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Crystal HealingImage result for crystals and their powers

Image result for Crystal Healing fantasy artAncient knowledge about the powers of crystals, their effective combinations and elixirs, have long guarded as the biggest secret and passed down from generation to generation.
Precious and semiprecious stones (crystals, minerals) has always attracted people because of their beauty, but also because of the powerful the healing properties, regardless of whether it is physical, psychological and spiritual problems. Crystals have always been a symbol, but also a source of power, and each of them had its sacred meaning. The crystals hides great power and strength to those who have knowledge about it and know how to handle them.
Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.

But despite the fact that crystal healing has seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years, this alternative treatment is not popular with most medical doctors and scientists, many of whom refer to crystal healing as a pseudoscience. Scientifically speaking, there is no evidence that crystal healing can be used to cure diseases, because diseases have never been found to be the result of a so-called energy flow in the body. Furthermore, no scientific studies have shown that crystals and gems can be differentiated by chemical composition or color to treat a particular ailment. We have to know the basic information about the Crystals,their shape,structure,color and healing property before we start with using them in healing.

Crystals, gems, semi-precious stones and precious natural materials have always woke up our imagination. Their color, the ability to catch the light, their costliest launched the stories and legends that described the mysterious power to radiate. Their wild beauty matures deeply hidden in the rocks, buried in stone or sea depths. It should be good to make an effort to discover the gifts of the Earth itself.Unusually converting the ordinary rock in intense color, the dazzling crystal clear undeniable beauty symbolized in the spiritual sense of, the ability to change plain, ordinary things in perfection.

Image result for programming crystal fantasy artcrystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In addition, macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations. The scientific study of crystals and crystal formation is known as crystallography. The process of crystal formation via mechanisms of crystal growth is called crystallization or solidification.The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word κρύσταλλος (krustallos), meaning both “ice” and “rock crystal”, from κρύος (kruos), “icy cold, frost”.The scientific definition of a “crystal” is based on the microscopic arrangement of atoms inside it, called the crystal structure. A crystal is a solid where the atoms form a periodic arrangement.Not all solids are crystals.

A crystal structure (an arrangement of atoms in a crystal) is characterized by its unit cell, a small imaginary box containing one or more atoms in a specific spatial arrangement. The unit cells are stacked in three-dimensional space to form the crystal.The symmetry of a crystal is constrained by the requirement that the unit cells stack perfectly with no gaps. There are 219 possible crystal symmetries, called crystallographic space groups. These are grouped into 7 crystal systems, such as cubic crystal system (where the crystals may form cubes or rectangular boxes, such as halite shown at right) or hexagonal crystal system (where the crystals may form hexagons, such as ordinary water ice).

Crystals are commonly recognized by their shape, consisting of flat faces with sharp angles. These shape characteristics are not necessary for a crystal—a crystal is scientifically defined by its microscopic atomic arrangement, not its macroscopic shape—but the characteristic macroscopic shape is often present and easy to see.A crystal’s habit is its visible external shape. This is determined by the crystal structure (which restricts the possible facet orientations), the specific crystal chemistry and bonding (which may favor some facet types over others), and the conditions under which the crystal formed.The different shapes of the stones will be an important factor in choosing your stones.

Round shaped gems and stones are a symbol of magic and its workings. The means for the opening of psychic awareness and spirituality. Receptive to all powers. Used in all attraction wishes such as love, money and spirituality.

Square shaped stones are masculine in nature and generally considered to be used for building or creating something new or altering something old. A form of stability and endurance.

Related imageTriangles are a sign of the three points of humankind; the mind, body and spirit. Able to discern between the four elements. Used primarily for repelling and neutralizing negativity, and for gathering and releasing of all the energies for your intended desire.

Pear shapes are a combination of both the round and triangle. Used primarily in associations with the element of Water, it is both receptive and projective. A great shape for balancing of emotions or any wish dealing with psychic or Faerie Magick.Rod shaped or Wand shaped are a sign of masculinity. Also commonly referred to as “phallic”. Projected  energies, used primarily for a wish for someone, for the intent to be projected towards another. 
Now that you have chosen your stone, it is time for programming it. Programming involves implementing your energy and will into the stone of your choice. However,
it is very important to first cleanse the stone.Cleansing Crystals should be a priority in caring for these precious stones. You need to respect them, treat them gently and care for them. Gem stones are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and can soak up negative energies from their environment or anyone handling them.They need to be ‘decontaminated’ of unwanted negative vibrations by cleansing regularly to allow them to work to their utmost potential.While cleansing Crystals, simply wash under running water for a few moments. If possible cleanse it in a stream, a natural spring or the sea. If you haven’t easy access to the ocean or natural bodies of water simply add salt to the cleansing water as this will add the electrical properties contained in the salt to the cleansing process.The stones and gems are extremely receptive to vibrations and that includes negative ones. The stone you have chosen may have passed through other hands before reaching you. You must get rid of any other energies the stone may have picked up and make it “yours”.

