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Angels MeditationANGEL NUMBER 922 I received this message tonight 7/28/15 at 9:22. Number 922 is a combination of the energies and vibrations of the numbers 9 and 2, with the number 2 appearing twice, magnifying its influences.: Healing light: Angels are from higher dimensions and do not incarnate into matter. An angel, is a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence. Angels are typically described as benevolent, dreadful, and endowed with wisdom and knowledge of earthly events, but not infallible; for they strive with each other, and God has to make peace between them.Most of them serve either as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits.They are like creator’s messengers and healers. They will always come when asked and help to heal you and send you love. As they come from higher dimensions of love and light they are unable to really feel and understand what it is to be human. They can send us love and healing and help to guide us through certain periods of life. They are essential when it comes to spiritual work as they send vital light and love to help heal our energy bodies, activate the light body and repair its structures. Without their help spiritual transformation would be extremely slow if possible at all.The word ‘angel’ is derived from the ancient Greek ‘angelos’, meaning ‘messenger’. Angels act as a bridge, serving as a channel between the spiritual realm and the material, physical world. The “angels” or malakhim, i.e. the “plain” angels (ἄγγελοι, pl. of ἄγγελος, angelos, i.e. messenger or envoy), are the lowest order of the angels, and the most recognized. They are the ones most concerned with the affairs of living things. Within the category of the angels, there are many different kinds, with different functions. The angels are sent as messengers to humanity. Personal guardian angels come from this class.

The Archangels are magnificent spiritual beings who vibrate with an incredible light and frequency. Each Archangel illuminates specific attributes and qualities of Creator, God, and of All That Is through the immense Divine Light and love they carry.All Archangels end with the “el” suffix.  “El” meaning “in God” and the first half of the name meaning what each individual Angel specializes in.  Archangels are able to be in many places at one time.  You never have to feel that your “problem” isn’t important enough to bother them with.  That is what they’re there for, to help you grow.  The most popular Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel who are depicted in the Christian Bible.The word “archangel” comes from the Greek ἀρχάγγελος (archangelos), meaning chief angel, a translation of the Hebrew רב־מלאך (rav-mal’ákh). It derives from the Greek archein, meaning to be first in rank or power; and angelos which means messenger or envoy. Another possible interpretation of the seven archangels is that these seven are the seven spirits of God that stand before the throne described in the Book of Enoch, and in the Book of Revelation.Sacred Visionary Art by Erial Ali http://www.erial.us:

The Seven Archangels are said to be the guardian angels of nations and countries, and are concerned with the issues and events surrounding these, including politics, military matters, commerce and trade.It is possible to make a distinction between archangel (with a lower-case a) and Archangel (with an uppercase A). The former can denote the second-lowest choir (arch-angels in the sense of being just above the lowest Choir of angels that is called only “angels”) but the latter may denote the highest of all the angels (i.e., Arch-angels in the sense of being above all angels, of any Choir. The seven highest Seraphim, Michael, being the highest of all).The Archangels serve according to Divine will within the Heavens and on Earth, and their missions are often closely intertwined with helping humanity, because of this, their presence has been documented in many of the worlds religions.Archangels exist outside of any one religion or culture, and they exist outside of time and space. They are able to view reality, including our past, present and future as one stream of energy within the present moment, which enables them to offer powerful guidance and enlightening new perspectives.

Archangels can appear to different people in locations across the world, all at the same time. They are great beings of light and unconditional love who coordinate and oversee guardian angels, guides, and other angels who provide help to us on Earth. Archangels project the light of the Divine and the energy of unconditional love always.

Archangels are highly evolved spiritual beings of the light, who are more than willing to offer their love, guidance, healing,and support whenever we ask, but will not interfere without our permission.

