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Best way of body position for racing your energy


All ancient spiritual teachings as well as yoga, were given to mankind in order to turn toward oneself and to teach people how to focus and enhance their  energy vibration and his conscience.

To give to human the knowledge of himself and his huge internal undiscovered potential.

What used to take years and generations to achieve persistent training and initiations, today it is much faster. Because the density of low-frequency expressed through strong materiality and due keeping  man in the darkness of fear and lack of information for easier  manipulation  and control, awakening and enlightenment were present in only a small number of people. In now days it is more and more people awakened because the frequency of the energy is more higher than in ancient time and they are more open for the vibration of light and information.

Racing our frequency of vibration we are racing the energy of our planet on higher frequency level.image2

Passage of the energy takes place through our spinal column together with skull which make our body perfect transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic waves of life energy.

To achieve this in maximum, fully, the best way is to sit in the lotus position where the spinal column is completely straight and close to the ground, forming a triangle.

Triangle is a perfect geometric and numerological equivalence to achieve maximum transmission of the energy. Geometry  and numerology has its sacred spiritual significance. It is an expression of divinity, the universal creation, universal love and lightness. This was well known to our ancestors who have tried to give us the information transmitted by various routes, both spiritual and visible.

Just to remind pyramid where based on square four triangles are due to amplification of drawing energy and its purified forms, is sent to Universe. Triangle is located at middle Ages icons and images. Spiritual and religious significance of radiation of the number three is the unity of the Trinity or the representation and radiation of the  creative vibration of the energy in three-dimensional human form.

image3Energy from the land uses and draws over 1 chakras and climbs and transforms into a high-frequency current along the spine of the skull and crown chakra, which is then sent to multiple frequency energy sphere.
Depending on the degree of transience and the clearing of the energy centers in the human body takes place and the speed of transformation and transmission and receiving power.

In a given position of the legs are crossed at the point where they exit points from the leg saver which fits and is on the same level with one chakra or the beginning of the spinal column. The same procedure, hands in prayer position at the level of the heart chakra boosts the flow of energy from his hands. This position of the arms and legs closed process of losing energy from the body, thus energy reserves, amplifies and sends in more vibrational energy sphere.