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Universe is an expression of the energy vibration and the amplitude of the frequency of that energy.We are all made up of cosmic energy too. Everything we see, smell, taste, and touch is made up of energy. Everything in our day life and everything that surround us are all pure energy. Even where there appears to be nothing, like empty space, there is energy. Everything in the universe and beyond is made up of chi—energy, the universal force. Luckily we can access this knowledge and use cosmic energy in all areas of our lives.

Image result for colors and cosmic energyEverything in the universe is made of energy.The entire universe operates on a dynamic force, called cosmic energy. The cosmic energy is ever present, has an impact on each and every particle in the whole universe.Cosmic Energy is another name for Life Force Energy. It is the energy flowing throughout everything. Cosmic Energy makes up the Earth, it is the Void, the Divine as well as Space, and it makes up All That Is. Cosmic Energy is responsible for maintaining order and balance throughout the Cosmos. It makes up you and everything else in existence and it is the space between.Everything from the smallest cell in the human body through to the millions and trillions of stars in the Cosmos are a living vibrating dance of pure energy. As cosmic energy touches Earth energy, creation manifests itself gloriously.The cosmic energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos. It is the Bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules. It is the ‘space’ between each and everything.It is the bond, which keeps the whole cosmos in order.Cosmic Energy is the ‘Life Force’.

Energy is everything. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transmuted, i.e. converted into something else.Every day of your life you are aware of energy. The truth is that we are all made up of cosmic energy. Everything you see, smell, taste, and touch is made up of energy. Everything in the universe and beyond is made up of chi—energy, the universal force. Luckily we can access this knowledge and use cosmic energy in all areas of our lives.Once you understand that cosmic energy really exists, that it’s all around you, and impacts your every day life, you can connect with its flow easily and naturally.

When you know how to connect with this Red Star Kachina...The Purifier - Hello sarah, may the Universe bless you..: cosmic energy you can work with it to bring into your life whatever you need, be it love money or good health.Once you accept the notion of cosmic energy anything is possible. It becomes natural to send telepathic messages and to travel astral. It becomes easy to feel in advance if a place or person is good for you. You become aware of yourself as a soul, a being of energy that has existed in some form or other throughout time. You become aware of your own unique purpose your reason for being.Everything in the world vibrates at a certain vibration. Mountains, trees, rocks, houses, cars, tables, people, animals etc. anything solid is really a mass of molecules, atoms, sub-atoms, electrons, etc. vibrating very slowly. They may all appear to be solid but in fact they are just tiny particles vibrating slowly. In fact, just as we do. After all we are nothing but trillions of particles vibrating at a particular vibration and each of those particles is 99% space.We live in a 3rd dimensional world but energy crosses the dimensions and the worlds.The cosmic energy that flows within is like waves. The waves sometimes rise high and sometimes flow at a low level. If you learn to read the inner flow, you align all of your outside life, according to it. The majority of the world is lost in creation, and never try to bother about the process of creation.Cosmic energy is the life force that is existent everywhere. It is present in the cosmos, between the galaxies, the molecules and in the space. It is essential to maintain the order of our life and expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is received by being at peace with one’s own self and living in the present moment. Cosmic energy is translations of the Hindu term shakti. It refers to external spiritual energy and can also refer to prana, or the life energy that is the source of kundalini. Cosmic energy is thought to be a vital source that animates all forms of life and maintains the balance of the entire cosmos.

Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations.Many vibrations reach the earth from the universe. Of these vibrations a small octave is registered by our optic nerves. Our eyes respond to the vibrations and register what we have labelled color. Interestingly, tests have concluded that the vibration of color is also registered within the optic nerves of those who are un sighted.The different vibration rate of colors has been registered scientifically, as has the effects of different colors on our nervous system, independently of our minds or our sight.All matter emits vibrations. Someone with sensitive or trained sight is able to see the color of these vibrations, which creates the physical manifestation of the aura.