Michael /Also known: Beshter,Mika’il,Sabbathiel 

Meaning – “Who is like God”, “Like unto God”, “Who is like the Divine”.The first Angel created by God, Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity.  Michael protects us physically, emotionally and psychically.  He also oversees the light worker’s life purpose.  His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear.  Michael carries a flaming sword that he uses to cut through etheric cords and protects us from Satan and negative entities.  When he’s around you may see sparkles or flashes of bright blue or purple light.  Call on Michael if you find yourself under psychic attack or if you feel you lack commitment, motivation and dedication to your beliefs, courage, direction, energy, vitality, self-esteem, worthiness.  Michael helps us to realize our life’s purpose and he’s invaluable to light workers helping with protection, space clearing and spirit resettlement. Michael conquered the fallen Angel Satan, was in the Garden of Eden to teach Adam how to farm and care for his family, spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and in 1950 he was canonized as Saint Michael, “the patron of Police Officers,” because he helps with heroic deeds and bravery.  Michael also has an incredible knack for fixing electrical and mechanical devices, including computers and automobiles.  If your automobile breaks down, call on Michael.Michael helps us to follow our truth without compromising our integrity and helps us to find our true natures and to be faithful to who we really are.  Other times when you may find Michael helpful is when your job is too demanding with impossible deadlines to reach, when you have an addiction, if you’re very ill and suffering from a degenerative disease or terminal illness and when you suffer from nightmares.

Angel of Courage | © Hans Georg Leiendecker: Raphael/Also known:Labbiel

Meaning – “Healing power of God”, “The Divine has healed”, “God heals”

Hebrew word rapha means “doctor” or “healer”.  Raphael is a powerful healer and assists with all forms of healing – humans and animals.  He helps to rapidly heal body, mind and spirit if called upon, as in the biblical story of Abraham and the pain he felt after being circumcised as an adult.  You may call upon Raphael in behalf of someone else, but he can’t interfere with that person’s free will.  If they refuse spiritual treatment, it can’t be forced.

The chummiest and funniest of all Angels, Raphael is often pictured chatting merrily with mortal beings.  He’s very sweet, loving, kind and gentle and you know that he’s around when you see sparkles or flashes of green light.

Part of Raphael’s healing work involves spirit releasement and space clearing.  He often works with Michael to exorcise discarnate entities and escort away lower energies from people and places.

As well as a healer, Raphael is known as the “Patron of Travelers” because of his help with Tobias and his travels.  Call upon Raphael when you are traveling, to assure safe travel.  In addition, he assures that all your transportation, lodging and luggage details go miraculously well.  Raphael also helps with inward spiritual journeys, assisting in searches for truth and guidance.

Raphael taught Tobias how to make balms and ointments from a fish which cured Tobias’ father blindness.  Raphael can be called upon to help healers such as doctors, therapist and surgeons.  Call on Raphael if you’re a student entering the healing field and you’re looking for the right school and/or are in need of help with studies, as well as getting the time and money for school.  He also assists with establishing healing practices when your schooling is finished.  Raphael not only helps you to heal from physical, emotional and mental pain, he also heals wounds from past lives.

Other areas Raphael helps with is finding lost pets, reducing and eliminating addictions and cravings, clairvoyance, bringing unity to your life, if you feel out of touch with your spirituality, if you’ve lost a partner and/or your soul/body doesn’t feel “whole”.

Gabriel/Also known:Abruel,Jibril,Jiburili,Serafili

Meaning – “Strength of God”; “The Divine is my strength”; “God is my strength”

The only Archangel depicted as female in art and literature, Gabriel is known as the “messenger” Angel and is one of the four Archangels named in Hebrew tradition and is considered one of the two highest-ranking Angels in Judeo-Christian and Islamic religious lore. Apart from Michael, she is the only Angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament.  She is a powerful and strong Archangel, and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action that leads to beneficial results.

Gabriel can bring messages to you just as she did to Elizabeth and Mary of the impending births of their sons, John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. If you are considering starting a family, Gabriel helps hopeful parents with conception or through the process of adopting a child.

Contact Gabriel if your third eye is closed and your spiritual vision is therefore blocked. If you wish to receive visions of Angelic guidance regarding the direction you are going in. If you wish to receive prophecies of the changes ahead. If you need help in interpreting your dreams and vision.

Gabriel helps anyone whose life purpose involves the arts or communication. She acts as a coach, inspiring and motivating artists, journalist and communicators and helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.

Gabriel also helps us to find our true calling. Ask for Gabriel’s guidance if you have strayed from your soul’s pathway, if you wish to understand your life plan and purpose. She can also help if you can find no reason for being or if changes are ahead and you need guidance. If you are contemplating a house move, major purchase or thinking of changing careers.Rainbow Angel. Colourfull & Magical. ❤:

Call Gabriel if your body is full of toxins and needs purifying and if your thoughts are impure or negative and need clearing and cleansing. Gabriel is also very helpful for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted and feel dirty as well as being under psychic attack or if you feel that you have absorbed someone else’s problems.


