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Archangels are the highest type of celestial being, possessing an immense amount of supernatural power that makes them among the oldest and most powerful beings in the universe. They possess the powers and abilities that are inherent in all angels, but to a much higher degree, arguably the highest degree with their power just under that of God himself. Lucifer even mentioned that it takes their combined strength and power to weaken the Darkness. The Archangels are held in extremely high esteem by angels, being looked upon as “fierce” and “absolute” in power and capability. Archangels have a vast supply of power and can create most things out of thin air.

An archangel /ˌɑːrkˈeɪndʒəl/ is an angel of high rank. Beings similar to archangels are found in a number of religious traditions; but the word “archangel” itself is usually associated with the Abrahamic religions.

The word archangel is derived from the Greek ἀρχάγγελος (arch- + angel, literally chief angel). Archangels (warrior angels) are one of the most powerful wingless celestial beings created. God created them before any other type of being, such as man and angels, although Cherubs and Seraphs predate them and out rank them. Being the strongest of the angels, Archangels are at the top of the celestial hierarchy. They possess incalculable power and answer only to God; they cannot be destroyed nor can they be defeated. Archangels are the strongest class of angel, being looked at as Heaven’s most fearsome wrath. They were the first Angels to be created, arguably making them God’s first creations, possibly older than Leviathans. Archangels were harder to make and are harder to revive as they were formed from such powerful primordial energies of creation which no longer exist after the physical plane and universe were created. They were created in this order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Michael is the mightiest and the most loyal archangel, Lucifer is the most prideful and avaricious, Raphael was the most ruthless and imperious, while Gabriel was the most mischievous and deceptive.The angel Metatron was also considered to be an Archangel by other Angels, until he revealed that he was simply a regular angel who was chosen to be the Scribe of God. The archangels were the four chief angelic creations of God. They were created in this explicit order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel.

The archangels acted as siblings, and distinctively interacted with themselves and their father.

Some point after their creation, they and God went into war Fantasy Art Gallery. HIROYUKI SATOU.: with The Darkness and together, while they couldn’t destroy it, they succeeded in binding it. God then created a mark, later to be called The Mark of Cain, that would serve as both lock and key for the Darkness, which he gave to his most loved son and most trusted lieutenant, Lucifer. After the banishing of the Darkness and helping create Heaven, Michael personally raised his younger brother Lucifer, and accordingly, Lucifer took care of Gabriel, and showed him different tricks.

All Archangels end with the “el” suffix.  “El” meaning “in God” and the first half of the name meaning what each individual Angel specializes in.  Archangels are able to be in many places at one time.  You never have to feel that your “problem” isn’t important enough to bother them with.  That is what they’re there for, to help you grow *.  The most popular Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel who are depicted in the Christian Bible.  There is a debate as to the name of the other Archangels.  In the eighth century, the Christian Church became alarmed at the rampant adoration of Angels by the Christian community.  For some unknown reason, in 745 A.D. under Pope Zachary, a Roman council ordered seven Angels removed from the ranks of the Church recognized Angels, two of them being Archangels Uriel and Raguel.

In the Occult/New Age there is a different list the seven angels, known as the ‘Angels of Revelation’, each of which is linked to their ‘planet’. These are:

  • Michael – the Sun
  • Raphael – Mercury
  • Uriel – Venus
  • Melchizedek – Earth
  • Gabriel – the Earth’s Moon
  • Samael – Mars
  • Zachariel – Jupiter
  • Orifiel – Saturn

“Archangels are fierce. They’re absolute. They’re Heaven’s most terrifying weapon.”

For centuries, cultures and religions have been fascinated with the concept of archangels and angels. They are described by a multitude of religious faiths and cited in many spiritual doctrines. All angels are known as “beings of light” because of their awe-inspiring purity and power.

A hierarchy exists within the angel realm. The Archangels are of the highest order, closest to God. The angel you are assigned at birth is an Archangel, however; many different angels work with you throughout your life.

Archangels are here to help us bring goodness, peace, compassion and hope into our lives. They are pure love, and they remind us that in everyone there exists love. As divine helpers, they act by delivering messages or helping us when in need. It has been said that the angel’s purpose is to be there when we face critical junctures in our lives. The archangels acted as siblings, and distinctively interacted with themselves and their father.

Some point after their creation, they and God went into war with The Darkness. They were unable to kill The Darkness, but together they succeeded in binding it.

ArtStation - Archangel Gabriel [REG], Mario Wibisono: God then created a mark, later to be called The Mark of Cain, that would serve as both lock and key for the Darkness, which He gave to His most loved son and most trusted lieutenant, Lucifer. After the banishing of the Darkness and helping create Heaven, Michael personally raised his younger brother Lucifer, and accordingly, Lucifer took care of Gabriel, and showed him different tricks.

Following the imprisonment of the Leviathans in Purgatory and creation of mankind, God asked all His children to kneel before them.

Although the other three archangels complied, Lucifer refused, and led a rebellion trying to overthrow God because when he was trusted with the Mark, it corrupted Lucifer and drove him to be jealous of humanity.

Therefore, Michael, on God’s command, defeated Lucifer and banished his brother out of Heaven and into Hell.

During the turmoil, Gabriel escaped to Earth to avoid taking sides and Raphael chose to side with God and Michael.

After God’s departure from Heaven, the archangels, according to Metatron, ferociously whined, cried, and wailed. Whilst they wanted their father back, over time, however, they began to shift their attention into ruling the Universe. Although immensely powerful by themselves, to rule the universe they needed the Words of God. However, Metatron, the Scribe of God, predicted the archangels’ decision, and proceeded to leave Heaven to protect the tablets and him. Lucifer, however, was able to take possession of the Angel Tablet sometime after and had it placed in one of his crypts. The archangels were also believed to have killed Lucifer’s elite order of demons, the Knights of Hell by everyone who knew of them. However, unknown to everyone, the truth was that the leader of the Knights, Cain, killed all but Abaddon himself instead of the archangels. According to Cain, only Abaddon knew the truth.

They are known in Heaven as absolute, precise and wrathful creatures, as he has called them, “The most fearsome wrath of Heaven“. Like all angels, their true forms are very intense, and have proven not only harmful but also fatal to humans, though  special humans can see their true forms. Their presence on Earth outside a vessel is often visualized as a blinding, pure white light, and their arrival can cause minor tremors. Their true voice also emits a piercing sound, which has proven to be excruciatingly painful to humans. They can caused the entire Eastern Sea Board to experience a black out and generated strong winds and heavy rainstorms and their presence might caus the temperature to drop drastically .

Before his fall, Lucifer was God’s most beloved angel; he was considered beautiful, and was well respected in Heaven.

Archangels view themselves as the highest authority over all of creation since God’s departure from Heaven. As leaders in Heaven, Michael and Raphael commanded the Host of Heaven, issuing orders to the “Senior Management” who were responsible for deploying angels to Earth. They did not share all their plans, especially their intention to allow Lucifer to be freed, to avoid rebellion in the lower ranks. Most of them showed little respect while interacting with humans, although Gabriel eventually confessed his appreciation of humanity even believing humans to be better than them.

