heaven who was originally a mortal. Since he has experience living on Earth as a human, one of his duties is to inspire humanity to take good care of the planet on which we live. Archangel Sandalphon inspires the essence of living in co-creation with nature. Being connected to the Earth energies, he reminds us of the importance of being grounded and helps us to establish a secure link between heaven and earth. Known as the Angel of Music, Sandalphon is also strongly associated with heavenly, celestial music. He is aligned with all forms of sound and utilizes music and song for healing, clearing energy and raising the vibration within our self and our environment. Archangel Sandalphon is said to be the tallest of all the angels, so tall that his height enables him to reach from Earth to Heaven. Within this energy, he demonstrates how we are innately connected to both heaven and to earth.
by Hiroyuki Satou: Pisceans are by nature a ‘feeling type’ who acts and reacts according to how they feel rather than what is logical.  They tend to be idealistic, romantic and sensitive, as well as self-sacrificing.  They will sacrifice a great deal in the name of love.  Pisceans love to be in love.  They are romantic about everything, especially love affairs.  Every aspect of life must contain some element of romance for them  –  otherwise they become bored and lose interest. Pisces represents the realization of creation. It is the Light of the World, the revealing light of Life itself. It will end the darkness of matter forever. There is incredible beauty in the transformation of the disciple in Pisces.Pisces is a sign of duality in which the perfect manifestation of God and humanity is demonstrated. The fusion or blending of the soul and form produces the perfected individual soul and the human being and God are brought to their destined expression and manifestation through this sign.The keywords of this sign are obvious in their implications. Where the personality is concerned, the soul words of Pisces are, “Go forth into matter.” The command of the soul to its instrument during the earlier stages of evolution goes forth.In Pisces, there is still polarity in the personality. The personality and Soul are experienced as separate so the mind creates an ‘idea’ of separation: an ego-personality, which sustains the veil of illusion through fear. Realizing that man creates the very illusions that keeps him asleep, is an important part of his awakening, and this happens in Pisces.Acknowledging the truth of the ocean of human suffering, rather than trying to escape, avoid or run from it, is the greatest challenge through Pisces. Man is so easily deceived by the appearance of things, and does not yet have the spiritual maturity to see things as they really are. His spiritual eyes are still closed. He believes what he sees and hears which results in continuously living in a fearful, reactive, state.It is interesting to note that each of the great Sons of God are associated with three special signs of the zodiac in each of which they passed from test to victory. In Pisces~ The Christ overcame death and became the world savior.The tests carry the self-will of the personality up into the region of the divine will and the result is inspiration and the emergence of a world savior.Pisces constitutes one of the three signs related to death and finality- physical or psychological. Death in Pisces is transfor-mation- a transformation so vital and basic. The disciple- after the death of the personality and after the killing out of desire- goes on towards Pisces where again he dies “unto an eternal resurrection.” In Pisces there is the death of all attachments and the liberation of the soul for service upon an universal scale.Naturally Pisces as a water sign ruled by Neptune, Lord of the Oceans, is related to death by drowning. The death by drowning or by water in Pisces releases man again into that great center which we call Humanity, and there experience is gained.

The relationship between the soul and by Hiroyuki Satou: the form is ended by what is called “a final death” of the personality or the complete release of the soul and Life aspects from the form in Pisces. The soul returns to its task of the World Savior. After a period of re-creation, man passes into incarnation in Pisces and begins again the great round of manifested life, for Pisces is the ocean wherein man is “the fish,” controlled by the laws of substance or material existence. Three planets are important when we look to the human experience in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are custodians at esoteric or personality level, while Pluto is the custodian at both esoteric or soul and conscious or hierarchical level.Neptune focuses the influence of Pisces as it concerns humanity as a whole and not just the individual man, but this only takes place towards the final stages of the Path of Discipleship. The planet’s influence on human development began at soul and hierarchical level, and by the time the soul has reached this stage of development in Pisces, the individual is now sensitive enough to receive Neptune’s energy at personality level. The experience with Neptune in Pisces can be one of being swept away by the ocean, going with the flow, and falling deeper into glamour, illusion and escapism. This is because they have not yet completed the individuation process.  Neptune’s job at personality level is to dissolve limiting physical and mental conditions that would impede the influx of spirit in physical matter in the form of Universal Love, so that we may once again remember the oceanic nature of our consciousness, the Divine Love within and experience this within the context of our individual physical incarnation. This planet shows us that our true nature is one of oceanic consciousness, that we are an aspect of Divine Love and that all separation is illusory, so we may begin to appreciate our underlying spiritual reality. Mythological, Pluto is interesting. Its journey begins in duality in Greek mythology as Hades “Lord of the Underworld,” representing death or the region of death and Plouton the “giver of wealth” before myth finally unites him as Pluto. The planet is said to hold custodianship over all that lies beneath the surface of the Earth, which includes graves and all of the Earth’s riches: the fertility of the soil and the wealth of her gems. The story of Pluto hints that there is something at our core, a jewel, an inner light, which is carried over beyond death. Through Pluto~ under the destroying power of death~ death of desire, death of the personality and of all which holds him between the pairs of opposites, in order to achieve the final liberation.  Pluto or death never destroys the consciousness aspect. Pluto, the great reveler, steps in and brings the conditions for the final transformation at soul level in Pisces.