Meaning – “God is light”, “God’s light”, Fire of God”

Uriel is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of his intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight, but he is very subtle.  You may not even realize he has answered your prayer until you’ve suddenly come up with a brilliant new idea.

Uriel warned Noah of the impending flood, helped the prophet Ezra to interpret mystical predictions about the coming Messiah and delivered the Cabal to humankind.  He also brought the knowledge and practice of alchemy and the ability to manifest from thin air, as well as illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings.  All this considered, Uriel’s area of expertise is divine magic, problem solving, spiritual understanding, studies, alchemy, weather, earth changes and writing.  Considered to be the Archangel who helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disaster and earth changes, call on Uriel to avert such events or to heal and recover in their aftermathIn the eighth century, the Christian Church became alarmed at the rampant and excessive zeal with which many of the faithful were revering Angels.  For some unknown reason, in 745 A.D. under Pope Zachary, a Roman council ordered seven Angels removed from the ranks of the Church recognized Angels, one of them being Uriel.

Found at: marjobell http://jajoz.me/1MeRQZA: Chamuel/Also known;  Camael,  Camiel,Camiul,Camniel,Cancel,Jahoel,Kemuel,Khamael,Seraphiel,Shemue

Meaning – “He who sees God”, “He who seeks God”

The Archangel of pure love, Chamuel can lift you from the depths of sorrow and find love in your heart.  Chamuel helps us to renew and improve existing relationships as well as finding our soul mates.  He works with us to build strong foundations for our relationships (as well as careers) so they’re long-lasting, meaningful and healthy.  You’ll know he’s with you when you feel butterflies in your stomach and a pleasant tingling in your body.

If there’s a breakdown of your relationship, if you cling to your relationships and don’t allow your companion the freedom to be able to express themselves freely, call on Chamuel for guidance and support.  The other areas you can Chamuel can help is if you need to strengthen a parent-child bond, if you’re unable to feel love for yourself or others, if your heart has hardened and is full of negative emotions, if you have lost someone close through death or separation, if you and your children have experienced a divorce, if your heart is blocked with depression, hopelessness and despair, if you feel lonely and broken hearted, if you need to be loved, if you are judgmental and cynical or if you don’t appreciate the love that you have in your life.

Chamuel can also help with world peace, career, life purpose and finding lost items.

Jophiel/Also known:Iofiel,Iophiel,Jofiel,Zophiel

Meaning“Beauty of God”

Jophiel was the Angel present in the Garden of Eden and later watched over Noah’s sons.  The Archangel of art and beauty, he is the patron of artists, helping with artistic projects, thinking beautiful thoughts, to see and appreciate beauty around us.  Helping to create beauty at home and at work, Jophiel is the Archangel for interior decorators.   He illuminates our creative spark by giving us ideas and energy to carry out artistic ventures.  He also helps us to see the beauty in all things, including people.

As well as helping our creativity, Jophiel helps us to slow down and smell the roses.  Call on him if you need joy and laughter in your life or if you feel you’ve lost the light in your life.  He will also help if your soul is sleeping and needs awakening and if you wish to awaken a deeper understanding of who you are and seeking a connection with the higher self, so that you may take your first steps along your spiritual pathway.

You know Jophiel is at work if you are searching for answers to the questions in your life and wish the greater wisdom to be revealed to you, and all of a sudden you experience flashes of insight in which everything suddenly becomes clear.

Raguel/Also known:Akrasiel,Raguil,Rasuil,Rufael,Suryan

Meaning –  “Friend of God”

Referred to as the Archangel of Justice and Fairness, Raguel oversees all the other Archangels and Angels.  He watches over them to make sure they’re working well together in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to Divine order and will.

Raguel is the Archangel for the underdog.  Call on him for help when you need to be  empowered and respected.  He helps to resolve arguments, helps with cooperation and leads to harmony in groups and families.  Raguel defends the unfairly treated, and provides support with mediation of disputes.

In the Revelation of John, Raguel is referred to as an assistant to God in the following account: “Then shall He send the Angel Raguel, saying: Go and sound the trumpet for the Angels of cold and snow and ice, and bring together every kind of wrath upon them that stand on the left.”

