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Cosmic Energy and Essential OilsImage result for Cosmic Energy and Essential OilsEverything in the universe is made of energy. Energy is everything. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transmuted, i.e. converted into something else. The cosmic energy has no limitation in function. The only limitation will be the user’s capability to explore it. Everything in the world vibrates at a certain vibration.  Mountains, trees, rocks, houses, cars, tables, people, animals etc. anything solid is really a mass of molecules, atoms, sub-atoms, electrons, etc. vibrating very slowly. Cosmic energy is referred to as the life force and the energy that maintains the balance of the entire cosmos. Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of supreme consciousness and intelligence and we are surrounded by it everywhere and all the time.Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of Supreme Consciousness and Intelligence. It is present everywhere at all times. People need this energy in order to maintain balance in their lives, and they can purposely receive it by practicing spirituality. It can also be received through breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, tai chi, or other similar exercises. Cosmic energy is referred to as the life force and the energy that maintains the balance of the entire cosmos. Cosmic energy is also known as the energy of supreme consciousness and intelligence and we are surrounded by it everywhere and all the time.

As energetic beings therefore, our energy can connect to all other energy.

Cosmic Energy which is all around us can be express in many way or named with many words with only one meaning : Universal Life Force which is in all living being. To understand what is it and how it is expressing in our body let see what and how it is expressing in our biological body.

Cosmic energy keeps flowing, no matter what.As energetic beings therefore, our energy can connect to all other energy.

The activation of cosmic energy will Image result for Cosmic Energy and Essential Oilsenable you to have supernatural powers within you. This energy is ready to use and can be used for many purposes.

Quantum physics tells us that everything is interconnected. Everything is energy and we are all energy. Everything is part of a gigantic whole. Including us. The cells and molecules in our bodies are made up of the same atoms, electrons, carbons, etc as everything in the universe. Our bodies are made up of 70% water and recently it has been proven that not only does water have memory, not only can it be influenced by loving thoughts and words, but that there is water in space. That space is not the vacuum we have always thought but that it is 70% water vapor.Quantum physics also tells us that our intention creates our reality.

Setting our intention becomes very important.  It is the power of our intention that creates the reality in the quantum world and what is created in the quantum world becomes the reality in our physical world.

The energetic parts of cosmic energy have similar properties to electric energy in many ways. By components of unknown principle that cause cosmic energy there is an effect called “suction by a point”, which is similar to that of electrons. The cosmic energy flows from areas with greater energetic levels to areas with lower energetic levels. While the transfer of electrical energy happens immediately, the cosmic energy transfers between different sources at much slower rate. However, some properties of cosmic energy differ from those of electrical energy. The electromagnetic waves don’t penetrate Faradays cage but this is not true with cosmic energy. If we place a source of cosmic energy into a safe (any other source of cosmic energy), they are in interaction and the final value is a sum of both energetic sources.Related imageEssential oils are a way of connecting ubiquitous cosmic energy to us. Plants take the energy of the sun and transform it, through photosynthesis, into the food energy upon which all living creatures rely. Essential oils are the concentrated form of that sun energy, and are seen as highly energetic when viewed from poly contrast interface photography (PIP) invented by Harry Oldfield, coauthor of The Dark Side of the Brain. Their vibrations can transfer to us the ultimate source of that energy, or cosmic power.

Image result for Cosmic Energy and Essential OilsEssential oils –  the life-force of plants.Essential oils are organic compounds derived from plant sources such as roots, bark, flowers and seeds. They are complex chemical compounds and not technically oils at all! They are extracted using a variety of methods to capture the scented particles, leaving many of the other chemical constituents of the plant behind.Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy based on holistic principles, using the application of essential oils to improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Oils can be applied in a variety of ways apart from massage.Essential oils are the ‘quintessence’s’ of the alchemists. In this sense, they condense the spiritual and vital forces of the plant in a material form. Therefore, they act on a biological level to strengthen the natural defenses of the body, and are the media of a direct man-plant communication and spiritual plane. Many plants produce essential oils; volatile substances that are not only responsible for the individual scents unique to each plant, but also contain hundreds of different natural chemicals, including hormones, vitamins, antibiotics and antiseptics. For example, over 160 different chemical components have been found in Lavender oil – so far.

