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1The Buddhic/Christic Body

This body was not named after the individuals, The Buddha and The Christ, but rather they were named after this level of consciousness that they embodied. Many world teachers and founders of major religions embodied in the world this state of consciousness.

The Buddhic Body facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality. This allows identity to break free of individuality so that identity can include others; such as family, friends, social group, soul group, and eventually humanity as a whole.

The Buddhic Body facilitates intuitive understanding through union with others, knowing by being that which is to be known.

The Buddhic level is THE source of happiness and bliss for the Manasic/Higher Mind, Causal/Soul, Mental/Intellectual, Astral/Emotional, and Physical levels.  It is the plane of bliss.

This body eventually transmutes, heals, and resolves all human problems with the power of love, unity, and wisdom.

The Buddhic/Christic body contains the archetype of perfection for the human being. Image result for Buddhic/Christic BodyThe embodiment of this archetype, the fusion of the personality and the Buddhic/Christic body is the goal of human evolution.
Buddhic consciousness does not begin until very significant progress on the spiritual path is made. This starts as intuition (an ability to know wisdom through love, without thought or psychic abilities) and as compassion for others.

Pure Buddhic consciousness is characterized by an expansion of identity beyond individuality so that you are big enough to identify with a group of individuals or souls. World teachers embody this state in the way that they totally dedicate their individualities to the good of the group of humanity.

Unity is so real and intense on this level that you are in a state continual ecstatic union with others. It is a state of intense love and continual total-being orgasmic ecstasy. If what is thought to be Buddhic or Christ consciousness does not include this experience of intense orgasmic bliss then it is not actual pure Buddhic/Christ consciousness but rather its reflection in the Mental or Astral levels, or a mixture of 2Buddhic with Mental or Astral levels. Buddhic/Christ consciousness is a state of ecstatic individual self transcendence.

The mark of someone who has truly attained this state of consciousness on a continual basis is that they are never oriented towards their individuality. They will never or rarely speak about their individuality. They are totally selfless in their actions and desire nothing of a personal nature because they reside in the source of fulfillment, in continual intense bliss. Also, their expression is utterly harmless and overflowing with compassion.

The Buddhic vehicle has its own level of five senses. These are: Comprehension (Buddhic hearing of 4 sounds: personal, that of others, that of one’s soul group, that of the planetary entity that is one’s origin), Healing (Buddhic feeling that facilitates realization of the manner in which to heal and cause wholeness), Divine Vision (Buddhic sight that allows one to see the divine in all), Intuition (Buddhic taste, whereby one’s essence is recognized in and under all forms), and Idealism (Buddhic smell, the ability to sense the ideal).

3Buddhic consciousness is also characterized by omniscience, all-knowingness. Realization of identification with the Divine begins on this level. Buddhic consciousness incarnates the love aspect of Deity.

It resides in the Buddhic Universe which is filled with golden and white light, profound wisdom, swirling mandalas of groups within groups within groups of light-beings.
When awakened, the Buddhic/Christic body can be perceived as a large conglomerate of spinning vortices pointed outward. The cone shaped structures, in the image above, are vortices of energy. This body is extremely elastic, and when its attention is directed to an object (on its own level or mental, astral, or physical levels), it expands and elongates and travels to the object faster than the speed of light or the speed of thought, then the vortices tunnel into the object facilitating an immediate unification and merging with the object of attention.

Image result for Buddhic/Christic BodyA central column of light-energy signifies its current range of consciousness. Rarely are Buddhic bodies seen alone, as depicted above. They are normally dynamically interacting with groups within groups of other Buddhic beings.

It has a total of 6 spatial dimensions.

Pain and suffering awaken the beginnings of compassion for others, the first glimmer of Buddhic/Christic consciousness. When a person takes their evolution in their own hands by the disciplined spiritual practice of meditation then pain and suffering become unnecessary and are replaced by bliss. Buddhic consciousness is awakened primarily through certain types of meditation. Loving service to one’s family, friends, humanity, and the world, also helps to awaken this consciousness.