The relationships between archangels and their true vessels can be complex. Holding an archangel is psychologically damaging to a human;possibly because of their deep contempt for humanity, archangels leave their vessels in a dilapidated state not as a consequence of possession, but out of sheer spite. Death revealed that it was the archangels that fought off and entrapped the Darkness that existed before God created the universe. God and Lucifer both later stated that it took the four archangels to weaken the Darkness enough for God to lock her away and even then God could barely do it.

The archangels are beings of primordial creation. As a result, it is extremely difficult, but not impossible, for God to resurrect them from the dead unlike lesser angels. However, God states that resurrecting archangels would take time.It has been stated that Archangels are tethered to prophets.

These archangels are sometimes called by different names, but here are the most common ones, along with their specialties and characteristics.

Archangels intercede for mankind. Most guardian angels are from this order.

Ariel (pronounced AHR-ee-el), Ariel is the helper of Angels * Find the Angel of Light assisting you in the following chart, according to your birthdate: animals and the environment. Ariel works with Archangel Raphael (who also heals and helps animals). He also helps protect the environment. He helps with qualities of bravery, courage and focus. He will boost your self-confidence. He helps bring about miracles and manifestations. Ariel helps teachers, healers, and service workers. Ariel will also help you attract the support needed for your life’s mission. Ariel is a Virtue. His energy color is pale pink and his gemstone is rose quartz.

Cabalistic – Ariel means “lion of God” and is often associated with lions.  When Ariel is near you, you may begin seeing references to or visions of lions around you.  Ariel is also associated with the wind.  Found in books of Judaic mysticism and Cabalistic, Ariel works closely with King Solomon in conducting manifestation, spirit releasement and Divine magic.Archangel Ariel is associated with the element of Wind and the direction North, and oversees the Earth, creative forces and Elemental spirits. Archangel Ariel is the ‘Angel of Nature’ as she oversees the protection and healing of plants and animals. Archangel Ariel is often depicted with a globe representing the Earth, or with water, fire or rocks, symbolizing the elements of nature.
Archangel Ariel is also the ‘Angel of Destiny’ and is believed to be the feminine aspect of Archangel Uriel. Being androgynous, Archangel Ariel appears in both male and female form, although most often interacts from a feminine aspect. Archangel Ariel speaks to us through the Heart Chakra.
Archangel Ariel resonates with pale pink and rainbow colours.
Archangel Ariel oversees sprites (Elementals or nature angels associated with water) whose purpose is to maintain healthy environments around all water areas such as oceans and seas, lakes and rivers, estuaries, streams, creeks and ponds.
Archangel Ariel serves as the patron angel of wild animals, and some consider her to also be the patron saint of new beginnings.
Archangel Ariel and her nature angels help us to understand the natural rhythms of the Earth with its seasons and cycles, and encourages us to experience the healing properties of rocks (including crystals/gemstones), trees, plants, animals, waterways and nature as a whole.

Ariel also oversees the sprites, the nature Angels associated with water.  Ariel is involved with healing and protecting nature, including animals, fish and birds.  If you find an injured bird or other wild animal that needs healing, call upon Ariel for help.  Ariel also works closely with Raphael to heal animals in need.

Although he is described as a member of the Angelic hierarchy, he is also at times placed among the evil Angels as one of the fallen Angels who are routed by the stern and obedient seraph Abdiel during the war in heaven.

Fantasy Art Gallery. HIROYUKI SATOH More: Azrael (pronounced Oz-rye-EL), Azrael is one of the Angels of Death; he helps bring departed souls to Heaven, heals the grief stricken, and also assists those who are consoling the bereaved.The Hebrew name translates to “Help of God”, “Help from God”, or “One Whom God Helps”. Azrael is the spelling of the Chambers Dictionary. The Qur’an refers to a Malak al-Maut (“Angel of Death”) but it does not refer to him by the Judeo-Christian term.

He is a gentle, loving energy and takes the fear out of dying. He is an Angel of Protection (along with Michael and Gabriel) Azrael is a Throne. His color is off white or cream and his gemstone is yellow calcite.

Hebrew, Muslim

The much feared Angel of death in both Islamic and Hebrew lore, Azrael name means whom God helps. Azrael primary role is to help people cross over to Heaven at the time of physical death.  He comforts people prior to their physical passing, makes sure they don’t suffer during death and helps them assimilate on the other side.  Working as a grief counselor, he surrounds grieving family members with healing energy and helps them cope and thrive, and absorbs their pain.

Azrael’s name means “he who helps God,” or “messenger.” His duty is to help the God (or gods) of various religions. Azrael will help you release anything blocking your spiritual growth.

He is also the angel of death. His main job is to guide people through the death process. Azrael helps them feel safe and secure as they leave this life behind, taking care they don’t suffer as they are dying. He helps their spirits adjust to life on the other side. Azrael keeps track of every person who is born and then erases their names when they die. It is said that a leaf falls from the throne of God when it is time for a person to die. Azrael has forty days to collect their soul. He also comforts the grieving family, enfolding them with his huge wings and filling them with his love and healing energy. If you call upon him in a time of grief, he will actually absorb the emotional pain of loss so you can be happy again.

Azrael also teaches mankind the difference between truth and illusion. He brings insights and wisdom to all who ask. In the Muslim tradition, he was one of four angels Allah sent to the earth to collect soil so he could create Adam. Though the others failed, he brought back enough earth for Allah to bring Adam to life.

Azrael has eyes and tongues exactly equal to the number of people inhabiting the world.  Each time he blinks one of his eyes, it signifies that another person has died.  Azrael also keeps track of the dying by recording the births of the living and erasing the names of those who have died.

Fantasy Art Gallery de Hiroyuki Satou: by Hiroyuki Satou: Chamuel (pronounced SHAm-you-el), Chamuel embodies the principle of unconditional love. He urges you to love yourself for if you are unable to love yourself you will not be able to love others. He eases anxiety, brings about global and personal peace; and helps find lost objects, situations, and people. He’s considered to be the leader of the angelic realm known as the “Powers”. His color is pale green and his gemstone is green fluorite.

Chamuel also known: Camael, Camiel, Camiul, Camniel, Cancel, Jahoel, Kemuel ,Khamael, Seraphiel, Shemue

Meaning – “He who sees God”, “He who seeks God”, he is listed as one of the seven truly powerful Angels who have the great honor of standing in the very presence of God.  Originally the God of War in Druid mythology, he is frequently referred to as the ruler of the planet Mars, as well as one of the governing Angels of the seven planets.

In Cabalistic lore he is considered one of the ten Archangels.  According to Jewish custom, Camael serves as the mediator, taking prayers of Israel before the Angelic princes residing in the seventh heaven.

