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Cosmic Energy and Difference between Healing ModalitiesImage result for BENEFITS OF COSMIC ENERGY HEALINGImage result for BENEFITS OF COSMIC ENERGY HEALINGWith Cosmic Healing, we channel pure Cosmic Chi and use this … of channeling colors from the universe through different parts of the … the space between your hands and to the person you are healing. … Once you have good results with healing through cosmic energy, you can also use these techniques …To understand the differences between the modalities, it’s good to know how they are similar first. All energy healing treatments will follow a similar structure. The healer will start by scanning your energy field and identifying areas that need work. There are numerous ways to scan even within a single modality, so all healers will have their own preferred method. Next, the healer will cleanse your energy field of intrusive energy. Finally, the healer will charge your energy field with fresh, revitalizing energy. A treatment usually begins and ends with a conversation about the problem in question.So the purpose and results of all the modalities are identical in that they are all ways of examining, cleansing and charging your luminous energy field. The differences occur in culture and cosmology. The primary difference between the world’s many healing modalities is cultural. Healing traditions developed in Japan are going to use completely different languages, metaphors and methods than traditions developed in the Americas. We offer modalities from three distinct cultural traditions to cover as broad a scope as we can. The next major difference between modalities is in cosmology: the description of the universe that the healing modality is based upon. For example, in some Asian traditions, there are three main energy centers in the belly, chest and forehead, whereas the more popular Indian traditions describe seven major energy centers, commonly known as the chakras, while the shamans describe eight centers

To understand it better , we can look upon on all the different energy healing modalities, whatever they are called, as a tree. First we have the acorn which is buried in the ground, cosmic creation sources , as it grows it grows roots into mother earth, crystallizing threw earth energetic shield, then it reaches for the sky. It has a trunk and as it grows it separates out into branches, then smaller branches then twigs, then leaves. As it grows its trunk gets bigger and bigger.  Each form of healing is twigs on the same tree.

The more healing of yourself you do from whichever twig will take you closer down the branches and back to the trunk and the acorn and the source of divine energy. The names on the branches differ and sometimes the energies differ, the tools differ but everyone connects to the same source energy.

What makes the difference is the energy of the healer, the amount of self-healing and development they have done. As the healer heals themselves, by releasing the egoist patterns of this and past lives and expanding their knowledge and themselves, then so they move down the branches and get closer to the trunk and the source energy themselves. This will apply from whichever modality from which we start. If you do the whole course you will learn it all, then you will go on to learn more from your own experience. The difference is you are putting it all together in a way that makes the total more powerful than the sum of the parts. You learn to combine the various methods and frequencies and synergies them all together to ensure that the client receives the healing they need for their highest good. You also learn and combine many other tools and techniques from other healing systems so that you have the most comprehensive variety of skills currently available.Related image

Every client is different and every client needs different skills, tools etc. to help them most. By constant practice and learning you begin, not only to gather all the skills that have been tried and tested over the millennia that work, but to reawaken your natural abilities embedded in our DNA. This gives you a comprehensive toolbox of abilities to combine in whichever way each and every unique client needs.

You also work very much with the client. The client heals themselves. You, the healer, facilitate that healing by synergizing your energies with the clients and with all the various cosmic and earth energies and techniques available.

As a healer your objective is to facilitate the healing of your client. When the mental, emotional, spiritual bodies are in alignment the physical body will be well. If there is an imbalance then the body will show symptoms.

Also the more you learn and the more you let go of your own issues and come more and more in line with your soul’s energy then the more energy you can bring down and use to facilitate your client’s as well as your own healing. The Soul’s journey is a journey of many lifetimes, of which this is one. The soul is constantly growing and changing, as does the world and the universe in which we live. Change is the only constant.

The purpose of the healer is to allow the client to draw the necessary energies through them to allow their mental, emotional spiritual bodies to be aligned and when they are in balance the body knows how it should be and heals itself.