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Ascendant in Capricorn


Capricorn Rising takes everything seriously. Even when they are playing a joke, they are deadpan. They have impeccable timing for this kind of humor. If there is one word that describes Capricorn Rising, it is competence. They are very conscious of the image they project, from the clothes they wear to the expression on their face. They think if they look successful, they’ll be successful… and in general, Capricorn Ascendant makes this true. Responsible from the day they could pick up their toys and put them away, Capricorn Ascendant is the one you want to have around when you need a responsible, reliable person. Beneath their smooth, unruffled appearance however, they are often questioning themselves. They often worry about the future and if they are doing all they can. When Capricorn is your Rising Sign, you have all the hallmarks of a person who is practical, thorough, down-to-earth and responsible.

You work diligently in your employment; you have a great sense of purpose and, because you are very ambitious, once you set yourself to achieve something lasting and really worthwhile, you will never give up until you get it. Perseverance is one of your strong points. There is no other Sign that can match your ability to stick at something until the bitter end. You are restrained and rather conservative in your outlook. Since you are inclined to take most things seriously (including yourself), you lack a vivid imagination and flights of fancy. Try to cultivate your sense of humor and not allow Capricorn’s heavy-going, over- serious or even pessimistic outlook to overrule the joy of living. Deliberately put some fun into your life. Be willing to let your hair down now and then. You are not the type of person who lives just for the moment because your Ascendant’s ruler, Saturn, symbolizes ‘Old Father Time’ and Capricorn represents age, wisdom and experience. Consequently, you plan for the future, especially in practical and monetary matters.

You are a thrifty person who can bear hardship and deprivation better than other Sign types. You seem to thrive on austerity and it gives you a feeling of satisfaction to be able to exist on the minimum. However, just be careful not to let selfishness, meanness and I narrow-mindedness develop as the years go by.

