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cosmicsilverguyCosmic Energy  healing is a continual raising of our personal vibrations to ever higher and higher levels so we can heal across all dimensions of time, past, present and future and join our energies with others to raise their energy as well.  It incorporates complimentary methodologies such as breath-work, chakras, sound, crystals, color, as well as different tools and techniques from the many different schools of healing.

These tools and techniques  create a way of connecting to and combining all the universal and earth energies available today and into the future to ensure you always draw new energies to you automatically. You also learn how to maintain very high frequency energies for yourself and to bring them to your client (family, friends, animals, our world) up to those levels.

All healing energy, whatever we call it, comes from the Source of Creation, our Divine Creator. Cosmic Energy Healing is no different. All whats matter is how high we can raise our own vibration and how close to that source we become.  It is always about how clear we have made your own system. How much self-healing we have done. Cosmic Energy Healing is a self-healing process and as we heal ourselves we heal our world.image1

Cosmic Energy Healing allows us to continue raising our vibrations to the very highest level both now and beyond.  We live in an ever changing world and we are the conduit which raises the vibrations of our world today and everyday. We need to transcend the current levels of energies to enable the new energies to transform not only ourselves but our world both now and in the future.

If you would like to experience and learn Cosmic Energy Healing for yourself , then please contact me for more information and to book an appointment.