Crystals/Gemstones and Chakras

All gems, stones, crystals hold their own energies or “vibrations”. They respond instantly to the expressed intent of your will. Gem properties are easy for a beginner to master and help build both self-confidence and self-esteem. There are no rules that you must follow and don’t let anyone tell you that there is! It is a personal journey within yourself and you can learn to use stones in just the right way for you.

Chakra stones are healing crystals that have a specific vibration and color. All of the chakras have specific colors that can be used to heal them, as well as specific sound vibrations. Although we normally speak of only seven chakras, the human energy field is made up of thousands of minor chakras in addition to the major seven. Although most stones of a specific color will be the stone for healing a particular chakra, some stones may be used to heal more than one chakra. There are many stones for each chakra, and various crystals may be particularly powerful to aid you to heal in different ways. There is a wide range of healing attributes that pertain to various stones and the things that they are known to remedy. As you gain knowledge of what health issues are healed by the various crystals that you have, you will be able to take personal responsibility for your own healing.

Chakras have their basis in Hinduism and Buddhism culture and religions and have been around for thousands of years. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, a historical language of Hinduism and Buddhism, translating to mean “wheel” or “circle”. A chakra is described as spinning vortex of biophysical energy or “Wheel of Light” that absorbs and transmits universal energy in and out of the body. There are seven main chakras, each positioned at specific points along the spine. Each charka represents a specific gland as well as sub-conscious and conscious states of mind. The chakra system is an integral part in maintaining the overall health and well being of the mind, body and spirit, balancing our “Prana” or “Life Force”.
Each chakra is depicted as a lotus flower, each with a specific number of petals. The more petals the lotus flower has, the higher the frequency of energy that the chakra is attuned to. For example: The lower chakras have fewer petals, with the crown chakra having 1000 petals.
The lotus flower represents a doorway to the opening of the universe. Each chakra or lotus flower can be closed, partially open or fully open, reflecting the individual’s inner consciousness and the stage at which they are experiencing in life. As one progresses through life, symbolically the petals of the specific chakra unfold and begin to open, letting the universal energy flow in and out of the chakra. To reach spiritual enlightenment is to have all of the major chakras open and flowing with universal energy, balancing the mind, body & spirit. It can take several life times to fully open the 1000 petals of your crown chakra and reach spiritual enlightenment.

The seven Chakras are also connected to the seven layers of the aura: the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, the Etheric Template, Celestial and Ketheric Template of layers the aura.

Each Chakra also has healing crystals and gemstones of co-ordinate Chakra colors, which can be used in crystal healing. Chakra color healing has a profound effect physically, emotionally and spiritually; if our Chakras are blocked or drained, then our body, spirit and mind can not function properly. Clearing and balancing our Chakras with Chakra colors, crystals and Chakra sounds, breath and positive affirmation can easily and effectively, bring us back into a vibrant and healthy balance.

Image result for chakra crystalsChakra Crystals
There are crystals that relate to each of the chakras. These can be placed on the body or worn as jewellery to help activate, heal and balance the corresponding chakra. Crystals are highly sensitive to absorbing energy and feelings, and are therefore excellent in assisting the energy flow of the chakras. The crystals for each chakra are usually chosen for their colour and their metaphysical properties. We have given an indication of these below, however it is always best to use the crystal that you feel best resonates with you and your energy The chakra system goes back to ancient eastern masters.  Each chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and a color of the spectrum.  Stones are used at chakra centers for clearing, revitalizing, and healing.  Crystal wands are utilized to open the chakras.  Generally, the selection of stones correspond with the associated color of the chakra.

Although certain colors are commonly thought to heal certain chakras, some stones do not fit the pattern. Clear crystals, black, brown and various mixed color crystals have a healing effect on a few different chakras. Chakras from the heart up are very closely associated with the spiritual area within the etheric body, and may be healed by high vibration stones. These stones that have high vibration with strong crystal energy are powerful for making dramatic changes in those chakras. Other stones that heal more than one chakras are those with flecks through them such as agates.The lower chakras such as the base chakra and the earth star chakra, which is below the feet, respond to the black and brown crystals. These darker crystals have a stronger spiritual grounding action. Often stones of a particular color that is a mixture of the two chakra colors, will heal both of the chakras.

Light yellow-green stones and crystals are good examples, as they heal both the solar plexus chakra, because of the yellow tones in the stones and the heart chakra, because of the green shades.

The fact that colors also have vibrations, that can be measured, is the reason why particular stones that are specific colors are effective, in different areas of the body. All of the chakras from the heart chakra up will aid your spiritual development.

There are 7 major Chakra centers of the physical body, where vital energy flows and intersects.  Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.  The chakras are manifested in one’s physical state.  The ideal is to have all chakra centers clear, balanced, and vitalized for optimal well-being. At the chart below which gives you a list of the chakra colors, and the specific details on the colors for each chakra.

The colors of each individual chakra are as follows:

Soul Star Chakra      White

Crown Chakra   –   Violet and White

Third Eye Chakra      Purple and Indigo

Throat Chakra   –   Blue

Thymus or Higher Heart Chakra   –   Pink and Turquoise

Heart Chakra  –   Green and Pink

Solar Plexus Chakra  –   Yellow

Navel or Sacral Chakra  –  Orange

Root or Base Chakra –  Red and Black

The power of the crystal can be found in its structure – growing and reaching up toward light from the deepest parts of earth. It is a conductor of energy – both as a receiver and a transmitter. It is important to keep your crystal clean in order to protect it from outside negative vibrations. Your personal crystals will attune themselves to your vibrations, as you will attune to the natural vibrations of the crystal. Choose crystals that seem to speak to you or that you feel attracted to for best results.


Chakra crystals are a tool and can be like a storage battery for thought energy. “Clearing” has to do with the energy of the stone or crystal. Chakra crystals can be “programmed” with our thought energy and then act on our subtle chakra energy fields. They also to help to create situations in our lives that will lead us in directions that allow positive growth and healing.

Clearing a Chakra crystal or gem stone is a simple task, and it is a way to insure that there are no left over negative energies from the person who owned it before you. It is a way to personalize your Chakra crystal, and create a new energy bond between you and your new gem stone partner. There are many ways to do this, but this is a simple and effective way – make sure you will not be disturbed. Hold your new crystal under running water, and as the water pours over it, close your eyes and imagine all the negative energies are washed away down the drain and out to the vast ocean to be purified by the cycles of life. You can also leave them in the warm sun, and allow the power of it’s light purify to the crystal with “fire”.

To program your new Chakra crystal, simply hold it in your hand, close your eyes, then in your imagination, create an image of what you want your crystal or gem stone to help you create. Keep your Chakra crystal close to your skin, and when you can not wear it, store it in a special box or bag, which has also been purified and blessed. Fill your crystal companions with love, and you will recieve it back threefold!