The Archangel of pure love, Chamuel can lift you from the depths of sorrow and find love in your heart.  Chamuel helps us to renew and improve existing relationships as well as finding our soul mates.  He works with us to build strong foundations for our relationships (as well as careers) so they’re long-lasting, meaningful and healthy.  You’ll know he’s with you when you feel butterflies in your stomach and a pleasant tingling in your body.Archangel Chamuel’s message is: “It is only the love energy within any given purpose that gives lasting value and benefit to all creation”.
Archangel Chamuel presides over the Sephira Geburah on the Tree of Life.
Rose Quartz crystals resonate with Archangel Chamuel’s healing energies and emotional healing.
Archangel Chamuel helps to renew and improve your loving relationships with others by helping to develop the Heart Chakra. Essential oils of Rose Otto and Rose can be used to connect with Archangel Chamuel, and are used to open the heart chakra, bringing love, inner-peace and emotional balance. When you expand your heart chakra your cosmic heart becomes open and you can connect to the love of the cosmos.
The Pink Ray of Archangel Chamuel takes the heat out of emotional stress and restores equilibrium without suppressing the release process.
Archangel Chamuel brings the energies of unconditional love, beauty and compassion, and specializes in emotional healing.
Archangel Chamuel is known as the ‘Angel of Love’ and he oversees all the ‘Angels of Love’.

If there’s a breakdown of your relationship, if you cling to your relationships and don’t allow your companion the freedom to be able to express them freely, call on Chamuel for guidance and support.  The other areas you can Chamuel can help is if you need to strengthen a parent-child bond, if you’re unable to feel love for yourself or others, if your heart has hardened and is full of negative emotions, if you have lost someone close through death or separation, if you and your children have experienced a divorce, if your heart is blocked with depression, hopelessness and despair, if you feel lonely and broken hearted, if you need to be loved, if you are judgmental and cynical or if you don’t appreciate the love that you have in your life.

Chamuel can also help with world peace, career, life purpose and finding lost items.

Fantasy Art Gallery. HIROYUKI SATOU.: Gabriel (pronounced GAB-ree-el), Gabriel is the Angel of Mercy, Death, and Revelation. He is the Prince of Justice. Gabriel helps messengers such as writers, teachers, and journalists. He loves to coach and help you with writing. He will push you into action. Gabriel will help you to find strength and help you connect with your personal power. Gabriel is the healer and helper of pregnancies and childbirth. He assists mothers and children on all levels of conception, childbirth, adoption and parenting. Gabriel also helps you to connect to your inner child. Gabriel is an Archangel. His color is copper and his gemstone is citrine.

Gabriel also known: Abruel, Jibril, Jiburili, Serafili

Meaning – “Strength of God”; “The Divine is my strength”; “God is my strength”

The only Archangel depicted as female in art and literature, Gabriel is known as the “messenger” Angel and is one of the four Archangels named in Hebrew tradition and is considered one of the two highest-ranking Angels in Judeo-Christian and Islamic religious lore. Apart from Michael, she is the only Angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament.  She is a powerful and strong Archangel, and those who call upon her will find themselves pushed into action that leads to beneficial results.

Gabriel can bring messages to you just as she did to Elizabeth and Mary of the impending births of their sons, John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. If you are considering starting a family, Gabriel helps hopeful parents with conception or through the process of adopting a child.

Contact Gabriel if your third eye is closed and your spiritual vision is therefore blocked. If you wish to receive visions of Angelic guidance regarding the direction you are going in, if you wish to receive prophecies of the changes ahead, If you need help in interpreting your dreams and vision. Gabriel helps anyone whose life purpose involves the arts or communication. She acts as a coach, inspiring and motivating artists, journalist and communicators and helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.

Gabriel also helps us to find our true calling. Ask for Gabriel’s guidance if you have strayed from your soul’s pathway, if you wish to understand your life plan and purpose. She can also help if you can find no reason for being or if changes are ahead and you need guidance. If you are contemplating a house move, major purchase or thinking of changing careers.Archangel Gabriel is known as the ‘Angel of the Annunciation’, the ‘Angel of Resurrection’, the ‘Chief Ambassador to Humanity’, the ‘Angel of Revelation’, and the ‘Bringer of Good News, Judgement and Mercy’. Archangel Gabriel is the ‘Angel of Harmony, Beauty, Purification and Art’, the ‘Angel of Joy and the Spirit of Truth’, and is the ‘awakening’ Archangel and the ‘soul’s guardian’.
Archangel Gabriel, being the angel of the ‘Annunciation’, announced the forthcoming birth of Jesus Christ. It is also said that Archangel Gabriel inspired and communicated with Joan of Arc.
Archangel Gabriel teaches us to seek angelic help and guidance through invocation, ritual, meditation and dreams and helps to raise our conscious in order to increase our awareness of angels.
Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of the West and rules over the element of Water. Archangel Gabriel also works in the purest essence of every ray, the pure white Light.
Archangel Gabriel governs the Base or Sacral chakra, and when this chakra is functioning at its optimum, you have the thrust and energy to get things done and feel passionate about achieving your goals and making a success of your life. You also put more energy towards your relationships and social contacts. Gabriel is in charge of the development of the Base  and Sacral chakras of the planet and humanity as a whole.
Archangel Gabriel is the archangel of the mind and can be called upon to help with mental challenges, to help construct alternative choices for outcomes in situations, and to help with decision-making.

Call Gabriel if your body is full of toxins and needs purifying and if your thoughts are impure or negative and need clearing and cleansing. Gabriel is also very helpful for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted and feel dirty as well as being under psychic attack or if you feel that you have absorbed someone else’s problems.

Guardian angel, pentagram halo ( Hiroyuki Satoh ): Archangel Haniel is also called the “glory of the grace of God.” She is an angel of principalities and in that role she is the caregiver of all nations on earth. She is empowered with a great deal of wisdom and strength and can directly impact human affairs. When called upon, Haniel can change the hearts and minds of world leaders to bring about significant changes for the benefit of humanity. She is able to turn barren ground into fertile and productive land. In an instant, Haniel can change your mood from one of great hopelessness to one of great joy.

Haniel (pronounced Hawn-ee-EL) Haniel is the Chief Angel of Virtue and Innocence. She helps during female cycles. Haniel helps in connecting with the divine magic and powerful cycles of the moon. Haniel helps you to discover hidden talents and find your true passions. She helps with clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Haniel helps you to appreciate yourself and build self-worth. Call upon her to bring harmony, grace, beauty and wonderful friends into your life. Haniel’s energy is patient, quiet and mystical. She can also help you stay poised before and during important personal events. Haniel is an Archangel. Her color is bluish white and his gemstone is the moonstone.

Haniel wears an emerald green robe and has large silver-gray wings. She is often seen carrying a luminescent brown lantern. She brings harmony and balance wherever she goes. Her symbol, the rose, represents the beauty of spiritual growth. She will help you embrace your spiritual gifts by drawing upon the energy of the moon. She will also facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Haniel radiates inner wisdom and strength which she willingly imparts to anyone who calls upon her. She also imbues people with common sense and is wonderful to invite in times of discord. Haniel reminds you to find fulfillment from within rather than trying to find happiness from outside yourself. She reminds humans that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness which comes from within is never lost.

