Cosmic Energy1425546_10152036102950135_336528622_ncosmiclovetsunami: "You are an eternal being now on the pathway of endless unfoldment, never less but always more yourself. Life is not static. It is forever dynamic, forever creating - not something done and finished, but something alive, awake and aware. There is something within you that sings the song of eternity. Listen to it.”- Ernest Holmes Piece by Olga Kuczer: The Universe consists of thousands of billions of galaxies. It is ever expanding on a constant basis. It is dynamic and full of life, thus ever effervescent. The Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist. According to our current understanding, the Universe consists of space time, forms of energy (including electromagnetic radiation and matter), and the physical laws that relate them. The Universe encompasses all of life, all of history, and some philosophers and scientists suggest that it even encompasses ideas such as mathematics and logic.The entire universe operates on a dynamic force, called cosmic energy. Thus, they can never be separated. The cosmic energy is ever present, has an impact on each and every particle in the whole universe. The Universe consists of millions of stars, planets, asteroids, meteoroids and much more unknown and unlearned substances. The reason as to why substances in the universe exist with utter discipline and carry out on their own sculpted path is because of this cosmic energy. The Universe, Cosmic energy, Time, and Evolving factor are the four points to an axis, thus can never be separated. When we understand these four factors to the fullest extent, One reaches the stage of Super consciousness. As ever, the Universe is ever expanding.

A simplified interpretation states that Cosmic Energy can be in the solid form of matter (body) or in the pure state of Energy (spirit). Einstein captured this intimate relationship between matter and Energy in his most known formula E=mc2.The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos. It is the Bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules.It is the ‘space’ between each and everything. It is the bond, which keeps the whole cosmos in order.
Cosmic Energy is the ‘Life Force’ we are energetic beings, who must consider how other energies affect our well-being. As believed from an early age by Taoist Masters in China, and later proven by quantum physics, we are all connected; even through the outer reaches of space and time, we are all connected to the “Way” of the cosmos,.There’s a lot of energy coming from the sky.The energy of the sun warms our planet and provides the energy needed for plants and animals to survive.

The energies of the Sun, the Earth, the Galaxy and the Image result for cosmic energy spiritualCosmos influence us through higher dimensional subtle energies on the physical, etheric and spiritual levels. It is easy for us to get stuck in the physical plane and believe that all that matters is what we experience physically. Yet, our energetic field and our spirit are also communicating with cosmic energy.By remembering this connection to the greater cosmos in each of the layers of the True Self, encased in our human form, we help open up the line of communication with higher energies of the Universe. And in this, we experience a deeper transformation on all levels – in body, mind, spirit and soul.Other suns and planets give off energy also.Like rain, we can block it or ignore it, but it’s still there.So let’s use this energy.

Cosmic energy is referred to as the life force and the energy that maintains the balance of the entire cosmos.Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of supreme consciousness and intelligence and we are surrounded by it everywhere and all the time.

There are two ways of receiving cosmic energy. We all receive this energy while sleeping but often this is not sufficient to maintain the order or balance in our life.The second way of receiving cosmic energy is by practicing spirituality. The energy received through spirituality is powerful enough to assist in healing through cosmic energy. It helps us to live a healthier and happier life and also drives the expansion and the transformation of our consciousness.Let’s learn to absorb it and feel good and healthy.

The question which all of us wanted to ask and know is if we  can see cosmic energy. Actually you can. The sun emits so much energy that it lights up our planet.Cosmic energy is abundant in the cosmos. To gather energy you can use chackra breathing exercises or learn energy healing. In my opinion, the best and more simple path to choose for receiving this positive energy is meditation.Cosmic energy enters through the mind and meditation helps the mind to be more focused to receive it. Cosmic energy enters our individual mind-body system through the chackras and supports the human energy field. In most humans chackras are at least partially closed most of the time because of the distractions in the mind like anxiety, fear, worry, stress and negative emotions.When you meditate, the mind and body have the tendency to become one. This helps the physical and spiritual self to receive the energy and helps in cosmic energy healing. Experts in cosmic energy healing also suggest that you can channelize cosmic energy through breathing meditation as well.Breathing meditation helps in bringing calmness in the mind and aids in the development of inner peace. Breathing meditation can be practiced in a quiet place on a daily basis. When your mind is calm, you will be able to receive cosmic energy.To increase energy in the body quickly you can also focus on breathing through your base chackra and absorb energy from earth. Earth energy healing gives us grounding and helps embodiment. It is certainly a good exercise to support your body.