Love: Jupiter in Pisces is particularly related to the process of fusing soul and personality- the two fishes.’Each fish is magnetically tied to the other; the soul feels an obligation to serve and uplift its personality.Jupiter in Pisces represents both unconscious and conscious fusion. The synthesizing powers of Jupiter work powerfully in the atmosphere of Pisces. The incarnated human soul believes that it wants what it finds in the Ocean of Substance. When, under Pisces, the human soul goes forth into matter with the expectation of satisfaction, which comes, inevitably. In Pisces- more than in any of the twelve signs- man learns to desire nothing for the separated self. Wanting nothing, man is fit to have everything. Jupiter in Pisces- in its highest indication- is the very symbol of completeness.The expansive conditions of Jupiter create a greater capacity in us to perceive and respond to the subtler energies of Neptune. While Neptune sensitizes us to receive ever increasing vibrations of spirit in physical form, Pluto reduces our attachment to physical form and brings us to the light.  In this way we begin to more closely identify with our inner light, or soul: that which continues beyond death. While Pluto brings the cycle of life to an end, Neptune ensures we carry with us as much illumination as possible. The combined effects of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto in Pisces support us in ‘embodying’ and identifying with the Divine Light at the core of our being.It is in Pisces that man finally has the power, consciousness and capacity to collectively emit a continuous synchronized ‘pulse’ of transformation. As a result of his adventure into physical incarnation the Pisces soul, fully laden with the riches of experience and fully equipped, awake, and aware, turns back in order to save others. The soul words of Pisces are, “I leave the Father’s Home and turning back, I save.”The completion of the cycle in Pisces brings resolution: the dissolution of illusory boundaries and final fusion of Soul and Personality. The fully mature Human Soul in Pisces at last has the power and capacity to be of service. The true spiritual purpose of Humanity is to be a kind of conduit for spiritual energy: as spirit descends into matter through Humanity, our role is to flow and direct Divine energy for the benefit of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.Pisces plays a vital role in Humanity’s awakening process. As man purifies his thoughts and intentions he rises up from fear, and learns to focus and direct Sacred Heart energy, which invites others to fully mature, awaken, and join him in the fulfillment of Divine Purpose. In this way the fully awakened Sacred Heart acts as pacemaker for an awakening Humanity. Man is now sensing, responding to, and aligning with this growing pulse of Sacred Heart energy as it’s rhythm ripples through Human consciousness.Humanity will awaken to Divine nature because it is part of natural development. A child cannot remain a child, which refers to Humanity’s spiritual immaturity, and the inability to connect with, and be a channel for, Divine Love and Purpose. Having learned to flow the energies of love and life consciously, accurately and consistently, the Soul in Pisces becomes a liberated, radiant, expression of a World Savior. The developmental cycle is complete and the Soul is now fully mature and ready to fulfill Divine Purpose.Becoming the World Savior, thus completing the round of the zodiac and able to say triumphantly, “It is finished.” Man can then say with truth “Lost am I in light supernal.” For him there remains now no goal but service.

The general characteristics of Pisces Angel of Courage | © Hans Georg Leiendecker: are those of kindness, peace-loving and being responsive to the woes of others.
Pisceans are great champions of the ‘underdog’.  They are generous, sympathetic and understanding, although their sensitive natures can make them moody and/or irritable.Pisceans are resourceful, inspirational and imaginative.The angels of the Zodiac rule and oversee each of the individual star signs of the Zodiac, assisting us to understand and work with our personality traits, life lessons, experiences and influences throughout our life time.The angels and archangels of the Zodiac oversee and rule all under the influences of their particular birth sign.  We are able to communicate with the angels of the Zodiac, as with all other angels and Archangels.Various legends suggest that there are angels assigned to each hour of the day and night. Some believe that angels of the hours can be called upon for assistance during their respective times of serving. Below is a listing of the angels traditionally ascribed to the hours of one day:

Day Hours…

One: Samuel

Two: Anael

Three: Vequaniel

Four: Vahrmiel

Five: Sasquiel

Six: Saniel

Seven: Barquiel

Eight: Osmadiel

Nine: Quabriel

Ten: Oriel

Eleven: Bariel

Twelve: Beratiel

Night Hours…

One: Sabrathan

Two: Tartys

Three: Serguanich

Four: Jesfischa

Five: Abasdarhon

Six: Zaazenach

Seven: Mendrion

Eight: Narcoriel

Nine: Pamyel

Ten: Lssuarim

Eleven: Dardariel

Twelve: Sarandiel

Angels of the Planets have been believed by many religions, clear back to ancient times. Angels have been believed to have influence upon astrology, even coming from Jewish lore. However, assignments of angels to the planets vary, depending on what religion, or magical ritual one follows. These Angels possess certain powers over the planets they administer as a kind of governor or ruling prince.By custom the angelic rulers of the planets are headed collectively by the angel Rahatiel (prince of the constellations).The list of planets was connected intimately with astrology and was formulated based upon the concept of the seven planets:Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with the Sun and the Moon.(Though Earth was considered a planet it is where we live. The 7 are about the influences other planets have on us.Uranus and Neptune had not been discovered with this concept was conceived.Image result for hiroyuki satou archangels

Sun: Michael
Moon: Gabriel
Mercury: Raphael
Venus: Ariel
Mars: Uriel
Jupiter: Zadkiel & Zachariel
Saturn: Orifiel & Zaphiel

And I hope their singing in the angels choir and I hope the angels know what they have... Life without my lovely daughter Chevon 09/15/1989 - 04/11/2001. Life without my beautiful Desi girl 02/23/1981 - 04/11/2001. Dancing in the Sky - Dani and Lizzy: Angels of the Elements – These angels govern the four elements.

Water: Gabriel
Earth: Uriel
Air: Raphael
Fire: Michael

Earth is governed by 7 angels: Arariel, Ashriel, Boel, Charoum, Derdekea, Orifiel, & Suriel

Angels of the 8 Directions – These angels govern the eight directions. There are other angels who serve these angels governing each direction.

North: Gabriel
South: Uriel
East: Michael
West: Raphael
Northeast: Charoum
Northwest: Penat
Southeast: Cedar
Southwest: Naoutha