Despite his exalted position, for some unexplained reason Raguel was reprobated in 745 A.D. by the Roman church (along with some other high-level Angels, including Uriel).  At this time Pope Zachary described Raguel as a demon who “passed himself off as a saint”.. Nice to see a male angel.:


Ariel means “lion of God” and is often associated with lions.  When Ariel is near you, you may begin seeing references to or visions of lions around you.  Ariel is also associated with the wind.  Found in books of Judaic mysticism and Cabalistic, Ariel works closely with King Solomon in conducting manifestation, spirit releasement and Divine magic.

Ariel also oversees the sprites, the nature Angels associated with water.  Ariel is involved with healing and protecting nature, including animals, fish and birds.  If you find an injured bird or other wild animal that needs healing, call upon Ariel for help.  Ariel also works closely with Raphael to heal animals in need.

Although he is described as a member of the Angelic hierarchy, he is also at times placed among the evil Angels as one of the fallen Angels who are routed by the stern and obedient seraph Abdiel during the war in heaven.

Azrael/Hebrew, Muslim

The much feared Angel of death in both Islamic and Hebrew lore, Azraels name means whom God helps.  Azraels primary role is to help people cross over to Heaven at the time of physical death.  He comforts people prior to their physical passing, makes sure they dont suffer during death and helps them assimilate on the other side.  Working as a grief counselor, he surrounds grieving family members with healing energy and helps them cope and thrive, and absorbs their pain.

Azrael has eyes and tongues exactly equal to the number of people inhabiting the world.  Each time he blinks one of his eyes, it signifies that another person has died.  Azrael also keeps track of the dying by recording the births of the living and erasing the names of those who have died.


Camael, his name meaning “he who sees God”, he is listed as one of the seven truly powerful Angels who have the great honor of standing in the very presence of God.  Originally the God of War in Druid mythology, he is frequently referred to as the ruler of the planet Mars, as well as one of the governing Angels of the seven planets.

In Cabalistic lore he is considered one of the ten Archangels.  According to Jewish custom, Camael serves as the mediator, taking prayers of Israel before the Angelic princes residing in the seventh heaven.Digital Portraits by Laura Sava:

Haniel/Babylonian, Cabalistic

Haniel’s name means “the grace of God” and is generally credited with the title of prince or chief of the Angelic orders or choirs of the principalities and virtues.  For this reason, Haniel is listed in some lists as one of the seven Archangels.  Some Cabalistic texts credit Haniel as escorting Enoch to the spirit world where he was transformed into the Angel Metatron, being on of the only two humans to ever become Angels (his brother Elijah being the other).

Haniel helps us to uncover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies such as potions, powders and crystals.  He will help you with whenever you need to speak in public and helps you to remain poised and centered.  You can also call on Haniel to help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life.


In ancient Judaic texts, Jeremiel is listed as one of the seven core Archangels, his name meaning (“mercy of God” or “whom God sets up”).  He is credited with helping Baruch, a prolific author of apocryphal Judaic texts in the first century A.D., with his prophetic visions. It is also said that he took Baruch on a tour of the different levels of Heaven.  The coming of the Messiah was one of Jeremiel’s visions.

Jeremiel is that Archangel who review’s our lives with us after we’ve crossed over.  He is also able to do this for us while we’re still living, helping us to review our life up till now so we can correct the wrongs we’ve done by making positive adjustments.  Through this, he’s able to help us make life changes, making us stronger and lead us to the right path.

Jeremiel also helps us with clairvoyance and prophetic visions, and helps us to interpret psychic dreams.

Metatron/Judaic, Cabalistic

One of the only two Archangels whose name does not end in “el” and one of the only two Archangels who were humans before becoming Angels (his brother Elijah/Sandalphon being the other).  His human name was Enoch.  The meaning of Metatron is unclear, but some believe it means “he who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne”, “the Angel of the Presence” or that his name is a derivation of the name Yahweh, the Jewish term for the unspoken sacred name of God.Falling:

One of the most important Angels in the Western tradition, he represents the supreme Angel of death, to whom God daily gives orders as to which souls will be taken that day. Metatron transmits these orders to his subordinates Gabriel and Sammael.

