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image1Our aura surrounds us like a second skin and is the part of our energy body that most interacts with the outside world. It is the part of us that can and does absorb negative energy from our environment as well as the people around us. This energy then attaches itself to our aura and should it not be cleansed and cleared could manifest in illness or dis-ease, therefore makes complete sense for us to work with this highly sensitive energy field, become familiar with it and to practice to tune into it.

Here you can learn how to read your own aura as well the aura of others life forms as well. By reading your aura as well as others you can improve the quality of your whole life in general…. You will learn about our body chakras system and importance of each of them for our health.

You will learn how our clothes, our eating habits, our environment, and the people around us influence our health and well-being.image1

After completing this excellent home study course you will know that you can: heal disease at the it’s cause, influence your moods, influence your emotions, influence you general health and well-being and protect yourself against outside influences just by using a few simple and effective techniques.

If you would like to experience and learn how to read your own aura as well the aura of others life forms as well for yourself , then please contact me for more information and to book an appointment