Earth Star or Earth Chakra  –   Black and BrownImage result for Earth Star or Earth Chakra

The earth chakra meanings relate to the very foundation of your being, within everyday life. This area relates to your energy levels as this area is your anchor into physicality. It is very important for everyone, but especially spiritual people that this chakra is healthy. Its strong properties keep you grounded and protected, and secures your aura within the physical world. Many of your day to day activities have the potential to un ground you. Using computers for long periods of time, driving around in your vehicle, and having no real contact with the earth, can make you very un grounded. After intense spiritual experiences, you may be unaware that you have a build up of energy in your body and that you need to release this energy. Spiritual work can easily make you un grounded, so afterwards it is best to make sure that you ground yourself quickly. Spiritual grounding is easy and may help those of you who are doing psychic work. The earth chakra is located approximately 12 to 18 inches below the soles of the feet. Often called the earth star chakra, it is not within the actual physical body but is part of the etheric body. This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth, and connects you with Mother Gaia. It is important to feel love and gratitude to her, for all that she gives to you, that comes back to you in equal measures. Use spiritual grounding to connect yourself often with the earth, and you will feel happier and healthier.This chakras meaning is all about the idea of ‘grounding’, especially in a metaphysical way. This is where you connect your energy to Mother Gaia to resource and reground your body. It is important that you regularly make the connection to the earth through your base or root chakra and on down to the earth star chakra to ground yourself. As you reconnect to Mother Gaia’s energy, you do two things. You draw from the earth the vibration that enables you to become grounded, and discharge into the earth your excess energy.Image result for Earth Star or Earth Chakra The chakra color for the earth star chakra is traditionally black and dark brown, but there are other stones that are helpful for or all of the chakras, including this chakra. All black and brown stones will aid you, but some stones seem to be more popular. The energy of stones of these darker colors, such as black or brown are very grounding, and they are often powerful psychic protection stones. Having one or more of the stones for grounding and protection within your aura at all times is essential. These crystals are easy to obtain as tumble-stones, and easy to put one or more of the grounding stones in your pocket every day. Black stones like Black Obsidian Stone, shown in the image at the top of the page, or brown crystals like the Chiastolite Pendant shown here, make up most of the chakra stones. Chiastolite is also known as Cross Stone, and is a popular stone that naturally carries a cross within it. Because of the cross, in the past people believed that it was very powerful and highly protective, which it is.

The pace of life means that we often do things that may un ground us.One way to help yourself is to carry or wear earth chakra stones within your aura. It is highly recommended that you use Black Kyanite, before you use any other stones. It is easy to buy Black Kyanite, and it is helpful for grounding, and has the added advantage of aligning your chakras. For earth star grounding and protection, many of the black gemstones are highly beneficial.

Base or Root ChakraImage result for base root Chakra
Muladahra “Support”

Base, Root – Located at the base of the spinal cord
Lotus Petals:
4 petals
Red Japser, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Garnet
Hematite,Black Obsidian,Black Tourmaline,Red Zincite,Garnet,Spinel,Smoky Quartz,Aegerine,Jet,Moqui Marbles,Zirco

Root or Base Chakra –  Red and Black

The base chakra or root chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is also known as the first chakra, as it is the first of the seven major chakras.This chakra is associated with feeling comfortable sexually as well as with your ability to feel grounded.This is the area of the body where your ambitions, interest in life and sex drive originates. This chakras meaning is strongly associated with the concept of ‘I am‘. This chakra is all about the physical aspects of life and physicality. It has strong links with your feelings, and with pleasure and pain. The base chakras meanings relate to the sex drive, procreation, circulation, support structure, survival, base instincts and protection. It is strongly associated with the colors red or black as both resonate strongly here, but there are some stones of other colors that aid this area. If this chakra is healthy you have a strong desire to live, and you feel the drive to survive and to create change when and where needed. The red root chakra stones, like Red Jasper or Ruby are especially useful to assist you to increase your sex drive, aid relationships and improve your interest in life generally. Image result for base root ChakraKyanite comes in many colors and all of them are effective healers. Use any color of Kyanite before you use other stones. Kyanite’s action on the body is to bring all of the chakras into alignment. If you can, get some Black Kyanite as it is an excellent base chakra stone. Not only will it clear energy in all chakras, but it can also replenish the meridian system. Some people may have had surgery in the lower back or in the lower stomach area. If you have suffered from any accidents where there may have been damage done there, Kyanite will help to heal the area by bridging the energy gaps. Blue Kyanite is the most common variety of Kyanite, and works well on all chakras. After you have used Kyanite it would be best to follow by using the individual chakra stones for the first chakra. The stones for this chakra are powerful to ensure a robust sex drive, good circulation in the reproductive areas, and a strong interest in living life to the full. Some of these are easier to find than others and of course the cost varies as well, but those mentioned are a good selection of stones in the chakra colors.

The base or root chakra resonates to the color of red. It is possible to buy quite a few varieties of red crystals. Using any of the red crystals is extremely helpful, as they will bring through vitality and may aid your personal relationships. Some of my favorites are Rhodolite Garnet, the dark red Almandine Garnet, Eudialyte, Red Jasper, Red Coral and of course the beautiful Red Rubies.

Image result for base root ChakraThe red root chakra stones are particularly powerful to aid you to increase your sex drive and interest in life. To heal this chakra many of the black stones are also very powerful. This is also because of the grounding aspect of them.  Stones such as Black Andradite Garnet, Black Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Black Onyx, Black Spinel and Black Obsidian Stone, are extremely useful in this area, as are Smokey Quartz Crystals. The stones for the root chakra are made up of both the red and black stones and as well there are also a number of other colored stones, so the list is quite long. There may be even more than are on the list, which is located at the end of this article, and I am adding to them as I find new stones and add them to the site.

This chakra is the lowest of the above ground chakras. If you need to ground your energy by making a connection to Mother Gaia, you can unite with the Earth and to the earth star chakra through this chakra. As the dark base chakra crystals have a strong grounding vibration keeping them within your aura is highly beneficial.  Black Tourmaline is one of the more well liked of the dark stones for this chakra. They are popular crystals as they have some powerful attributes, including creating an excellent grounding action. There are a good number of other stones that assist this area, and it is easy to buy many of the stones shown on this page. To use them, one solution is to wear them as jewelry, as it is a simple way to keep them close to you. Using the dark stones can be an easy and powerful method to achieve spiritual grounding. To use them to benefit you, you can wear them on your body as jewelry, or simply put a combination of any of these natural crystals in a pouch in your pocket.

The root chakra is the area that governs the sexuality, so if you have been feeling any lack of sexual interest, the energy of the red stones may assist you. Image result for sacral chakra artThe chakra color for the first chakra is primarily the color red. Red is a stimulating color and lovely jewelry pieces are made using red stones, including Ruby. It is a bright stone that makes beautiful jewelry. Rubies are very popular, and you will find them made into gemstone or crystal jewelry, either alone or in combination with other red stones. You can mix various stones that suit this chakra, and you may notice that there are stones of other colors that help this chakra. Any stone shown on this page will help to bring though the strong fire energy needed by the base chakra. If you feel the energy of this chakra area is not in balance, take action to change it. Each chakra has specific areas of the body it governs and this chakra ensures the function and healing of the organs in its area. These organs are the genitals and the colon, as well as the legs, joints and feet. Although the chakra color for this chakra is said to be red, this chakra resonates to both the red and black crystals. There are even stones of other colors that work well within this chakra. Natural crystals in either the red color, or those stones that are the darker brown or black colors will be beneficial to aid this chakra. Lovely Smokey Quartz pendants are available and as this is a variety of quartz it has the added natural advantage of amplifying the energy of both itself and other stones that are used with it. Keeping these healing stones on you will bring through the grounding needed. This is especially important if you have also been working with any of the higher vibration crystals. If you are wondering how to heal the root chakra, make sure to use these crystals as often as possible. Often people ignore the needs of the base chakra, preferring to work on the more spiritual areas like the crown chakra. But you will find that if your first chakra is balanced, you may more easily ground any excess energy, created by your work on the higher chakras. Often people ignore the needs of the base chakra, preferring to work on the more spiritual areas like the crown chakra. But you will find that if your first chakra is balanced, you may more easily ground any excess energy, created by your work on the higher chakras. It is important to do spiritual grounding practices regularly, and it is good to do a grounding meditation. There are a number of health issues you can get from being un grounded. This is especially important if you have been working with the more ‘spiritual’ high vibration stones, to prevent you from developing health problems. Grounding yourself and clearing the base chakra will allow you to bring through greater contentment and happiness.The base Chakra is associated with your survival and animal instincts, the flight or fight response as well as grounding you to the earth plane. Is said to be the chakra with which you can grow roots into the ground to receive energy and ground yourself to Mother Earth and your physical reality.Image result for sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra
Sanskrit: Swadhisthana “Home of the Life Force”
Lotus Petals: 6 petals
Colour: orange, blue-green
Crystals: Carnelian, Citrine (dark), Orange Calcite, Topaz, Vanadinite, Blue-green Turquoise,Blue-green Fluorite,Imperial Topaz
Located: At the level of the sacrum, below the navel
Gland: Ovaries/Prostate

