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Aura Aroma


Scent is one of our most enduring senses that can transform our emotions and take us to memories of another time and place, or help us create beautiful new fantasies. Aromatic essence of oils and lotions can have a powerful influence on our wellbeing; we can clear our thinking process, open our hearts to our relationships, and awaken all of our senses to align our aura energies. Each Aura color will match to a flower, root or bark of the same color or Chakra organ placement to maximize benefits of Aromatherapy. Each flower or scent can be used year round.

Red – You will receive the most pleasure, benefit and grounding when using oils and lotions that contain musky animalistic odors, and aphrodisiac properties. Some choices will be Patchouli, Clove, and Rose Geranium. Rose Geranium governs the balance of hormones, and can be used as a perfume or lotion and is the most feminine of scents.

Orange – You will awaken your sensuality, pleasure and openness to your relationships when you stimulate your senses with exotic floral scents. Apply oil or lotion that contains the aroma of Sandalwood, Jasmine or Ylang Ylang, and you will experience the effects of an aphrodisiac.

Magenta – Continue the party into the early morning hours and heighten all of your senses and pleasure with your partner when you use heavy, sweet, exotic floral scents all over your bodies. Your creative sexual energy and natural openness to others will be enhanced with the use of Rose Gardenia Lotion and Damiana Oil.

Yellow – You always want to be ready for the next social event, so to keep up with your fast mind and pace, you need both relaxing and energizing oils and lotions. You can refresh your breath and stomach Chakra with peppermint oil, and send radiant light and energy throughout your body by using a Lemon scented or Lavender lotion.

Mental/Physical Tan – You like the feeling of self-control, authority, strength, action and vitality. You can evoke these feelings of personal power by using oils and lotions containing Rosemary, Carnation or Bergamot. You will feel increased alertness and less anxiety surrounding work or relationships.

Loving/Nurturing Tan– Gentle fragrances will help with total loving acceptance of yourself and others and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Light Lavender oils and lotions or a bit of Rosemary oil will make you feel more peaceful with your busy schedule. Less is better for you; your winning personality shines through.

Green -You put your mind, body and heart into everything you do; work and play are both stressful and fun for you. You can ensure less anxiety and a possible aphrodisiac effect by using the oil of Ylang Ylang, and Rose smelling lotions or fragrances on your body and in your bedroom. Remember, ancient Romans scattered Rose petals on the bridal bed!

Blue – Emotions, sensitivity and communication flow from your throat and can become blocked or choked due to conflict, confusion or even happiness. Relax your body, calm your nerves and soothe your throat by applying some Blue Chamomile oil or lotion to this sensitive area. Eucalyptus or Frankincense oils, lotions or incense can also calm.

Lavender – You desire creative self-expression and love using your imagination to fuel your career, and love connections. Luxurious bath salts and candles of Lavender will heighten your experiences followed by Pink Rose Lotion. You will feel stimulated and inspired to fulfill your dreams.

Indigo  – You will be guided by your inner vision and heightened sensory perception to choose oils and lotions that bring you peace of mind and manifest your self will and independence. Jasmine or Mint scented oils and lotions will have a soothing effect on your mind, body and soul so you will be ready for the night ahead.

Violet  – You will want to fill uplifted and enlightened by your choice of oils or lotions. You may not want to use heavy lotions that interfere with your sense of concentration on your work or love so make sure oils and lotions are very lightly applied and diluted. Good choices in small amounts will include Jasmine, Juniper and Rose.

Crystal – You often desire perfection in your work and social relationships. You always strive for enlightenment, understanding and unity which can cause you stress or anxiety. Soothe your mind, body and spirit with the beautiful essence of White Lotus, Oleander or White Rose oils and lotions. Calm will actually stimulate your desires.