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 Crystal Violet Auras


Crystal Violets are one of the strongest color combinations in the spiritual group. They are clear headed, mentally alert, and have the ability to bring clarity to complex issues. In addition, they are natural and intuitive healers who use their energy to help others make sense of the world and guide people through difficult, confusing times. They only get involved in causes if they know they can make a difference. Crystal Violets think in terms of the community—locally, nationally or globally. They are aware of how their actions and the actions of others contribute to the spiritual, physical and emotional environment. Crystal Violets help others to think beyond themselves to improve the quality of life for everyone. They use their gifts to bring ideas to the forefront, to lobby for environmental or political change, or to lead in the health/wellness, medical or spiritual arenas. They need help to give themselves permission to satisfy their own needs and a support system to build them up if they fail to meet expectations.

Crystal Violets Personality : Crystal Violets are the Spiritual Color personality Aura combination that creates the most balanced use of the left and right brain. Crystal Violets combine Linear and Holistic processing, and Logical and Intuitive processing together so that they can see problems, outcomes, and act on solutions without hesitation. Crystal Violets are so intelligent and intuitive that sometimes they are unable to share their thoughts and visions with others; they are quick to see and process information and proceed without asking or caring what others will think or do. Emotionally, Crystal Violets stay to themselves unless they have a mission to carry out. Then the Crystal band assumes its chameleon quality of changing color to accommodate the Violet band and steps out to fulfill the passion of the current healing vision. The Crystal Violet can be very passionate, but step back and go into seclusion when life becomes too demanding. Socially, the Crystal Violet does not like to share their life or their inner self with others. They prefer to remain distant and aloof with most people and carefully choose their friends and business partners.

Crystal Violets career: Crystal Violets choose careers that mask their personality. They require independence, flexibility and choice that add value to life. They have difficulty working for anyone else because they see and work so far ahead of everyone around them that it causes animosity among fellow workers. They are cautious, passionate, demanding, and dedicated to finishing whatever they begin. They want to be successful at turning their visions of a more perfect world into reality.

Crystal Violets in Relationship: Crystal Violets retreat from the outside world when their work is finished for the day. They feel drained after using their powerful intuitive energy and need a nurturing environment. A person with a Loving/Nurturing Tan Aura will be of great comfort to the Crystal Violet without invading their space. A person with an Indigo Aura will understand the Crystal Violet’s desire to heal others and to make the world a safer, cleaner, better place to live. The Indigo also understands the Crystal Violet’s need for privacy. Crystal Violets should stay away from Yellows who will be too frivolous and insincere for them, and Magentas, Oranges and Reds who will stray off task too quickly to meet their own agendas. Crystal Violets and Greens will see eye to eye on anything that is task oriented, but each will be too insecure to totally give their hearts to the other. Crystal Violets may have multiple relationships in the end to satisfy their changing projects and goals.

Crystal Violets in Heath and Wellness: Crystal Violets are natural healers; they have the ability to heal themselves and others through meditative techniques and holistic practices. They gather and use their knowledge and visions to heal. Consequently, their weakness is their eyes and foreheads. They should have their eyes checked annually; their eyes will tend to lose their moistness and will feel heavy. They are prone to headaches and should watch for migraines. Crystal Violets are also sensitive to smells and plagued with fatigue. They must use caution when traveling to secure that their rooms are clean, comfortable and free of smoke and fragrance. They must remember to take time out of busy schedules to refresh their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Crystal Violets and spirituality : Crystal Violets have a unique connection with God; they will attain inner peace, comfort, and salvation by following the destiny prescribed for them. The Crystal Violet’s mission in life is to heal the body, mind, and soul. Crystal Violets serve by intuitively recognizing the need to give to others and they channel their abilities into specific causes and situations. Crystal Violets will always have a deep commitment to understanding and feeling the spirit of God around them and within them.

Crystal Violets Chakras : Crystal Violets use the “Third Eye” Chakra, which is an area right between the eyes that is attributed with having visions, dreams, and clear sight. They also use the Crown Chakra, which is the area above the brow that creates thought and channels spirituality. Crystal Violets actually balance their ability to have visions and to make those visions into reality. Crystal Violets can enhance and expand their Crown Chakra through reading and should enhance their Third Eye through meditation.

Crystal Violets Color change: Crystal Violets are such a strong color combination that they seldom need to have color change around them. The Crystal band is created because it is the sum of all color; all color actually resides within this band so it is natural for another color to appear without even thinking about the change. The Violet band of the Crystal Violet is very powerful and healing so that it does not often need another color to change a course of feeling or action. If a Crystal Violet has been working for too long or too hard, Yellow can be introduced slightly to bring more lightness of spirit. This color combination rarely shows any fading and simply becomes self healing if experiencing pain, sadness, or tiredness.

Enhancing Crystal Violets Auras: Crystal Violets are blessed with strength. They constantly refresh their minds, bodies, and spirits through meditative thoughts. Crystal Violets should always wear a Crystal and/or Amethyst jewelry at the neckline to enhance their abilities. When they come home from work or play, their bedrooms should be white or very pale grey so that they can rest with ease. They can use rainbow palettes everywhere in their home because the crystal band is full of many colors waiting to come forward when needed. These colors should always be used on only one wall of a room or as accents to the primary color of white. Crystal Violet auras are also stimulated by having order in their homes—rooms should be clean, neat, and books should be shelved. Wood tones in the home combined with light color combinations will make the Crystal Violet feel safe and secure.