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Aura Meditation

Daniel B Holeman art: The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living creatures including human beings, animals and plants. In fact, some people believe that the aura surrounds all matter including inanimate objects. The aura of one being can affect that of another. Auras are mostly described as a psychic fluid or essence that is generated by and emanates from all physical forms.  Others say that it is nothing more than the electromagnetic field which surrounds and runs through all things.  And in general others consider the auric field to be merely a component of the same vibrations that comprise the entire universe.We are made of energy that gives off a glow. That glow is our aura and our aura color is a reflection of our personality. By understanding our aura, we can strengthen relationships, make better career and  life decisions, and improve our health and well being.

Our Aura has two parts: Main Aura and the Etheric Aura.

The Main Aura is banded around the body. Imagine a person with thick, colored hoops of light draped over him/her and you get the idea. These subtle bodies of color emanate from a person’s psychic center, or main chakra. Each chakra is a power plant generating energy of a different type and color. The strength, activity and color tone of each chakra depends on the person’s character, personality, emotional state and lifestyle. A person’s dominant chakra generates the main aura color.

Close to the skin is the Etheric Aura. It is a pale, narrow band that outlines the body and is usually no more than half an inch wide. It looks like milky smoke clinging to the body. The Etheric Aura is most closely aligned with physical attributes—the health and wellness of the body. The Etheric Aura shimmers and becomes lighter or darker depending upon life circumstances affecting the body. The life colors help to determine your core personality traits, your primary purpose and priorities in life. The Etheric color usually does not change during your life. The color of the Etheric Aura starts as a luminescent white to gray band of color that gradually blends into a color that represents the true nature of the individual or the core personality. The operating colors that develop around the Etheric band of color can be multilevel and change with an action, thought, emotion, or physical feeling. These operating bands tend to brighten or diminish with strong emotional experiences. The hues of the operating auras also reveal the strength or weakness of an individual’s will.  Your aura color can shift or change due to a major life change or crisis, such as a near-death experience, or extraordinary psychological or physical trauma. It is important to take stock of your life or seek the guidance of a psychic or aura reader to gain balance after a traumatic emotional or physical experience.

The aura colors are created by the vibration and interaction of matter and light Image result for Aura Meditationemanating from the human body and these colors reflect our personality—mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially. The twelve Etheric life colors are divided into five groups: Physical color personalities, Action color personalities, Analytical color personalities, Emotional color personalities, and Spiritual color personalities. Within these groups there are also color combinations with slight variations.  If you are a color combination, it is important to study the two colors that make up your aura so that you have a great understanding of the colors that influence you.

Everybody more or less are aware or sens the existing of energetic shield around  of their body, plants or animals. Every living source of energy vibration radiated with this electro magnetic shield around them. An aura is a collection of electro-magnetic energies of varying densities which are exiting from the physical, vital, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. These particles of energy are suspended around the human body in an oval-shaped field. This oval field or ‘auric egg’ stands out from the body some 2-3 feet (1meter) (on average) on all sides. It is also found above the head and extends below the feet into the ground. The aura is an energy field for which there is no scientific explanation to date, but it can be seen, and dowsed. The human body is a vessel controlled and nourished by electromagnetic fields of energy known as auras. This energy, invisible to the naked eye, carries, regulates, and balances multiple systems in the body.

The notion of bio-field represents the electromagnetic field generated by the bio-structures, not only in their normal physiological activities but also in their pathological states. There is a tight inter dependency between the bio-field and the bio-structure, which respects the primary notion of an electromagnetic field given by the Maxwell-Faraday laws, in which, the electromagnetic phenomena are simplified to the field variations. These variations can be expressed in a coherent differential equation system that bounds the field vectors to different space points at different time moments.The living organisms cannot contain electrostatic and magneto-static fields due to the intense activity of the bio-structures. The biochemical reactions that have high rhythms and speeds always impose the electrodynamics character of the biologic field that also corresponds to the stability of the protein molecule that can be explained only through a dynamic way. The existent energy is not considered an exciting agent, and it does not lead to any effects.