There are many different methods for Image result for programing your crystalscleansing a stone and again it is important to know all you can about your particular stone as some methods may be destructive to some soft stones and gems. The most frequently used method seems to be the one using water and sun. This method involves holding the stone under running water (spring or well water preferably) and with the use of visualization, banishing all negative and foreign vibrations and leaving the stone clear with it’s own energies. Instead of drying it with a cloth, place it to dry in the sun. If at night place in the full light of the moon. Both the sun and the moon are powerful sources of natural clear energies. For stones that are too soft to put under running water, cleanse by passing through the smoke of sage or any other appropriate herb while meditating and focusing on banishing the negative energies and replacing with your own energies.
Another way is to bury the stone of your choice in the earth. Since the earth is the origin of the stone, the natural energies of Mother Earth will cleanse the stone of all negativity. Some say for three days, some say for a week…..you do whatever feels right to you. Also be aware of the moon when burying your stone. The phase of the moon can play a large part in the effectiveness of the cleansing. Still another way of cleansing a stone is to immerse it in salt water, salt being the symbol of the earth’s energies, and let it dry naturally in the sun.

Image result for charging your crystalsOnce cleansed you need to charge the Crystal.Charging will keep the positive energy of the Crystal focused upon you so that it most benefits you. Avoid others touching or handling your Crystal, as it will absorb possible negative energies from them, diluting the benefits to you.There are many ways to charge a Crystal but here are a few suggestions:If you want to charge your crystal with the Element of Fire as with sun energy to help with confidence, vibrant health, motivation or creative projects etc. then place your Crystal on a windowsill or outdoors for a few hours in the sunshine.For the benefits of the Element of Water as with moon energy for help with psychic abilities, increased intuition, magical workings etc. moon bathe your Crystal (either in water or not) under the light of a full moon for several hours.If you want to charge your crystal with the Element of Earth bury your Crystal in the earth for a few hours for earth energies to help with groundless, strength and banishing negativity.For the benefits of the Element of Air to help with clear communication, learning and understanding hold your Crystal in the smoke of burning incense.Image result for cleansing crystals with water and sun

After cleansing and charging your Crystal it is now time to attune it to your personal vibrations and energies.By simply wishing or visualizing the crystalline energy to be used in a particular way – it will be so! It really is that simple.To attune your personal Crystal to your own individual needs, dreams and wishes you need to hold your Crystal in both hands. Focus on what you want to programmed into your Crystal. Repeat an affirmation to yourself, such as ‘I will become more confident, I will increase my psychic abilities, I will discover happiness.’ With each exhalation send your desire into your Crystal. You may feel the programming is complete when you feel your Crystal tingle or becoming warm to the touch.Once you have programmed your Crystal keep it in a safe place where others will not touch it. Try to use your Crystal at least twice daily at first. Remember the more you are able to use your Crystal the more power will be harnessed and utilized to achieve your ultimate goal. Find a quiet, private space and close your eyes. Hold you Crystal gently in your hand, take slow deep breaths and visualize your goal and silently repeat your affirmation.

Energy is flowing and moving around us all the time, if it were not so, we would not be alive. It sustains and nourishes our bodies and it can be used to support and increase the body’s natural self-healing ability. This can speed up recovery from illness and injury. Life force energy can be used to boost our physical vitality and energy levels and to support us and heal us on the emotional and psychological levels as well. As a conscious, energetic being we have a unique way of interacting with energy, and our mind consciously controls your energy.