energy focus: Creativity, healing, sexuality and reproduction, desire, emotion, intuition.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with how you perceive the world around you, such as your ability to connect to people, nature, material objects and the universe. It directly affects how we perceive the world based on our individual experiences. It is also associated with ones sexuality.

Navel or Sacral Chakra  –  Orange

The sacral chakra strongly governs the organs within the area of the navel, including the female reproductive organs, such as the womb and genitals. When this chakra is functioning well, not only is your physical body healthy but your emotional life operates in a healthy way. This is the area from which you emotionally birth new ideas. The 2nd chakra or navel chakra is also associated with creativity. This is both related to the procreative physical level, creating new life, and also to the artistic creative level. If this area is healthy you may find that the psychic gift of clear feeling may be helped. This area is located below the navel, and corresponds Image result for sacral Chakraprimarily to the color orange.

This is the chakra for relationships, and it relates to your emotions and to sensuality, intimacy and sexuality. It governs the health of the female reproductive organs, the womb, genitals, kidneys, bladder and lower back. The sacral chakra resonates to the color of orange, and many stones in this group are easily obtained. Many of you may wish to use stones that resonate with more than one chakra. If you are purchasing chakra stones, particularly for use with the navel chakra or the base or root chakra below and solar plexus above, try not to use the straight red or yellow stones. The stones that belong to more than one chakra, may work simultaneously either on two of the three chakras, or on all three at once depending on your choices. For using these stones at this chakra, try to obtain natural crystals or stones that are either reddish-orange or more orange yellow-gold. There are many beautiful orange stones that are very easy to obtain. Sacral chakra stones will be helpful for aiding the hormonal system. The sacral’s main chakra meanings relate to the feeling of emotions, sensuality, security, commitment and honor in relationships. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘feeling’ especially the metaphysical meaning, and the psychic gift of clairsentience or clear feeling, psychometric and your intuition. Loyalty, commitment, and fidelity are all emotions that arise from this chakra. This energy is about the concept of feeling, and is linked strongly to sexual feelings and emotions. It is necessary to ensure before using the specific navel chakra stones that your chakras are all in alignment. Kyanite is a most powerful stone to do this easily, as it will naturally bring all of the chakras into alignment. Kyanite comes in many colors, but for the sacral either the most common blue or the orange form are recommended. The orange Kyanite is not as easy to obtain but as it is in the sacral color it would be helpful to use. All colors are powerful healers as they bridge any energy gaps which may have been caused by any sort of accident or from surgery. Both Orange Kyanite and Blue Kyanite issue energies that stimulate and activate dormant psychic abilities. Image result for sacral ChakraThe effect of Kyanite on the second chakra is an elevation of the psychic gift or talent of clairsentience or clear feeling. After you have aligned the chakras, you may then follow this with the individual chakra stones for the navel chakra. You may find that some of these are easier to obtain than others.  The second chakra is located within the body between the 1st and 3rd chakras. Many of the crystals that are used for the navel chakra may also be either solar plexus or power chakra stones or base or root chakra stones as well. These are a good selection of stones for the sacral chakra, and I have listed the stones that I have used that have been found to be the most advantageous. As the list is quite long, it is located at the end of this article.

If you are having any emotional difficulties, this is the specific areas of the body you need to work on. To improve the energy flow to this area, it is easy to wear some orange stones on the body near by. Tumblestones or rough pieces of orange crystals such as Orange Calcite are perfect for this use, as you can put them in your pants pocket. The sacral chakra ensures the function and healing of the reproductive organs, and this chakra prominently governs our relationships. Another good method to use to help this area is to buy one of the many orange stones and keep it in the room nearby. This includes stones such as a lovely piece of Orange Carnelian, Golden Apatite, Sunstone or Peach Aventurine, some of the many sacral chakra stones. Crystal pendants and rings are quite easily obtained in such stones as the gorgeous Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Yellow Topaz and lovely yellow Amber.  Image result for sacral chakra artAlthough Amber is not really a gemstone, but is a resin, this stone has the appearance of gemstones, and is made into beautiful gemstone jewelry. Amber has powerful healing qualities, so is an excellent choice to wear. Wearing crystals keeps them within your auric field for longer periods of time.To enhance the abilities of the 2nd chakra, try to keep chakra stones within your aura as long as possible. You could wear them during the day, and/or at night put one under the pillow.

Lovely orange crystals may be made into very attractive crystal jewelry that is very beautiful to wear. Although there are many attractive orange stones, one that is particularly beautiful and makes lovely jewelry are Orange Carnelian Stones. It is easy to buy a lovely Carnelian pendant, which is both a beautiful natural crystal and it is a powerful stone to wear. It has a strong energy to enhance your creativity, courage and confidence, and are assets to us all. The birth of creativity may start you on a new journey of discovery that may totally change your life for the better. As you relate to others more harmoniously, you may find your life is happier more peaceful and you will embrace your life with passion. As they work strongly on the feelings, and govern the sexual area this may be an advantage to your relationships. By improving the health of the sacral chakra, you will also improve all of your relationships. The thing to remember is that whatever crystals you choose to use, the longer you have these stones within the aura the better they will assist you to heal. After you use the sacral chakra crystals, you may find new abilities may emerge, including the enhancement of creativity. Clairsentience or clear feeling is a useful talent to have, as it allows you to be more aware of other peoples emotions and may encourage better relationships, and this chakra is where it is birthed. It is easy to buy stones for this chakra, and using these natural crystals will be a great benefit to you. Working with the navel chakra will support you to accept your emotions and release your fears, fostering feelings of closeness and intimacy.

Image result for solar plexus chakra art


Solar Plexus Chakra
Sanskrit: Manipura “Jewel of the Naval”
Lotus Petals: 10 petals
Colour: yellow
Crystals: Tiger Eye, Citrine, Malachite,Amber,Yellow Jasper,Golden Calcite,Yellow Apatite
Located: One inch above the naval,at solar plexus, below breast bone
Gland: Pancreas
energy focus: Intellect, ambition, personal power, protective.

The Solar Plexus is associated with how you perceive yourself, and is strongly connected to your relationships and emotions. How you perceive yourself deeply effects the way people perceive and interact with you. It is your seat of personal power.