Image result for colors and cosmic energy fantasy artWhen we see color, what we see is a reflection of light. The light energy is received by us at varying wave lengths, which translates itself within our perception as different colors.

The energy and therefore vibration which is received on earth extends far beyond visible and invisible light. Vibration is created by the number of oscillations per second, which creates the frequency, and the size of each oscillation, or the wavelength. For example, gamma rays, X-rays, and ultraviolet light possess very short wavelengths, and a large amount of energy. Visible light, infrared light, microwaves, and radio waves have longer wavelengths, but lower frequencies and energy.In addition to the wave properties, visible light also has particle properties or photons.Each color has its own light frequency or energy.

When we look at the stars with our naked eyes, we see only a tiny part of their light. Stars, planets, galaxies, clouds of dust and gas, and other matter in space are sending out energy all the time. This energy, called electromagnetic energy, travels in pulses or waves. Like waves traveling through the ocean, they can be very long and lazy, very short and peppy, or anything in between. Colours carry energy which we can draw to us by focusing on specific colours,

Color is a wave travelling through “You are a Divine creation, a Being of Light who showed up here as a human being at the exact moment you were supposed to. You are the Beloved, a miracle, a part of the eternal perfection.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer www.mynzah.com: space. Depending on the wavelength, the space between the peaks – measured in nano-meters nm, our eyes register different colors.The visible light spectrum is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and its wavelengths range approximately from 380 – 740 nm.

Visible light is what we call the particular range of wavelengths that our eyes can see. But this light tells only a small part of the story of the stars.

Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object.We know that when all colors join the result is white light. Therefore working with White Light brings about completeness, oneness, union of all complementary parts.

Color is the characteristic of human visual perception described through color categories, with names such as red, yellow, purple, or blue. This perception of color derives from the stimulation of cone cells in the human eye by electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum of light. Color categories and physical specifications of color are associated with objects through the wavelength of the light that is reflected from them. This reflection is governed by the object’s physical properties such as light absorption, emission spectra, etc.By defining a color space, colors can be identified numerically by coordinates. The RGB color space for instance is a color space corresponding to human trichromacy and to the three cone cell types that respond to three bands of light: long wavelengths, peaking near 564–580 nm (red); medium-wavelength, peaking near 534–545 nm (green); and short-wavelength light, near 420–440 nm (blue). There may also be more than three color dimensions in other color spaces, such as in the CMYK color model, wherein one of the dimensions relates to a colour’s colorfulness).The photo-receptivity of the “eyes” of other species also varies considerably from our own and so results in correspondingly different color perceptions that cannot readily be compared to one another. Honeybees and bumblebees for instance have trichromatic color vision sensitive to ultraviolet (an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 10 nm (30 PHz) to 400 nm (750 THz), shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays) but is insensitive to red. Papilio butterflies possess six types of photoreceptors and may have pentachromatic vision.The most complex color vision system in the animal kingdom has been found in stomatopods (such as the mantis shrimp) with up to 12 spectral receptor types thought to work as multiple dichromatic units.

The science of color is sometimes called chromatics, colorimetry, or simply color science. It includes the perception of color by the human eye and brain, the origin of color in materials, color theory in art, and the physics of electromagnetic radiation in the visible range (that is, what is commonly referred to simply as light).Image result for colors fantasy art

Multicolor Energies – Brings Multiple Positive Color Energies

Red is hot, initiating, pushes through, fire, igniting, stimulating, vitality, anger, life-force energy, revolution, change, ambition, grounding, Earth, Gaia, power, war, passion, alert, danger, pioneering, activity and force without consciousness, blood, positive, aggression, liberation, survival, material side of life, primal, awakening, emerging. In relation to the physical body, Red is good for circulation, chronic illness, non-infected wounds, scar tissue, strengthens kidneys, heart, muscles, blood, lungs, bones. Red lives in the Root or Base Chakra.