Babylonian, Cabalistic Haniel’s name means “the grace of God” and is generally credited with the title of prince or chief of the Angelic orders or choirs of the principalities and virtues.  For this reason, Haniel is listed in some lists as one of the seven Archangels.  Some Cabalistic texts credit Haniel as escorting Enoch to the spirit world where he was transformed into the Angel Metatron, being one of the only two humans to ever become Angels (his brother Elijah being the other).

Haniel helps us to uncover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies such as potions, powders and crystals.  He will help you with whenever you need to speak in public and helps you to remain poised and centered.  You can also call on Haniel to help bring beauty, harmony and loving friends into your life.

Archangel Haniel can help you develop your intuition and clairvoyance, as well as any aspect of sacred feminine energy. It’s very effective to call upon Haniel during the full moon, especially if there’s anything you’d like to release or heal. Haniel can particularly help with women’s issues.

As the expression of the inner world of intuition, Archangel Haniel is a supportive guide for those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts, like clair­voyance. Her bluish white halo color reminds me of the moon, and wearing moonstone can both am­plify intuitive transmissions and also help you feel connected to Haniel.

Men, as well as women, can benefit from connect­ing to this archangel, as men also have feminine en­ergy (just like women have male energy). Haniel can help members of both sexes awaken and trust their inner guidance.

Hiroyuki Satou - digital? Looks like colored pencil and marker or paint... soooo gorgeous!: Jeremiel (pronounced Jair-ah-My-el) Jeremiel is the helper of souls awaiting reincarnation. Archangel Jeremiel’s specialty is developing an understanding of spiri­tual visions and clairvoyance; conducting a life re­view so you can make adjustments with respect to how you wish to live. Jeremiel helps to open clairvoyance and prophetic visions. He helps you to do life reviews in order to recognize any areas of your life that you might want to make changes in. He helps you heal patterns that are no longer working and can help on an emotional level. Jeremiel guides you to act in loving ways and to treat yourself with respect and tender loving care. Jeremiel assists you with harmonious changes by being merciful to all. Archangel Jeremiel reviews our lives with us after we have crossed over, and helps us to re-acclimatize to our spirit bodies once we pass back to the Other Side. Jeremiel is also able to review our lives for us whilst we are still on the Earthplane by helping us to review our lives up to the present moment allowing us to make positive changes and adjustments which lead us on the right path. Jeremiel helps us to consider, examine and consolidate our present life circumstances, and where we are headed in the future, enabling us to learn from experiences and maximize our opportunities.

Archangel Jeremiel brings clarity of perception and hope through clear judgement, and this encourages us to reflect upon the lessons of the past which can be re-evaluated in order to bring clarity and hope. Jeremiel helps us to learn and understand our life lessons, enabling us to move on from repetitive cycles in our lives. Jeremiel helps us to let go of the past with a loving perspective that allows us to come to terms with all facets of our lives, and the life lessons it has brought us thus far. Jeremiel is an Archangel. His color is violet and his gemstone is amethyst. In ancient Judaic texts, Jeremiel is listed as one of the seven core Archangels, his name meaning (“mercy of God” or “whom God sets up”).  He is credited with helping Baruch, a prolific author of apocryphal Judaic texts in the first century A.D., with his prophetic visions. It is also said that he took Baruch on a tour of the different levels of Heaven.  The coming of the Messiah was one of Jeremiel’s visions.

Jeremiel is that Archangel who reviews’s our lives with us after we’ve crossed over.  He is also able to do this for us while we’re still living, helping us to review our life up till now so we can correct the wrongs we’ve done by making positive adjustments.  Through this, he’s able to help us make life changes, making us stronger and lead us to the right path. Archangel Jeremiel is said to help newly crossed-over souls review their lives before they ascend to Heaven. He can also help those who ask to review their present life. In other words, you don’t need to wait until your physical passage to have a life review. Archangel Jeremiel can be of assistance as you take inventory of your action and adjust your future plans accordingly.

Jeremiel is a mentor and teacher who clearly guides us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of love.

Jeremiel also helps us with clairvoyance and prophetic visions, and helps us to interpret psychic dreams.

Jophiel (pronounced JO-fee-el) Jophiel Archangel Michael...beautiful!: means “Beauty of God”. She heals negative and chaotic situations, and brings beauty and organizations to our thoughts, homes, offices and other environments, as well as lifting negativity in all these areas. Jophiel is known as the “Patron of Artist” and the upholder of Divine law. Jophiel is an Archangel. Her color is deep rose or magenta pink. Her gemstone rubelite or deep pink tourmaline.

Jophiel also known:, Iofiel, Iophiel, Jofiel, Zophiel

Meaning – “Beauty of God”

Jophiel was the Angel present in the Garden of Eden and later watched over Noah sons.  The Archangel of art and beauty, he is the patron of artists, helping with artistic projects, thinking beautiful thoughts, to see and appreciate beauty around us.  Helping to create beauty at home and at work, Jophiel is the Archangel for interior decorators.   He illuminates our creative spark by giving us ideas and energy to carry out artistic ventures.  He also helps us to see the beauty in all things, including people.

As well as helping our creativity, Jophiel helps us to slow down and smell the roses.  Call on him if you need joy and laughter in your life or if you feel you lost the light in your life.  He will also help if your soul is sleeping and needs awakening and if you wish to awaken a deeper understanding of who you are and seeking a connection with the higher self, so that you may take your first steps along your spiritual pathway.

Archangel Jophiel is the ‘Angel of Wisdom and Illumination’ and works with the angels from the ‘Halls of Wisdom’. Archangel Jophiel helps you to develop a fresh approach to life, bringing positive and optimistic attitudes, enhancements and pleasure. Archangel Jophiel builds connections to align you to your Higher-self, and helps to recover soul fragments that may have been scattered by shock, fright, grief or severe illness.

Archangel Jophiel rules over the yellow ray, which is the third ray of the rainbow’s colour spectrum. Archangel Jophiel’s yellow ray illuminates our path through life by helping us look beyond the obvious to gain an understanding of the current life situations we may be caught up in. The colour yellow is the mental colour that deepens to gold as you open to more wisdom.Archangel Jophiel resonates with all yellow foods (eg. corn, yellow peppers (capsicum), bananas, lemons, grapefruit, honey and hazelnuts).

Archangel Jophiel oversees the expanding of the Crown Chakra in humanity to enable everyone to connect with their Higher-Self. Archangel Jophiel helps us to look at life from a deeper level and assists to awaken our soul and bring a deeper understanding of we truly are and our spiritual life purpose in this lifetime. Jophiel brings about soul illumination and strengthens the connection with the Higher-self, spirit guides and angels.