Not all essential oils are pure. Some are adulterated with or ‘extended’ by inferior oils and synthetics, or composed of several different oils to achieve a specific smell. These are known as ‘natur identical’. Always buy oils from a reputable supplier. Cheap oils are often synthetic or adulterated with cheaper or lower quality oils.

Fragrance, in the form of essential oils, has been used in healing for thousands of years, even before the ancient Egyptians.
Image result for Cosmic Energy and Essential OilsThe essential oils are extracted from plants and trees and fall in to 8 basic categories. These are:

  • Citrus – eg. bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange.
  • Floral – eg. geranium, chamomile(Roman), rose otto, lavender, ylang ylang, neroli.
  • Herbaceous – eg. chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, clary sage.
  • Camphoraceous – eg. eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree.
  • Spicy – eg. coriander, black pepper, ginger, cardamom.
  • Resinous – eg. frankincense, myrrh, galbanum.
  • Woody – eg. cedarwood, sandalwood, juniper, cypress.Earthy – eg. patchouli.

Some essences fall in to more than one group – this a a reflection of their complex makeup. The essences have many uses and one essence can have a number of different uses. Since they have an effect on the physical and the emotional, their uses vary depending on what effect is being sought. They can also be blended, thus giving even more possibilities.The range of uses for essential oils is vast, being used extensively in the cosmetics, perfumery and pharmaceutical industries, drawing from their intense therapeutic actions to the extreme subtlety of genuine perfumes. Their effects can be strictly allopathic, and having the same benefits as modern medicines, essential oils are an excellent alternative to more aggressive therapies. Yet they also act on a more subtle level, similar to Bach flower or homeopathic remedies, plus they have very potent and effective spiritual and psychological effects, which in the past has been their most traditional use.

We are using essential oils in many ways:

Essential oils are also believed to be absorbed through the skin. Each essential oil has different healing properties. For example, some calm while others energize Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions. The most widely used essential oils and their properties:

Skin absorption
Most of the chemical constituents of essential oils have a molecular weight of less than 1000m (m = weight of molecule). Theoretically, any substance with a molecular weight below 1000m should be absorbed by the skin (Ref. Food Cos. Tox. 1989 v 27:479). There is controversy over the issue of skin absorption. Some parts of an essential oil can be absorbed into the skin, but there is no evidence to prove that it is then absorbed into the underlying tissues via the capillary and lymphatic vessels at the dosages used in ordinary aromatherapy mixes.

松本潮里Shiori Matsumoto (マツモトシオリ): Inhalation
There is evidence that essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled. The many blood vessels in the lungs absorb the oils and circulate them throughout the body. Our sense of smell connects directly with the limbic system of the brain, which processes memories, associations and emotions.

We ingest oils in many foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals where the essential oils are widely used as flavourings, for example in peppermint toothpaste and chewing gums, flavoured drinks and mouthwashes. It is unwise to drink essential oils unless prescribed by a medical herbalist.

In the bath
Using essential oils in the bath is an extremely effective way of influencing mood, although rather wasteful as much of the essential oil sticks to the sides of the bath. Add essential oils to a spoon or two of oil or soap solution and add it to the bathwater just before you get in – otherwise the oils will evaporate before you have a chance to enjoy them or benefit from absorption via the lungs and nose.Take care when using oils in the bath as some can sting. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, aniseed, camphor, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, juniper, black pepper, peppermint, sage, savory, spearmint, and thyme should be used in very small dosages – no more than 2 drops to a bath.Alternatively, you can apply a massage blend to the body, then sit in a warm bath for a while.

A footpath is useful when someone is immobile or too fragile for other methods. This is an extremely effective stress-relief and pick-me-up at the end of a hard day and in hot weather.

Body massage
Because the skin is the best way the essence to be absorb, we can combine the body massage with the essential oils by applying them to our body by gentle and smooth moves of our hands on the body.We put the proper essential oil,depending what we want to achieve with that,on the whole body or a part of the body and with slow movements of our hands we rubbed certain  scented oil while on the skin till is well absorbed .