Image result for Crystal Healing fantasy artCrystal energy is the power that crystals naturally give off and that you are able to use to heal yourself.Some crystals have higher frequencies, and their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration.Many of the stones with the highest vibrations are rare minerals, but by combining one of the rare minerals with other more common high energy stones, you can create an amazing result.Some specific stones are of a very high frequency and they may assist you to raise your vibration.By raising of your vibration may allow you to make contact with beings from other dimensions and also spirits in the higher realms. Crystals and gemstones emit vibrations and frequencies that help the healing, balancing, meeting the energy and the transformation of the human body and spirit, bringing into harmony of our karma and the forces of nature that we with nature and the earth on which we live seemed harmonious unity. Some crystals emit a hidden energy within the cells of the human body, while others collect the sun’s energy for the healing of the body. There are those who discover crystals balanced spiritual being that lives in all of us, entering into our life more love and success.
Crystals, whatever they may be, large and small, beautiful and simple forms, contain the original energy of the universe. Center of  their incredible power is outside the boundaries of human understanding of the world, space and time. Knowledge of crystals and precious stones have passed through the centuries, and we have left a legacy that we can use to make your life and health do better. Although we may not be fully revealed their effect, let us be content with what can safely say – they have their effect.Using them in any way will aid you, and having them on your body is extremely beneficial.It is a personal choice whether to wear them as crystal jewelry or keep tumble stones on you in a pouch.There are specific stones that are effective for physical healing, mental healing and others for emotional healing.It is believed that each crystal, semiprecious stone or gem vibrates a certain energy that corresponds with our energy centers – chakras. Each of the chakras have a specific role in your overall health and your spirituality.Individual chakras affect different areas and the use of particular chakra stones create varied outcomes within the chakras. Most of the high vibration stones will primarily effect change within the chakras above and including the heart chakra.

Crystals have their own particular vibration and energy. When you are really serious about finding your stone you will understand this. If you have a chance to plunge your hand into a large barrel of different stones, you will know which ones just “feel” right. Some people experience a feeling of heat when holding a certain stone, others say they feel happy or safe when holding a certain stone. Sometimes its: “It just caught my eye and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it out of my mind.” That’s what is meant by a stone finding you.
A good start in finding the right stone is if you have a goal in mind for the stone. Since there are such a great number of stones available this helps limit your choices. Know the properties of each stone and you will find the one you are looking for; the right shade and shape will become important to you too. All crystals are of benefit to you, and which ones you select will depend on your reasons for choosing it. As many of you are working on your personal and spiritual growth, you may find that you are being drawn to high crystal energy stones.You may wish to choose to stimulate the development of psychic gifts, and to develop your intuition. It is believed that each crystal, semiprecious stone or gem vibrates a certain energy that corresponds with our energy centers – chakras. Light is refracted through their transparent structure in the spectrum of the specific dye that acts like a prism, concentrates and focuses light into our body. Properly chosen, to balance our energy field. It helps us achieve positive results in every aspect of life: a sense of purpose and strength, security, wealth, health and lightness of life.
Still did not show power in everyone’s hands. Only in the right hands could shine glow that revealed their hidden properties and operated in a miraculous way. It is an interesting thought that because, if you have the opportunity to choose for themselves some of these precious stones, not bad to know which of them could really shine in our hands. Mostly we choose unconsciously, by the color and vibration that correspond to our current emotional and mental state.Image result for crystals healing therapyHealing with crystals and gems is an ancient practice embraced by many cultures, there are no specific rules to abide by, trust your intuition and work in a way that you are comfortable with.

But the philosophy of modern crystal healing is based on traditional concepts borrowed from Asian cultures, most notably the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras, which are vortices of this life-energy, said to connect the physical and supernatural elements of the body.There are various ways of using crystals and precious stones, but the goal is almost always the same – improving health, vitality, and mental and emotional state. One way is the jewelry of precious stones that put them in silver and gold, and worn on the body. Another way is by rubbing or putting a stone on the part of the body being treated, or the simplest of wearing a stone in his hand.In the Middle Ages in Europe, the stone is often used so that the grind or turn into powder and then mixed with the water  and so drunk. The third way, which is nowadays a lot of practice with regard to the great value and the price that crystals and gemstones have today, is sinking stone in the water in which a couple of days. When the water is ‘filled’ vibrations of crystals, water should be drunk. The stone can then be removed, cleaned and left for later use. The disease depends on the type of stone that you choose for treatment, or for some kind of positive impact you want to make a stone at you.
The human body has several energy points, each of which control certain parts of the body. Crystals or stones laid on this point emit colored light and energy, sending energy into the body where it vibrates and transmits its power of healing.

During a treatment session, a crystal healer may place various stones or crystals on your body aligned with these chakra points, roughly in the regions above the head, on the forehead, on the throat, on the chest, on the stomach, on the gut, and on the genital area. The stones used and their positioning may be chosen for the symptoms reported by the patient. This is all influenced by the healer’s knowledge of, and belief in, the chakra philosophy of disease and energy imbalances — a philosophy that is largely dismissed by practitioners of Western medicine.