It is located below the breast bone and is the third of the major chakras. It is located in the stomach, between the base of the sternum and the navel. This chakra is the area where responsibility for others, caring for others, personal honor and courage emerge. The reason it is called the power chakra, is that the energy of this chakra is about your personal power. It also aids your self esteem, governs manifestation, creativity and feeling centered. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘the will’. The solar plexus chakra meanings relate to self confidence, self esteem, the ego, personal power, self worth, clarity and creativity. This chakra is responsible for the effective flow of energy not only to this region but throughout the whole body. Improving energy flow to the solar plexus may clear problems that have been producing lack and limitations. It is also a powerful area to bring an improvement in your finances, as its energy aids you to manifest money. As you improve the energy flow here, you will develop a stronger will, a clear sense of self and will improve your ability to manifest. This is the chakra that is responsible for manifestation on all levels. Many people only think of manifestation in terms of money, but in a more spiritual sense most of us would like to manifest other things. Good health, better relationships, self-esteem, talents and abilities, your overall spirituality and health, the list goes on.

There are specific chakra stones that you can Image result for solar plexus chakra artuse to heal this area, and many of these are bright yellow and golden crystals. Using specific crystals in this area may bring healing to the organs that relate to this chakra, including the spleen, pancreas, liver and stomach. It is where you digest ideas, and where your gut-feelings and intuition originate. Blue Kyanite is the most common form of Kyanite, and it is a powerful stone to use for many reasons.
This stone also provides excellent assistance while meditating, as it brings a tranquil and calming influence. It is a very efficient stone to immediately and effortlessly bring all of the chakras into alignment and is inexpensive to buy. Kyanite comes in many colors, all of which are powerful healers. It never needs cleansing nor will it accumulate any negative vibrations. Use any color of Kyanite to create the chakra alignment. Its use will aid in the general flow of energy throughout the body.It will also bridge any energy gaps which may have been caused by any form of accident or from surgery. Once you have cleared all of the chakras and brought them into alignment you could then use any of the specific third chakra stones.

The solar plexus chakra resonates to the colors of yellow and gold color shades or tones, as well as to the light yellowish green stones. It is easy to find many beautiful golden, yellow or pale green stones. One of my favorite precious stones is Peridot, which is a lovely lime green color. Peridot’s energy vibrates to the frequency of increase so it is a powerful stone to manifest anything that you wish to bring into your life. This includes an increase of money. If you wish to manifest money, consider getting a Peridot stone. They do not have to be large, as even small ones have the same vibration. Examples of light green stones that will work simultaneously on the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra, includes Peridot, see picture above, Serpentine, Gaspeite, Vesuvianite also known as Idocrase, Sphene, Hiddenite, Green Prehnite and Green Chrysoprase. Amber rings and other unique amber and silver jewelry are now easily available, as more people are beginning to know more about crystals and healing gemstones. Image result for solar plexus chakra artIt is very beneficial to the body to keep the specific stones for healing this chakra within the aura during the course of the day. Carnelian jewelry is easy to buy, and  there are lots of lovely pieces of crystal jewelry made of beautiful golden and yellow stones now becoming available. Wearing any of these stones will assist you to heal specific third chakra health problems that you may have. If you do not wish to buy jewelry, consider simply putting some tumble stones in your pocket. It is easy to buy specific stones for the solar plexus chakra. If these stones are kept within the area that needs this natural crystal energy, they will assist you to heal more quickly, and is an easy solution.Bright yellow Citrine Crystal pendants and exquisite jewelry made from many of the other yellow stones for this chakra are also being produced.Use of the specific stones  may improve the energy and flow in the solar plexus chakra area. It is the function of the solar plexus to look after the organs in its vicinity, and this includes the area in the middle of your back. If you know that any of your digestive organs such as your liver, spleen or gall bladder are giving you difficulties, meditation with one of the yellow or golden stones may help you. The lovely yellow Amblygonite stone contains lithium, so it is an excellent stone to aid meditation.

The area of the body that the third chakra particularly governs is the stomach and digestive system. Its function is to manage the working of the intestines, gall bladder, liver, spleen and stomach. If the area is not in balance you may have all manner of digestive problems. This may also include how you are able to digest information on a etheric level. As the solar plexus chakra is also the area associated with the willpower, this aspect of digestion may have a link to weight issues.Image result for solar plexus chakra art

The connection between the heart chakra and the power chakra will allow you to manifest what you desire from a heart based perspective. There are a number of crystals that will assist you to boost your personal power via this, the third chakra. As you would notice, there are also healing crystals on the list for use with this chakra that are not the specific chakra colors. It is okay to use them as they will also assist in developing the solar plexus area. Green Prehnite, Amber, Golden Apatite and Hiddenite are some of the natural crystals that will heal more than one chakra.

These are useful to use, as you will achieve movement within many areas of your life at the same time.Solar plexus chakra healing should be a priority, as this chakra governs the area where so many organs that are important to your overall well-being are located. If other areas can also be healed at the same time you will probably be very happy and your overall spirituality and health will be affected. You may find that a deep sense of gratitude may result.

This chakra is often labeled the power chakra, as the third chakra is the seat of willpower in the body. This area works as a psychic shield, to prevent negative psychic energy being deposited in the body. Libyan Desert Glass aka Libyan Gold Tektite, is a powerful stone for this area as it strengthens the energy of the area to stop negative psychic energy accumulating there. By using the crystals for the solar plexus chakra from the list, you may find that you begin to feel a deeper sense of personal power within yourself. As your power chakra begins to become more “power-full” your sense of living your life on purpose and being able to do the things you desire to do will grow. As you use these power crystals, allow yourself to resonate with this feeling of being in control of your life, and being able to manifest whatever changes that you need to happen. This may include an increase in the growth of gifts or abilities you may wish to develop, or in your personal abundance and prosperity, including being able to manifest an increase in money.

This chakra is a powerful area of the body especially when it comes to abundance and prosperity. Take the time to sit and quietly think through how you would like your life to be. It may be a valuable use of your time. Meditate with one of the solar plexus stones, and if you keep a positive frame of mind, they have a powerful ability to manifest money. This positive mind frame in combination with one of these lovely natural crystals may do wonders, and change your life for the better.Image result for heart Chakra t by Ray Van Gundy
Heart Chakra

Sanskrit: Anahata “Home of the Soul”
Lotus Petals: 12 petals
Color: pink, green
Crystals:Rose,Quartz,Aventurine,Green,Jade,Peridot,Cobaltian,Calcite,Pink,Danburite,Lepidolite,Rosasite,Vesuvianite,Pink/Rubellite,Tourmaline,Watermelon,Tourmaline,Green Aventurine,Malachite
Located: Centre of the chest in line with the heart
Gland: Thymus
energy focus: Love, compassion, universal consciousness, emotional balance.The Heart chakra is associated with love and compassion, it is said to be the seat of the soul or the divine. When we can approach all aspects of life with true love and compassion it can be said that we have reached a true state of Nirvana or Enlightenment.

