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Archangel Chammuel


Chamuel (also known as Kamael) means “One who seeks God.” Other spellings include Camiel and Samael.  Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of peaceful relationships. He is sometimes confused with Samael, an “angel” who has dark and destructive leanings. The confusion likely stems from the similar sound of their names. But rest assured that Chamuel is entirely of God’s light.

Archangel Chamuel’s name comes from the verb lenachem in Hebrew, which means comfort and compassion. Another interpretation of the name Chamuel is ‘He who sees God’. I imagine that what Archangel Chamuel sees is really the aspect of God that is love because he is the archangel of the pink ray of divine love.

In the Kabbalah, Chamuel (as Kamael) is the archangel of the Geburah, the fifth Sephirah (aspect of God) on the Tree of Life, denoting strength and courage through severity. Kabbalists consider Chamuel (Kamael) one of the Seraphim, which is the highest level of the choirs of angels.

As “he who sees God,” Chamuel has omniscient vision, and he sees the connection between everyone and everything.People sometimes ask for Chamuel’s help to: discover more about God’s unconditional love, find inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, forgive people who have hurt or offended them, find and nurture romantic love, and reach out to serve people in turmoil who need help to find peace.

Archangel Chammuel is considered a leader within the angelic order known as the Powers. This angelic order is responsible for keeping our world safe from fear based lower energy. Archangel Chammuel will also help to protect us personally, helping to raise the vibration within and around our lives.

Archangel Chammuel –  “He Who Sees God”. Also known as Chamuel, Kemuel, Shemuel, Seraphiel, Camiel, Camiul, Khamael, Camniel, Cancel and Jahoel.

Camael appears as a warrior dressed in a red tunic. He image2wears green armour plates, an iron helmet and has large green wings.

The Angel of Divine Love and the Patron Angel of all who love God. He is traditionally regarded as chief of the Order of Powers and one of the sefiroth. He is considered to be one of the seven archangels who stand before God and one of the governing angels of the seven planets, specifically ruler of the planet Mars.

A gatekeeper of Heaven, Camael is Chief of twelve-thousand fiery Angels of Destruction, all posted there with Camael at the portals of the sky.

Originally the God of War, Camael personifies divine justice and governs Heavenly singing. He grants Power, Invisibility, and invincibility. Camael is responsible for holding in check Leviathan, the monster of evil who will swallow the souls of sinners on Judgment Day.

Camael brings to mankind the gift of Godness, the Holy that exists within all women and men.

Camael gives power in interpersonal relationships and self-discipline, but the most impressive trait of this Archangel is his knowledge of Karma. Camael can show you how to make up for bad karma and how to purify yourself in this incarnation. He acts as a judge and can, on your behalf, make sure justice is served. He will only help, however, if he feels you are honest.

Chammuel helps do this in many ways, some of which are helping to raise the vibration of our relationships, helping us to attract and experience positive, balanced, healthy relationships of all kinds, i.e. friendships, romantic relationships, spouse-soul mate, business partnerships and employment and careers, etc.  An Archangel aligned with Positive Connections; Chammuel assists us in attracting and experiencing relationships with high integrity, personal compatibility and relationships with high energetic vibration.

Image result for Angels ChamuelArchangel Chammuel is also an Angelic Ambassador of Love Connections!  Specializing in reuniting soul-mates, couples who have created soul contracts to connect within their life journey.

You were born on a Tuesday. Your special archangel is Chamuel, whose name means “he who sees God.”

Title: Archangel of Love

Duty: Love, compassion, creativity, forgiveness

Ray:                               3rd Ray
 Pink  (all shades)
   Air. Developing the higher emotions
Rose Quartz, Flourite
  Friday, Monday, Tuesday
 Venus, Mars
AdveRose Quartz, Green nturine, Jade, Prehnite
Deer, Dove, Rabbit, Butterfly
Cherry and Apple
Essential Oil:                
Rose Otto and Rose
Aries, Scorpio Associated 


Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you to heal yourself by erasing feelings of low self-esteem, self-hatred and selfishness. Archangel Chamuel is good at helping you find lost items, such as your keys or where your car is parked. He will help you in all aspects of your relationships with others. He will fight off negative forces within your midst – cruelty, hatred, addiction and depression. Call on Archangel Chamuel if you ever have sinking spirits about something. His pure love conquers all.

Affirmation: “I am divine. I am love.”

Since one of Chammuel’s primary responsibilities is to protect us personally and globally from fear based, lower energy, he is especially helpful with aligning our focus on the True Power of the Universe, Love.

image3Archangel Chamuel helps to renew and improve your loving relationships with others by helping to develop the Heart Chakra. Essential oils of Rose Otto and Rose can be used to connect with Archangel Chamuel, and are used to open the heart chakra, bringing love, inner-peace and emotional balance. When you expand your heart chakra your cosmic heart becomes open and you can connect to the love of the cosmos.
The Pink Ray of Archangel Chamuel takes the heat out of emotional stress and restores equilibrium without suppressing the release process.
Archangel Chamuel brings the energies of unconditional love, beauty and compassion, and specializes in emotional healing.
Archangel Chammuel helps align our energy with Love, he helps us attract, accept and experience, beauty, joy and love within our lives and helps us to recognize the Divine Essence within everyone and within everything, including ourselves.

If invited, Archangel Chammuel will lovingly and gently release and heal old thought patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us, and unhealed energy that has been blocking our pathway to realizing True Love within our life.

Chammuel has a loving, sweet gentle angelic energy and his color is often seen as pale green. Archangel Chammuel, like all those within the Angelic Realm, will come with unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good and always honoring our Free Will.