You know Jophiel is at work if you are searching for answers to the questions in your life and wish the greater wisdom to be revealed to you, and all of a sudden you experience flashes of insight in which everything suddenly becomes clear.

ARCHANGEL METATRON..........PARTAGE OF ANGES LUMIÈRE ET ASCENSION............ON FACEBOOK..........: Metatron (pronounced MET-uh-tron) Metatron is the twin brother to Sandalphon. Metatron brings together the complementary energies of male and female to create a balanced universe, as we strive to balance our own internal masculine/feminine energies to create our own balanced life. He helps you to clear and open your chakras and clean psychic toxins from your body. Metatron is the angel of sacred geometry and numerology associated with the Kabbalah. He will help you with organizational skills. Metatron can assist with more time, money, ideas and contacts. He will assist you in making choices to support your life mission and with your spiritual understanding. He will also assist you with focus, overcoming procrastination and help you stay motivated. Metatron heals learning disorders and childhood problems. He helps Indigo and Crystal children as well as parents and teachers of these children. He has a special love for children and will help them with any issues. Metatron is an Archangel. His color is green and pink. His gemstone is watermelon tourmaline. One of the only two Archangels whose name does not end in “el” and one of the only two Archangels who were humans before becoming Angels (his brother Elijah/Sandalphon being the other).  His human name was Enoch.  The meaning of Metatron is unclear, but some believe it means “he who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne”, “the Angel of the Presence” or that his name is a derivation of the name Yahweh, the Jewish term for the unspoken sacred name of God.

One of the most important Angels in the Western tradition, he represents the supreme Angel of death, to whom God daily gives orders as to which souls will be taken that day. Metatron transmits these orders to his subordinates Gabriel and Sammael.

On earth Enoch was a prophet and scribe.  He was also a scholar on heavenly secrets, having received “The Book of the Angel Raziel”, a textbook about God’s workings penned by Archangel Raziel and given to Adam, Noah, Enoch and Solomon. As a result, God escorted Enoch directly to the seventh Heaven – the highest level – to reside and work. Enoch was given wings and transformed into a great Archangel named Metatron.

Since Metatron excelled at his work on earth, he was given a similar job in Heaven to scribe the records of everything that happens on earth and keep the Akashic records, which is the “Book of Life”. He is the chief recorder in Heaven and in charge of recording and organizing all the records. He helps us understand Heaven’s perspective and to learn how to work with the Angelic realm.

He has a special place in his heart for children, especially those who are spiritually gifted. After the Exodus, Metatron led the children of Israel through the wilderness and into safety. He continues to lead children today, both on Earth and in Heaven and helps them to adjust to Heaven after crossing over.

Michael Komarck Illustration: Michael His name means “He who is like God”. Michael releases us from fear and doubt, protects us, and clears away negativity. He grants miracles, fosters mercy, truth, patience and love to human-kind. He strengthens our spirit in difficult times. He gives direction, courage and motivation. Michael helps with the qualities of love, power, strength, unwavering faith, courage and direction. Michael is the “Patron Saint of police officers”. Michael is the Chief of the Order of the Virtues, Chief of the Archangels and usually considered the most powerful. Michael is also the Angel of Repentance, Righteousness, Mercy and Sanctification. His color is royal purple and his gemstone is sugilite.

The first Angel created by God, Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity.  Michael protects us physically, emotionally and psychically.  He also oversees the light worker’s life purpose.  His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear.  Michael carries a flaming sword that he uses to cut through etheric cords and protects us from Satan and negative entities.  When he’s around you may see sparkles or flashes of bright blue or purple light.  Call on Michael if you find yourself under psychic attack or if you feel you lack commitment, motivation and dedication to your beliefs, courage, direction, energy, vitality, self-esteem, worthiness.  Michael helps us to realize our life’s purpose and he’s invaluable to light workers helping with protection, space clearing and spirit releasement.

Michael conquered the fallen Angel Satan, was in the Garden of Eden to teach Adam how to farm and care for his family, spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and in 1950 he was canonized as Saint Michael, “the patron of Police Officers,” because he helps with heroic deeds and bravery.  Michael also has an incredible knack for fixing electrical and mechanical devices, including computers and automobiles.  If your automobile breaks down, call on Michael.

Michael helps us to follow our truth without compromising our integrity and helps us to find our true natures and to be faithful to who we really are.  Other times when you may find Michael helpful is when your job is too demanding with impossible deadlines to reach, when you have an addiction, if you’re very ill and suffering from a degenerative disease or terminal illness and when you suffer from nightmaresSeraphim Angel:

Raguel (pronounced Rag-WELL) His name means “Friend of God”. Raguel is the angel of Earth. He heals personal and professional relationships. Raguel assists you in being more clairsentience (to have gut feelings). He helps you to distinguish between your feelings and those of others. He guides you towards situations, people and places that have clear and loving energy. Raguel will help you to defend and empower those that are treated unfairly. He gives guidance to all involved to act in fair and just ways. He helps you to maintain harmony and order in your relationships. He is wonderful at resolving conflicts and can act as a mediator. He will help you find creative solutions to your problems. His color is pale blue and his gem stone is aquamarine.

Raguel also known: Akrasiel, Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan

Meaning – “Friend of God”

Referred to as the Archangel of Justice and Fairness, Raguel oversees all the other Archangels and Angels.  He watches over them to make sure they’re working well together in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to Divine order and will. Archangel Raguel is also known as the ‘Angelic Ambassador of Harmony, Balance and Orderliness’, and the ‘Divine Peacekeeper’. Archangel Raguel can be considered a leader within the angelic realm as he is responsible for overseeing the other archangels and angelic beings, and ensures that all is in alignment with Divine order and Divine Laws.

Archangel Raguel realigns us with our higher-selves and resonates with truth, integrity and balanced power. He assists us to rediscover and reconnect with the essence of who we truly are within, allowing us to experience truth, integrity, self-respect and empowerment within ourselves, others, and all of our relationships.

Archangel Raguel oversees groups, relationships and social order. Raguel’s mission is to help restore the balance of power on our planet and to encourage further individual and collective freedom, and to help people and groups rise above oppression and the like.

Raguel is the Archangel for the underdog.  Call on him for help when you need to be empowered and respected.  He helps to resolve arguments, helps with cooperation and leads to harmony in groups and families.  Raguel defends the unfairly treated, and provides support with mediation of disputes.

In the Revelation of John, Raguel is referred to as an assistant to God in the following account: “Then shall He send the Angel Raguel, saying: Go and sound the trumpet for the Angels of cold and snow and ice, and bring together every kind of wrath upon them that stand on the left.”

Despite his exalted position, for some unexplained reason Raguel was reprobated in 745 A.D. by the Roman church (along with some other high-level Angels, including Uriel).  At this time Pope Zachary described Raguel as a demon who “passed himself off as a saint”.