Image result for Aura MeditationSpecific channels (meridians) transport this energy to create a balanced flow of self-healing properties. When blockages disrupt these channels, the event can serve as a catalyst for lingering illness and toxins to flood the immune system. The regulation of this natural energy through the use of acupuncture points and conscious intention allows for the maintenance of positive flow, and functions as natural medicine in preventing sickness and healing the body. The human body contains numerous canals that serve as channels for subtle energies to flow freely. The Chinese called this bio energy “chi” and these energetic channels “meridians,” the existence of which scientists have confirmed using infrared thermal imaging. Each of these meridians flow into the seven energy centers of the body known as chakras. Human health is contingent upon the need to continually balance, harmonize, and unblock the energy flow between the chakras and meridians. When the flow of energy is disrupted, cell metabolism becomes affected, and this will trigger the manifestation of disease. These are seven major chakras in the body, which correspond to the major endocrine glands. The chakras act as interfaces that can transform pure information into energy and matter. They are located at the base of the spine (root chakra), at the naval (sacral chakra), in the solar plexus (solar plexus chakra), in the heart (heart chakra), in the throat (throat chakra), at the center of the forehead (third eye chakra), and at the top of the head (crown chakra). Each of these act as mediators between sensory awareness and emotional perception and processing. This is the activated energetic framework in which the aura meditation does its thing. Tiller references acupuncture and another method, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as modalities to bio-regulate energy flow and free up blocked energy pathways. An acupuncturist, for example, inserts needles into specific points along the meridian lines to treat imbalance and restore the flow of chi.Related image

EFT, however, utilizes acupuncture points in a different way. By tapping one’s fingers on meridian points, balance is restored to specific chakras, and this results in the harmonious flow of energy.When performing EFT, the tapping is done in conjunction with affirmation statements as a way of cultivating positive intention. Dr. Tiller believes that conscious intention creates its own energy field capable of communicating with the universe. Positive intention and focused consciousness will also free up meridian blockages, and allow for the free flowing of chi throughout the body.

Dr. Tiller has spent his life doing numerous studies to quantify and describe the field of energy created by conscious intention, which is “mindfulness” by any other name.

The limitations and holes in the logic of Western medicine can be filled by Eastern philosophy. The human body is a complex system that sends waves of energy to the seven major chakras via meridian channels. Practices such as acupuncture, the emotional freedom technique, and cultivated conscious intention work to balance the flow of energy in the body and free up blockages.Lack of pre-emptive attention to energy flow can lead to disruptions between the meridians and chakras, which can send the body into disarray and illness. For modern medicine to advance, a paradigm shift from the rigid view of Western medicine will need to recognize the value in bio energy regulation and its quantifiable effects on human health.

Human Auras and Healing – Our bio energy field, or aura, is a primary contributor to your physical and emotional well-being. When your aura is vibrant, chances are good that your health is equally vibrant. Because most physical problems appear first in the bio energy field, and later in the physical body, one of the best ways you can take care of yourself is by keeping your aura “bright,”  “smooth,” and “clean.”Those who don’t meditate regularly have chakras or energy centers that are not fully open.Their auras are subsequently quite dimmer than those of people who meditate daily and realign and revive their energy fields on a regular basis. By practicing aura meditations each day, you can dramatically improve your vibrancy and health.Healing can take place when you provide yourself with the time and space to receive it. Make time for yourself to allow loving, healing energies to flow through your energy field and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

It’s easier to learn how to meditate if you don’t need to master the ins-and-outs of a foreign culture at the same time. Make no mistake–other cultures have much to offer. But when the meditation technique is more accessible, it’s also easier to get to the good stuff–like gaining deep self-awareness, releasing personal blocks and connecting with higher spiritual dimensions.

