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Benefits of the Courses for your Spiritual & Personal Development

Spiritual and mental awareness is a necessity for us all these days. Being consumed by modern technology is not helping us at all, given that we lack a certain satisfaction in our lives and always keep trying to escape into the digital one.Everyone arrives in this life with a certain optimal trajectory, one which will allow for you, in your specific situation, to achieve higher and higher levels of insight and control over reality. The degree to which you bring your life in line with your optimal path in life, dictates how fluent you can go through the process. Recognizing your optimal path in life and aligning your life with it, are skills that can be learned.If you were wondered about the meaning and purpose of life or  feel something is missing from your life and you feel dissatisfied without knowing why?  Developing yourself both spiritually and personally with me will help you unlock the answers to these questions and guide you towards a richer and happier life.  So if you want to experience

  • Richer more rewarding relationships
  • Less stress
  • Less anxiety
  • A sense of purpose
  • Raised self-esteem
  • Increased confidence
  • Heightened communication skills
  • A happier, richer, more rewarding life
  • Peace of mind, then read on

My training courses are suitable and open to all because being spiritual is not about being psychic, intuitive or even religious. Being spiritual is about how you chose live your life. Identifying your soul qualities and using them on a daily basis. My flexible training methods offer a practical, guided and inter-active space to do just that. During her lifetime I explore, trained and qualified in many different esoteric areas and have a vast number of tools and techniques at my fingertips which I bring together in unique combinations as required for the needs of each person and/or group.

All training methods are experiential which means you have your own experiences and insights. Nothing in this world is set in stone and therefore I only teach from my own experience and knowledge.  If her words resonate with you then you can accept them, if they don’t then you can question or discard them.

During the courses you will learn many new skills such as: creative visualization, meditation, enhanced psychic & intuitive abilities, reflection, sharing, ritual, improved communications skills, raised confidence and higher self-esteem, as well as all sorts of techniques to assist you to release your full potential in all areas of your life.

As we are all fully connected physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings however you choose to develop yourself, whichever skills you choose to develop and use you automatically develop all the levels of your spiritual being hence you cannot develop spiritually without developing personally or develop personally without developing spiritually.

All the free talks, workshops, retreats and distance learning courses aim to raise both your personal vibration and group consciousness as well as help you identify and release what stops you from creating and living a richly rewarding life, the life you were born to live. You will learn how to release stress, to develop your intuition, to communicate at a deeper level with your loved ones and people in general. How to manage your energy so you rarely feel tired. How to connect to archetypal energies including angels and your own higher self and spirit guides and learn how to tap into your unconscious mind to enhance your life today and every day.

There is so much stuff written and taught on personal and spiritual development it is often difficult to know where to start. What is worth buying and reading and what is not? These courses provide everything you need for your on-going development but we recognize that sometimes we want more or another perception so we also include further recommended reading to help guide you to what is useful.