Related imageFirst Chakra – the so-called ‘basic or root “chakra. It is located in the body in the area of the bladder and reproductive organs. This is where biological energy begins his journey of spreading through the remaining chakras until it leaves the body through the ‘dark’ chakra.
Second Chakra – the so-called ‘splenic’ chakra, located just below the waist. This chakra controls the intestines, adrenal glands and kidneys.
Third Chakra – the so-called ‘Belly’ chakra, which controls the functioning of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and liver.
Fourth Chakra – the so-called ‘heart’ chakra and is located in the chest area, and controls the operation of the heart, lungs, thymic gland and the breathing process.
Fifth Chakra – the so-called ‘throat’ chakra and has an impact on the functioning of the nose, ears, throat and thyroid gland.
Sixth Chakra – is best known as the ‘third eye’ and located in the area of the eyebrows. This chakra controls the operation of the thalamus and pituitary gland and eyes. Precise location of the energy points on the forehead, between the eyes.
Seventh Chakra – the so-called ‘crown’ chakra and is located on the top of the head, on the crown.
Image result for Crystal Healing spiritually All chakras must be open to bio-energy has the free flow throughout the body. It would be good to have and use crystal for general purposes, which helps opening or removal of blockages in the chakras, without overriding the health problem in question.
Transparent quartz crystal, such as a prism, it contains all the colors of the rainbow. If worn around the neck he will act like a stone that opens the chakras, or boosts immunity and promotes healing of the whole organism.
Smoky quartz, so named for its brownish smoke-colored  may also serve as a crystal whose purpose is the general improvement of the body. He will unblock the chakras, rid your body of any pain and heal the wounds. Rotating the crystal above the wound or sore places, moving in the opposite direction clockwise, “take”disease or pain from your body.
To help with crystals and precious stones open their energy points – chakra, and thus begin the healing process, it is necessary to lie down in a room where there is peace, and put the stone, or more, according to the list which will be specified hereinafter text on one chakra, where you need it. Stay lying down for about twenty minutes, and then remove the stones.
The crystals that may be placed on the seventh – the apex chakra include the purple stones, such as, for example, amethyst and fluorite.
The crystals that can be used for the sixth chakra, indigo blue sapphire and azurite. Fifth chakras correspond sapphire, turquoise, sapphire, aquamarine and all other blue stones. Green crystals, such as amethyst, jade, malachite and olivine (a type of beryl) are used to treat organ that controls the fourth chakra. The opening of the third chakra promote amber, topaz and other stones yellow. Orange stones such as agate (quartz) and opal narandžati best act on the second chakra. In the first chakra work best all red stones such as ruby, red jasper, hematite, garnet and pinkish quartz.Related image

Crystal healing also involves the use of crystals and stones worn on the body or placed under pillows to ward off sickness, shed negative energy or absorb positive energy.Over time a style is developed that suits the individual, with each healer working in their own way and embracing their particular quirk factor. When you are healing, an appropriate crystal may be placed on a particular area of the body that is afflicted. Crystal and gemstone healing is not meant to replace traditional treatment, nor is it a cure for all that ails, it should be used as a complementary therapy. The more you work with crystals the more attuned you will become to their subtle energies. When healing with a crystal you may want to choose a crystal wand, this will have one rounded end and one pointed end, a crystal wand can be used to recharge your entire body. The crystal can be held and pointed at the area of the body that is in need of healing, you then visualize a stream of white light emanating from the tip and flowing into the body. Crystal healing clears blockages and brings everything into balance.Keep a crystal and gemstone journal, write down everything you do, the type of crystal or gem and its properties, how you used it and how you felt afterwards. When you used it and what the results were, also take note if you find that one crystal works better than another, document your first impressions or images associated with each crystal. If you keep a Book of Shadows, your crystal and gemstone journal can become part of it.
By being extremely gentle with yourself and returning your attention, continuously, to your breathing, you prevent that hummingbird mindset. You are, perhaps for the first time all day, focusing on just one thing: the breath. Thoughts about life, fantasies, strong emotions, discursive and subtle emotions will come up. In all these cases we look at the thought, acknowledge it, and come back to the breath. But for doing this we have to learn to get first relax and calm.We have to learn to meditate.When we learn how to calm ourselves,our mind and thought, than we can start with meditating with the Crystals and getting closer to them,knowing them, get in the same tune with them. And than we can start with using them in the healing purpose,healing ourselves and others.

