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Archangel Gabriel


Gabriel is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels. Jewish tradition (including the non-canonical book of Enoch) identifies Gabriel as one of seven archangels, the Bible does not actually state that Gabriel is an archangel. Yet Gabriel clearly has a high position among the angels since his name is mentioned in God’s Word along with Lucifer and Michael. His name means “The Strength of God” and his deeds are recorded in the Jewish scriptures, where he aided the Prophet Daniel in the interpretation of his dreams.

The Archangel Gabriel appears as a mature male with long silver hair. Muscular in form and clothed in white/silver robe which shines in the light. Some say he also has a silver crescent ornament on his brow.

The Jews venerated Gabriel as the angel of judgment, and in both Jewish and Christian tradition he is one of the seven archangels. Gabriel is also known to Moslems, who believe him to be the angel who served as the mouthpiece of God in dictating the Koran to Mohammed.

Is probably most well-known for the Annunciation where he told Mary of the impending birth of Christ.  Generally Gabriel is seen as a slightly more benevolent spirit than his ally Michael. He was also the messenger that brought news of the coming birth of John the Baptist and appeared to Zacharias.

It is also told that he was the angel responsible for the downfall of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as other places of sin throughout the Old Testament although he is never named there as such.
“Within all of the legends of birthing, Gabriel has been accredited as the angel who selects souls from heaven to be birthed into the material world and spends the nine months as the child is being developed informing the new person of what he or she will need to know on Earth, only to silence the child before birth by pressing his finger onto the child’s lips, thus producing the cleft below a person’s nose. In the first role, Gabriel guides hopeful parents toward child conception or through the process of adopting a child.

Gabriel gives strength and courage to these parents, and helps moms-to-be stay centered in blissful faith to create the best atmosphere for their baby. In the second role, the archangel helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication. Call upon Gabriel for help, guidance, and agenting if you’re an actor, artist, author, dancer, journalist, model, musician, reporter, singer, songwriter, teacher, or do anything involving delivering spiritual messages. Gabriel will open doors to help you express your talent in a big way. The archangel also acts as a coach, inspiring and motivating artists and communicators, and helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.Image result for Angels gabriel

Gabriel has long been known as a powerful and strong archangel, and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action that leads to beneficial results. Gabriel is definitely an archangel of action. Besides births however, Gabriel is also the angel who came before Daniel and told him of the future as well as the angel responsible for strengthening Christ prior to the Crucifixion.”

Because Gabriel helped the prophet Daniel interpret his dreams, those seeking similar aid with their own dream-work may find it helpful to call Gabriel. He is pictured with a horn or sometimes a Lilly, depicting his announcement to Mary about the birth of Jesus. Gabriel is the exalted Messenger of God. He/she is the angel of the western quarter and represents the element of water. He comforts us with our emotional as well as physical ailments, and is most important as a guide to help souls that have passed cross over to the other side. Some people believe that Gabriel is a female spirit.

Additionally he is called messenger because Gabriel announced the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, women hoping for heavenly assistance in trying to conceive children have reported benefits from petitions to Angel Gabriel, while keeping a candle burning to him in their home.

He is indeed a divine messenger and will bring news to you in your dreams of a birth in the family.

Gabriel embodies purity and is the messenger angel responsible for communication. This can be within you and with others. Gabriel helps us to find our true calling. Ask for Gabriel’s guidance if you, wish to understand your life’s purpose, if you feel you have strayed from your soul’s pathway, if you can find no reason for being, if there are changes ahead and you need guidance, if you are contemplating a house move or major purchase, thinking of changing career or considering starting a family.

Gabriel has touched the lives of many different religions as well. According to Muslims, Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed over a period of 23 years and also accompanied the Prophet on his Night Journey. Because of Gabriel’s role as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth, Catholics hold the Archangel to be a Patron Saint of broadcasters, telecommunications workers, diplomats, messengers, and postal workers. Christians believe that at the Last Judgment Gabriel will blow a sacred trumpet horn.

image2You were born on a Monday. Your special archangel is Gabriel, whose name means “God is my strength.”