Preparing the Space, Preparing Yourself…
Find a quiet, comfortable place for yourself–where you will not be disturbed. Create a relaxing atmosphere. You may want to light a candle, light incense, or play some soothing music in the background. Begin to relax in general. Take some deep breaths and perhaps do some light stretching. Either lie down, or sit, in a position that is comfortable for your body (seated in a chair is fine).Image result for Aura Meditation

Inversión de la Polaridad Personal:: Meditation Technique: Whole Body, Deep Relaxation…
Meditation is sometimes described as concentration; this is true to a very limited extent. With the mind so full of thoughts, concentration on any one subject is a tool to minimize and focus mental activity. Then, when the mind starts fully concentrating on that one object, even that object is removed.We learn the art of not doing anything, and become observers, rather than doers. Meditation is a technique that we all can use at any time and place.  We use it to quieten the mind and restore peace and harmony within ourselves. This has a profound effect on our outward life as well.  Meditation is intended, not to stop us thinking, but to help us to produce order in and around our confusion.  Relaxing our minds through meditation, enables us to clear the chattering for a time and experience a renewed sense of energy. This in turn enables us to bring identity, clarity and freedom to take control over our lives and to become healthier and happier.The word meditate comes from the Latin root meditatum, i.e. to ponder. In the Old Testament, means to sigh or murmur, but also to meditate. The use of the term meditatio as part of a formal, step wise process of meditation goes back to the 12th century monk Guigo II. Caravans on the Silk Road helped spread meditative practices from India. Around 500-600BC Taoists in China and Buddhists in India began to develop meditative practices.

Different postures affect how the energy flows through the body and how alert the mind is in meditation. For most meditations, we suggest sitting upright with the spine erect while still being comfortable. It is not necessary to get into a precise or difficult posture to meditate! If you are uncomfortable or straining to be in a certain position, you will not be able to relax completely. Some meditations, such as our Walking Meditation, are done while active. Obviously, if you are doing a meditation for falling asleep, it would be best to lie down.

Usually 15-30 minutes is a good meditation time, although if you are new to meditation, you may want to start with 5 or 10 and build up. If you meditate regularly, it can be helpful to meditate about the same number of minutes each time.When you meditate will partly depend on what kind of meditation you are doing and the purpose of the meditation. Although you can meditate at any time, the ideal times are usually in the morning as a start to your day, or in the late afternoon in order to unwind from the activity of the day and be refreshed for the evening.If you do a meditation which energizes you, it’s better not to do it before bedtime. Meditations which are deeply relaxing are best done on an empty stomach or at least a couple of hours after a meal.The ideal frequency of meditation may vary from person to person depending on many different factors.

Generally speaking, once or twice a day is Pinterest: @ ↠savana_rollins↠: ideal. A regular routine of meditation is invaluable. The benefit derived from meditation starts to carry over into our activity more when we meditate regularly. Many find twice a day to be ideal, but certainly even once a day can make a big difference.Usually 15-20 minutes twice a day is sufficient and more could be counter-productive.Thoughts arise spontaneously in the mind. They are a natural part of meditation. The goal of meditation is to become more at ease, relaxed and at peace with whatever is happening. Therefore, it is important to not resist anything that comes in meditation, including thoughts.
Don’t try to push out thoughts or resist them. Simply notice that thoughts are present and let them go the way they come — effortlessly. When you find that the awareness has been caught up in a train of thought, easily come back to the focus of your meditation. Before we start with Meditation, we have to choose a quite and comfortable place and posture for meditating. It have to be a quite place in our home with smooth lightening. After we take our comfortable posture in a quite place in the house we should close our eyes and focus our attention inward. We should be aware of our physical body.
Legs – Notice our toes, breathe, and relax them. Feel our feet, breathe, and release any tension. Be aware of our ankles, breathe, let go of any holding. Notice our calf muscles, breathe and relax them. Feel our knees, breathe, and release any tension. Be aware of our quad (upper front of leg) muscles, breathe and let go of any holding. Notice our hamstrings (upper back of leg), breathe and relax them. Feel our hip joints, breathe, and release any tension.

Torso – Be aware of our groin area, breathe and let go of any holding. Notice our abdomen, breathe, and relax our belly. Feel our lower back, breathe, and release any tension. Be aware of our rib cage, breathe, and let go of any holding. Notice our diaphragm muscle (between lungs and abdomen), breathe, and relax. Feel our chest muscles, breathe and release any tension. Be aware of our upper back, breathe and let go of any holding.

Arms – Notice our shoulder joints, breathe and relax. Feel our upper arms, breathe and release any tension. Be aware of our elbows and forearms, breathe, and let go of any holding. Notice our wrists and hands, breathe, and relax.