This chakra is located in the center of the chest, and it vibrates with an energy that assists you to live life from the heart. It is associated with the thymus gland and is the area of the body where love, compassion and the desire for happiness is birthed. It is the fourth and central chakra of the seven chakras and is the dividing line between the higher and lower chakras. The 4th chakra meanings relate to the feelings of love, compassion, peace and unconditional love. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘loving’ in all meanings of the word including in a sacred sense.The heart chakra is the area of the body that is most important to have balanced, as it has a strong relationship to the giving and receiving of love. Living your life from a heart based perspective is very valuable, as it is what keeps your life on track and help you to live with happiness and contentment.When this chakra is balanced you live your life with a greater sense of compassion for yourself and those around you. You are enabled to create a better connection to the source of all that is and to experience Divine love.

When this chakra is unbalanced this is when you may Related imagefind that you begin to feel fearful about life. Issues may develop such as co-dependent situations in relationships, along with feelings that you are unworthy or unlovable. When the energy in this area is lacking, you may feel unable to accept love from people in your life and find it hard to forgive others. You may also be willing to accept circumstances in relationships that are not in your best interests, and that erode your self esteem and self worth. Health difficulties related to the heart can also be linked to a lack of positive energy within the heart area.Health worries related to this area include specific heart health issues, as well as immune system concerns, and problems in the chest such as asthma and hay fever. In addition, stress related issues can be related to the heart chakra being unbalanced.The use of Kyanite before you begin to use any stone is advised. Although it comes in many colors the heart chakra attunes very well to Green Kyanite. The principal reason for using Kyanite is to bring all of the chakras into alignment. Not only will green Kyanite do that, but as well it will bring you into alignment with nature and the world in which you live. It brings adaptability and stability to your life, and if combined with the Blue Kyanite, will help you to be more balanced when you begin to assimilate any psychic abilities opened by the Blue variety. Green Kyanite also helps you to feel the truth of the heart and know if those you are talking to are speaking ‘truth’. You may then follow this with the individual chakra stones for this chakra. The number of stones and crystals that you can use to stimulate the 4th chakra is enormous. Many are in the colors for this chakra, but a good number of stones that are not in these colors also have a strong action at the heart.The heart chakra resonates well to the chakra colors of green and pink and so the pink and green stones are powerful to aid this area. All of the chakras from the heart chakra up are associated with spirituality and healing. Both the green and pink crystals not only heal the physical body but resonate with the spiritual concepts of love, compassion and truth.

Related imageAs the heart chakra is one of the higher chakras, the high vibration healing stones may be used to help you to improve its function. If you use some of the other heart chakra stones first until you adjust, later you may progress to the higher vibration stones. There are many beautiful pink and green stones, and most have the added advantage of being obtained at a reasonable cost. Quite a few attractive and effective pink or green stones are easily obtained. Some examples of well known pink or green crystals are Pink Rose Quartz and Pink Rhodochrosite, and the green crystals such as Aventurine and natural green Emeralds. The higher heart or thymus chakra also assists in ones receptiveness to Divine love, forgiveness and the release of fear. A good number of the the stones mentioned also resonate within the higher heart.

For women it is advisable to use heart chakra stones to improve the energy flow in the breast area as a preventative measure. There are many lovely green crystals that  have a lovely heart based energy. Wearing a bracelet or pendant made from one these green stones is a powerful aid for women. Another way to keep the energy close to you, is to put a small tumble stone, such as a piece of Green Aventurine in your bra, or in your pocket. If you have any physical problem in the chest area, including the heart, these stones may assist you. Of course using these stones is not a substitute for medical attention. One of the heart chakras main functions is to care for the vital organs in the vicinity. If the energy of the heart chakra is not in balance, a side effect may be heart and circulatory problems, pneumonia and bronchitis and breathing problems such as asthma and allergies. Image result for sacral chakra artIt is easy to buy heart chakra stones, and using some stones from the above list, may raise the vibration of this area, and create improved health. By improving the health of the area, the thymus gland may improve your immune system and create better overall health.

Some stones with intense crystal energy will work simultaneously on all chakras above and including the heart chakra. This includes all of the chakras from the heart chakra up to the crown chakra as well as transpersonal chakras, which are above the crown chakra.The green high vibration crystals such as Green Moldavite, Green Datolite and Green Herderite are very powerful heart stones, as are Pink Danburite and Petalite.

Please note that occasionally if you are using high vibration stones you may have difficulty adjusting to them. So it may be wise if they are new to you, to adapt slowly to them. You may notice that quite a few of the heart crystals are not green or pink and there are a huge variety of stones of other colors that are advantageous to heal the heart area.

If you wish to heal an area of the body one of the easiest ways is to wear the chakra stones in jewelry, and there are many beautiful heart crystals that are readily available. One of the most well known stones is the gorgeous Pink Rose Quartz, which is well known as a heart based stone, that resonates a strong loving vibration. You may choose to wear your heart chakra crystals in the chest area, and wearing jewelry such as pendants is one of the most advantageous methods to keep their vibration close to you. Some women even wear tumble stones in their bras.This way the chakras energy will be directly impacted by their closeness, but any method that keeps the stone both within the aura and the chakra area that you are treating is helpful. Quite a few of the chakra stones for the heart are beautiful pink or green crystals, that will assist you to live life from a heart based perspective, and aid you in learning how to be happy. Many of the chakra stones have properties that are extraordinarily beneficial, but not all heart chakra stones are green or pink.The energy of green healing stones like the lovely light-reflecting green Fuchsite, are very beneficial to have close to you.The feelings generated of unconditional love and compassion are able to become more easily assimilated. As these energies fill your being you may let go of the stresses you have previously accumulated and live an authentic life filled with peace and harmony, in accord with your true self. To be able to live your life from the energy of your heart is to be truly happy. As you live your life more authentically you find you will feel happier, more in tune, balanced and harmonious.Image result for throat  Chakra t by Ray Van Gundy

Throat Chakra
Sanskrit: Vishudda “Pure”
Lotus Petals: 16 petals
Colour: blue
Crystals: Blue Quartz, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz,Blue Calcite,Blue Kyanite,Chrysocolla,Celestite,Blue Chalcedony,Angelite,Blue Turquoise,Amazonite,Aquamarine
Located: The throat area,at the neck above collar bone
Gland: Thyroid
energy focus: Communication center, expression, divine guidance. The Throat chakra is associated with communication and personal truth. It gives us the willpower to follow our true desires whilst maintaining the aspects of truth and integrity. It is also the seat of expression and freewill.

The throat chakra stones come in a range of colors, but the blue stones are the ones we mainly think of as crystals to use to aid this chakra.While many are blue there are stones in other colors that will assist this chakra.There are more stones for the 5th chakra than the ones listed here, but these are some of the common ones that are easy to obtain.