Orange is joy, happiness, warmth, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, generosity, moves energy gently, awakening to wisdom within oneself, sociable, aspiring, gregarious. In relation to the physical body, Orange is good for depression, cramping anywhere in body, relaxant, sclerosis, heart disease, boosts immune system, circulation, raises blood pressure, artery disturbance (especially in legs), genitals, fear (alternate with blue), endocrine balance (when used with blue), cleans and purifies hormonal system.

Orange warms the Sacral Chakra of creativity.

Yellow is mental activity, learning, intellect, acquired/learned knowledge, little will, individuation, alertness, concentration, focus, cheerful, sun, warmth, cleaning, fear, left brain, empowerment, self-esteem, confidence. In relation to the physical body, Yellow is good for combating fear (obsessive, habitual), digestion, stomach, gall bladder, liver, immune system, fortifies endocrine and nervous systems, nerve tonier, motor stimulant, assimilation, lateral disturbances, helps chronic to become acute. Yellow clearly says “here I am” in the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Olive speaks of new beginnings, hope and peace. It is the color of new spring growth, life coming out of dormancy. lives in the area of the xyphoid process which is the bridge between the lower and higher Chakras.

Green is sedative, cooling, calming, soothing, fluidity, growth, balance, money/prosperity, birth, new beginnings, nature, health, healing, heart, loving, expansion, curiosity, good for people who do precision work, space, trust, feelings, integrity, harmony, seeking Truth, relationships. In relation to the physical body, Green is good for liver, swelling or growth, anti-inflammatory, eye problems, bronchial catarrh, gout, diabetes, cysts, tumors, pituitary stimulant, washes out endo-toxins, promotes healthy bones, painful joints, allergies. Green abides in the Heart Chakra center.

Tturquoise is bridging color, higher heart, Image result for colors and cosmic energymaking contact with yourself, communication of the heart, creative communication, studying and gathering information, learning, unconditional love, self-respect, respect for all life, taking individual responsibility, silica technology: crystals, computers, media. In relation to the physical body, Tturquoise is good for immune system, skin (burns and infections), mental relaxation, acidic, tonifier, regulates lung/large intestine systems. Tturquoise  stimulates the Thymus center, or Higher Heart Chakra. This Chakra has only been recently awakened by cosmic time. Tturquoise resonates at the Higher Heart Chakra located at the thymus gland.

Blueis calming, deep inner peace/”peace that surpasses all understanding”, nurturing Mother and protecting/benevolent Father, deep, restful, openness, cooling, relaxing, assists in making deep changes, higher mental activities (3rd eye), insight, wisdom, sky, water, sadness, faithful/tru blue, unity, safety, godliness, communication that comes through us, clarity. In relation to the physical body, Blueis anti-bacterial, anti-infection, anti-cramping, headaches, helps farsightedness, facilitates restful sleep, pain relieving, nervousness, insomnia, hemorrhage, herpes, warts, lowers blood pressure, fever. Blue creates the open space for clear communication at the throat and resonates with the Throat Chakra.

Image result for colorsIndigo/Royal Blue is the higher mind that is connected to the all-that-is, the akashic records, the cosmic library. It is the color that makes contact with your “inner vision” or intuition, that part of you which sees beyond the five senses. It resonates at the causal Chakra at the back apex of the head. Indigo/Royal Blue says claim your inner power. Indigo/Royal Blue resonates at the Ajna or 3rd Eye Chakra.

Violet is stimulates emotions, meditation, inspiration, intuition, inner emotional release, opening inner doors, stimulates dreams, wisdom, spirituality, higher mind, power, Thy will, letting go, vision, transformation, alchemy, loyalty, synthesis, integration, mysticism, clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience, service, union, artistry, balance of male and female. In relation to the physical body, Violet is good as for menopause, spleen, sedative, relaxant, build leucocytes, lymphatic relaxant, soothes solar plexus, neutralize mercury from fillings, anti-viral. Violet a combination of blue and red, connects the spirit and matter of yourself at the Crown Chakra.

