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Crystal Pet Auras


The Crystal Aura of your pet is comparable to the human Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is located on the top of the head of your pet, and covers the entire area between their ears. This area is the center of sight, hearing and learning for all animals, but pets with a pure Crystal aura a bright, alert and eager learners.

Pets with Crystal auras exhibit high intelligence and will learn tricks, commands and obedience skills very quickly, and will remember them with accuracy. Crystals love to prove their love for you by performing for you and others, and will want to be rewarded for that performance. Crystals are very vocal about their reward – they will remind you that they have completed the task, and will be willing to repeat that task until rewarded with verbal, physical, and/or food rewards.

Pets with Crystal Auras make great candidates for the show ring; they will work hard for the prize and love to show their abilities and their loyalty to their family and their “handler” in front of others. Most pets with Crystal Auras are “one person” animals; they are protective and watchful for signs and directions from their human partner, and are only vocal when they want reinforcement. They are physically agile, sure footed and strong and tend to be very healthy.

They have the ability to “sense” when the environment around them is balanced or not, and will act accordingly. Your pet may be somewhat picky about food, personal cleanliness and sleeping quarters – your pet will let you know when something is not right about food choice or placement of bedding.

Great color choices will be Crystal, Violet and combinations of other bright colors to stimulate the mind. Gemstones for health will include Diamond, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. Optimum balance for your pet can be achieved by keeping a strict, repetitive schedule. Your pet will not like change or too much excitement to maintain calming balance and maximum performance.