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Dreams about feeling or being abandoned tend to be very disturbing and distressing until you take a look at your past experiences and your current waking life situations to understand why these dreams of abandonment are occurring.

This dream may express your unconscious emotions of being forsaken. Examine the reasons for this feeling. Do you feel that people emotionally neglect you? Perhaps you harbor feelings of resentment such as an unresolved problem from childhood? The dream also may be saying how you need to express your feelings and be understood by others.

On another level, the dream may say that you need guidance with some life issue. For example, you hope for an ‘authority figure’ to help you take control of your life. Many people have this dream after the death of a loved one. Grief brings a strange mixture of emotions: anger, resentment, depression, panic and abandonment. These feelings are all part of the healing process.1

To abandon something unpleasant indicated good financial news ahead. But the omens are bad if you abandon someone or something you cherish – destiny sees troubled times. However, if you are the one abandoned then reconciliation will happen quickly.

Dreams about being abandoned can be very upsetting.

These dreams can have physical or emotional implications. Ask yourself who or what in your waking life could be making you feel this way. Are you unknowingly being overly dependent on an individual, group, or material possessions? Are feelings, emotions or impressionable events from your childhood resurfacing to cause these dreams of abandonment?

Abandonment dreams may result from unresolved childhood crises, especially a crisis involving a parent separating from the household. Also, if as a very young child you had gotten separated from someone who was responsible for your safekeeping during an outing, you may have mistakenly assumed you had been abandoned, when actually you had just wandered off. As an adult, if you were to get accidentally separated from someone you were on an outing with this would probably cause you great anxiety and could trigger a dream of being abandoned either as you were as a child or as an adult.Image result for being abandoned

Possibly from childhood or the present, ask yourself if you are carrying around deep-seated feelings of neglect and emotional rejection. You may want to ask yourself if someone has or is going to abandon you. Are you harboring internal fears of rejection, being deserted, deceived or let down by someone close to you? Are you feeling insecure in a relationship due to the fear of a separation or a breakup?

Dreaming of your own abandonment can also indicate that you need to give up and let go of old emotional baggage that is hindering you from moving on with your life. If you are the one in the dream who is doing the abandoning, this could be an indication that you have thought about or are planning to abandon someone or something in your waking life.

Abandonment dreams can also be triggered by the loss of a family member, close friend or a beloved pet. In your waking life, you may feel that you have been abandoned and left alone after someone passes away. It is common to experience feelings of abandonment after a death. Dreams of abandonment can actually assist you in moving forward in your waking life, come to an acceptance of the loss and realize that many things are beyond your control.