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Archangel Metatron


Metatron (Hebrew מטטרון) or Mattatron is an archangel in Judaism, known as the Recording Angel or the Chancellor of Heaven (which makes Adramelech his infernal counterpart). The name Metatron is not mentioned in the Hebrew bible, nor is it mentioned in the early Enoch literature.

The meaning of his name is disputed between mystics, resonates best is “He who works from behind the Throne” (of God). This fits with his status as the Archangel who can bring humankind to the highest possible vibration. He is sometimes known as Lord Metatron.

Archangel Metatron is also called the “Archangel of the Face of God”. He is considered the guardian, messenger and mediator through whom theophanic manifestations occur in the visible world. Archangel Metatron is the one through whom the divine aspects of clemency and justice are manifested in a certain way. Metatron is also the leader of the so-called celestial hosts, which means that through his subtle sphere of spiritual force the principle of the royal powers are manifested, as well as those priestly or pontifical powers, which give him the divine office of mediator.

Archangel Metatron is associated with the Kabbala, the Tree of Life and sacred geometric shapes – none more so than the so-called “Metatron cube” or, as I prefer, “Metatron star” – the 3D merkaba or Star of David, otherwise known as the ascension vehicle.Archangel Metatron is known as the ‘Angel of Life’, he guards over the ‘Tree of Life’ and takes note of all deeds and relays them to the ‘Book of Life’, or the Akashic Records.
Archangel Metatron is said to mean ‘he who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne’.
Archangel Metatron represents judgement of the Divine throne and the brilliance and glory of God. Metatron acts as a bridge between humans and the Divine.

Image result for Angels metatronHis healing is sent in the form of the vibration of these sacred geometric shapes entering your system at your crown chakra and flowing through all chakras for perfect balance.

Metatron is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels.  Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels,” Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides.

Archangel Metatron represents pure white light, aids children’s developmental problems, wisdom, awakenings and new realities. Archangel Metatron is the overseer of the Indigo and Crystal children; those who have incarnated to awaken our planet. Metatron is also closely aligned with children and adults that are sensitive to the spiritual realm. Each Archangel has specific qualities that distinguish their characteristics and their specific angelic responsibilities.  Archangel Metatron is an Angelic Ambassador of Prioritization, Organization, Focus, Motivation, Writing and Angelic Ambassador for the Children of Ascension

You were born on a Thursday. Your special archangel is Metatron, whose name means “one who serves behind the throne.”Archangel Metatron is called the ‘Angel of the Presence’, the ‘Chancellor of Heaven’, the ‘Angel of the Covenant’, and the ‘King of the Angels’. Metatron is known as ‘Chief Elohim’, and is called the ‘Almighty Eternal Lord’ and ‘the Divine Voice of the Father’. Archangel Metatron is the ‘Angel of Sacred Geometry’ and the ‘Angel of Organization’.
Ask powerful archangel Metatron to help you to keep your mind free of clutter so that you have room for the truths that will allow you to evolve into the best that you can be. He can help you with children’s issues and organization. Archangel Metatron is said to be the keeper of the Akashic records and at one time was in fact human, which makes it easy for him to help us connect with our higher selves.

Archangel Metatron is also known as the Angel of Ascension. Some sources claim he is the highest of the Archangels, Archangel who watches over indigo and crystal souls and sensitive children in general, helping them channel their sensitivities for good and without fear. He is one of only two Archangels – the other being Archangel Sandalphon – who is thought to have had a human incarnation on earth, as the Biblical prophet and scribe, Enoch. This association with writing and wisdom means that he can be a great ally for writers, especially those seeking to spread, clarify and present spiritual truths.

Image result for Angels metatronTitle: Archangel of the Covenant; Chancellor of Heaven

Duty: Holds the link between human and divine
Color/s:        White and Pink with Green swirls.
Focus:           Spiritual evolution, enlightenment, light body activation and ascension
Chakra:         Soul Star Chakra, Stellar Gateway Chakra
Crystals:        Lapis Lazuli, Hyspersthene, Kyanite, Labradorite
Archangel Metatron presides over the Sephira Kether on the Tree of Life.

Affirmation: “I can create from the power of my own thoughts.”

Force idea:” I am united with the source of all goodness, love and creativity.”

Symbolism: Metatron appears as the most earthly of Archangels, as he was once a wise and virtuous man whom God took up into Heaven. He is richly attired and bolds a pen in one hand as he records our deeds in the Book of Life. He has the ability to help us know the true measure of things.

Angelic realm: Archangel of the Heaven of Form

Angelic function: Recorder of the Book of life and scribe for all our deeds

Gifts for earth: He helps us to find the proper measure for all we do; he acts as witness to the good we do and the love we give; he helps us realize our potential as loving and worthwhile human beings

Metatron is the only angel within the heavenly spheres who was once human. He was known as Enoch and was the seventh Patriarch after Adam. It was written that he ‘walked with God’ and was taken up into Heaven where he was made an Archangel. There is speculation in Jewish scripture that he is the Shekinah, the angel who led the children of Israel out of the wilderness. It is thought too that it was Metatron who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac to God.Archangel Metatron is in charge of the Stellar Gateway Chakra of individuals and the planet. Metatron activates the Soul Star Chakra which initiates a process known as ‘light body activation’, ‘ascension into cosmic consciousness’ or enlightenment.
Archangel Metatron is the chief angel of Kabbalistic traditions, and guides those upon its path. Archangel Metatron imparts knowledge of the higher dimensions to all who are ready, at a level that they can understand and resonate with.
Archangel Metatron represents the Judgement of the Divine thrown and is the guardian and overseer of the angel keepers of the Akashic Records. ‘Akasha’ is a Sankrit work meaning ‘planetary record cell’ and can also be called the ‘Book of Life’, ‘Library of Light’, ‘Collection Unconscious’, ‘Universal Mind’ and/or ‘Soul’s Record’. It exists beyond time and space and contains information on all that was, is and ever will be. The Akashic Records are nature’s complete memory of every being on Earth and every person’s actions and all parallel Universes.

image3Metatron is also known as the first and last of the Archangels and is variously called the Chancellor of Heaven, the Angel of the Covenant and the King of the Angels. His heavenly function is to supervise the recording of all our deeds in the Book of Life.

He is charged with sustaining human life and acts as the bridge between the Divine and mankind. We can seek counsel from him by asking him to help us find the proper measure for every action we take in our lives. At one level this means helping us find the balance between what we give out and what we keep for ourselves. This enables us to maintain well-defined boundaries and thus keep a clear sense of self, so neccssary if we are to succeed in fulfilling our potential within the world of form.Archangel Metatron is an energetic angel who works to help and assist Earth’s inhabitants, and has a special affinity and bond with children who are spiritually gifted. Archangel Metatron helps newly-passed over children to adjust to the spiritual, heavenly realm, and helps living children to become spiritually open and aware and to exercise and hone their spiritual gifts and abilities.

Metatron can help us find the proper measure in love, work and recreation so that we live balanced, healthy lives, rich in harmony and serenity. He will also be a witness to the good we do, perhaps those acts of love or kindness not recognized by others. He can also help us when we have put effort and toil into making something work, whatever it is: it could be anything from trying to make a relationship work, losing weight, or giving up an addictive or damaging habit, to throwing ourselves fully into a cause or team effort.

We can pray to The Archangel Metatron to guide our efforts and to help us find the right measure for our output and activities. We can ask Metatron in our meditation to assist us in knowing when ‘enough is enough’, or when we need to do more for ourselves or others.