White – Clear pigment is the lack of Related imageany color, while White – Clear light contains all colors. Since all colors are present, white does everything on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (PEMS). White is about purity, innocence, softness, illumination, release, brilliance, radiance, transcendence, merging with God/Goddess/Universe/Nature/Spirit or whatever one calls their higher power. In relation to the physical body, White – Clearis good for everything as the innate intelligence of the body will take whatever colors it needs. WHITE/CLEAR, being all color, resonates with not only all Chakras, but everywhere in our Being. White – Clearlives in all the Chakras, but is often associated with the Crown Chakra.

Magenta is bridge to Spirit, connection with Divine Love, caring in the little things, Love from above, beyond passion into compassion, abundance that is always there. Magenta connects us to what it is like to exist out of our physical bodies as pure Spirit. It is the bard state, when we have left our physical shells and before we incarnate into a new physical lifetime. Magenta is that in-between place, the place beyond the veil of physical illusion. Magenta resonates above the Crown Chakra at the Transpersonal or Soul Star Chakra.

The hertz vibration on the planet is rising, as well as everything on, in and around it. We are now able to perceive new colorsthat we have not seen before. Notice the light as it reflects off the bark and leaves of trees and the soil… notice the color of the sky. Colors are becoming richer, deeper, and many new colors are making themselves available to our perception. What are these colors and what do they mean? Some of these are the in-between colors or the paler colors of the rainbow spectrum and they offer us a deeper understanding of ourselves.The new colors are really not so new. They are the “in between” colors and the paler colors of the rainbow palette.The “in-between” colors are those colors between the rainbow colors of the Chakras. The “in between” colors give to us the nuances of realities beyond our 3-dimensional knowing. They show us that so much more exists than our everyday reality. By meditating and wearing these colors, you may find the “in between” of yourself.The paler colors are the colors we know but with more light in them. It’s as if a spotlight has been shown on color so that more of that particular color speaks in our life. It is color with intensity. Often what is hidden in the paler colors is an experience of unshod tears and suffering.Intuition:

PaleTurquoise is a Soul Spirit color that is the bridge from outside of ourselves to the inside, knocks on the door to the soul, opens inward to our connection with Spirit, our soul and our personality. Pale Turquoise  takes us from focusing on our external lives and reveals to us that we have an inner life, a life just as mysterious and rich with discovery and potential as our outer life.Pale Turquoise is the more intense form of Turquoise resonates at the Higher Heart Chakra located at the thymus gland.This is the element of Air.

Light Green is a Soul Spirit color that arouses a heightened awareness of our finer nature, our pure goodness, generosity, attuning to our goodness on the outside. Light Green takes us deeper within ourselves showing us the perfection and light that we have always been and always will be. We discover that we are fine just the way we are.

Light Green is the more intense form of Green, which resonates at the Heart Chakra.This is the element of Earth.

Deep Magenta stirs our soul. It is an invitation to look at the shadow side of ourselves. It is the shadow/dark side of ourselves that exists within us, but which we refuse to see. It represents the unconscious and subconscious within us. It is where the light does not seem to exist, but in fact, light does exist in the dark. We just don’t see it. Deep Magenta lives in the void, the bard state between death and life. Deep Magenta is a more intense form of Magenta, which resonates at the Transpersonal or Soul Star Chakra.

Crimson – Wine/deep Red – Maroon is a Soul Spirit color  that is pure humanity, resonating your inner program, the crystallization of the inner self, attuning to the goodness on the inside, our inner sense of purpose. Crimson – Wine/deep Red – Maroon shows us the holographic nature of all life, that we are a piece of the cloth of Creation and therefore all life everywhere is made of the same stuff. Crimson – Wine/deep Red – Maroon is the color of the Earth Star Chakra below the feet, where we deeply connect and are grounded deep into the Earth. It is where Mother Gaia feeds us life force energy. Crimson – Wine/deep Red – Maroon is a more intense form of Red, which resonates at the Root or Base Chakra. Crimson – Wine/deep Red – Maroon helps to keep one’s boundaries by protecting one from psychic and physical attack.This is the element of Fire.