When we are meditating with a crystal, we should work with the same one each time, it will attune to us and the way we work and by doing this we will be able to reach a deep meditative state very quickly. A crystal is used to amplify thought, will, and intention, and once a connection is made everything is enhanced. Crystal healing is dependent on a quiet mind and meditation is an integral part. To achieve the best results it is important to still and clear your mind before you begin, an empty mind is essential for healing.Image result for crystals and their powers

 For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thus facilitating the free flow of throughout the body. On a cellular level, our bodies and quartz crystal are both made up of mineral silicon-dioxide. Because of this, we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy. When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you. According to the law of physics, thoughts direct energy and energy follows thought. Each of our crystal energy pieces serve as a tool to help the thoughts of our consciousness connect with our body.

Abalone is a beautiful shell of the sea. It is believed to hold great healing and soothing energy, encouraging a calmer demeanor. The multidimensional, pastel rainbow colors enhance feelings of peace, beauty, compassion and love. The Native Americans believe this shell to be a sacred shell and use it, along with sage, to carry messages to Heaven. Abalone is excellent to wear when you are in need of guidance in a relationship.

Agate is one of the oldest of healing stones. As a stone of strength, it was used in ancient civilizations, on the breastplates of armor, to bring warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Agates are very protective stones, making them the perfect stones for amulets and medicine bags. They also bring us courage, emotional strength and self-confidence.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer. It is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection. It brings clarity of the mind to their owner and helps you to become more in tune with your feelings so that you get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Amethyst crystals repel negative energy and attract positive energy, making them a wonderful protection stone for the home. They have one of the strongest powers to rid your home of any negative influence.

Aquamarine clears the mind, balances emotions and strengthens personal power. In ancient times, seamen carried this stone to protect them against the dangers of the sea. It also provided them with courage. Aquamarine connects with the Heart Chakra, helping you to realize your innermost truth and promoting self-expression.

Aventurine is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance and success. It comforts, harmonizes and protects the heart, helping also to attract luck in love. Aventurine is a manifestation stone that can help you bring your dreams into reality.

Azurite is often referred to as the “Stone of the Heavens,” as it aids in the pursuit of the heavenly self. It is believed to awaken psychic abilities, helping you to recognize intuition and spiritual guidance. It calms and relieves mental stress, helping you to clear your mind and dissolve any blocked energy. Native Americans valued it as a sacred stone for communication with Indian Spirit Guides. The Mayans are also said to have used it for sacred and mystical communication.

Black Tourmalinated Quartz is Clear Quartz with pieces of Black Tourmaline included in it. It is believed to be a stone of great luck and wealth. It encourages a large amount of light to encircle the body, helping you to heal on many levels. When worn, this crystal helps to unlock energy blockages within the body and create overall balance within it.

Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that has been valued for thousands of years for its healing energy. It purifies and detoxifies the body, grounding negative energy and cleansing your body’s energy. Bloodstone also increases energy and strength, promoting a constant flow of energy throughout the body. It is a very beneficial stone for athletes and people whose jobs include a lot of physical activity.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone for activating and healing the Throat Chakra. It enhances verbal communication and expression, while promoting the acceptance of your emotions. It is a very supportive stone that calms your nerves, bringing a sense of peacefulness. Blue Lace Agate is an especially helpful stone for those who may be feeling depressed or worried. It can also be used to relieve insomnia and ease tension headaches.

Carnelian is a powerful Sacral Chakra Stone. It increases personal power and physical energy, bringing you courage, compassion and a boost in creativity. Wearing or carrying Carnelian enhances vitality and will, providing you with the confidence needed to approach new projects and dreams. It is a wonderful stone to wear on a job interview, as it brings good luck and opportunity, awakening your hidden talents within. In ancient times, Egyptians buries their loved ones with Carnelian as it was thought to protect their loved ones in their journey to the afterlife and calm their fears about rebirth.

Chrysocolla is a very peaceful stone that soothes and calms us in times of stress. It connects with the Throat Chakra, helping you to create a conscious flow of words to express yourself. It gently draws off negative energies of all kinds, especially in times of transition, such as breakups or job loss. It is a wonderful stone to wear on a daily basis as a support stone or to help calm your emotions. Chrysocolla helps to face challenges and changes with ease, inspiring inner balance and self-awareness. It also increases your capacity to love.

Chrysoprase opens and activates the Heart Chakra, allowing for a strong flow of energy to the heart. By sending divine energies into this chakra, it infuses you with universal love and helps you love from the heart. Chrysoprase is a stone of grace and compassion that promotes optimism, joy and contentment. It encourages acceptance of yourself by banishing feelings of superiority or inferiority from within.