This chakra reacts powerfully to the use of high vibration crystal energy stones. But if you are not used to the higher vibrations, use the chakra stones with a lower crystal energy first.Then move onto the higher vibration stones. There are many lower energy chakra stones that you may prefer to use first and you many of these are powerful stones to aid your communication ability.The throat chakra or 5th chakra is located in the neck, above the collarbone. This chakra is associated with the thyroid gland. By ensuring you have a healthy throat area you assist truthful and honest expression of your ideas.It is the area of the body where your communication abilities emerge, and is associated with hearing, including psychic hearing.The throat chakra meanings are associated with hearing, speaking, listening and communicating. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘speaking’ especially in a metaphysical sense, and with hearing in a psychic sense. It is fundamentally to do with communication and self expression. The throat chakra not only manages the health of the physical throat but also the etheric areas it governs. The more esoteric concepts of communicating such as hearing your inner voice, and the energy of speech which aids you with speaking your truth, are related to the throat chakra. The psychic gift of clairaudience is governed by this area, as it covers the area of the ears and the throat. Any color of Kyanite will work to bring all of the chakras into alignment. This will assist you in the general flow of energy throughout your body. The most common form is Blue Kyanite and as this is the chakra color for the throat it is the best one to use here. Kyanite comes in many other colors, all of which are powerful healers. Some people have had surgery in the throat area or suffered from accidents in that area.If there has been any damage done in the region, Kyanite will heal the area by bridging the energy gaps.In addition Blue Kyanite emanates energies that stimulate your psychic abilities, including clairaudience or psychic hearing, and may activate your telepathic capacity. After you use the Kyanite, follow this by using any one of the specific throat chakra stones.Image result for throat chakra art

This chakra primarily resonates to the color blue. There are many beautiful stones in a range of blue shades that can be easily obtained, and many are stunning stones to look at. In particular you may wish to buy some of the more powerful blue stones, including Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Blue Sodalite.

The key word of communication is vital, as our ability to communicate with both our higher self and the Divine mind is extraordinarily important. One of the important communications governed by this chakra, is the clairaudient communication with your spirit guides.There are quite a few crystals that will aid you to develop your communication abilities via the fifth chakra. If you work on contacting your spirit guide, this will aid you in your overall spiritual and psychic development. If you develop the psychic communication abilities of this chakra you can make an enormous difference to your spirituality and healing. Some of the crystals or stones that I have used that are most effective, are listed in this article, but as the list is quite long, it is located at the end of this article.

Every chakra is responsible for the health of the area where it is located. If the 5th chakra is not in optimum health problems may occur in the throat or neck area. You need to be aware that when these areas are not functioning well you may suffer from problems there.Physically this chakras function is to manage the bronchial area, the esophagus, the nose, ears and mouth. This area is one of the chakras that the high vibration stones assist. This is because this chakra is also associated with spiritual aspects. Lovely Blue Celestite clusters are one of the high vibration stones, as are Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds, Blue Tanzanite and Danburite which are all powerful for healing this chakra.

For spiritual growth you may also wish to try some of the other high vibration stones. Stones such as Herderite, Selenite, Pink or Clear Petalite, White Scolecite, Natrolite, Satyaloka Quartz, Phenacite and Tibetan Tektite would be good choices. Some healing crystals that are not the specific chakra colors will also assist in developing this area. Stones that have a high vibration will work simultaneously on the heart chakra, throat, third eye and crown chakra, in addition to the soul star chakra and the other transpersonal chakras which are above the head. Crystal jewelry made from blue crystals is very beautiful to wear and most helpful to the health of the area. One of my favorite stones to wear is Lapis Lazuli. This blue stone has been found in Egyptian tombs and was worn by the Pharaohs so may be called a stone of royalty. While higher quality Lapis is becoming harder to acquire there is still some to be found.It is easy to buy other blue chakra stones, as they are reasonably common, and come in a variety of different forms.If you are unable to get jewelry, buy a piece of stone and keep it in your pocket, or for the ladies put a small piece in your bra. Jewelry pieces made from lovely blue stones like Amazonite, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate and Aquamarine are very beautiful, and if worn at the throat will be helpful to the health of the throat chakra. If you keep the chakra stones close by the throat, it may improve the flow of energy to the area. Earrings made of any of the blue stones will also resonate energy to the ears and to the entire throat chakra.

Meditation with certain high energy crystals can help to bring out innate abilities that having been waiting to emerge, including your clairvoyant or psychic hearing ability. If you have a desire to develop this psychic gift, another lovely crystal that will aid you is Blue Iolite.Image result for Chakra Canvas Print by Mark Preston As new abilities emerge from the work you do on your throat chakra you will be pleased to be able to clearly communicate with others.With greater confidence and a more balanced perspective on life emerging, you can more ably communicate your ideas, with wisdom, understanding and love.As you increase the flow of energy to the area that this chakra is responsible for, you may find change happens. If you are in need of developing better self expression, working on the throat chakra can help. Better communication is being able to say what you need to say, at the right time, and listening so you can hear what you need to hear, including communication from spirit.

Thymus or Higher Heart Chakra   –   Pink and Turquoise

The thymic or thymus chakra is located in the upper chest, just above and to the right of the heart chakra, between the heart and throat chakras. This is the area where intent originates. It connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart. This is the area of the etheric heart, and many books refer to this as the higher or high heart chakra. It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, although this term is more commonly used to refer to the soul star chakra, located above the crown chakra. This chakra is associated with the thymus gland, one of the earliest glands that develop in the fetus while in the womb. This gland is related to the immune system and has within it the patterning for your DNA, and your karmic design for this lifetime, including past life information. It is called the higher heart chakra, as it is about selfless, spiritual love for the Great Divine Spirit. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of ‘Divine love’ in a transcendent spiritual sense. The thymus or thymic chakra meanings relate to the feelings of Divine love, compassion, forgiveness and release of fear. This chakra relates to Christ consciousness, and the bridge between your emotions and your intellect. This chakras location creates a strong sound healing effect in the etheric body and aids communication. The spoken word resonates here, and the use of sound resonates from here within the etheric body and creates a powerful healing effect.This chakra is where you find the thymus gland and it is the primary gland that aids the immune system and creates a stronger healing outcome.Working within the higher heart chakra aids you to create a connection between your soul body and physical body. If you rub this point, you will notice it feels slightly sore. It is the point used by EFT practitioners when they are doing meridian tapping, and they may call it the ‘sore point’. Before you work on any chakra, it is always a benefit to clear any stagnant energy, within the auric field. An excellent stone to do this is Green Kyanite, but any of the varieties of Kyanite will work.  Kyanite is a high vibration stone that never needs cleansing as it will not accumulate any negative energy. You may use the green variety of Kyanite, or the Blue colored Kyanite, which is more easily available. It does an excellent job for this purpose, so use that as an alternative, if you cannot get the Green. Not only does Kyanite clear the chakras, but it will bridge any energy gaps that may have been created by accidents or trauma in the past, that have still not been healed. Hold the stone at the heart chakra, as this is situated close to the center of the body. The energy will flow both up to higher chakras, right up to the soul star chakra and up into the higher transpersonal chakras and down to the earth chakra, where it will ground any excess energy. You may then begin working with the specific crystals for the higher heart chakra. This is an area that responds well to the use of high vibration crystals, stones that embody a strong energy. Their intense vibration is very powerful, to bring through Divine healing, within the higher heart. All of the chakras from the heart chakra up to the crown chakra are stimulated by the intense vibration, common to many of these high vibration stones. As the energy moves on up, it resonates strongly, moving to the first of the higher chakras above the crown chakra, to the chakra known as the soul star chakra, or seat of the soul, and then into transpersonal chakras.

These high energy stones are powerful to assist you are they work simultaneously on the higher heart chakra and all chakras above and including the heart chakra. They aid overall your spiritual growth and healing, but are particularly powerful to aid the higher heart chakra.

