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Color Course


Learn the basics of color theory, using color in your life (your environment, clothing, home and food. Discover how
different color combinations affect your mood as well as viewer’s moods and emotions, and how color affect your men
tal, psychological and spiritual life. Start here to find the color importance and meanings in Chakras system as well as in aura seeing for making more effective use of color in your everyday life.

There’s an actual science behind how colors work on our eyes and our brain. And the secrets that scientists are uncovering offer astounding revelations on how colors influence the way you think, feel, and behave—often without your conscious awareness.

Here you can learn the basics of the Colors and the use of the Color Therapy.1

  • An explanation of Color Therapy
  • The history of Color Therapy
  • The various methods which can be used for Color Therapy
  • How Color can be used at home in our everyday life for health and well being
  • The relevance of Color energy on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of healing
  • The healing qualities of colors
  • The psychological aspects of colors

If you are interested in experienced and learn how to put a colur in your life , then please contact me for more information and to book an appointment.