Archangel Raphael: Raphael His name means “he who heals”. Raphael is the angel of prayer, love, joy, providence, healing, light, science and knowledge. He is protective of travelers, guarding and guiding those who take outward and inward journeys. Raphael also grants courage and encourages scientific breakthroughs and knowledge in general. Raphael is one of the seven Chief Angels. Raphael is charged to heal the earth. He is the regent of the sun, Patron of Travelers, Chief order of Virtues and overseer of the evening winds. He is associated with spring and rebirth. Above all, he is the Angel of Healing. He gives you guidance for a healthier life. Raphael can help you with anything requiring healing relief from burdens, thoughts and fears. He is a powerful healer, being able to heal physical bodies of both humans and animals. Raphael supports and guides healers. He will assist you in eliminating cravings and addictions. Raphael can increase clairvoyance (third eye vision). He works to enhance both physical and spiritual eyesight. Raphael often works with Michael to clear out lower energies. His color is green and his gemstone is malachite.

Raphael also known: Labbiel

Meaning – “Healing power of God”, “The Divine has healed”, “God heals”

Hebrew word rapha means “doctor” or “healer”.  Raphael is a powerful healer and assists with all forms of healing – humans and animals.  He helps to rapidly heal body, mind and spirit if called upon, as in the biblical story of Abraham and the pain he felt after being circumcised as an adult.  You may call upon Raphael in behalf of someone else, but he can’t interfere with that person’s free will.  If they refuse spiritual treatment, it can’t be forced.

The chummiest and funniest of all Angels, Raphael is often pictured chatting merrily with mortal beings.  He’s very sweet, loving, kind and gentle and you know that he’s around when you see sparkles or flashes of green light.

Part of Raphael’s healing work involves spirit releasement and space clearing.  He often works with Michael to exorcise discarnate entities and escort away lower energies from people and places.

As well as a healer, Raphael is known as the “Patron of Travelers” because of his help with Tobias and his travels.  Call upon Raphael when you are traveling, to assure safe travel.  In addition, he assures that all your transportation, lodging and luggage details go miraculously well.  Raphael also helps with inward spiritual journeys, assisting in searches for truth and guidance.

Raphael taught Tobias how to make balms and ointments from a fish which cured Tobias’ father blindness.  Raphael can be called upon to help healers such as doctors, therapist and surgeons.  Call on Raphael if you’re a student entering the healing field and you’re looking for the right school and/or are in need of help with studies, as well as getting the time and money for school.  He also assists with establishing healing practices when your schooling is finished.  Raphael not only helps you to heal from physical, emotional and mental pain, he also heals wounds from past lives. Other areas Raphael helps with is finding lost pets, reducing and eliminating addictions and cravings, clairvoyance, bringing unity to your life, if you feel out of touch with your spirituality, if you’ve lost a partner and/or your soul/body doesn’t feel “whole”.

Archangel Raziel | Card 1; Archangel Raziel – Take back your power: Raziel (pronounced RAH-zee-el) His name means “Secrets of God”. Raziel is the Angel of Secrets Regions and Supreme Mysteries. He helps remove spiritual and psychic blocks. Raziel can help you gain deeper spiritual understanding and then help you apply it in practical ways. He will take your soul traveling in your dreams to help you discover truths and ancient wisdom that will then become a part of your subconscious and be with you when you wake up. Raziel is known as the wizards of the Archangels. He helps you understand ideas that defy normal logic. He will then assist you in letting go of limited thinking. Raziel assist with clairvoyance, divine magic and esoteric information. Raziel is also known for his abilities to help you manifest your heart’s desires. He is a very loving kind and intelligent angel. His color is the rainbow and his gemstone is rainbow fluorite. Raziel works very closely with the Creator and its believed he knows all of the secrets of the Universe and how it operates. He wrote down all of these secrets in a tome of symbols and Divine magic called “The Book of the Angel Raziel”.  After Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, Raziel gave Adam the book for guidance about manifestation and God’s grace. Later the prophet Enoch received the book prior to his ascension and transformation into Archangel Metatron. Noah was also given a copy of the book by Archangel Raphael and Noah used the information to build his ark and help its inhabitants after the flood. Archangel Raziel presides over the Sephira Chokmah on the Tree of Life.
Archangel Raziel’s name means ‘secret of God’ because he works so closely with the Creator that he knows all the secrets of the Universe and knows how it works. He represents the ‘Cosmic Father’ and the secret mysteries of the Universe. Archangel Raziel aids us to come to greater wisdom of how the Universe operates.
Archangel Raziel rules over the 6th Ray of the physical visible rainbow spectrum  –  the Indigo Ray.
Archangel Raziel may appear in many forms, but most often as pure energy or vibrant light.
Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of the ‘Revelation of Divine Mysteries’, and he offers mysterious knowledge, insight and Divine wisdom to those who are ready to receive it. Raziel works as a spiritual guide, infusing Divine grace and knowledge which helps to broaden the intuition, assisting with understanding metaphysical and esoteric aspects.
Archangel Raziel brings Divine information by allowing us to glimpse the enigmas of the Universe. These experiences take our consciousness beyond the confines of time, so any glimpses of this level of existence will show past, present and futures as the eternal ‘now’.

Raziel can help you understand esoteric material, manifestation principles, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other high-level information. He can also open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. Like a Divine wizard, Raziel can also assist you with alchemy, clairvoyance, and divine magic.

Archangel Sandalphon is the twin or "co-brother" of Archangel Metatron.: Sandalphon (pronounced SAN-dul-fon) Sandalphon is the Angel of Glory and the Angel of Prayer.  He is one of the tallest angels and gathers the prayers of the faithful. Sandalphon is connected with Earth energies and can help you to establish a secure link between the Universal energy and Earth. Sandalphon also offers you security. Those who feel insecure will often seek security outside of themselves. Sandalphon teaches us to look within ourselves and reminds us that we are safe and secure in the presence of our angels. Sandalphon’s primary role is the delivering and answering of our prayers. Sandalphon assist you in taking time to reconnect with peace. He will assist you in learning how to enjoy the present moment. He will enable you to fully awaken your manifestation abilities and your gifts to prophecy and healing. His color is turquoise and his gemstone is also turquoise. Only one of the two Archangels whose name doesn’t end with an “el”, Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron. The twins are the only Archangels in Heaven who were originally mortal men. Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah and Metatron was the wise man Enoch. God gave both men their immortal assignments as Archangels to reward them for their good work upon Earth, allowing them to continue their sacred service from Heaven. Archangel Sandalphon presides over Sephira Malkuth on the Tree of Life.
Sandalphon means ‘brother’ in Greek, and he is said to be twin brother to Archangel Metatron. Sandalphon was the prophet Elijah, and Metatron was the wiseman Enoch.
Sandalphon’s primary role is to carry human prayers to God so that they are able to be answered and assists with music and conveying messages and musings.
Archangel Sandalphon is the ‘Guardian of the Earth’ and he is responsible for the welfare of human kind and all that inhabitants of Earth. Sandalphon brings glory to the kingdom and is the steward who rules the kingdom, bringing the nature elements (or Elementals / the Elemental kingdom or realm) into harmony, and establishing peace and joy. Archangel Sandalphon offers us stability, balance and freedom.
Archangel Saldalphon is the angel of earth-healing, prayer and absent healing. When we use nature’s colours to heal ourselves and the environment, we naturally tune into the energy of Archangel Sandalphon. Working with Archangel Sandalphon includes having respect for and being involved with all life of Earth.
Archangel Sandalphon helps us to integrate healing energy within the physical body, which is vital if stability and balance are to be maintained. He brings grounding to our daily spiritual practices and those who work with nature’s energies (such as Shamans and the like) utilize his energies. Nature has furnished us with all the colours displayed in the multitude of trees, plants, flowers and crystals.
Archangel Sandalphon is known as the ‘Archangel of the Holy Spirit’ and the ‘Angel of Music and Prayer’ as music is a powerful tool to lift and maintain a positive vibration and mind-set. Elijah’s ascension occurred when he was lifted up to Heaven in a fiery chariot pulled by two horses of fire, accompanied by a whirlwind, an even recorded in the second chapter of the Book of 2 Kings.

