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Ascendant in Sagittarius


Sagittarius Rising is an enthusiastic adventurer who loves to explore. They are often restless and love to be active. It is almost like they are trying to grasp what is on the tip of their tongue… but can’t quite recall what it is. While they can be very direct, most people like them enough to overlook any harshness that is perceived. Sagittarius Ascendant likes to talk, but they also have a lot to offer. Their insights are exciting and helpful, even if they aren’t very detailed. Their natural optimism makes them appear happy even if they are in a foul mood. This can prove annoying to some of their friends at times.

Sagittarius Rising is very opinionated, and they are more than happy to share these opinions with everyone, whether they want to listen or not. They appear confident, even though some may think they are naïve. They manage to keep their sense of humor no matter what is going on. Their light-hearted manner is welcome everywhere. Their natural charisma makes them appear larger than life. They can be effective at encouraging opposing sides to get along.

They have a need for freedom and independence that often leads them into traveling lifestyle. They do best when they have a change of scenery. If they marry, their partner must understand this need and be willing to work with it. They are also not too attached to material things. Sagittarius Ascendant likes to see everyone around them having a good time, and they are a great person to have at parties. Many born under this ascendant prefer more casual relationships to a deep commitment, and may appear very superficial until they meet the right person. Those with Sagittarius rising often experience life as a challenge, a quest, or a search for adventure where the prize is the discovery of meaning. When Sagittarius is rising, the need to develop self-awareness comes about through expanding one’s horizons – at either physical, mental or spiritual levels. Life is often approached with a sense of optimism and expansion, with an expectation of success. The search for meaning, for truth, for a proven belief system based upon experience is the deeper implication wth a Sagittarian Ascendant.

By exploring the whole gamut of possibilities that life can present, you ideally form a philosophy, or system of beliefs, that allows you to reconcile the duality of instinct (animal nature) over meaning and aspiration (human nature). When you have such a philosophy in place, you can feel confident to go out and share your vision with the world. The dynamic, fiery qualities of this rising sign need to be directed toward reconciling some of the metaphysical and philosophical quandaries of life. Thus life is often viewed as a challenge and an opportunity to learn, and you are likely to passionately defend your need to have the freedom to roam, to explore horizons and see how far you can go. This can occur at a physical level or within the mind. Life is often viewed as a journey or a pilgrimage, with the search for meaning paramount. A way to express this intention would be with the following expression- “I see the goal; I reach the goal, and then I see another”.

Sagittarius rising people need an outlet for an abundance of creative and enthusiastic energies. Gifted with energy and inspiration, they are often able to inspire and uplift themselves, as well as others. Guided by optimism and faith, you can look for symbolic meaning wherever you go, finding portents in life’s circumstances. Usually, all things are seen as part of a larger, connective principle, and you are broad-minded and happy to let everyone live their own lives.

Within this, there may also be a tendency toward excess, inflation and overstepping the mark. Exuberance and optimism can easily turn to recklessness and a lack of care. The tendency to go to extremes can be symptomatic of a passionate faith in your own invincibility and nee to push the boundaries of what is allowable and permissible. Again, the human and the animal must be reconciled.

Yet there may also be times where you allow your natural faith and optimism to dwindle away, failing to find the answers you seek means you can become despondent and cynical in the extreme. Your tendency is to discover and then project what is true for you. The search for meaningful belief system is the essence here. Once you have found one, you may become so enthusiastic about it that you want everyone to know what you know. Then you become eager to teach others what you have learnt. Many excellent teachers have this sign pronounced in their charts. Yet some Sagittarian types will display qualities of preaching and zealotry in their eagerness to share, and there may be times when you go to excess trying to recruit others to your particular belief system. In this way, you manifest the darker side of this sign, trying to co-opt others into agreeing with your version of the truth. Cynical disbelief can be equally vehement as optimistic faith. Trying to convert others can be an ultimately futile preoccupation.

