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Cosmic Energy and DreamsΑποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic Energy

From ancient time the dreams  appears to contain a mystery.From the very beginnings of human existence, dreams were a mystery which the human couldn’t understand . The  mystery of unknown confused them and scared so much, that they developed the leading science about it, as well as a special caste of priests, prophets and shamans to interpret them.Dream interpreters had so much  influence on the everyday lives of ordinary people as the rulers themselves. The entire nation was guided by the interpretation of the dream of the rulers from the special interpreter  of the dreams. In that way dreams have an political impact in the whole nation life. Mystery of the dreams and dreaming remains and even in nowadays. The whole sciences and elite scientists, psychologists, neurosciences and psychiatrist study and try to learn and penetrate the secrets of human psyche to understand the secret of dreams and dreams.We can compare the psyche as a mirror reflecting whatever preoccupies it. What are reflected in dreams are the thoughts and emotions of our good and bad intentions and experiences. It is in the mirror of our psyche that real purification and understanding take place, since we must become conscious of what appears on the surface of our psyche.image1

The conscious impressions coming from a dream have an important role to play in the awakening process as a whole, and each dream, each symbol enriches this process, since spiritual dream work takes into account the subtle purification process of the whole man. Dreams about purification are given to those of us who want to awaken our permanent and spiritual witnesses. To do that, we must unite them in our “ordinary” level of self-consciousness. Therefore, we must become aware of our unconscious traits that need transformation. Without this, our ego cannot continue on this journey. This kind of spiritual work in itself exposes the psyche to the influences and intuitions pouring in from the permanent witness.

Cosmic energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos, a band between the Galaxies, planet humans and molecules, it is the space between each and everything and a band which keeps the whole Cosmos in order and cosmic energy is the life force and essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is the base of all our actions and functions. We receive some amount of cosmic energy in deep sleep and in total silence. We are using this energy in our day-to-day activities like seeing, sleeping, thinking and all actions of our body.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic Energy

This limited energy gained through sleep in not sufficient for these activities and that is why we feel exhausted, tired and tensed. This leads to mental and physical stress and all kinds of illnesses. The only way to overcome this is to get more and more cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and   to lead a healthy and happy life. In order to be involved in all situations we are to obtain knowledge of Cosmic Energy and finally expansion of our consciousness.

This kind of spiritual work in itself exposes the psyche to the influences and intuitions pouring in from the permanent witness .This is the first important means of access, the “key” opening the door of subconscious  mysterious palace in which are gathered all the past and present experiences, all the fears and stresses imprisoned since time immemorial. Those unconscious doubts and worries linger hopelessly in the depth of darkness are waiting the right moment for the thunderbolt of consciousness to penetrate them and bring them to the light of understanding. As a consequence of these delicate operations, the retrieved or “fished out” blocked energies float on the surface of dreams captured by our self-conscious ego.


To help us understand their meaning, they take, in dreams, the shape of potent personal and universal symbols and archetypes. The ego must process these with subtlety, intuition and sensitivity, so that their meaning becomes clear and illuminating.

At first, these types of dreams are usually experienced as nightmares since our consciousness has to reorganize and focus its attention on the inner dynamics of dream work. With phantasmagoric, incomprehensible, and senseless dreams, we must try to focus our attention and use our intuition to grasp the irrational within ourselves. So, we should not ignore dream sequences that might have nothing in common with each other or appear nonsensical. It really doesn’t matter if the beginning of a dream doesn’t match what follows it. Analogous to a jigsaw puzzle, we should use our intuition to retrieve the “seed idea” and meaning of each part of our dreams. Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic EnergyThe expansion of the “seed ideas” and “meaning” is important, and it doesn’t matter if our intuition reveals different symbols or meanings to the dream. What counts is the effort exerted by our psyche to unravel a new dimension. Our ego must turn its attention to within itself, in the silent space within Being, where the impelling magnetic presence of the intelligence of the heart reigns.

Thus, if dreams first appear confusing, it is because these types of dreams release the pressure and stressed energies blocked in our psyche. To release stress in dreams, the symbols are magnified so as to make an impact and emphasize certain aspects of a problem. Another reason for disturbing dreams is to help us become conscious of the nature of our stress or anxiety. We should use our intuition to look at the incongruous symbols in our dreams, trying to “respect” their meaning. Intuition assists us in “reading” what goes on in our psyche, since like a mirror, it reflects what goes on within us.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic Energy This is how, from our permanent witness, we receive some practical solutions and interpretations. However, the exchange of intuitive ideas and feelings between our psyche and ego occurs only if our ego is open to change. If we are willing to work with the symbols, then a special flow of energy streams from our permanent witness, allowing us to understand what we must do to remove the problem, and transform what needs to change.

Abundant Cosmic energy is only obtained through meditation sleep is unconscious meditation while meditation is conscious sleep.

In sleep we get limited energy. In meditation we get abundant energy. This energy enhances the power of our mind intellect and it opens the doors   for both senses and beyond. With this boosted energy through meditation, we will be relaxed, healthy and happy. It also helps to reach greater heights in the physical realm.