Facial massageImage result for Essential Oils fantasy art

Facial skin requires special care as it tends to be delicate, show more signs of stress and toxic overload, and is generally more exposed to the wind, sun and atmospheric pollutants. For facial massage, select an appropriate carrier oil and use a lower dosage of essential oil than that for body massage. As the face is a small area, 5ml of total mix are usually sufficient.

Localized massage
Can be applied to small areas, for example stiff joints, sprains and cramps (e.g., stomach and period pains). As the area to be covered usually requires fast action the dilution used is often lower than that for body or facial massage, but always make sure that you are using a safe dosage.

Water compresses
Certain situations require fast action, so low dilutions are used. Conditions like sprains, cuts, bruises, sunburn, insect bites, rashes, large areas of skin infection and inflammation respond well to this method.

FragrancesImage result for Essential Oils fantasy art

Essential oils can be diffused into the air through dry heat, steam or mist or by fan-assisted evaporation. This is an effective way of changing mood, purifying the atmosphere or getting essential oils into the respiratory and olfactory systems. The commonly available types of fragrance are as follows:

Standard fragrancers: oils are added to a small bowl of water, which is heated by a nightlight. Cheap, but not safe, as there is an exposed flame.

Electrical fragrancers: oils are dropped onto a metal plate heated by an electrical element. This is safer, but the heat can damage the oils.

Light bulb rings: oils are dropped into a channel in a small ring that fits over a table lamp bulb, which heats the oils.

Radiator fragrancers: small essential oil containers that clip onto metal radiators, which heat the oils. Take care because essential oils can spoil paintwork.

Electrical diffuses: a fan blows across the essential oils container, causing evaporation. Safe, no heat damage to oils or fire risk, but expensive.

Inhalations: Use for colds, flu, sinusitis and asthma, or in any situation that requires fast relief from congestion and respiratory or emotional problems. Use 3-5 drops of an appropriate oil in a cupful of hot (not boiling) water and inhale.Compassion Series: Invisible World by jialu.deviantart.com on @deviantART:

Alternatively, fill a bowl with hot water, add appropriate essential oils and then sit bent over the bowl with a towel over your head forming a tent to keep the vapours in. This can be dangerous and should not be used for unsupervised children. The bowl method also makes some people feel claustrophobic, and should not be used on asthmatics except with great care. People with thin, sensitive skin or skin that has a tendency to thread veins should not use this method. Note: keep your eyes closed to prevent irritation.

Sprays: Fill a plant spray bottle with water. To each 300ml add 8-10 drops of essential oil. Shake bottle vigorously before each use, as oils do not dissolve in water. Use as a room freshener or an insecticide using appropriate oils. Avoid getting spray in eyes as this may cause irritation. Do not spray on painted surfaces as oils may stain paintwork.

Aromatherapy offers a chance to use your sense of smell to heal, focus and channel your energy effectively

How Essential oils can help us as an expression of a Cosmic Energy Vibration in the plants depending from her vibrating frequency in each of them we can see it in below .

The word Aromatherapy conjures up a variety of impressions, be it enticingly exotic perfumes and lingering fragrances, perhaps a deliciously scented massage or possibly a decadent bathing experience… An alluring world of imagination, magic and fantasy with the capacity to overwhelm the senses in the most seductive ways imaginable.Image result for Cosmic Energy and Essential Oilsfantasy art