A Sagittarius rising individual needs to find their truth on their own terms, and there may be a prolonged search for the right path, teaching or philosophy that can satisfy this questing for knowledge and meaning. Often, those with this sign rising will spend periods of life travelling or immersed in a particular faith or belief system, exploring ideas and concepts to their broadest level. You may be very restless in your pursuit of knowledge, and it is important to allow yourself plenty of opportunity to explore new horizons, and broaden your sphere of reference. Usually, others provide the analytical focus through which this sign can ground and refine its ideas and objectives, and you may take to studying other people or surrounding yourself with analytical types who can help you discriminate between your abundance of ideas and intentions. In such a way, this takes your ideas to a more thorough conclusion. With this sign rising, life is best viewed as a quest and an adventure. With faith and a positive attitude your greatest allies, you tend to approach life in a grand way, excited by possibilities and certain of your right to experience them. Using your innate gifts of analysis and perception gives you the ability to inspire and uplift others, helping them become the best they can be by lighting the quest for meaning and sense of purpose in their lives.

When Sagittarius is your Rising Sign, your freedom and independence are probably two of the things you value most in life. You find it, therefore, very difficult to tolerate anyone or anything that places limitations on your thoughts and activities.

Where marriage or close relationships are concerned, this influence of Sagittarius can cause problems. The reason is that committing yourself to share your life with another person automatically imposes a certain amount of restriction on your freedom and independence. After the initial romance has faded and your partnership has become a practical affair with all the daily routine it involves, you can begin to resent the fact that you are no longer free and independent. Unless you take full control of this shift in attitude, the influence of Sagittarius rising can lead to a broken relationship. As a matter of fact, this particular Zodiac position is notorious in the divorce courts and in the lives of many people who have married more than once. Of course, there is also the other extreme where the person refuses to surrender his or her freedom and does not marry at all. Where happiness in a partnership is concerned, the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets will be of paramount importance. Certainly not every person with Sagittarius on the Ascendant will go through a separation or a divorce but, nevertheless, it is an influence that needs careful handling.

Vitality is a dominant characteristic of this Sign, and since you love the freedom you find in the outdoors and in the fresh air, in the sunshine and the wide, open spaces, you enjoy expressing your energy in various types of sporting or outdoor activities where you can feel totally unrestricted and unhampered. You have an optimistic nature, so that it takes a lot to get you down; even when this does happen, you soon come bubbling back again. After all, with jovial Jupiter as your personal planet, it is not surprising that you laugh and smile more than most people. You have an enthusiastic, colorful, even flamboyant personality, but you do have a tendency to be over-confident, over-optimistic and prone to exaggeration. These intemperate enthusiasms plus the volatility of your spirit, can sometimes lead you astray or put people off side. You are seldom subtle and certainly never devious, preferring instead I to be completely candid, open and frank, even to the point of bluntness. Just remember that your abrupt manner is not always understood by some of the reserved, conservative people with whom you come into contact.

Sagittarius Rising bores easily with routine, but they do like competition. This makes routine exercising dull for them, but competitive sports may be able to hold their interest. They have a natural aptitude for sports, especially anything to do with horses. They love good entertainment, food and drink, dancing and animals. Their natural wanderlust makes them a natural for any career that involves travel and excitement. For Sagittarius Rising, the journey is more important than the destination. They are often not punctual because they don’t leave until the last moment. They may be talented artistically or be called to education, publishing or religion.

Sagittarius Rising is curious, and may tend towards spirituality or philosophy. They are generous and may be impressed by wealth and status. They are adaptable and flexible, as they must be to enjoy the amount of change they like in their lives. They can be very helpful in any situation except one where they must sit still. On the other hand, they can be considered rude, self-indulgent and pompous. They can also become cynical and sarcastic if they are not careful. At the same time, Sagittarius Ascendant must be cautious that their obsession with their own freedom doesn’t come at the expense of their more caring personality. Sagittarius Rising must work on developing tact and concentration.