Citrine is a stone of light and happiness. It does not hold any negative energy and therefore never needs to be cleansed. It brings clarity to those who wear it and helps to manifest anything you want to bring into your life. It activates your imagination, bringing more creative visions to a clearer mind and a more positive outlook in life. Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses and energizes the body, energizing and strengthening the solar plexus.

Clear Quartz is a stone of manifestation that energizes and activates the energy centers within the body. It helps the wearer to think clearly, allowing them to focus and become clear about their dreams and desires. Assisting with spiritual development, Clear Quartz assists in removing blockages in the body so that energy can flow smoothly.

Coral has been called the ‘garden of the sea’. It was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease. Dreams about Coral are believed to foretell recovery from a long time illness. Ancient civilizations believed that Mars was composed of Red Coral. Coral is a good aid for meditation or visualization, as it symbolizes life and blood-force energy.

Fresh Water Pearls are cultured in inland waters and not in the sea. The oldest Pearl was worn in 4300 BC by a Persian Queen. They are considered the bringers of light, beauty and love. They also help you to become aware and conscious of the problems that we carry around with us. Pearls are linked with innocence and helps us to see life through the eyes of compassion.

Garnet is a stone of health and energy that enhances energy, passion and pleasure. It is said that the only light on Noah’s Ark was provided by a Garnet stone. It helps to move the chi and energy flow within the body, stimulating physical activity. Garnet is a good stone to help with depression, as it brings joy and hope to the wearer and helps lessen the anger directed at oneself. It also cleanses the chakras of negative energy, re-energizing them in the process.

Goldstone is made from quartz sand glass, infused with copper particles to give it its shimmery appearance. The sparkles of Goldstone are symbolic of light that can always be found in the darkness. It deflects unwanted energies and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protective mineral.

Hematite is a very protective stone that helps you to stay grounded in any situation. It absorbs negative energy and calms you in times of stress or worry. When you wear Hematite, it helps you feel balanced, calm and centered. This stone helps you to find your own, unique talents, releasing self-imposed limitations.

Jade is considered a powerful lucky charm. It is a stone that can help you attain your goals and dreams, allowing you to see past self-imposed limitations and manifest your dreams into the physical world. Jade promotes courage, compassion, generosity and longevity, helping you lead a richer more fulfilling life. It is a gemstone of much history, as it has been part of Asian history for centuries.

Jasper is highly valued as a healing stone that is full of grounding energy. They can connect you deeply to the vibrations of the Earth, bringing a greater understanding of the power of nature. Jasper helps us to be less judgmental and know on a soul level that we are all connected. In some Native American culture, Jasper symbolizes the blood of the Earth, making it particularly sacred.

Labradorite cleans and opens the crown chakra by stimulating the wearer’s intuition. It is a power stone that allows you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. Use Labradorite to stimulate the imagination, develop enthusiasm and to see more clearly in meditation.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that has existed since the beginning of time. It is a gemstone of total awareness that connects the wearer to a higher truth. Lapis Lazuli helps to foster verbal expression, opening and balancing the Throat Chakra. It provides wisdom and connects you to your spiritual guardians, shielding you from negative energy and returning any negative vibrations back to their source.

Malachite is a stone of transformation. It assists in clearing and cleansing all the chakras. It is an overall healing stone that stimulates and balances the heart and throat chakras. Malachite facilitates the release of negative experiences so once can heal and regain hope. It is very inspiring, purifying and compassionate and attracts love by opening the heart.

Moonstone is believed to be a stone of destiny. It is strongly connected to the moon and the divine feminine, making it a wonderfully helpful stone for women. It is worn to increase fertility and harmonize the mind, providing health and protection. Moonstone helps to align the hormone production, metabolism and reproduction. It allows deep-rooted feelings to energize and come to the forefront.

Mother of Pearl is the iridescent lining that forms in mollusks. Associated with the element of water and the ocean, it is valued for its powerful healing energy. Mother of Pearl is considered to hold the energy of purity and is believed to keep evil away. It is known to alleviate fear, promote prosperity and good luck, allowing you to see that beauty in everyday things.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed from molten lava that has cooled very rapidly. It is a grounding stone that provides an instant connection from the Root Chakra deep into the core of the Earth. Obsidian helps to clean and remove negative energies and assists in releasing emotions that cause negative energy such as anger, fear, jealousy and greed.

Onyx is a powerful protective stone that can shield the mind and body from electromagnetic energy. It absorbs and transforms negative energy, helping to prevent that drain of personal energy. Onyx assists with melancholy, the release of negativity and depression. It helps to calm your fears, leaving you feeling stable and secure.

