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Ascendant in Aquarius


Aquarius Rising is a unique individual, first and foremost, and they won’t let you forget it! Many will seek them out for advice because they come across as intellectuals that are approachable. In fact, Aquarius Ascendant is very curious, and frequently very well educated. They may show interest in anything that advances the human race. They are humanitarian, idealistic, tolerant and impartial for the most part.

Aquarius Rising thinks they have seen everything, so it is difficult to shock them. Actually, they like to shock those around them. They really enjoy getting a response from others. They may have a quiet, irreverent sense of humor that others find endearing, if a bit offbeat.

Aquarius Rising is a likable person and very friendly to everyone they meet. They get along with people from all walks of life, easily accepting them all as equals. They are unique in that they can pull off appearing detached and aloof while also appearing kind and caring… it is a study in contradictions.

Aquarius Ascendant may feel “special” or “different”… and they have felt that way their entire life. Sometimes they feel like they are excluded from everyone else, like they are outside the window looking in. They have the ability to observe and deduce what needs to be done. They are also very good at puzzling out how to get things to work. This talent also works with groups of people. This ability serves them well if they work as a manager or in some manner that facilitates people working together.

If Aquarius is your Rising Sign, there are many times when you are a puzzle and even a complete enigma to other people, including some of those closest to you. Occasionally, you can suddenly become totally unpredictable or even erratic.

Without any warning, and certainly when other people least expect it, you will suddenly change direction or shoot off at a tangent and do something quite out of character. The reason for this is that Aquarius is in tune with all that is unconventional, unorthodox, surprising, novel, innovative, inventive and experimental. Thus it is no wonder that you can really surprise people. You will never stay in a rut for long, with the result that there will be many changes in your interests, activities and way of life as the years unfold. What is more, many of these big reshuffles will happen in very unexpected ways.

You have definite opinions and very fixed ideas, plus an exceptionally strong willpower, so you are not easily influenced nor swayed by others. You will stick to your guns with unshakable determination.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian Sign of the Zodiac, giving you complete sincerity, patient understanding and an easy friendliness, which ensures you of many interesting and enjoyable encounters throughout life. Your friendships are often long and many, yet strangely, no matter how well or how long a person has been associated with you, he or she never comes to know you completely. This is because you always put up a little barrier between yourself and others. It is like a mental and emotional buffer zone, a safety net that protects and shields you; for some reason, you will seldom let other people get too close to you. Hence the riddle about you that no-one can ever seem to fathom. Because you can appear to be both mentally and emotionally detached, many people form the opinion that you are cold and aloof. Nothing could be further from the truth, for you are a deeply caring person but you do not wear your heart on your sleeve.