Aromatherapy Essential Oils and their Uses

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Guiding Planet Uses and Effects
Amyris Jupiter Inner peace, centring, meditation, compassion, relaxation, perfumery.
Anise, Star Jupiter Consecration, protection against negative powers, involving beneficial spirits, purification.
Aniseed Moon Happiness, protection against disturbing dreams, “Anise is most helpful in treating those who feel most unfulfilled and are of the conviction that romance would cure the trouble”.  Use with caution.
Basil Mars Aura cleansing, purification, ceremonial cleansing of sacred space, helps to attract spirit beings, courage, inner strength.  Relaxing and revitalising, Basil is revered as a sacred herb all over the world.  In the Hindu religion it is sacred to both Vishnu and Krishna.  Use with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Bay Sun Associated with the Delphic Oracle, sacred to Apollo and Daphne.  Prophetic dreams, spiritual cleansing, purification, increases psychic sensitivity, empowerment, symbolically signifies honour.  Bay has narcotic properties and should be used with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Bergamot Sun Used to elevate the spirit, clarify the mind, assist confidence and inner strength, to help overcome disempowerment, victim consciousness, despondency, assist connecting to higher self and inner purpose, relaxing and revitalising.  Photosensitising; only use Bergapten free oil on skin that is exposed to sunlight after use.
Benzoin Venus/Mercury Wisdom, understanding, letting go of painful emotions, detachment, recognition, of the principles of love as a balance of give and take. Relaxing, soothing.  Use with caution.
Cajeput Moon Purification, cleansing, protection, to help dispel negative thoughts and energies and to break habits and compulsions, allies metal clarity.  Use with caution.
Camphor Moon Purification, to help dispel negative energies, protection, mental clarity, crystal cleansing, health, used as an aphrodisiac, to cool excessive passion.  Use with caution.
Carnation Absolute Sun/Mars Protection, healing, courage, strength.
Cardamom Venus/Jupiter Associated with love, an ingredient of many aphrodisiac potions, may assist bringing clarity to a situation where selfishness destroys love, or the mind is confused and the heart torn between two lovers.  Relaxing.  Use with caution.
Carrot Seed Mercury/Mars Associated with love magic and aphrodisiac potions.  Also used for revitalising mature skin.
Cedarwood Atlas Sun Purification, to assist alignment with one’s purpose, focus, clarity of intent, consecration of magical tools and sacred spaces, centring, to help letting go of mental and emotional anguish and to gain a sense of inner composition.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Cedarwood Virginian Sun Used for protection and purification of magical spaces, aura cleansing, to dispel negative energies, exorcism and banishing rites, to open spiritual channels, very potent.  Use with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Chamomile Roman Sun To help bring inner peace, letting go of fear and worry, acceptance, gain confidence based on inner attunement, compassion.
Chamomile Blue Sun Can be used instead of Roman Chamomile for added potency used to gain wisdom, compassion and healing rituals, can help to break compulsive mental worry patterns, grounding.
Cinnamon Sun/Mercury Used to stimulate mental powers, focus of intent and concentration, to open channels of communication on spiritual as well as physical planes, to open heart chakra, used in love potions, to clear energy blockages connected to issues of giving and receiving and thus may stimulate flow of money.  In Egypt it was used for preserving Mummies.  Use with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Citronella Sun Used to refresh a weary mind, uplift the spirit, hope, purification, letting go of heavy and dark thought-forms, dispel negative energies. Insect repellent.
Clary Sage Jupiter Help to release tension, purification, protection, chakra work, energy balancer, connection with higher self, to help gain spiritual perspective on mundane problems, wisdom, understanding.  Use with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.  o not use n conjunction with alcohol.
Clove Mars/Jupiter Used to revitalise and stimulate mental and physical energy, invoke courage, inner strength, protection, healing, stimulate kundalini energy, used in love potions and money magic.  Use with caution.
Coriander Moon Used in love potions to act on the base and heart chakras and thus is suitable for wedding/hand-fasting rites, especially when the bond is intended to last beyond space and time.  Compassion, protection, astral travel.
Cumin Mars/Jupiter Used to stimulate base chakra energy, often added to love potions, amulets for protection, good luck charms and prosperity.
Cypress Saturn Promote spiritual understanding, letting go of pain, overcoming separation and losses, rites of completion, death, purification.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Elemi Saturn Rites of passage, transcendence, journey to the spirit realm, important ingredient in ancient Egyptian embalming lotions.