Peridot has been valued for thousands of years as a semi-precious healing stone. It is a high-vibrational Heart Chakra crystal that carries a positive energy, especially helpful for those undergoing traumatic emotional situations. It is the stone for Archangel Raphael and rules the realm of Angelic Virtues. Peridot has the ability to bring out unconditional love, happiness and light.

Pyrite is known to remedy financial hardship and attract abundance. The resemblance of Pyrite to gold has made it a traditional symbol for money and good luck. Its sunny golden color associates it with the sun and with the fortification and strengthening of the mind. Pyrite makes a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity from various sources.

Rhodonite helps to balance the emotions and calm impatience. It is a very supportive stone that works with the Heart Chakra to attract love, ground negative energies and see areas in your life that can be improved upon. Rhodonite helps you to rediscover your inner gifts, bringing out much-needed love into the world. It also assists you in discovering your true passion and learning brand new skills to enhance that passion.

Rhodochrosite raises your self-esteem and self-worth, while increasing feelings of self-love. It is a strong crystal for emotional healing that encourages you to love yourself and reach a state of joy and happiness. It is a powerful heart chakra stone that vibrates with the energy of love. Rhodochrosite also gives you the courage to look at things that you may have been afraid to face before.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, as it opens that heart to all types of love—love of the self, love of family, love of friends and romantic love. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation and forgiveness of others, lowering stress and tension of the heart. It can clear out anger, jealously and resentment towards others, allowing the healing of heart issues caused by holding onto these negative emotions.

Rudraksha Seeds are miracle seeds that emit positive vibrations. These seeds have been worn by Sages and Togis since Vedic times for their profound spiritual significance and powerful healing properties. Rudraksha seeds are believed to be endowed with cosmic powers to elevate the soul and assist on the path of ascension. According to the ancient Vedas, Shiva cried tears of compassion for humanity and his tears became Rudraksha seeds to assist humanity in our healing.

Rutilated Quartz is Clear Quartz riddled with needle-like pieces of Golden Rutile, often called “The Hairs of Venus.” It can clear energy blockages of all the chakras and stimulates the alignment of the mind and body. Rutilated Quartz is said to attune you to their Divine Purpose, connecting them with the spiritual realm and their angels. It is a very uplifting stone that infuses joy into your life and surrounding environment. It is said to speed up the healing of injuries and slow the effects of aging.

Selenite is the ideal crystal for all types of energy clearing. It has the ability to clear, protect and shield your energy body as well as clearing the energy of your other crystals and home. It quickly unblocks any stagnant or negative energy to create a smooth flow of positive energy. Selenite crystals magnify the energy of any other gemstone that is placed upon it, making it perfect for reactivating and recharging your jewelry and other healing crystals. It has also been recently used in holistic medicine treatments for physical healing, including cancer treatment and tumor reduction.

Serpentine helps to bring hormones back into balance. It helps to clear out and release the dense areas of the chakras so that healing can occur. It helps you to take responsibility for your life and know your life is what you create it to be. Serpentine serves as a gentle reminder that you can always reach for the stars and obtain your goals. It can also be used to attract and manifest anything you want in life—abundance on all levels, prosperity, love, healing…anything you want!

Smoky Quartz helps to ground and connect you to the Earth, allowing you to keep your feet on the ground and remain balanced. It emits a high level of energy that absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Smoky Quartz assists in removing mental and emotional blockages, relieving pain and dispersing negative energy from the body. It is worn for emotional support and helps to dissolve anger and resentment as well.

Sodalite encourages being true to your self and standing up for your beliefs. It is a stone of self-expression and confidence, helping you to deal with issues of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-esteem. Sodalite promotes intuition and a trust in your own judgment. It is a stone of awakening that stimulates the Third Eye and deepens the meditation.

Sunstone is known for its powerful connection to the light and the power of the sun. It brings light to all situations and is said to give you the power to “shine,” promoting a sunny and positive attitude. Sunstone has a bright and joyful energy that increases vitality and lightens dark moods. It helps to empower those who feel abandoned by others, encouraging motivation and positive action.

Tiger’s Eye helps to re balance the body on all levels, encouraging optimism and trust in the future. It brings brightness and light into all situations and shines insight onto all problems. Tiger’s Eye brings good luck, abundance and prosperity to its wearer. In many ancient civilizations, it was used as a talisman against bad luck and curses. Tiger’s Eye is a must have in any home for healing.

Turquoise is known as the “master Healer,” and is said to be the bridge between Heaven, Sky and the Earth. Many Native American cultures believe that Turquoise helps to connect the mind to the infinite possibilities of the Universe and is considered very sacred in Chinese cultures as well. It is a throat Chakra stone, as it helps to foster honest and open communication from the heart. It works to protect and align the chakras, strengthening the overall body in the process.