On earth Enoch was a prophet and scribe.  He was also a scholar on heavenly secrets, having received “The Book of the Angel Raziel”, a textbook about God’s workings penned by Archangel Raziel and given to Adam, Noah, Enoch and Solomon. As a result, God escorted Enoch directly to the seventh Heaven – the highest level – to reside and work. Enoch was given wings and transformed into a great Archangel named Metatron.

Since Metatron excelled at his work on earth, he was given a similar job in Heaven to scribe the records of everything that happens on earth and keep the Akashic records, which is the “Book of Life”. He is the chief recorder in Heaven and in charge of recording and organizing all the records. He helps us understand Heaven’s perspective and to learn how to work with the Angelic realm.

He has a special place in his heart for children, especially those who are spiritually gifted. After the Exodus, Metatron led the children of Israel through the wilderness and into safety. He continues to lead children today, both on Earth and in Heaven and helps them to adjust to Heaven after crossing over.

Raziel/ Judaic, Cabalistic

Raziel works very closely with the Creator and its believed he knows all of the secrets of the Universe and how it operates. He wrote down all of these secrets in a tome of symbols and Divine magic called “The Book of the Angel Raziel”.  After Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, Raziel gave Adam the book for guidance about manifestation and God’s grace. Later the prophet Enoch received the book prior to his ascension and transformation into Archangel Metatron. Noah was also given a copy of the book by Archangel Raphael and Noah used the information to build his ark and help its inhabitants after the flood.

Raziel can help you understand esoteric material, manifestation principles, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other high-level information. He can also open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. Like a Divine wizard, Raziel can also assist you with alchemy, clairvoyance, and divine magic.

Sandalphon/Judaic, Cabalistic

Only one of the two Archangels whose name doesn’t end with an “el”, Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron. The twins are the only Archangels in Heaven who were originally mortal men. Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah and Metatron was the wise man Enoch. God gave both men their immortal assignments as Archangels to reward them for their good work upon Earth, allowing them to continue their sacred service from Heaven.

Elijah’s ascension occurred when he was lifted up to Heaven in a fiery chariot pulled by two horses of fire, accompanied by a whirlwind, an even recorded in the second chapter of the Book of 2 Kings.

Sandalphon’s chief role is to carry human prayers to God so they may be answered.  He’s said to be so tall that he extends from Earth to Heaven. Ancient Cabalistic lore says that Sandalphon can help expectant parents determine the gender of their forthcoming child and many also believe that he’s involved with music as well.


Somos Luz y conciencia pura: Meditation is the simple practice of quieting the chatter of your mind by focusing on one thing. With practice, meditation can open the door to experiencing the divine light and beauty of the spiritual realms.

When it comes to meditation, there are many preconceived ideas about the right way to meditate. But really, there is no one way to meditate that is the “right way”. This post isn’t about finding the perfect way to meditate, it’s simply about engaging in the practice, and keeping it simple to begin because meditation is effective in many shapes and sizes.

When you think of a person meditating, a monk sitting in a temple meditating for hours may come to mind. Yes, this is meditation, but so is the person sitting on a bench in a crowded train station, who is just focusing on their breath, and being fully present for the three minutes until their train arrives.

Meditation is a tool for taking responsibility for your mental state, regardless of what is happening in your life.  It is a process of getting to know your own mind, and then transforming your mental state for the positive.

Meditation has many benefits. It can play a significant role in increasing your happiness, well-being, concentration, and it can even boost your bodies immune system, it helps reduce anxiety or depression, and can help you cope with the challenges, obstacles, and confusions of life.

Meditation can also be accomplished, with your physical body being active, and practiced while enjoying a walk or run in nature, stretching, or while taking a shower. Meditation can be effective when you create a formal meditation space and listen to a guided meditation recording, or you can just sit on the couch in silence for two minutes, focusing within, breathing, and resetting your mind.Meditation is not only about sitting quietly without thinking, it’s about focusing the mind through patience, practice, and persistence to tap into profoundly peaceful, and energized states of mind. Meditation can help you to completely alter your perception in a positive way through increasing your awareness of every aspect of the physical.Effortlessly cleanse and clear your energy so you can easily connect with the realms of angels and with greater Divine love and light than ever before.

Angels are highly developed spiritual beings whose life mission is to guide us and help us in our everyday lives.