Sandalphon’s chief role is to carry human prayers to God so they may be answered.  He’s said to be so tall that he extends from Earth to Heaven. Ancient Cabalistic lore says that Sandalphon can help expectant parents determine the gender of their forthcoming child and many also believe that he’s involved with music as well.

Archangel Uriel by Ekuta Makoto: Uriel (pronounced YUR-ee-el) His name means “God is Light” “, “God’s light”, Fire of God”.

Uriel is the Angel of Salvation and the Angel of Lights. He heals away resentment and unforgiveness. Uriel is known as the Angel of Light because he illuminates situations. Uriel is there to help you with claircognizance. He gives insight to support your life purpose and will give you prophetic information and warnings. He will help you problem solve and give you clear signs to validate your thoughts and ideas. Uriel will light your pathway so you know which step to take next. Uriel is thought to be one of the wisest Archangels.  He can help you with practical solutions and even give you creative insight. His colors are red and yellow (the colors of fire) and his gemstone is amber.

Uriel is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of his intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight, but he is very subtle.  You may not even realize he has answered your prayer until you’ve suddenly come up with a brilliant new idea.Archangel Uriel rules over the Red Ray, red being the first visible colour in the rainbow spectrum. His glyph is the lightening flash that he uses to bring flashes of inspiration. Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of the North, rules over the element of Earth, and relates to the astrological signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Archangel Uriel brings the concept and practice of alchemy and the ability to manifest onto the Earth plane. Archangel Uriel assists with Earth changes, alchemy, problem-solving and solution-finding, spiritual understanding, studies, learning and education, weather and writing.
Archangel Uriel is the ‘Angel of Peace’ or the ‘Archangel of Divine Peace’, the ‘Angel of Salvation’, the ‘Angel of Repentance’, and the ‘Prince of Light’. Uriel is also the ‘Angel of Music’, the ‘Angel of Poetry’, the ‘Angel of Prophecy’ and the ‘Archangel of Ministration’.
Archangel Uriel’s symbol is an open hand holding a flame, which he offers as the ‘Flame of Love’ towards all souls.
Archangel Uriel is one of the most powerful of archangels, and he is associated with light, electricity, lightning and thunder, sudden action, courage, stamina and endurance. Uriel activates and revitalizes, and helps to release the energy blocks deep within the body’s system.
Being known as the ‘Angel of Salvation’, Archangel Uriel is able to show us how we can heal all aspects of our lives, finding blessings through adversity, turning disappointments into victories, and releasing painful memories and burdens.
As the ‘Angel of Repentance’, Uriel helps us to understand the concept of karma; the Universal Spiritual Law of Karma (Cause and Effect). Uriel helps us to understand why things are the way they are, and helps us to trust in the Divine plan for our lives so that we can know that even though things can seem to be going ‘wrong’ in our lives, ultimately, all is happening for our highest good.

Uriel warned Noah of the impending flood, helped the prophet Ezra to interpret mystical predictions about the coming Messiah and delivered the Cabal to humankind.  He also brought the knowledge and practice of alchemy and the ability to manifest from thin air, as well as illuminates situations and gives prophetic information and warnings.  All this considered, Uriel’s area of expertise is divine magic, problem solving, spiritual understanding, studies, alchemy, weather, earth changes and writing.  Considered to be the Archangel who helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disaster and earth changes, call on Uriel to avert such events or to heal and recover in their aftermath

In the eighth century, the Christian Church became alarmed at the rampant and excessive zeal with which many of the faithful were revering Angels.  For some unknown reason, in 745 A.D. under Pope Zachary, a Roman council ordered seven Angels removed from the ranks of the Church recognized Angels, one of them being Uriel.

Zadkiel (pronounced ZAD-Kee-el ) His name means Lord Zadkiel © Claudio Gianfardoni: “Righteousness of God”.Zadkiel (Heb. צָדְקִיאֵל Tsadqiel, “Righteousness of God”) or Hesediel (חֶסֶדִיאֵל Chesediel, “Grace of God”) is the archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive, also known as Sachiel, Zachariel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, Tzadkiel, and Zedekul. Zadkiel is the Angel of Benevolence, Mercy and Memory. He is one of Michael’s assistants and also works with Gabriel. Zadkiel is Chief of the order of Dominions.

Archangel Zadkiel is known for helping students remember facts and figures for tests; healing painful memories; remem­bering your Divine spiritual origin and missions; and choosing forgiveness.

In Jewish rabbinic writings, Zadkiel is described as the archangel who inspires forgiveness and compassion in people. In the Kabbalah, Zadkiel (as Tzadkiel) presides over the fourth, or Chesed, Sephirah on the Tree of Life. The Chesed sphere relates to practicing unconditional kindness and love as a manifestation of God upon Earth.

Zadkiel is one of the seven archangels in the Gnostic tradition, as well as in the Pseudo-Dionysius writings. Under his alternative name Zachariel, he was identified as one of the seven archangels by Pope Saint Gregory. Zadkiel has long been regarded as the “angel of memory,” who can support students and those who need to remember facts and figures.

He heals memory and mental functioning. Zadkiel teaches compassion and forgiveness. He helps you to release emotional toxins. He assists with clairaudience (clear hearing).  The Archangel guards the power of invocation and affirmation. He responds to the deepest call from your heart and encourages you to intensify this energy through your desires. Zadkiel helps remind us to open our hearts and minds in gratitude to receive the presence and power of the Universe. His color is dark blue and his gemstone is lapis lazuli.