Cosmic Energy Healing is another method of receiving this energy and works on the principles of accessing cosmic energy as well as internal energy.


Cosmic energy is the dynamic movement of Atom. The whole universal system began from a single atom which is known as the Paramaa Anu or Aadhi Anu in Vedas. As we know, we can’t destroy the energy. The energy can transform into another form of energy. The existence of this energy is everywhere. The whole universal system is a living thing, because of this energy.

The same energy takes a vital part in every living being. By controlling or transforming the energy, we are capable to get or achieve whatever we want.

This Cosmic Energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our Consciousness.
Cosmic Energy is the base for all our actions and functions.

We receive some amount of Cosmic Energy in deep Sleep and in total Silence.
We are using this energy for our day-to-day activities of our Mind like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all actions of our Body.

By using the cosmic energy we have all transformed ourselves and placed ourselves slap bang in the middle of our destiny and purpose.Energy is the single most important factor of evolution, without it, we simple would not exist, each and every one of us has our own individual energy field much like the cosmic energy field around the earth. The energy force changes and fluctuates according to our mood and condition of the body. It shines brighter when you are positive and healthy and dims when you are full of fear and your body riddled with disease. So you realize this incredible connection we all have to the universe, that we are all one of the same, a tiny part of a galactic ‘whole’.

Cosmic Energy is another name for Life Force Energy. It is the energy flowing throughout everything. Cosmic Energy makes up the Earth, it is the Void, the Divine as well as Space, and it makes up All That Is. Cosmic Energy is responsible for maintaining order and balance throughout the Cosmos. It makes up you and everything else in existence and it is the space between.Additional names for Cosmic Energy include; super-consciousness, higher consciousness, or supreme consciousness, chi, prana, and life force energy.

A human being can absorb Cosmic Energy as per how much he or she is receptive of. Here also, when one is totally receptive that does not mean that he or she is powerful enough. Cosmic Energy may be overflowing in the physical body but the most important here is about the intensity. This means how much the intensity is in that flow of Cosmic Energy. The more the intensity, the greater the power.

Cosmic Energy is essential for you as a physical and spiritual being. It is key to living a happy and healthy life. It is key to awakening spiritually, psychically, and it is key to ascending, and expanding consciousness.Cosmic Energy is essential for life to continue in an individual and collective sense. It is the fuel for action, life, and being.Cosmic Energy heals and improves your mind, body, and spirit when you connect with it and it boosts intellect and intuition.

Cosmic Energy is always accessible, but Image result for cosmic energy spiritualthere are really only two ways to receive it.

Firstly, Cosmic Energy is accessible through meditation. During meditation, your consciousness is able to transcend your body and mind, allowing Cosmic Energy to flow into your being.

The second way to receive Cosmic Energy happens naturally through deep sleep. But, in our fast paced, often hectic and chaotic world filled with drains on our energy, the Cosmic Energy we connect with during sleep is not sufficient enough to even replace that which we’re losing.

We use Cosmic Energy daily, just to be alive in our physical bodies, and to talk, listen, see, and think, and then it’s drained further by things like junk food, alcohol, TV, stress, guilt, and frustration.It’s no wonder people today are stressed, tense, and tired all the time.Sleep isn’t quite enough to replenish the Cosmic Energy we’re using up, and so meditation to connect with additional Cosmic Energy is essential.Cosmic Energy flows into your being when your mind is still and focused to receive it. This is why you do absorb some Cosmic Energy through sleep, which is essentially an unconscious meditation. But as you learned, you need more, so taking the time to meditate daily, even if you don’t feel like it will work wonders for your energy levels, health, emotions, relationships, state of mind, awakening level, and more…The energy flows within you, in its purest form. It is transparent. It doesn’t have any color of its own. You with your experiences and impressions, and thoughts and imagination, and with the feelings and emotions, utilize your inner flowing energy to manifest life.Cosmic energy is one of the English translations of the Hindu term shakti. It refers to external spiritual energy and can also refer to prana, or the life energy that is the source of kundalini. Cosmic energy is thought to be a vital source that animates all forms of life and maintains the balance of the entire cosmos.