The colors for the higher heart chakra are pink, green, turquoise and aqua, although the brilliant, bright white stones also work well here. These stones will assist in ones receptiveness to Divine love, forgiveness and the release of fear, and many are the deep pink crystals and the turquoise-green crystals. One stone that is very powerful here is a turquoise colored crystal called Dioptase, shown above. The energy of Dioptase is about compassion and forgiveness, and these are important attributes to resonate within the higher heart chakra. Any of the heart chakra stones will aid the thymic chakra to some degree, but not all of the heart chakra stones are specifically known to boost the action of this chakra. Those recommended here are particular stones that will specifically resonate within the higher heart chakra and help to expand its action in your life. One of the important qualities that this chakra is responsible for is forgiveness. This is a powerful emotion, and one that many of you may find difficult to deal with. Many of you have been holding onto negative energy, and have been unable to forgive others, and this may have been carried with you for many years.

Image result for sacral chakra artBy activating the thymus chakra, you may find that you are able to release and let go of these feelings.  Use the higher heart chakra crystals in a meditation with specific crystals to help you to do this. Green Dioptase is one stone that is powerful to aid in this process, to help you to deal more fully with forgiving. Another quite amazing and very useful stone for this chakra is Pink Tugtupite. This pink stone will open both the heart chakra and the thymus chakra, both of the chakras that are associated with the heart. The energy of Pink Tugtupite opens these chakras and encourages them to feel love totally and fully, in all its glory! That includes both positive and negative feelings that are associated with the emotion of love. In some of you, you may find this is not comfortable, as there may be a strong energy of grief and sorrow that may be brought to the surface. While it may not be comfortable, these emotions can then be released and you may find that you are able to make amazing spiritual growth. There are also other benefits to the physical body by assisting this chakra to begin to open up and its energy to expand. The higher heart chakra governs the immune system, and its vibration helps during infections, especially influenza. It’s energy aids the thyroid gland and throat, just above it, and the general well-being of the physical body. It will aid high blood pressure, and healing of tumors and with feelings of general irritability. Its calming ability helps to create more restful sleep. As the energy flows to and from this chakra to the head, it may help to relieve headaches. Via the throat chakra it may aid with communication and loss of voice, especially if you have not been expressing ideas about issues that it is now time to let go of. By voicing your true feelings you may heal ongoing problems within the throat and above it. As you begin to work more with this chakra you may find that you are open to express your love more freely. You may find yourself being open to more loving touches, hugging and general demonstrations of the loving feelings that are flowing more freely through your body, and within all aspects of your life. If you have wondered what your life purpose is, working with the energy of the thymus chakra may aid you to find out exactly what that is. This is a chakra that has been neglected in the past, but now the earth needs each of you to elevate your vibrations. As you work with this chakras energy, you will find that you will begin to live your life, more in line with what your higher self desired for you. This relates to what you planned before you came here to this earth in this incarnation. As you allow yourself to forgive those whom you feel have done you wrong, or to whom you have done wrong, you will start on the path to fully healing yourself.  It is enormously helpful to your spiritual growth to bring the energy of the higher heart into play. By the use of the specific higher heart chakra stones, such as the lovely pink Rose Quartz or Pink Morganite, you may find you resonate with the energy of the Divine Feminine. Many of the lovely pink and green stones that aid the heart chakra also resonate at this chakra as well. As you link the thymus chakra with the higher chakras more fully, you will find that you begin to be more spiritual, and may find a definite change in the way that you view the world. You may choose to activate your higher heart chakra and this will aid your body to be more easily activated by your thoughts, and may assist in the manifestation of your thoughts. In many of you this chakra has had very little activation. The changes in the earths energy has altered that for many of you, as the vibration from the Divine spirit is now calling us to be more spiritual.Related image

Third Eye Chakra
Sanskrit: Ajna “Command”
Lotus Petals: 96 petals
Colour: indigo
Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite,Azurite,Tanzanite
Located: Centre of the forehead just above the brow, at medulla
Gland: Pineal

energy focus: Spiritual awareness, psychic power, intuition, light.

The third eye is associated with mental concepts and inner sight of non-physical concepts such as clairvoyance, dreaming, intuition and inner knowing. It gives us the ability to view the world of the non-physical and is the connection to our deepest self or soul.

The Third Eye Chakra is located just above the eyebrows in the forehead, and this is the area of the body where your visionary abilities emerge.It is sometimes called the Ajna chakra in Eastern traditions and is also known as the Brow Chakra, as it is located at the brow in the center of the forehead.While this chakra is associated with the pineal gland, it needs to interact with the pituitary gland to activate it.If you are wondering where the pineal gland is located, it is in the center of the brain up behind the third eye. The pineal gland and the pituitary gland work together to activate the energy of this chakra. It is of value to develop this area. There are specific stones that are associated with this chakra, and using them can aid the development of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, previously known as ‘The Sight’, as well as clairaudience, psychic knowing and intuition.

The third eye chakra meanings pertain to the concept of ‘seeing’ especially in a spiritual and psychic sense. Having a stronger sixth chakra may allow you to utilize enhanced inner guidance which comes from stronger intuitive abilities. The sixth chakra is related to heightened spiritual growth, with positive attitudes and a more selfless and humanitarian attitude to life. The sixth chakra has a strong relationship to the pineal gland, located behind this chakra. It was believed in ancient times to be where ‘The Sight’ was located. Ancient seers recognized this, and as their abilities emerged they felt a ‘tingling’ feeling in this area. Today’s clairvoyants are aware of this and it is one of the ways that a number of you may feel the onset of your psychic powers. The third eye chakra also governs the gift of clairaudience or psychic hearing as this area relates to the ears and to hearing.Related imageThis chakras meaning is also about developing heightened intuition, psychic knowing, clairvoyance or psychic vision, clairaudience or psychic hearing, inner knowledge, inspiration and finding your purpose for being here.

Indigo Kyanite exudes energies that particularly stimulate the pineal gland and may activate dormant psychic abilities.Although this stone is a high vibration crystal, it is more gentle in its vibration. You may choose to use any color of Kyanite first, before you use the specific chakra stones. Using Kyanite will bring all of the chakras into alignment.This will assist in the general flow of energy throughout the body. It will also bridge any energy gaps which may have been caused by any form of accident or from surgery you may have had.The most common form is Blue Kyanite but if you can find Indigo Kyanite it is very useful for the 3rd eye.The color of Kyanite may also be green, black or orange, but the blue is the most easy to find.After using Kyanite, you may then follow this with the individual chakra stones for the third eye chakra.It is not possible to discuss all possible stones that may assist this chakra but these are quite a good selection.Any stones highlighted with a link, and there are a lot of them there to choose from, means that you can click on them to go to another page that is dedicated to that crystal.You will find more detailed information on these stones on their individual pages. There is a Google Search Box at the bottom of the page which you can use to see if the stone is discussed anywhere on this site.You can see the list of third eye chakra stones at the end of this article, and there are also pictures below that. The number of stones for the sixth chakra is enormous, so the list is extensive and there may be even more than are on this list.The 6th chakra reacts powerfully to the use of high vibration healing stones.  Image result for Chakra Canvas Print by Mark PrestonThis is the chakra most likely to develop any of the psychic gifts. If this is what you want to do, work with the stronger high crystal energy stones.In particular you may choose to use Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds or many other high crystal energy stones. There are a number of other more well known high vibration stones that you may also choose to use.Good choices could be Danburite, Tanzanite, Satyaloka Quartz, Herderite, Petalite, Scolecite, Natrolite or Phenacite. After the use of the high energy crystals you could find new abilities begin to manifest, and you may find you clearly perceive the way to go forward.If you are not used to the higher vibrations, use the third eye chakra stones with a medium crystal energy first then move onto the higher vibration stones. As there are quite a few less highly energetic stones for this chakra you may prefer to use them first.