Their powers and Abilities are huge:Image result for archangel michael war in heaven

  • Lower Tier Nigh-Omnipotence – Archangels have a tremendously vast supply of power, they can accomplish almost anything they desire with only some exceptions. Only God, The Darkness, and Death can defeat them. A great display of their power is also everything from the ability to create alternate universes to, collectively and assisted by God, being able to stand up to The Darkness. Archangels rank in age in this specific order: Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel. As for the power line, the order is the same, with Lucifer and Michael being equals, or Michael very slightly stronger. They are far older than The Universe itself.
    • Angelic Possession – Even archangels require vessels to manifest physically on Earth and need their consent to do so.
    • Highly Advanced Holy White Light – Archangels can blast basically anything into oblivion with holy energy. This power can also be controlled and concentrated from completely obliterating something to only severely damaging it.
    • Super Strength – As the first and most powerful angels, Archangels can exert or apply extreme immense amounts of physical force to people, objects, creatures, and beings.They can overpower and kill anything, besides God, Death, or The Darkness.
    • Super Stamina – Archangels’ vessels need nothing to maintain their strength, to strive, or operate, as they are self-sufficient. “Falling”, or being banished doesn’t affect their powers at all, where as it causes normal angels to lose the ability to smite and heal.
    • Telekinesis – Archangels can move matter with their mind.
    • Teleportation – Archangels can disappear and reappear anywhere that’s not vigil-protected instantly. Even after Metatron’s Spell, Lucifer was still able to teleport, as his wings are fully intact.
    • Apporting – Archangels can teleport people, objects and lesser angels to wherever they want.
    • Telepathy – Archangels can read and feel/sense the thoughts of humans.
      • Sedation – Michael used this to put to sleep.
      • Dream Walking – Archangels can appear in peoples’ dreams, and they usually use this ability to communicate when they can’t find the person they’re looking for, or when they want to talk privately.
    • Empathy – Archangels can read, and feel/sense the emotions of humans.
    • Precognition – Archangels can see into the future, although they do not always see the full picture;
    • Memory Manipulation– Archangels can erase, fabricate and restore memories of people.
    • Shape shifting – Archangels can change form. 
    • Reality Warping – Like some Angels and Seraphs, Archangels can alter reality, albeit to a greater degree.
    • Chronokinesis – Archangels can travel and send themselves, and/or others, backwards or forwards through time.
    • Resurrection – Archangels can resurrect deceased individuals back to life.
    • Power Granting – Archangels can grant protection or powers to other beings.
    • Supernatural Perception – They can sense and perceive beings and things that are naturally invisible.
    • Weather Manipulation – Practically every Archangel changes the weather upon first emergence. The sheer presence can drastically alter the Earth’s weather and surroundings, and they are capable of causing raging storms and generating strong air-currents
    • Pyrokinesis – Archangels can manipulate, control and generate fire. They can incinerate any other angel type, all demons, all fairies, alphas, all monsters, deities, and humans with a tap.
    • Thermokinesis – Archangels can alter the temperature of their surroundings. Lucifer’s presence could cause a massive drop in temperature, and he could cause ice to form on a window just by breathing on it.He was also able to heat up a pair of Supernatural Handcuffs until they popped off of his wrist.Michael was also to cause a door knob to heat up drastically to prevent Adam from escaping.
    • Electrokinesis – Archangels can manipulate, control and generate electricity with such an intensity that they can cause coastal blackouts.
    • Terrakinesis – Archangels can cause full-fledged earthquakes, regardless of whether they are in a vessel or not. With a snap of his fingers, Lucifer was able to disable a fire alarm and turn on music.
    • Molecular Combustion – Archangels have demonstrated the ability to explode lower angels into their component molecules with snaps of their fingers.
    • Regeneration – If they are in some way harmed, they can instantly heal all non-fatal wounds.
    • Mental Projection – Archangels can communicate with humans by projecting images into their minds.
    • Flight – Like regular angels, archangels have demonstrated flight, though not when in a vessel.
    • Healing – Archangels can cure any disease, wound, or injury.
    • Biokinesis – Lucifer was able to cause a man to die of a massive cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Nigh-Omniscience – Being around for billions/trillions of years, the Archangels have vast knowledge and awareness about many things.
    • Eidetic Memory – Like all angels, the Archangels have the faces of every prophet who has existed or will exist etched into their memories. This ability also makes them aware of reality warping and timeline changes.
  • Immortality – Archangels aren’t affected by time or disease and don’t need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain themselves. They predate creation and the universe itself making them more than 13.8 billion years old.
    • Invulnerability – Archangels cannot be damaged or injured by anything that’s at least not supernatural.
    • Immunity – Archangels have immunity to that which affects lesser angels. Michael can not be killed by holy fire as lesser angels are.
  • Astral Projection – Archangels can display their wings like any other angel.


Despite them being very powerful, the archangels possess a few weaknesses which are common to all angels. Some of their weaknesses may not affect them in their true intense light form.Related image

Harming, Misleading, Banishing, and Trapping

  • Angel Banishing Sigil – An angel banishing sigil can banish an archangel.
  • Lot’s Stone – Lot’s Stone can destroy their vessel.
  • Enochian sigil – Can conceal a person’s location from all angels, including archangels. Enochian sigils were also used to keep Lucifer confined in a cage in Limbo.
  • Lucifer’s Cage – This cell can hold any angel, therefore including archangels, without any internal means of escape.
  • Holy Oil – Archangels can be trapped in a loop of holy fire. However, unlike other angels, passing through the Holy Fire would only deal them pain and not injuring them. Their vessels, would, however, be severely burnt, though they could heal them. An archangel as powerful as Lucifer could only be bound by holy fire and warding for a matter of minutes. Once the warding failed, the archangel could put out the holy fire.
  • Heaven’s Weapons – All of Heaven’s weapons acting together can hurt and kill Raphael. It is unknown if Lucifer and Michael would be dealt any pain by the heavenly weapons combined.
  • Angel Blades (possibly) – It is implied that angel blades can, at the very least, harm archangels as Raphael chose to defend himself when one was thrown at him and Lucifer was wary when Castiel threatened him with one and was sure to disarm him.
  • Hand of God – The power from a Hand, is capable of knocking an Archangel down and prevents them to use their powers temporarily.
  • Magic – Powerful magic, spells can have limited effect on an archangel .
  • Hyperbolic pulse generator – Capable of expelling an archangel from their vessel.Image result for archangel michael war in heaven


  • Archangel Blades – An Archangel Blade can harm and kill archangels.
  • Death’s Scythe – Can kill anything, including Death.
  • The First Blade – Combined with the Mark of Cain, the blade should be able to harm and kill archangels as the weapon is powered by the Mark, which binds the Darkness.
  • Souls – Imbued with 50,000 souls, Seraphs are able to withstand Gabriel and Raphael’s minimal
  • attacks.Consumption of 30-40 million souls and Leviathan gave Castiel so much power that he could snap his fingers and obliterate Raphael, and therefore Gabriel as well. However, it is unknown if he could destroy Lucifer and Michael.
  • Primordial Entities – The Darkness, God, and Death can effortlessly kill archangels, however all the archangels together can weaken them significantly.

Image result for archangel michael war in heaven