Title: Archangel of Mercy

Duty: Emotional balance, communication, purity, guidance

Ray:                           2nd Ray
Colour:                      Orange and White, sea Green
Focus:                       Creativity, vitality and originality
Chakra:                     Sacral Chakra
Element:                   Water
Planet:                      Moon
Day:                          Monday
Direction:                  West
Crystals:                   Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite,
Metal:                       Silver
Trees:                       Pear trees and Weeping Willows
Flowers:                   White Lilies
Animals:                   Wolves and Owls
Essential Oils:          Jasmine and Camphor
Astrology/Zodiac:     Cancer


Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you remember your purpose in life and to help you add more order and discipline to your life. Archangel Gabriel will open many new ways for you to express yourself. It is believed that he can help you with conceiving or adopting a child. He announces the coming of goodness and opportunity. He is majestic and powerful and will impart his vast knowings to you through his energy.

Affirmation: “Today I will embrace all that comes into my life and raise the spirits of others.”

Archangel Gabriel provides support with all areas and
aspects of communication, spoken, written or expressed through song and/or art.  From working in Broadcast news, radio announcers, journalists, publicists, spokespersons, writers and authors of every expression, speech writers, public speaking, playwrights, lyricists, musicians, actors, artists, etc., etc.  If the energy is related with communication, with delivering a message, expression through written or spoken word or through any form of artistic expression, Gabriel is the go-to-Angel!Archangel Gabriel presides over the Sephira Yesod and the Moon rules over the Tree of Life Sephirah (Yesod).
Archangel Gabriel is known as the ‘Angel of the Annunciation’, the ‘Angel of Resurrection’, the ‘Chief Ambassador to Humanity’, the ‘Angel of Revelation’, and the ‘Bringer of Good News, Judgement and Mercy’. Archangel Gabriel is the ‘Angel of Harmony, Beauty, Purification and Art’, the ‘Angel of Joy and the Spirit of Truth’, and is the ‘awakening’ Archangel and the ‘soul’s guardian’.2-R40-E1-1620-30 Guido Reni, Erzengel Gabriel Reni, Guido 1575-1642. 'Erzengel Gabriel', undat. Oel auf Leinwand, 58 x 47 cm. Pawlowsk, Grosser Palast E: Reni / Archangel Gabriel Reni, Guido 1575-1642. 'Archangel Gabriel', undated. Oil on canvas, 58 x 47cm. Pavlovsk, Imperial Palace. F: Guido Reni / L'Archange Gabriel Reni, Guido , 1575-1642. - 'L'Archange Gabriel lors de l'annonce a Marie'. - Huile sur toile. H. 0,58 , L. 0,47. Pavlovsk, Grand Palais.
Archangel Gabriel, being the angel of the ‘Annunciation’, announced the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ. It is also said that Archangel Gabriel inspired and communicated with Joan of Arc.
Archangel Gabriel teaches us to seek angelic help and guidance through invocation, ritual, meditation and dreams and helps to raise our conscious in order to increase our awareness of angels.
Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of the West and rules over the element of Water. Archangel Gabriel also works in the purest essence of every ray, the pure white Light.
Archangel Gabriel governs the Base or Sacral chakra, and when this chakra is functioning at its optimum, you have the thrust and energy to get things done and feel passionate about achieving your goals and making a success of your life. You also put more energy towards your relationships and social contacts. Gabriel is in charge of the development of the Base  and Sacral chakras of the planet and humanity as a whole.
Archangel Gabriel is the archangel of the mind and can be called upon to help with mental challenges, to help construct alternative choices for outcomes in situations, and to help with decision-making.

Gabriel is the angel of the West and therefore is the angel of the element of Water. He is also considered to be the angel of the Moon and is because of this that his Tarot Card is The High Priestess.

The colors that suit Gabriel the best are white and silver. However Black and Blue have been used from time to time. And even Brown and Green. Brown and Green mainly have been used because of their connection with the Zodiac sign Cancer which is said to be associated with Gabriel.

Animals are connected to him. Spiders, Moths, Dogs, Crabs, Shellfish, Seagull, Owls, and White Peacock are the ones mostly associated with him.

Trees are also associated with our dear archangel Gabriel and they include Almond, Bay, Palm, Coconut, Hazel, Papaya, and the Weeping Willow.When incorporating Gabriel into a ritual and you’d like to and offerings on your alter there are a few fruit that are associated with him as well. Pear, Lichee, and Melon are said to be the best to use.