Eucalyptus Moon/Mercury Purification, healing rites, exorcism, banishing negative energies.
Fennel, Sweet Mercury Protection, consecration, purification, longevity, courage, focus, transformation, meditation, understanding, concentration, fertility.  Use with caution.  Not recommended during first months of pregnancy.
Frankincense Sun Considered as food for the gods, used for purification, consecration, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, help overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief, compassion, pranayama.
Galbanum Uranus/Saturn Purification, protection, banishing negative energies, journeys to the spirit realm, used as an ingredient of embalming lotions in ancient Egypt.
Geranium Venus Protection, dispels, apprehension and negativity, balances inner male and female energies, detachment, flexibility.
Ginger Moon/Mars Used for self awareness, to stimulate energy, mental or magical work, courage, protection, success, stirs kundalini, love potions.
Grapefruit Sun To assist mental clarity, self-confidence, overcoming self-doubt, insecurities and negative emotions that keep one bonded to the pain of past experiences, to help deal with jealousy, envy, despondency and bitterness, releasing frustration.
Ho-wood Mars To help overcome inertia, and breaking patterns of holding on to dissatisfying situations especially when due to the fear of the unknown, to help face the here and now and build courage to change, escapist ‘if only…’ daydreams may be turned into reality.
Hyacinth Absolute Venus/Saturn Used for grounding, commitment, to start new projects, changing thought into action, facing sorrow, grief and death, letting go, breaking compulsive behaviour patterns, repression, fear of love.
Hyssop Saturn Purification, protection, spiritual/aura cleansing, consecration of sacred objects and spaces, banishing of negative energies and angst. Avoid during pregnancy or if suffering from epilepsy or high blood pressure.
Jasmine Absolute Venus/Moon Used to increase inner strength, reawaken lost interest, to attract love, stimulate kundalini energy. Jasmine is thought to resonate on both physical and spiritual levels and is thus used in tantric rituals, for mental and emotional peace, astral travel, to lift the spirit, dispel heavy emotions, birthing rites. Avoid during first 4 months of pregnancy.
Juniper Sun Purification, protection, to dispel negative energies and entities, healing rituals, psychic cleansing, crystal cleansing, aids concentration, focus of intent, centring, skin toner, relaxing.  Use with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Lavender Mercury Used for inner peace, purification, meditation, protection against emotional/physical violence, health, spiritual love, understanding, mental clarity, to lift the spirit, centring and grounding, love commitments, hand-fasting/marriage, birthing rites, new beginnings.  This is probably the most widely used essential oil in aromatherapy and is employed in a vast array of conditions.
Lavender, Spike Mercury Uses are the same as for true lavender.
Lemon Sun Used to increase clarity of mind, to refresh the spirit, energising, purification, healing rituals, break apathy and inertia, compassion, love.
Lemongrass Sun Purification, to clear psychic channels, break apathy and boredom, energising, to overcome self-pity and exaggerated self-centredness.  Insect repellent.  Use with caution.
Lemon Verbena Sun/Venus Purification, cleansing of ritual tools, spiritual love, dream work.  Use with caution.
Linden Blossom Absolute Venus Used for spiritual, transcendental love bonds, compassion, to open heart and mind in communications where differences needs to be settled, understanding, sincerity, integrity, higher self awareness.
Lime Sun Used for revitalising the mind and spirit, protection, energises intent of action, purification, cutting through blurred vision and fuzziness, to help gain clarity and decisiveness.  Use with caution.
Mandarin Sun For letting go of negative emotions, soothing emotional wounds to help gain a sense of self-acceptance, to diffuse self-hate, to elevate the spirit, to open the heart chakra, promote inner peace and happiness.
Marjoram, Sweet Venus Sacred to Venus, used to increase compassion, to open the heart chakra, overcome irrational fear and paranoia, to help gain perspective, grounding, used as a funeral herb to promote an easy transition and blissful existence in the spirit realm, protection against thunder and lightning.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Melissa, True Jupiter Used to lift the spirit and gladden the heart, to dispel fears and worries, protection, for inner peace and purification, cleansing ritual objects and to promote prosperity consciousness.
Mimosa Absolute Saturn Protection, purification, prophetic dreams, love, healing.
Myrtle Venus Attract love and peace, promote prosperity, fertility, happiness, rejuvenation.
Myrrh Saturn Traditionally considered to be one of the most holy plants used for purification, dispelling of negative and harmful energies, protection, psychic sensitivity, protection on journeys to the spirit realm, rites of passage, spiritual understanding, letting go or transcending pain, grief and sorrow, grounding, an essential ingredient of Egyptian embalming lotions.  Use with caution.  Avoid during pregnancy.