Neck and Head – Feel our neck muscles, breathe, and release any tension. Be aware of the back of our head, breathe, and let go of any holding. Notice our scalp, eyes and face, breathe, and relax. Feel our jaw, lips and tongue, breathe, and release any tension.

Whole Body
Be aware of our whole physical body. Notice our legs, breathe, and relax. Feel our torso, breathe, and release any tension. Be aware of our arms, breathe, let go of any holding. Notice our spine, breathe, and relax. Feel our head and face, breathe, and release any tension.Be aware of our whole physical body as one piece, breathe, and relax. Notice how relaxed you feel. Take three deep breaths and continue to release, relax and let go…Closing…when you feel ready, gently open your eyes and slowly begin to move. Give yourself some time to enjoy being relaxed before you move on to other activities.

Ethereal Meditation: Aura meditation practice 

The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living creatures including human beings, animals and plants. In fact, some people believe that the aura surrounds all matter including inanimate objects. The aura of one being can affect that of another. A person who has a weak aura may feel the pull of someone who has a strong aura. That pull may leave a person with a weak aura feeling drained. People who sap the energy of someone elses aura may be referred to as emotional vampires. A strong aura can be used to heal, attract, protect or even influence others. The energy of the aura may be used in positive or negative ways but it is important to use such energy positively as it may have dire consequences to the user as well as others when used in a negative manner. It is important to strengthen your aura in order to protect yourself against those who may try to sap your energy. A strong aura can keep also keep you healthy and happy. You may suffer from ill health and lack of energy if your aura is weak. Learn how to strengthen your aura and keep it that way.The aura is a manifestation of the life force, which mediums usually refer to as prana—a Sanskrit term for universal energy with a literal meaning of “before breath,” suggesting that it is the vital force or life essence that animates breath and gives life to the body. According to Eastern teachings, prana is the substance of the human aura and manifests in a number of ways and layers. The layers closest to the body are usually called the “health aura” with various layers radiating outward serving different functions. The aura is alive with energy, never static. Sometimes it can be seen as full of countless sparkling particles and may shimmer like the heat from a stove. Sometimes amidst the vibratory movement there may be seen larger balls of light, usually around the head, that indicate that the person has been involved in concentrated mental or emotional focus. The energy around the head will be seen to pulsate around people with very active brains or may be very bright around the heads of people focused on spiritual matters.

Breathe deeply and slowly at first, sensing the presence of the bio energy “life force” within you.

Feel this energy flowing through you and imagine that it’s cleansing you.

Visualize this energy within your body radiating more and more. See if you can see/sense the color of the energy.

While visualizing the energy (and color if possible), direct this nourishing energy to the area of the body that needs healing (e.g. areas of the body where pain resides, or feel weak).

Spend 3-5 minutes per step.Aura meditation develops your awareness of energy. As you progress, you can gain deeper self-awareness, release major personal blocks, and connect with higher spiritual dimensions. Aura meditation works with tools such as centering, grounding, the aura, chakras, energy channels, emotions and many more. It ideally compliments energy-based spiritual healing and psychic reading.

aura meditation

Grounding is the energy connection between your body and the center of the planet. You can release any unwanted or excess energies down your grounding. Grounding also helps you to be present as spirit in body. It is useful to be aware of the connection and downward flow of your grounding.

Centering is being present and aware from the center of your head. Centering allows you to be aware of yourself and others with non-judgement and neutrality. When you are in the center of your head, you can respond to life and make choices, rather than react. From the center of your head, you can also know your own answers.

The Aura
Your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding your body. Your aura forms your personal energy space. It is useful to clearly define the boundaries of your aura, while allowing your energy flow.

What you have in your aura is what you see out through, what you are seen through, what you experience as your reality, and what you attract to you…

Preparing the Space, Preparing Yourself…
Find a quiet, comfortable place for yourself–where you will not be disturbed. Create a relaxing atmosphere. You may want to light a candle, light incense, or play some quiet, soothing music in the background. Begin to relax in general. Take some deep breaths and perhaps do some light stretching. Sit upright in a comfortable position with an open posture.Notice how you experience yourself before doing the aura meditation exercise. Then close your eyes and focus your attention inward…

Use positive affirmations to keep your aura strong and healthy. Choose affirmations that resonate with your spirit and feel comfortable to you. Repeat them daily.