You are neither flippant nor superficial, and you are certainly not interested in a frivolous lifestyle. Instead, you are stable, reliable, serious-minded, sometimes somber, patient, conservative and conventional. These are excellent qualities if you do not allow an over-cautious attitude to cramp your initiative, to prevent you from taking a chance to expand or to miss out on golden opportunities. Because of your cautious nature, you are slow to make important decisions, preferring instead to take your time and consider all the ramifications of whatever you intend to do. Status is very important to you. Unfortunately, one of the negative aspects of this Sign is to make you judge people according to their rank and position in life. Unless you guard against it, you can be quite harsh towards people whom you regard as far beneath you.  With the sign of Capricorn on the Ascendant, there is often a dual combination of a person who is, on the one hand, serious, organized and capable, and on the other, somewhat uncertain about their ability to achieve all the things they want to. The characteristics of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, are pronounced here, lending executive ability, patience and the ability to master difficult tasks, whilst at the same time, generating fear, awkwardness and uncertainty about exactly what it is one wants to experience, and wants to express about oneself. Ambition is often strong, as is a crippling doubt about your ability to achieve what you set out to do. This is a curious combination of capability and caution that usually becomes balanced over time. One the one hand, there is a great sense of duty and reserve that is aligned to being very serious about achieving one’s ambitions. This often sits side by side with a highly developed sensuality, easily able to appreciate the pleasures of life. Often with this Ascendant, there is a natural tendency to be at times stern, authoritative, strict and serious especially with the self. The mastery of one’s material resources is generally a prime concern. This serious, recriminating tone is often turned inward. Thus you can be far harder on yourself than you are on anyone else. Other people will consider you a harsh task master or a capable leader, and you are likely to be well respected for your capacity for hard work, seriousness and prolonged focus. Treating yourself as a member of staff will help. Would you punish and criticize others as harshly as you do yourself? In the course of a day you are likely to do ten things, eight of which you will do very well. Yet at the end of the day it is the two you didn’t master, the two that were less than perfect that you will remember and punish yourself for. Perhaps you need to treat yourself as a growing, and eventually profitable organization, instead of a paramilitary training camp. You need to find ways to make practical and efficient use of the resources that are available to you, and ultimately master your world. To do this, you need to cautiously plan and structure your approach to life in order to meet the requirements of the rather fatherly voice inside of you that is urging you on toward success and achievement. Achievement may be slow to come, but certain, owing to your careful, methodical planning and practice. Saturn, your ruler, is also known as Father Time, and he teaches his valuable lessons through patience, commitment and endurance. Hardship and frustration teach the lessons of bending the will to serve a higher purpose, and teach you to refine your ambitions whilst developing long-term staying power. Thus limits, laws and structures must be recognized and obeyed. There is a need to make something of oneself; and this will become a key driving aim in life. Submitting the personality to the need for order, structure and discipline will lead to long term satisfaction and contentment. Publicly, there may be a great sense of reserve, decorum and appropriate social codes, but behind closed doors, another story unfolds that leaves the sober side far behind. Here, we meet the principles of Cronos (Saturn), God of Time, Limitation and Structure together with Capricorn’s other ruler Saturnalia, God of Earthly Pleasures and Delights. Capricorn rising individuals find their sense of purpose and inner balance through developing both sides of their nature, whilst reminding themselves that they are far more capable than they let themselves believe. The potential to enjoy deeply the senses and the body is also very present. Those with Capricorn rising need to let themselves explore their bodies, and their potential for sensual pleasure. Fortunately, this is much more easily achieved, once the false and crippling limitations of guilt and self-repression have been removed. This Ascendant also brings great sensitivity to the needs and feelings of those held close, and the ideal partner is one who can provide plenty of soft ‘mothering’ and nurturing as a balance to all the apparent hardness and diffidence of the ‘capable’ Capricorn mask. Sometimes the innate expectation that life must be hard makes things far more difficult than need be. We meet what we expect in the world, and Capricorn rising folks often expect hardship and limitation to greet them at every turn. These beliefs can lead to difficulty in realizing one’s goals, for the belief that life must be hard for you often set things up so that they are! Learning to recognize your need for hard work and discipline, without seeing oneself as somehow under the thumb of Cruel Fate, helps. Also putting your ambitions into perspective is a good managerial move. You are a work in progress and are highly likely to succeed. Affirming that you are able to create what you need easily in your life and taking time to enjoy its’ ample pleasures will help to overcome these self-imposed limitations. Despite looking like an overnight success, Capricorn Rising worked hard to get where they are. They will deny their wants and focus on their goal, no matter what it takes. The only indulgences they will allow themselves are the clothing they need to succeed and other status symbols that make them appear the way they want to be. All of their success is the result of a conscious effort on their part.

Capricorn Rising identifies with the material world, and they spend a lot of time managing their assets. They like the formalities of life because they add structure to social interactions. They may choose to be around those who make them look good without even realizing it. They may have had a restrictive childhood or a difficult birth. Capricorn Ascendant may not like certain aspects of their appearance or personality, and may exhibit unusual behavior when they are processing how they feel about these things. They are insecure and afraid deep down, and may plunge themselves into self-destructive behaviors to combat these feelings. Capricorn Rising will most likely put forward a cheery face to the public, trying to compensate for their inner feelings of doubt. They don’t hesitate to accept responsibility or hardships. Success is important to Capricorn Ascendant, whether it is in a career, marriage, their personal life or their social status. In marriage, this ascendant needs a partner who can protect them emotionally. When they seek a partner, the attraction begins with the first impression.

Capricorn Ascendant comes across as practical, restrained, conservative and reserved. Their health may have been delicate as a child, but by adulthood they are usually much heartier. When younger, they may be timid, shy or sensitive. Their inner drive to succeed helps them overcome these early adversities. Position and money are important to Capricorn Ascendant, and they will plan accordingly. They usually must pass trials during their life on humility and pride.

Capricorn Ascendant appears to be wise beyond their years. They don’t break the rules and they don’t disobey very much as children. As much as this appears like they are very stoic and boring… they are not! Capricorn Rising can have as much fun as the next person… they are just more rational about it.