Narcissus Absolute Venus Spiritual love, trance work, prophetic dreams, inspiration, transcendence, new beginnings, rites of passage, journeys to the spirit realm.  Use with caution.
Neroli Sun Used for centring, focus of intent, to clear mental confusion, to open the heart chakra, dispels fear and worries, attracts positive energies, happiness, soothes restlessness, hysteria and shock.
Niaouli Mercury Purification, protection, release of negative energies that ‘clog up’ the physical and mental bodies, aura cleansing.
Oakmoss Resinoid Jupiter Grounding, consolidating one’s intent, protection, affirmation, faith, prosperity.
Orange Sun Used to refresh the mind and uplift the spirit, energise, rejuvenation, letting go of heavy thought forms, opening the heart and mind for love joy and happiness.
Palmarosa Venus Protection, love, healing, focus of intent.
Patchouli Saturn/Pluto Used as a potent aphrodisiac, to enhance sensuality, awaken kundalini energy, grounding, assist manifestation.
Pepper, Black Mars Protection, energy, drive, to help overcome inertia and lethargy, stimulate sex drive, strength, courage and endurance. Use with caution.
Peppermint Mercury/Venus Purification, mental clarity, dispel negative thought forms and energies, cleansing sacred space and ritual objects, to increase psychic sensitivity.  Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.
Petitgrain Sun Used for easing mental anguish, to help release emotional tension, grounding, to soothe emotional wounding and help let go of pain. Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.
Pimento Berry Mars To break inertia and any kind of subtle energy blockage, to energise, promote prosperity consciousness, healing rituals, protection, courage.  Use with caution.
Pine Saturn Purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects, dispel negative energy, crystal cleansing, protection, fertility, birth, inner strength, understanding, healing rituals, prosperity consciousness, manifestation.
Rose Otto Venus For love, inner peace and compassion, to open heart chakra, happiness, prophetic dreams, to help overcome dependency and attachment, letting go of the past, dispel fear, sadness, grief and regrets.  Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.
Rose Absolute Venus Uses are the same as Rose Otto.  Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy.
Rosemary Sun Used for inner strength, self-confidence, mental clarity, focus of intent, to break apathy and inertia, protection, purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects, spiritual awareness and understanding, for memory, to assist transition into the spirit realm, funeral rites, rites of passage.  Caution: Not recommended during first 4 months of pregnancy or if suffering from high blood pressure.
Sage, Spanish Jupiter Used for aura cleansing, to dispel negative energies, purification, protection, spiritual understanding and wisdom, divination.  Caution: Avoid during pregnancy or if suffering from high blood pressure.
Sandalwood Jupiter Extremely sacred in Eastern religions, spiritual awareness, inner peace, alignment with higher purpose, wisdom, dispel fears and negative energies, divination, meditation, understanding laws of manifestation, prosperity consciousness, healing rituals, passage into the spirit realm, transcendence, relaxing.
Spearmint Venus Healing rituals, purification, aura cleansing, crystal cleansing, protection against negative energies during dream work, mental clarity and focus.  Avoid during pregnancy.
Spikenard Mercury/Jupiter Protection, purification, attract good luck and helpful spirits, as a charm to stay true to one’s love, memory, learning, anointing oil.
Tea-Tree Moon/Mercury Used for aura cleansing, protection, purification, to open mental channels and mental clarity, unclog upper chakras.  Wide application in aromatherapy.
Thyme, White Venus Emotional balance, to help align balance between give and take, promotes health, purification, protection, inner strength and emotional courage.  Use with caution.
Tuberose Absolute Venus Sacred to the Maya who revere it as the origin of the gods, used for attracting visions, trance work, psychic sensitivity, love, compassion, to open heart chakras.
Valerian Mercury Protection against lightning, peace, passion, taming, purification, harmony in relationships, centring, grounding, favourite of feline familiars.  Very relaxing. Use with caution.
Vanilla Absolute Venus Love, to stimulate base chakra, mental powers, stimulate energy.
Vetivert Venus/Jupiter Grounding, prosperity consciousness, understanding laws of manifestation, protection, attracting love.


Yarrow Venus Protection, courage, love friendship, psychic powers, to banish negative energies.
Ylang Ylang Venus Used to attract love, enhance sensuality, dispel fear and apprehension, negative projections, assist to gain a sense of self-worth and confidence, helps to centre one-self, let go of guilt and other negative emotions such as jealousy and anger which prevent one from moving forward.