There is no doubt that the Aquarian influence makes you altruistic, but you often seem a mass of contradictions because you are at once naturally friendly and a loner. There are times when you feel like a misfit, because in certain ways you are ahead of your time. Particular ideas of yours may be a little too radical for some people, but Aquarius is a progressive Sign and you must not allow others to stop you capitalizing on the opportunities which it presents. With Aquarius rising, a clearer sense of individuality is gained by stepping back and learning to look at life from an objective position. Such a detached perspective allows for a clear and logical assessment of the situations around you, and at times, lightning fast resolution of issues. Your awareness of group and social dynamics becomes paramount for your overall expression, and this may override purely personal concerns.This is the sign of the collective over the individual, the group over the singular. You are likely to have an especially detached and overarching view on society that allows you to mix with a great variety of people. If Aquarius is on your Ascendant, then you may be ideally suited to working with large groups of people, especially large organizations or groups that have concerns of a humanitarian nature at heart. You may also be drawn to arenas of science; politics or humanitarian endeavors, and have a strong social conscience. Often very adaptable to scientific innovation, you can take up the new easily and working with advances in technology, or in telecommunications can also be highlighted. Television and radio also fall under this sign, and there may be natural talents here. This is the sign associated with intellectual genius and sudden realizations. The intellect is often highly pronounced, and many with this sign rising are gifted with an innate intuition- able to see the gestalt of a whole system in one moment, and make pinpoint decisions based upon multi-leveled dimensions of information. There is likely to be a pronounced tendency to act in ways that will benefit the collective, rather than provide personal gain. This then is the rising sign of the true humanitarian, who gets what they need in ways that are socially responsible and considerate. Life is best met with a sense of hope and a happy vision for the future- knowing that through the right application of ideas and technology, humanity can be uplifted and evolve. You may be inclined to take up social causes, and to support the ideals of liberty, fraternity and equality for all. This rising sign is very idealistic, yet practical, and concerned with the proper outcome of human society. You may be somewhat rebellious and unorthodox, tuned into future ideas and events, over present realities. This is as it should be, for those with Aquarius rising are meant to “bring to earth” visions of future worlds. Accordingly, you may suffer at the hands of others because of your apparent eccentricities or unorthodoxies. You may have played the role of the outsider or someone different from an early age, used to following the beat of your own drum. In some ways, this fits with your belief that you do not really fit anyway, and so allows you to continue being the rebel, renegade or outcast, ready to bring about the unorthodox and the new. In some persons with Aquarius rising, this level of future orientation does not manifest. Then there may be a tendency to display a serious and calculating demeanor concerned with social position and importance. Isolation and autonomy become strategies used to defend the self against close connection with others. In this instance, care must be taken not to become too rigid and crystallized as the years go by. A resistance to change, together with a shrewdly calculated social response, can lead to arthritic and nervous disorders down the track, as well as heart problems. With more conscious evolution, these kinds of personal desires will be viewed as inappropriate, and ideas larger than the personal self-become important. Personal development comes about by remembering to honor the special things that make you uniquely you, and allowing for passion and emotion in your life, and in relationships. Extremes of emotion are not usually comfortable arenas of experience for Aquarius rising, and you may have to learn to value your passion, enthusiasms and emotions as valuable tools for personal evolution, rather than cumbersome and embarrassing inconveniences. It will help to recognize the very human dimension of emotion, as well as the need for recognition, as these individual traits are essential for healthy individuals as well as communities. You may tend to be too rational at times, uncomfortable, or even unfamiliar, with the emotions that surface in other people. You may also be very uncomfortable when these emotions surface from within yourself. It is likely that you will react by trying to detach yourself from such experiences. Yet you will find your greatest happiness comes about when you find the joy and love that is lying beneath most outbursts of emotion and intensity, learning to redirect this emotion toward the benefit of all. You may denigrate and look down upon others when they seek to be recognized and seen as important, for you have an innate dislike of self-centered behaviours, and a tendency to view emotional neediness as a curious weakness found in lesser beings. Opening up to the emotional and passionate dimensions of your being helps you to avoid too much aloofness, or cool objectivity, and lets you realize that in order to be truly human, you need to respond with both reason and emotion to life’s experiences. In this way, you gain a clear understanding, and not just an abstract idea, of what a human being is, and should be.

All the new age technologies, inventions and modern scientific discoveries are related to Uranus and Aquarius, as is astrology and everything of an electrical or electronic nature. Therefore you may find some of these interesting.

This Sign rules the calves of the legs and the ankles, as well as the blood stream. There is the possibility that at some time in your life you could suffer from sprained or weak ankles or blood disorders arising from poor circulation.

Aquarius Rising expresses their individuality clearly, but not in a way that makes them stand out oddly. For example, they may dress well, with an accessory that makes them stand out just enough to make them interesting. While they are very open to new ideas, they can also be extremely stubborn. They can be decidedly inflexible, and at times may try to force others to agree with their opinions. They may not see the small details, only the big picture, which may cause them to overlook the needs of those closest to them. They are independent. They are unaffected by status, wealth or power. When they take an interest in someone, it is for their own sake, not any outside influence. They easily attract friends, and acquaintances come like moths to a flame.

Aquarius Rising loves to play devil’s advocate and take part in a good argument. They like personal freedom, so this can be a potential issue when they marry. Their restless nature can push them to seek a more stimulating environment if the one they are in isn’t meeting their needs mentally or physically. Aquarius Ascendant can be unpredictable and may behave in a contradictory fashion.

Aquarius Rising is extremely interested in the future and the past, but they may get lost when it comes to the present. They may appear to be a bit out of step with their contemporaries. They are likely to be interested in music, design, science or sociology. They may have physical issues with their circulation or with arthritis.