Close your eyes and float out of your body into the Universe: beyond self, beyond circumstance, beyond ideas of how it all should be. Tune into the Cosmic Intelligence. The After Life Of Billy Fingers, a true story by Annie Kagan...Art, Daniel B. Holeman:

The cosmic energy inside is ever-flowing. Sometimes the flow is strong and sometimes the flow is weak. In the morning time, the inner flow of energy is high, and any action taken in the morning time, allow you to experience the best result, out of your actions.As the day, progresses, the cosmic flow within the body, begin to slow down, for some time, and as sunsets, the flow within, again to rise up, within the body.It’s very important to understand the flow of cosmic or prana energy inside and align yourself with it. Unless you realize the upward and downward movement of the cosmic energy, you can never schedule your task correctly.Your cosmic energy doesn’t know, what kind of use, you will make out of it. People misunderstood God and its creation hugely and thus, creates hell for them. God or creator has created you, in his own image, not in the physical form, but with your essence. The essence of you and the creator is one.The cosmic energy that flows within, once understood, can help you to make the right choice with the task, in the outside world, by studying the cosmic energy inside.The cosmic energy that flows within is like waves. The waves sometimes rise high and sometimes flow at a low level. If you learn to read the inner flow, you align all of your outside life, according to it. The majority of the world is lost in creation, and never try to bother about the process of creation.

Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of Supreme Consciousness and Intelligence. It is present everywhere at all times. People need this energy in order to maintain balance in their lives, and they can purposely receive it by practicing spirituality. It can also be received through breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, tai chi, or other similar exercises.Cosmic energy keeps flowing, no matter what. But there are some specific ideas on how to receive it and rekindle one’s relationship with the cosmos.The unlimited power or the divine light is the source of all the existence. Everything in this world is connected to the divine light. This ultimate energy is abundant and it’s everywhere around and within us. Every creation in this world begins with this energy and ends into this. Specifically an unknown and mysterious power of gods, spiritual being or human beings to express themselves communicative through spiritual means, rather than through physical capabilities.Everything in this global from the sun to the smallest living organism posses its own magnetic field surrounding it. Recent studies by NASA reveal that Earth’s attraction field is continuously protecting earth from sun’s magnetic field. This magnetic field is unequal led and cannot be same always. Disturbance created in earth’s magnetic field through severe radiations result in natural disasters.

Being True To Yourself It's To Be One With Universe !...Staying Spiritually Aware With Love's Consciousness !...Thus,Naturally Respecting All Beings In The Cosmos !...Being In Balance With Nature Connects Us To Source !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar: The entire universe operates on a dynamic force, called cosmic energy. The cosmic energy is ever present, has an impact on each and every particle in the whole universe. Everything from the smallest cell in the human body through to the millions and trillions of stars in the Cosmos are a living vibrating dance of pure energy.

The cosmic energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.

The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos. It is the Bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules. It is the ‘space’ between each and everything.It is the bond, which keeps the whole cosmos in order.Cosmic Energy is the ‘Life Force’.Cosmic energy is categorized in to three major categories i.e. ground state of energy, psychic energy and mystical energy. Man has potential energy and when this potentiality meets with mind wave in the form of Kinetic energy, it becomes psychic energy. The truth is that we are all made up of cosmic energy. Everything you see, smell, taste, and touch is made up of energy. The chair you are sitting in, the magazine you are holding, your thoughts and feelings; these items are all pure energy. Even where there appears to be nothing, like empty space, there is energy. Everything in the universe and beyond is made up of chi—energy, the universal force. Luckily we can access this knowledge and use cosmic energy in all areas of our lives.Once you understand that cosmic energy really exists, that it’s all around you, and impacts your every day life, you can connect with its flow easily and naturally. When you know how to connect with this cosmic energy you can work with it to bring into your life whatever you need, be it love money or good health.Once we accept the notion of cosmic energy anything is possible. It becomes natural to send telepathic messages and to travel astrally. It becomes easy to feel in advance if a place or person is good for you. You become aware of yourself as a soul, a being of energy that has existed in some form or other throughout time. You become aware of your own unique purpose your reason for being.Cosmic Energy is the same energy that you usually use for your day-to-day activities and also for the functioning of the physical body.Every day of your life you are aware of energy. Energy is in those moments when you think of someone and feel a warm glow, or you walk into a room and feel bad vibes, or how color can create stress, or a piece of music can make you cry or want to dance.