Meditation is nothing but a journey towards the self. In meditation we consciously travel from body to mind to intellect, intellect to self and beyond.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic Energy

In truth everything is a dream/programmed illusion/virtual reality experience created by a consciousness source of light which set up layers/dimensions/grids/matrixes through which the souls experience simultaneously.

These programs follow patterns called Sacred Geometry and repeat in loops, creating the illusion of linear time.

In the slower frequency movement of third dimension, one experiences linear time. As one moves their conscious awareness into dream time, released from the physical body, grid of experience, physical body, one experiences with time, and is able to move from grid program to grid program, in what often appears as ‘flying’.Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic Energy
The soul is able to consciously able to view one or more grid programs at the same time, splitting the consciousness, moving in hyperspace, quantum physics, with a greater understanding of the dynamics of its total experiences.

While in a physical body, it takes most of your conscious effect to focus on events around you, as they are guided by emotions, the duality of the physical experience, which is bi-polar. This mirrors swings in emotions and constant changes in environment as all grids are in flux. In the physical, the goal is always to create balance and stability. Many dreams are laced with emotions masking their true meaning.

If we are serious in our work with the spiritual level of dreams, we must also realize that dreams are like seeds containing potential whole trees. Dreams, therefore, contain the seed ideas coming from the permanent witness. image6Their purpose is to transform our ordinary levels of consciousness to higher spiritual ones, since some dreams are in themselves examples of spiritual planes co-existing in our psyche that are the seeds waiting in our subconscious to be recognized and awakened by our ego. In other words, they are our spiritual levels of consciousness that permeate into our everyday consciousness. This is the grounding aspect of the whole process of dreams since, if we need to fathom the Mystery of Being and experience our own harmony and unity with it, then the nature of our dreams changes.
Moreover, the essence and meaning of our dreams take a more abstract and irrational quality that cannot be shared with anyone, since they come directly from our permanent witness as a language of our soul, a language that can only be understood only intuitively.

The spiritual dimension of dreams could be described, at best, as delicate and subtle experiences given directly by our permanent witness to our consciousness in order to foster a healing and purifying, leading to a new level of consciousness in us, which we must allow to unfold in our ordinary lives.

What really matters here is our wish for inner transformation, since strong desire to unfold a higher level of consciousness is an illuminating catalyst that energizes our psyche. This is an important element in dream work. The power of concentration and a strong desire to work with dreams as tools for our own transformation opens naturally and directly the inner path to the permanent witness.image7

Spiritual psychology looks at the esoteric and intuitive aspect of dream work, and is based on inner guidance. However, psychology is based on the interpretation and analysis of psychologists or facilitators. These two approaches may sound and even look the same, but they are not. The first is solely based on inner revelation and the second on feedback and outside guidance. The first is used by mystics, those guided by their soul, who seek a closer relationship with their permanent witness. The second is used by those who are only interested in finding solutions to problems, new directions and meaning in times of crisis.

Both are useful and important dream work tools to purify and transform the psyche. If we want to know who we are, then we should start with the psychological approach, either alone, in a group, or with a therapist.

We should also seek the guidance of the inner master, or presence within. Whichever way we choose, our first step should always be with the psychological approach before starting any other kind of spiritual work, since, this approach takes us to the depth of our psyche and is part of an alchemical process. Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Dreams and the Cosmic EnergyThis is our descent into the world of Poseidon where our unconscious self waits. The quest to awaken our spiritual awareness can begin only after a certain amount of purification and transformation of the psyche. Our consciousness, having taken the downward journey, is eventually drawn towards an ascending path. Then, what we receive.

Dream work is comparable to learning a new language. First we must learn the alphabet. Dreams are a new symbolic world opening up in our self-consciousness. Unless our self-consciousness awakens whilst dreaming, our dreams will have no impact and we will not remember anything of great importance. Thus we must gradually stimulate and awaken our self-consciousness during dreams so that they can be something more than mere stress release.image3

Later, when our ego or self-consciousness “awakens” to its true nature—the impersonal Cosmic Consciousness—then dreams and the inner process take a new direction, and we see, understand and experience them in a totally different way since, from then on, our ego or self-consciousness realizes that it is just a vehicle for Cosmic Consciousness. We then perceive all kinds of dreams and astral projections differently, since the veil separating them from Cosmic Consciousness is no more. Our ego knows that it is just a reflection of the blazing light of the presence of God or Pure Being. When the veil is torn, and ego and soul meet and merge, the true identity of the Creator and initiator of our inner process becomes even clearer. The impersonal Cosmic Consciousness within us is the sole creator of dreams, and its limited self-conscious counterpart, our ego, it is seen at the other end of the process as the receiver of dreams.

The mission of Cosmic Consciousness within man is to enlighten man’s ego. In other words, Cosmic image4Consciousness actively guides the process of awakening the ego to its true nature, hence it directs the inner world of dreams and astral projections during sleep. Cosmic Consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for our self-consciousness to understand and experience our ego. That is why prophets, saints and disciples of all religions and philosophies have been enlightened and have received knowledge and wisdom through their dreams, visions and astral travels. The ways that our soul carries out its initiatory course of action to awaken our ego and open up the “rainbow bridge to infinity” is a source of great gratitude and awe.