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Creative Dreams

Within your dream you are shown something you are to create, perhaps something affecting the destiny of humanity. Famous inventors, writers, artists, and musicians were inspired by their dreams.

Many important inventions in the world, in music, science and other were made during the dreaming: Frankenstein Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was inspired by a dream.

1The sewing machine Elias Howe invented the sewing machine in 1845 in his dream.

Benzene The scientist Friedrich August Kekulé discovered the seemingly impossible chemical structure of benzene (C6H6) when he had a dream of a group of snakes swallowing their tails.

Yesterday Paul McCartney claims to have composed the melody for the Beatles’ song “Yesterday” in a dream.Dreams can link to anything. It has long been established that they can represent our own creative energies. Paul McCartney is known to have written songs from dreams. If we have some major intellectual or creative project our minds will think through how best we are to approach it. So if you were thinking intensely about an essay or project the night before then you may easily have a dream about it. The dream may be linked to those creative energies but they may also capture some emotional thoughts relating to this project.A dream can be an incredibly powerful springboard into a whole new dimension of meanings. Creatively exploring the dream, and what it means to you, can lead you to deep insights. … It means living it, feeling it, so that deeply relevant meaning can emerge from this experience.Dreaming is the language of the mind during our nightly sojourns. It stands to simple reason that this time could be used wisely. Personal creativity is greatly increased by utilizing the information gleaned from the subconscious mind in dreams. It is also possible to learn to control your dreams, adding a whole new dimension to the sleeping experience. The dream experience is perhaps the most creative form of consciousness that some people will ever experience. If you recall your dreams upon waking, you can take the symbols, images and adventures you experienced and discover what is going on at deeper levels of your psyche. This is incredibly valuable information that will improve creative potential immensely.Related image