2BETULA (Virgo) 24 8 – 22 9th

The ruling planets: Mars, Pluto

Element: Fire

Attribute: Humanity

Quality: accuracy and work

Imperfection: pettiness

Color: Red

Gemstone: Diamond

Life span: more than 78 years

The month of return, Elul, is the period when we focus on “correct action.” We take stock and spiritually prepare for the High Holidays. The desire to achieve a new innocence in our relationship with God is expressed by the sign of this month, Virgo, the virgin. The letter governing this month, yud (y), means “hand,” reminding us that sincere regret for our misdeeds and resolutions for the future must be reflected in our actions. The tribe of this month, Gad, were the arch-warriors.

People born under the sign of Betula are conscientious, good, educated, intellectual, rational, hardworking and modest. Vole accuracy and order, are critical spirit, tend to be persistent to stubbornness and sometimes exaggerate the sharing of advice and the criticism. Humane and ready to help anyone, often even to their own detriment.

They are shy and too easily vulnerable and often no reason to feel less worthy than others. This inferiority complex bothers them a lot in life and in his career. Inwardly they know long to carry their gripes, too principled and – if the weather will not be noticed – often go unnoticed, although undoubted quality.

The naive, lonely and insufficiently recognized their merits. Jobs are going better than love. Excessive fear for their health, it insist on hygiene and orderly life, and are often the real hypochondriacs. Since their business is important, families and homes because they know that suffering. They are very economical, petty and large self-seeker. Are economical and they know that water and household work, although sometimes know that loss, excessive taking into account and insisting on details. Because of its exaggerated neatness and hygiene are not too Betul related to sex and eroticism. Relationship with a partner in the foreground must be intellectual. Because of his innate shyness and excessive prudence difficult to find partners, although the people born under this sign are usually nice people. They are quite loyal and have neither need nor the inclination to change partners. When you opt for one partner, then he was usually devoted, until they are completely disappointed and lose their favor.

Betul have a sensitive stomach, intestine and peritoneum. They are prone to stomach ulcers and digestive disorders. They have too sensitive nervous system, and know that suffer from dizziness and headaches.

The month of Virgo is the sixth month of the astrological year. This month corresponds to the sign of Virgo, which is an earth sign and is ruled by Mercury. The sign of Virgo is connected to practicality, working and serving others; people born in this month feel the need to achieve financial security and a desire to serve society.

Virgos find success in careers as doctors, nurses (or any healing profession), as social workers, service technicians, bankers, accountants, and in professions of beauty and fashion.

Virgos need to check and assess their actions. Like a businessperson that reviews the year-end profits and losses, it’s easier to criticize others than it is to see what is wrong with one’s self.

When they learn to love, honor and accept others as they are, without criticism, judgment, or trying to change them, this is when the Virgo correction is complete; once the Virgo experiences unconditional love, they have finished their correction.

Mercury in Hebrew is Kochav. Numerology value is Caf Vav = 26 = Yud Hei Vav Hei and Caf Bet = 22 = the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which indicates that Mercury is a planet of communication.

Financially, Virgo is not an easy month. Many important changes might happen, including the need for new business ventures with new consciousness.

There is a large incident of immigration in this month, where more people find the need to leave their homelands in order to go new places, looking to change their luck.

In personal relationships there are more international connections and meetings, which means there is more openness to go out of the family circle to meet new people.

This is a month to contemplate the meaning of life, both in the personal and global realms.

Gentle, hard workers, detail-oriented, devoted, good friends, civic-minded, able to make quick judgments, extremely caring…

Motivation: Perfection

Judges others by external appearances, learn to ‘judge a container by its content, not its label.’ Look deeper into a person, and do not put so much importance on what they look like.

Reacts without regard for anybody else’s feelings
If you spot it, you got it! People are mirrors for us, so when we see faults in other people, it is reflecting something in ourselves.

Doesn’t accept criticism.
No one is right 100% of the time. Though you may be right 99% of the time, be open to what others have to say.

Impatience , being patient with someone is actually a gift. By holding your tongue and listening, you are doing a great act of sharing.

Focuses on the small scale
Virgos have the ability to make great changes for large amounts of people, as long as they are taught to widen their focus.

Virgos always see what needs to be done next, and this state of constantly being “on” makes them inclined to worry. On top of that, they think they have to do everything by themselves. You are not alone. It’s OK to ask others for help. In fact, it’s recommended.

For a better relationship with them you have to:

  • Don’t take their criticisms personally.
  • When they are being testy, it’s best not to engage them. It’s hard to tango alone.
  • Encourage them to learn how to relax.
  • Give them criticisms by proposing alternate solutions. Don’t just lecture them.

They are fulfilled with:

  • Learning to see the big picture
  • Flowing with life and being happy
  • Letting go of the details; being careless
  • Ending judgment

–    Giving people that disappointed them a second chance