Crystal healing proponents believe that crystals and gemstones have properties that facilitate healing. Crystals … beautiful, mysterious and powerful, resulting from fire, abducted from deep within the bowels of Mother Earth, fascinating for mankind since time immemorial. Since the time when human history is not recorded, the crystals have been used to relieve pain and to increase spiritual awareness by concentrating body energy.

Since ancient civilizations, Egyptian and Greco-Roman culture, Aztec and Maya, to this day, crystals were used as stones or jewelry (charms) that protects and heals. One of the earliest records of the use of the crystal is in the Bible. God commanded Moses (2 Genesis 28: 17- 20) to make a vest-harness for Aaron, the high priest, who was wearing wearing 12 crystal sardius, topaz, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond, opal, agate, amethyst , chrysolite, onyx and jasper.

In the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation (21: 18-27) described the composition of the foundations of the heavenly Jerusalem, which is also located 12 Crystals: jasper, sapphire, Halkidona, Emerald, Sardonyx, carnelian, chrysolite, beryl, topaz , chrysoprase, amethyst and zircon. Still since the ancient Egypt of the powder crystals were made with funds for beautification, creams and cosmetics. Malachite was the favorite crystal ancient Egyptians. Since it was made make-up, as well as lapis lazuli.

Since the beginning of life on this planet crystals are used to beautify and fine-tune the body, clothes and environment, but not just because of that. In many cultures, they knew the hidden and mystical values crystals. There were a lot pharmacist, alchemist, or high priests who have used their power and rules, or a combination of crystal jewelry that protects symbolizes, represents brighten or heals.Miraculous power of crystals and precious stones were known and used by Druid priests, Tibetan monks, medieval kings and priests, as well as American Indians.Many sites promoting crystal healing allege that the history of this practice is ancient, dating back at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians are also referenced on such sites as being among the first people to have adorned themselves with crystals — including lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise — to ward off illness and negative energy. The high priests of Egypt, who were also the healers, wore a lot of crystals on the body, head and hands, for their own energy or charging energy to directing patients.

The crystals were used in the crowns of kings, queens and priests throughout history until today, with the same purpose, to serve for their charger energy and strengthen their esoteric power, not only because of their beauty. For example, the famous Tutankhamun mask contains a background of lapis lazuli, bordered by the sooty quartz and carnelian with the obsidian eyes. An Egyptian text says: “Lapis is the god Amon, and God lapis.” Tutankhamen mask is much more than decorations.
She represented the Pharaohs guide the way to the stars and back home. I always have, also, of the same rules and liquid crystal elixirs, and to recommend the drinking, flushing painful places, compresses, cosmetic washing and spraying, energy purification of air in the area where they lived and worked, watering flowers and agricultural crops etc. Countless similar examples in the history of almost all peoples of the world.

It is interesting that on the basis of written so far discovered material evidence assumes that the Atlanteans developed a technique based on the energies of the higher dimensions of consciousness and life force you are able to control ( “single energy field”). A large part of the Atlantean technology was based on the application of energy crystals. It is believed that they possessed high-tech means of transport, including aircraft, as well as wireless transmission of energy. Aircraft and many other devices driven by a remote power source known as “large crystals”.
These crystals, also called “fire stones” were made from specially brushed quartz crystal capable of transmutation of the sun’s energy into usable power. Atlanteans have performed extensive research on the implementation of the Crystal energy in medical devices, which are used to diagnose and treat disease.Ancient civilizations such as no one from Atlantis quartz crystals were used for the transfer of knowledge and foretelling the future, for the refusal of the enemy and provide protection in the fight.. Crystal energy are transmitted wireless over long distances to work and use a variety of gadgets. This idea has successfully taken over and in the twentieth century has developed a wizard of electricity Nikola Tesla.

Over time, this power of crystals, their powerful combinations and fluid from them (elixirs), swept aside and guarded as the biggest secret. This allowed the secret of the power and authority to individuals and passed on only within the family, from generation to generation.

Nowadays scientists use properties of the radio and telecommunication systems, computers and watches, and it seems the latest secret weapon. Laser crystals are used in some amazingly delicate surgical procedures.

Nevertheless, healing crystals remain popular at health spas and at New Age health clinics, sometimes incorporated into related practices of massage and Reiki. The use of crystals in such environments may help induce relaxation, although this effect is also not backed by scientific evidence.