These ethereal beings are invisible, as they possess no material body. While we cannot see them with our physical eyes, we can all sense their presence and feel their beneficial energy, love, and light.Daniel B Holeman art:

Meditation with Angels is a powerful, and truly wonderful way to heal your soul, mind, and body. This meditation sort of builds an invisible channel toward the super sensible world. The more you meditate, the stronger this channel is. The more you meditate, the less difficulty there is for receiving Angel’s help. In some spiritual tradition, this channel is called Tube of Light.

The Angels will happily guide you through your daily meditations, especially if you want to dissolve the inner barriers that no longer serve you or your life purpose.

The Angels will happily guide you through your daily meditations, especially if you want to dissolve the inner barriers that no longer serve you or your life purpose.

There are so many meditations that are self-centered in their core. Here, you try not to be self-centered. Here you want to create space for higher guidance. Because of that, invoking Angels during meditation has so many benefits that you can be truly amazed with the results. And not only that. Your family, friends, and colleagues will notice the change too.

There are numerous Angels to guide you on your journey through spiritual awakening and development. But, there is only one special Angel for every one of us. This Angel is usually called Guardian Angel. From the time you are born to the time you leave this earthly existence and return home to the spirit world, you are under the special care and protection of your Guardian Angel.

Find a Comfortable Place to Sit and Meditate

When learning to meditate, finding a quiet, comfortable place to sit will really help by eliminating distractions so that you can focus within. With practice, you can learn to meditate anywhere, like standing up in a busy chaotic environment, or laying down (without falling asleep), but for beginners, a comfortable chair, bench or meditation cushion is an ideal place to begin. If you don’t have a meditation cushion, you don’t need to buy one. Just work with what you have, and find a place where you can peacefully sit for a few minutes without being interrupted.

Breathe :

Close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply. Focusing your attention on your breath is a great way to learn to meditate, and to begin any meditation practice. Taking deep and deliberate breaths physically calms your body by slowing down your heart rate, relaxing your muscles, and it gives you something useful to focus your mind on… Your breath. Consciously breathe. It’s a wonderful way to meditate.Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. Then breathe out fully, and repeat this process 3 or 4 times, or until you feel totally relaxed.

Light a Candle

Simply closing your eyes, breathing, and tapping into your inner peace may be a challenge when you’re first learning to meditate. If you’re finding it difficult to release your thoughts, light a candle and gaze into the flame. Using the candle light as your point of focus, can be a powerful way to focus your mind on one thing (the candle). If you don’t have a candle, imagine a blank screen before your mind, and patiently gaze upon it, noticing any flashes of light, colors, or shapes which appear.

Focus on a Divine Quality

Another way to meditate is to choose a quality you would like to embody, like archangels, love, joy or compassion. Fill your mind with this quality, and focus on it fully and completely. Say you choose to meditate on love. Release any thoughts which are not related to love, and focus entirely on what Archangels are. When have you experienced their presence? What does they look, like, feel like, and sound like? Actively refocus your mind on tuning into love completely, letting go of any other worries, thoughts, or doubts for just a few minutes as a daily meditation.

Once you are relaxed, ask what the name of your Guardian Angel is. Wait for as long as it takes, don’t try and force the answer to come or you might miss it when it does.

Don’t just accept the first name that comes to you, let names come and go as they please. Wait without forcing the final answer. Wait until there comes a name that wont’ leave your mind, the one that reappears over and over again. Most likely that’s the name of your Guardian Angel.

"Forget what you know, and know what you have forgotten".: Release Thoughts As They Appear (And they will)When first learning to meditate, it’s important to note that meditation is an active process. You don’t set the intention to meditate and instantly your mind responds with complete clarity and presence (though wouldn’t that be nice). As you begin a meditation, there is a natural process of consciously releasing thoughts that do and will appear. Notice when a thought does appear, acknowledge it, and return your focus to your breath. Meditation is about being present and aware. If you notice you are getting aggravated or frustrated, thinking things just acknowledge the frustration or feeling, and let it go as you return your focus to your breath, to gazing into the candle light, or focusing upon the blank screen before you.If you want guidance from your Guardian Angel (or any other Angel for that matter) during a meditation session, just invoke their name and ask them for help. Angels are trained not to interfere with the will of the person they protect. So, asking for help is a must. The angel you invoke will be there instantly to help you.

