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Blue Pet Auras


Pets with Blue auras carry their emotions around their throats and necks – your pet will not like feeling constricted around the throat area, so your pet may fight anything being placed around the neck. He/she will attempt to remove whatever is placed at the throat and will be both vocal and physical about removal. Your pet will be highly sensitive to your touch and voice, so will distinguish between a loving, soft touch, and soft words spoken, or angry, rough movements and/or harsh words spoken.

Your pet will have their special toys that they favor close to them. They will repeat the same actions over and over with their favorite items whether it is a toy or clothing item or bedding. They will also want to rest on or close to something with your scent on it.

They will be very attentive to your every mood, feeling and spoken word, and will try to move close to you, to show that they are listening and waiting for your help and approval. If you are happy or sad, they will vocalize your sentiments with a sigh or yelp to show you that they are “tuned in” to your moods. They will love to nestle beside you at every chance, and be included in the same space as visiting family and friends. They like to be noticed but not intrusive, and will remain quietly attentive.

Pets with Blue Auras tend to be both a little less active and quieter than other pets, but will want you to know that they are there for you when needed. They are great comforters and nurturers for humans or other animals. Great color choice for your pet are Blue and Turquoise, so Gemstone health will include Lapis and Turquoise. Optimum balance to increase the energy and healthy emotions of your pet will be sing, talk, and snuggle.