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Crystal Auras


Crystals are quiet, well-meaning souls who are natural healers. They are also deep thinkers. Crystals’ dreams usually involve having a quiet, spiritual and meditative life.

They love to read books, attend the theater, study philosophical or spiritual topics — anything of social significance or that inspires them to ponder the meaning of life. They usually prefer to spend time alone contemplating life and spirituality, however, rather than be with others.

In order to achieve their dreams and reach their highest potential, Crystals must learn to regularly go within and to commune with nature, their spirituality, and their source. They must constantly retreat to their own environment to free themselves from others’ chaotic influences. This will help them remain centered and open channels for the healing work they came here to do. Because they like simplicity and cleanliness, their environments need to be quiet and orderly. It is healing for Crystals to surround themselves with nature. Growing flowers or planting gardens can be very therapeutic. It gives them a chance to connect with their spirituality in peace and serenity so they can move forward on their dreams.

Crystals—part of the spiritual color group—are bright, enlightened thinkers. They combine keen, clear intelligence with spiritual beliefs. Crystals are natural healers and instinctively know how to give strength and comfort to others. They change their aura color and/or absorb color energy from others, which allows them to get along well with everyone. Crystals solve complex problems and have a special talent for process design. Crystals infuse their own ideas into solutions and love fixing things. Even though they need recognition and reward for their contributions, it is hard for them to accept praise. One of the drawbacks of being analytical and multi-talented is that Crystals are their own harshest critics. They draw information out of others but it is hard for them to open up and share information about themselves. Crystals need teammates at work and partners in life that can break them out of their normal routine and encourage them to open up. Crystals feel a very deep connection with God or higher power. They put their belief system into everything they do and have a very high moral and spiritual code.

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Crystals Personality: Crystals are very intelligent. They love to learn about a broad spectrum of topics and have mastery of earned and intuitive knowledge. Many acquire multiple degrees because of their desire to achieve higher goals. They are avid readers, researchers and usually love movies. Emotionally, Crystals can appear to be aloof and distant. They withdraw into work, books and /or meditation so that they don’t have to deal with relationships, chaos or too much noise. Socially, Crystals have a difficult time being with others or approaching others due to their shyness. Crystals, whether married or not, need private time and physical space to revive their minds, bodies, and spirits. They often engage in holistic, meditative techniques when alone—everything from reading spiritual material, or self-help motivational literature to listening to soft music, enjoying a warm spa and massage or an individual physical routine such as Yoga, Pilates, running or walking.

Crystals Career: Crystals operate most efficiently and effectively in low key, quiet, clean environments. Crystals listen and follow very carefully all rules and regulations and are very thorough, dedicated workers. They can function without direction and are highly organized, meticulous workers. They are extremely trustworthy and honest and choose employers or employees who share the same values. They make sure the workplace remains clean and secure and go the extra mile to help others and to make sure everyone is cooperative. Many times, a Crystal feels more secure working for someone else rather than having their own business.

Crystals in Relationships: Crystals show vulnerability and strength in their relationships. Because Crystals are intelligent and intuitive, they sense the emotional needs surrounding their mates, family and friends. If a situation becomes too frustrating and overwhelming, the Crystal retreats and resorts to a form of meditation that allows them to clear their Aura and cleanse their energies. Crystals prefer to remain quiet and strong in order to quickly take command and calm a highly emotionally charged situation. They have clear vision and can see the problem and solution without showing much emotion. They mostly enjoy quiet, reclusive behavior with their mates. They will tend to shy away from loud parties or large groups. Crystals will be gentle, attentive lovers who will give more than receive. They are protective of their true feelings—almost as if surrounded by a shield—so they do not become too attached if something happens to a loved one. This tendency to withdraw does not mean they are cold or not connected. It just allows them to remain peaceful and quiet in order to regain balance and clarity.

Crystal Health and Wellness : Crystals use their minds, bodies and spirits as a whole unit to communicate with themselves and others. This is very draining on their bodies and their spirit. For this reason, Crystals must always take time away from their daily routines to refresh their whole being. The area that will be affected first for the Crystal is the Mind. The Crystal uses the mind to balance, clear, clean, organize and predict every movement of their life. They can be susceptible to headaches and sinus blockage. The Body of the Crystal can be heavily affected by dirt, chaos, and noise that come from family or fellow workers because the Crystal tends to absorb energy emanating from others. The Crystal may start to feel aches and pains in their joints along with fatigue. The Spirit of the Crystal is affected by trying to heal everyone they come into contact with—many times unconsciously—to help find their way closer to God and inner peace. So, the Crystal must always work on finding new ways to meditate and find a calming, healing physical outlet.

Crystals and Spirituality: Crystals are a unique blend of intellect and spirituality; they will either be drawn to God through intellectual reasoning, research and practice, or they will pursue higher levels of spirituality through soul searching practices and meditation. Sometimes, they will engage in both. The ultimate goal is to obtain inner peace and spiritual calm; they want to find answers to all of their spiritual questions that will bring them closer to the knowledge of who God really is and their personal relationship with God. Crystals may practice a wide variety of religious beliefs from Catholicism to being an Intellectual Agnostic; they are all ways of searching for the ultimate mode of spiritual expression. Once found, they are almost stubborn about their following of doctrine—not seeing any other venue for expression other than the one they are using towards their path to God and ultimate healing.

Crystals Chakras: Crystals are most aligned with the Crown Chakra; this Chakra appears at the top of the head and is associated with both left and right brain use and spiritual awakening. Most Crystals tend to favor the left brain which processes information in a linear manner, processing from part to whole. It takes pieces, lines then up and arranges them in a logical manner. The right brain processes from whole to parts, holistically. So balanced Crystals will try to use both sides of their brain so that ultimately they can bring cleansing, healing, and spirituality to themselves and others. The Crown Chakra is also associated with channeling the spirit of loved ones who have died. Crystals are more apt to feel the presence of these departed spirits around them; they feel them, see them, and hear them or all three.

Crystals and Color Change: Crystals work from the Crown Chakra, situated at the top of the head and control the strongest energy vibrations in the body. Crystals are continually balancing and harmonizing the interior and exterior sides of their natures. They also try to connect with the highest spiritual level in order to understand the interconnections of all living things. Crystals work so hard at achieving a balance between their intellect and their spirituality that they find themselves frustrated at times. This frustration can lead to frequent migraine headaches, destructive thoughts, and /or distant depressed behavior. If this occurs, Crystals should use the color Violet surrounding the forehead; this color will relax the Crystal, subdue, clear and calm the energy. If a Crystal is feeling fatigued from overwork or too much noise and chaos, they should use some Yellow or Gold color to enhance their energy. This will help them feel more joy and make better decisions.

Enhancing Crystal Aura: Crystal Auras are naturally very strong commanding Auras. The key for the Crystal Aura is to remain balanced in order to effectively use both their intellect and healing spirituality. Jewelry and clothing are the easiest methods to enhance a Crystal’s energy. If the Crystal wants to use all the colors that make up the Crystal Aura, then a Crystal should surround themselves with white clothing or crystal jewelry. This lets them reach out and absorb energy easily from others—the Crystal uses this method to intuitively feel closer to friends and family. The color Yellow will enhance the Crystal’s intellect, so a Crystal should use this color in the workplace. A crystal should use a Violet color when attending a religious or holistic gathering; this helps them attain a spiritual connection and inner peace. Crystals should use mostly white or a pale grey in their bedrooms so they can refresh their minds, bodies and souls without the interference of other color energy. Crystals have the ability to use all color in some aspect of their lives because their energy is created from the absorption of all color.