Valor gobernante: Salud: Eat a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. A poor diet can cause your aura to become weak. A proper diet will strengthen the aura naturally.

Meditate 2 to 3 times per week. Meditation can help keep the aura strong. Use whatever form of meditation that works best for you. Experiment with several different meditation techniques until you find the one best for you then mediate often for a strong aura.

Get outdoors and connect with nature. Being in a natural setting will help to balance and strengthen your aura. You need fresh air and natural sunlight to keep your aura healthy. Make it a regular practice to get outside and enjoy nature as often as possible. It also helps to bring nature indoors by adding plants to your environment. They make lovely additions to your home as well as your office. Open windows and drapes to let fresh air and sunshine indoors.

Get plenty of exercise to strengthen your aura. Your aura increases and expands when you are active. Strengthen your aura with exercise.

Avoid alcohol and drugs, both of which can weaken and diminish your aura.

Eliminate negative habits and reduce stress levels. Negative thoughts and behavior as well as high stress levels can be disastrous to the aura.

Listen to music that restores and invigorates your spirit and aura. You’ll know the type of music to listen to simply by the way it makes you feel. If it agitates or stimulates you too much it is the wrong type of music. If it comforts you and makes you feel happy or relaxed then by all means listen to it. The right type of music can strengthen your aura whereas the wrong type of music can weaken it. Choose your music wisely.

Carry crystals on your person such as in a pocket. Place them in your environment such as in various places around your home and on your desk. Crystals can help to magnify and strengthen your aura.

Cleanse, balance and strengthen your aura through visualization. Visualize a pure white light moving down through each of the chakras. You can do this by starting at the crown chakra and moving down through each of the chakras. Once the white light has moved through each chakra visualize the white light surrounding and penetrating your entire being until you see the entire energy field of your aura glowing around your body like a halo.

Image result for Aura Meditation

Aura Meditation…
Create a cord of energy between your hips and the center of the planet. (If you like, you can place your hands on your hips for a while–to increase the sensation of grounding.) Let your grounding cord have a steady downward flow… Use your grounding to release any excess energy out of your system. You can also release any unwanted energies down your grounding, all the way down to the center of the earth. Keep breathing naturally, releasing down your grounding cord…Notice what that’s like…

Now notice where the very center of your head would be. Then be in the center of your head…let your point of consciousness originate in the center of your head. Be aware of yourself from the center of your head. Create a quiet, comfortable place for yourself in the center of your head. (If you’re thinking a lot, you’re too far forward–move back into the center of your head where it’s quieter.) Say “hello” to yourself from the center of your head. Let yourself receive an internal “hello” to Self…Notice what that’s like…

Begin to open up your awareness of the field of energy around your physical body. Notice if your energy is close in tight around your body, or spread out far away from your body. Begin to draw your aura about an arm’s length around your body…Draw your aura an arm’s length in front, at the back, left and right sides, above your head and below your feet. Wrap yourself in your own energy an arm’s length all the way around you…Notice what that’s like…

Be right in the center of your head. Be aware of yourself as a spiritual being, made of energy. Validate yourself as spirit…say “hello” to Self. Be aware of your aura an arm’s length all the way around your body. Your aura is your personal space–define it, own it, enjoy it. Have your grounding cord off your hips, flowing down to the center of the planet. Keep releasing any excess or unwanted energies down to the center of the earth…Notice what it’s like to be centering, grounding and validating your aura…

When you feel ready, take a few deep breaths, gently open your eyes, and slowly begin to move. Notice how you experience yourself after doing the aura meditation exercise. Give yourself some time to integrate this experience and enjoy being relaxed before moving on to other activities. (Especially after you first start practicing this meditation–you may want to journal, have a cup of tea, or go for a quiet walk.)

It is useful to practice this basic aura meditation on a daily basis. Your awareness of energy can build on this foundation of grounding, centering and the aura.It’s important to take time to come out of meditation slowly. When we are deeply rested in meditation, it can be jarring to suddenly get up and start our activity. Remain with your eyes closed for a minute or two. Stretch, move around a bit, and gradually become more active. When you are ready to open your eyes, you can open them downcast at first. Take your time