Arte Sagrado : MARIUS MICHAEL GEORGE: As a being of energy it becomes natural that you can move through time and space; you understand your connection to everything and everyone.When the cosmic energy will follow the upward track from the ground state of energy level, it would jump beyond the periphery of consciousness i.e. mind.  It will also work for thought teleportation and telepathic communication. Telepathy may be categorized as single way and double way telepathy. In double way telepathy, sender and receiver are required, whereas in single way telepathy no one is required except the sender who can teleport the “thought from” in any space-time. Recent researches predict that in near future, telepathy would not only be a tool for mind to mind communication but implanting the message in sub-conscious mind of the receiver, which he will notice as an emotion or feeling. Sub conscious level of mind is the most important and powerful level. At sub conscious level, a man is fully conscious as well as unconscious. Conscious towards the goal, but semi conscious towards the surrounding. Altered state of consciousness and alpha brain wave pattern may transmit any thought from effectively, through projection in any space time.Science says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed ,but can be transferred .The radiant energy of creation penetrates to you and within you on a daily basis, incessantly. Wave packets of information, coded as geometric patterns of subtle energy carried upon waves of a broad spectrum of light contain knowledge and insight along with ideas and creativity – through Light! Every second of every day you are asked to process this information, determine what is useful to you and what is not, and store what is useful in a portion of your mind, body, spirit complex where the pattern of the memory will reside.

It is true even in metaphysical level. Energy may be defined as Source, God, Chi etc.Philosophers call it as cosmic energy. It is this energy that makes the flowers to bloom, trees to bear fruits, the ants to work fast. It is in our body too as in any forms of life.We consume energy from the food we eat, the juice we drink, the air we breath.

You become aware of all the love and abundance in the world, making it easier to flow to you. You can raise your love vibration attracting wonderful people into your life including your soul mate. You can shine at interviews or parties. When your cosmic energy is flowing, you get the job, people are drawn to you, and life becomes easier.It is pure energy which is neither positive nor negative energy. It is the highest level of energy which is used for sustaining the Universe and also for Creation.

The problem is that many people are vibrating at a low frequency. Each and every day we are bombarded with negativity from the news and the people around us. Our past experiences and ancestral history can also produce a poor flow of energy.

Experiencing the journey of our entirety in all its extremity and feeling very, very alive at this point in our ascension. This limited energy gained through sleep is not sufficient for these activities. That is why we feel exhausted, tired and tensed. This leads to mental and physical stress and all kinds of illnesses. The only way to overcome this is to get more and more Cosmic Energy.Cosmic Energy is essential to:

Maintain the order of our life
To lead a healthy and happy life
To totally involve in all situations we are in
To obtain Knowledge
And finally
For expansion of our Consciousness.

Cosmic Energy flows and sustains all the planets. During the flow, positive energy is formed which gradually is then transformed into negative energy. It is a journey for the energy. It is like while you are travelling from one place to another place, you meet with different kinds of people. Some are positive while others are negative. The same happens here, Cosmic Energy travels and during this process, positive and negative energy are formed.Everything moves in different speeds in the Universe. Each has its own intensity and this intensity is controlled by pure energy which is Cosmic Energy.Cosmic energy is abundant in the cosmos/universe. To connect with that abundant source of energy you can use chakra breathing exercises or learn energy healing through Meditations.Sometimes we don’t even realize how besieged we are with negativity. This can be self-perpetuating and attract wrong situations and wrong people into our lives.