You can ask for help with anything you want, as long as it serves your greater good and doesn’t harm other people. Angels are glad to help, and they won’t refuse to help even with the most insignificant request. You just need to be ready to take action when the help arrives.

Not only do you have the help of your Guardian Angel, you also have God, all of the other Angels, Archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters, and Higher Spiritual Beings.

Here is a short reminder whose help you might want to call upon.

Invoke the help of Archangel Michael for increased faith and protection.

Invoke the help of Archangel Jophiel for enlightenment and Divine wisdom.

Invoke the help of Archangel Chamuel for devotion and celebration of life.

Invoke the help of Archangel Gabriel for resurrection of everything that is good and noble in your life.

Invoke the help of Archangel Raphael for healing.

Invoke the help of Archangel Uriel for increased peace and selfless service.

Invoke the help of Archangel Zadkiel for a sense of real Divine freedom.✣...Every great Teacher who has ever walked the planet has told you that life was meant to be Abundant... ✣ James Ray Image:

We begin by taking in a very deep breath and inhaling all of the good energy from the angels and on the exhale, letting go of anything that could be stressing or bothering us.

Just letting it go. (Exhale)

And as we continue to breathe in and out very deeply, we call upon your guardian angels and the archangels to make their presence known.

And perhaps you can feel them around your shoulders, your head, your heart, or other parts of your body, feeling them as a tingling or warmth or just a feeling generally of safety and peace.

And even if you can’t exactly feel them right at this moment, know that they are with you and ready and willing to help you with whatever will bring you peace. So if you think of a question that you have for the angels or any requests for their help, and just take a moment and mentally ask this of your angel, now.



And we let this question, this request, go to your angels.

We let go of any worries about how your prayer will be answered and we trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine infinite mind of God, who gives all messages to you and from you through these beautiful, glorious angels.

We ask the angels to surround you with extra insulation of protective love, helping you all throughout the day to have glorious experiences, wonderful new experiences and opportunities, and just feel the peace of God within your heart and your mind, today.
If you need a healing meditation You can ask Archangel Raphael to send you His flame of healing and perfection, so that you can become aware of the original perfection of your physical body, feel the perfection of your emotional body, and always think perfect thoughts.

Don’t just ask for help. Calm your mind, calm your feelings, calm your body, and be prepared to receive the beautiful soothing energies of the Angels. There is no shortage of help in the spirit world for you. Archangel Raphael and Mother Merry will gladly help you each time you ask. But you have to ask for help in order to receive help.

Below we present a step by step guide into such a meditation. Don’t just follow it blindly. Adapt it to your specific needs.

Another important tip: Don’t focus on seeing the Angel(s). Unless you are clairvoyant, that rarely happens, if ever. Focus on sensing the changes in your inner world instead.

 Two suns will shine in your skies supplying you with constant illumination as the enlightenment within you has come to full integration. That second sun represents all of you fully enlightened and hence it is a reflection thereof in your outer world. This Now time is a time of constant enlightenment. | Spirit: Angelic Meditation

Let go of any concerns with regards to the outcome of your meditation (prayer). Remember, you are not doing this with a materialistic goal in mind. Confirm it to yourself that even If nothing happens, your Angel has received your message and that you will be fine. Therefore, relax and let it happen. Believe in the infinite wisdom of God and the power of His Angels.

Take in a couple of deep breaths, and relax even more.

Invoke the name of the Angel you are praying to and ask for help.

Feel the instant reply in a form of positive energy.

Inhale and let all the blessings and loving energy from the Angel flow into your body.

As you exhale, let go of all the illness, stress, anxiety, and negative energy.

Repeat this breathing cycle seven times.

Stay in the presence of the loving energies of your Angel for a couple of minutes.

As you exit your meditation, ask the Angel to give you an extra layer of protection and love.

Feel the presence of the Angel inside of you, in your heart. Feel the Angel’s energy everywhere in your body. Notice the tingling or warmth in your muscles, and enjoy the feelings of safety and peace.

Feel how refreshed you’ve become and walk out of your meditation with the peace of God in your heart and mind.

Again, you have to ask for help, as God and His Angels can’t intervene unless you give them permission to because of the law of free will. The only time they can intervene without your permission is if you are in a life threatening situation and are likely to die before your time.