Divine Spark: You are a being of Light and Energy.: Rose – Peach / Coral is a Soul Spirit color  that is Spirit resonating within each of us. It is our angelic quality, the loving clear space within, our Spirit pure. Rose – Peach / Coral  is the freedom and flight of our inner spirit, attuning with Source and meeting the Light. Rose – Peach / Coral  reminds us that the only thing that is important is just to BE who we are and that that is enough. Rose – Peach / Coral  resonates at the Sacral and Transpersonal or Soul Star Chakras. This is the element of Water.

Gold is the the ancient wisdom lying deep within the soul, an eternal seed planted eons ago, ready in this new age to sprout once again and usher forth the knowledge of the ancients. Gold resonates at the Naval, Crown and the higher Chakras above the Crown.

Back in ancient times of the Egyptian, they believe that color have healing properties. Even the Chinese at 2000 years ago started to use color as part of their healing practice and record diagnoses in color. In the early 20th century, studies were conducted to see how color can be used as some form of therapy in treating depression and migraine.

Therefore we cannot denied that color play a much bigger part in human lives other than just create painting. It has become a big part of our lives whether in work or play and even health.

The most important part color in humans live is that it will create responses psychologically and induce physiological perception. This in turns will create influence to our daily lives whether it is in fashion, art or commerce just to name a few. It also has the possibility to affect our physical and emotional sensations. Human’s reactions to color are instinctive and learned. While instinctive reaction seems to be universal, learned reaction is much influence by culture. Different culture will have different perception and feeling towards a color.

Rose – Pink  is softness, gentleness, motherly unconditional love. It represents self-acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness and non-judgment. It can also denote romantic love.Rose – Pink  is the happiness and joy from loving and being loved.Rose – Pink resonates at the Root or Base and Heart Chakras.
balance our chi, triggers emotions and memories, connect us to nature, inspire us, and can even seem to slow down time.Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Our own feelings about colors can of course also be very personal.

wild. by *sakimichan on deviantART: Color meanings may have something to do with our past, our experiences or our culture.Color is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is an energy having wavelength and frequency. Color affects the mood in adults and more so in children.According to some dictionary, color is sensation produce on eye by rays of light when resolved as by prism into different wavelength. Some might also define it as wavelength composition of light. In short in order for human to able to see color, there must be light.Humans started to use color since 30000 years ago. Back then, humans use natural pigment to draw simple but beautiful painting in the caves. It slowly evolve in the by discoveries of new color by mixing two or more color together. The mixing of different colors to create new colors was discovered by Plato. Now there are thousands of different types of color that can be easily from his discoveries.But the most important discoveries were made by Sir Isaac Newton. He found that by directing a white light to a prism, there are seven different colors being projected out. He then blocks six out of seven lights and directed the ray to another prism. The output from the second prism was the same color as it had been when it started. From that point on wards, he has changed the understanding of light and color. This discovery enables Sir Isaac Newton to understand the rainbow phenomenon.Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, color can even save on energy consumption.As a powerful form of communication, color is irreplaceable. Red means “stop” and green means “go.” Traffic lights send this universal message. Likewise, the colors used for a product, web site, business card, or logo cause powerful reactions. Color Matters.Back in ancient times of the Egyptian, they believe that color have healing properties. Even the Chinese at 2000 years ago started to use color as part of their healing practice and record diagnoses in color. In the early 20th century, studies were conducted to see how color can be used as some form of therapy in treating depression and migraine.Therefore we cannot denied that color play a much bigger part in human lives other than just create painting. It has become a big part of our lives whether in work or play and even health.The most important part color in humans live is that it will create responses psychologically and induce physiological perception. This in turns will create influence to our daily lives whether it is in fashion, art or commerce just to name a few. It also has the possibility to affect our physical and emotional sensations. Human’s reactions to color are instinctive and learned. While instinctive reaction seems to be universal, learned reaction is much influence by culture. Different culture will have different perception and feeling towards a color.