This chakra resonates to the colors of purple and indigo. As you will see from the many pictures shown here, some healing crystals that are not the specific chakra colors will also assist in developing this area. This is particularly true of high vibration crystals. Many crystals of these chakra colors are easily obtained, in particular a quartz crystal which is favorite of many people, Purple Amethyst Crystals.

Stones with strong crystal energy will work simultaneously on the fourth chakra, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and the other transpersonal chakras which are above both the crown and the soul star chakra. All of the chakras from the heart up are associated with spirituality and healing.Anyone who feels they need to improve the energy and flow in this area may choose to use them. If a chakras energy is not in balance, you may find that problems may develop in the area.The main function of the third eye chakra, is to look after the organs in its vicinity, in particular to manage specific areas of the brain, eyes, ears and nose.One of this chakras actions in the body is to stimulate second sight, the term used historically to refer to the gift of clairvoyance or seeing psychic visions.In olden times, they named it second sight to discriminate between it and normal sight.This chakra also manages the working of the spinal cord, and governs the birth of a range of psychic gifts.It aids the development of abilities such as clairaudience aka psychic hearing and psychic knowing, and it also helps you to develop your intuition.Related imageIf you are working within this area to help you to develop any of your psychic skills, once you begin to make contact with spirit it is easy to become un grounded.Avoid potential health problems by using natural crystals for spiritual grounding purposes, including the dark crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Black Diopside, and by doing a grounding meditation.

Some of the sixth chakra stones are also powerful grounding stones, including Charoite, Purpurite, Ascension Stones, Unakite, Turquoise and Sugilite. It is a good idea to wear crystal jewelry or other jewelry made from the chakra stones for this area, to improve anything that this area governs. Amethyst earrings are fairly easy to obtain, but in the last few years other crystals that help this area are now found made into lovely crystal jewelry.Earrings made from any of the third eye chakra stones are very beneficial to wear, as wearing them on the ears puts them constantly within this chakras energy.Purple Charoite is a powerful stone for this chakra and all of the higher chakras, and it is beautiful made into jewelry, like this lovely lavender pendant. As the chakra colors for this area are also very pleasant, they are a easy fashion item to wear.They are obtained quite easily, and it will be very beneficial to the body to wear these stones as it will assist you to heal.Using purple or indigo healing crystals such as Amethyst crystals, may enhance both the abilities associated with this area, and the health of the third eye chakra. It is easy to buy a wide range of stones from the list on this page, and any of these will aid you to develop this area.It is known to forcefully open the third eye, yet even though it is forceful it will enhance your ability to connect to your highest intuitive guidance.This crystal should only be used with full awareness of its impressive nature. Meditating with it will bring through powerful visual images. Imagination, dreaming, clear sight and clear insight emerge from this chakra, as well as psychic skills such as psychic clairvoyant abilities.Once you begin to have genuine psychic abilities, you may consider psychic employment, as there are now a variety of areas where you are able to work as a professional psychic, including jobs working as clairvoyants or spiritual mediums.

This chakra is a powerful area of the body, especially when it comes to the more ‘esoteric’ functions.The development of psychic abilities, may emerge from development of the 3rd eye. This includes abilities such as clairvoyance or psychic visions or clairaudience or psychic hearing. Stronger intuitive gifts which  may develop, as well as heightened imagination, inner knowledge and inspiration. When working on this chakra make sure that you are aware of the requirement for psychic protection. It is advisable that you take action to protect yourself at these times. If you are working in any type of psychic employment where psychic attack may happen, remember to use protection crystals, as it is important to take measures to protect yourself.Image result for heart Chakra Canvas Print by Ray Van Gundy

Crown Chakra
Sanskrit: Sahasrara “Thousand”
Lotus Petals: 1000 petals
Colour: violet, golden-white
Crystals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sugilite, Celestite,Apophyllite,Herkimer Diamond,Quartz Crystal,White Hemimorphite,White Calcite,WhiteTopaz,White Danburite,White Howlite,Selenite
Located: Top of the head
Gland: Pituitary gland

energy focus: Enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, energy, perfection.

The crown is associated with universal energy and spirituality. It is the seat with which one realizes the interconnections of all living things. It gives us knowledge and wisdom and enables us to connect with our own divinity becoming one with the whole universe.The chakras present humanity with a unique opportunity to visualize the life energy within the body. Each and every person has a unique ability to intemperate the world as he or she chooses in doing so the levels of energy each chakra absorbs is distinctly different as is each individual. The chakras can be seen as growth points of the individual’s spiritual journey. The crown chakra meanings relate to spirituality, selflessness, empathy and humanitarianism.This chakras meaning is all about the idea of ‘knowing’ especially in a spiritual way, and is strongly related to the gift of psychic knowing.It is the area where you connect with your higher self, and it also pertains to intelligence and deep thought.It is associated with the pineal gland and with all of the master glands. The 7th chakra is the area of the body where the functions of higher consciousness, spirituality and ones commitment to higher ideals originate.The crown chakra or 7th chakra is located just above the top of the head. As this chakra is located at the very top most point in the physical body, it is the point where spirit introduces energy for distribution throughout the body.

The soul star or eighth chakra sits above the seventImage result for crown chakra arth chakra, and and links to the higher trans personal chakras via the stellar gateway, that is above that. Spiritual energy enters the body via this chakra, and this brings the energy down from the higher trans-personal chakras into the body. Most people who choose to work with the highest chakra in the body are already aware that they are on a path of a metaphysical nature. Sometimes though you may not have been listening to what spirit was trying to tell you. If you have missed what was being said to you,what you are currently reading may be spirit’s way of speaking to you directly. The ideas and fundamentals of coincidence and synchronicity is the principle that I am talking about. Where you simply find out about something you need to know almost by ‘accident’.This may be spirit assisting you to see where you might go on your life path. If you have been drawn to using certain crystals and are not really sure why, this might be this process in action. It is necessary to ensure before using the specific crown chakra stones that all of your chakras are in alignment. Kyanite is a most powerful stone to do this quickly and effortlessly as it will bring all of the chakras into alignment. Aligning your chakras should to be done often, as problems may occur that you were not aware of.Kyanite comes in many colors, but for the crown the most common Blue Kyanite or the Indigo Kyanite are recommended.All colors of Kyanite are powerful healers as they bridge any energy gaps which may have been caused by any sort of accident or from surgery.Indigo Kyanite emanates energies that stimulate the pineal gland and may activate dormant psychic abilities.If the crystals you’ve been using are any of the 7th chakra crystals, it is almost certain that you are being called to take action. Whether or not you have previously used any of these stones, now may be the time to look at this group of powerful crystals.
The crown chakra resonates most strongly to the colors of violet and white. White is a combination of all of the colors, and the white light is an emanation of the Goddess/God.In most forms of spiritual or alchemical healing, the concept of white light is widespread. It is from the crown chakra that the white light emanates and this chakra is our connection to the Divine Mind.Many of this chakra’s stones are not the specific chakra colors, as you will see from the list above. This is okay as they will still assist in developing this area. There are also many white, violet and clear stones for this chakra, such as lovely Amethyst Crystals.Anyone who feels they need to improve the energy and flow in any part of this area should use any of the crown chakra stones.As this chakra overseas and governs the functioning of all chakras, using the specific crystals for healing this area will also heal the whole body.Most crown chakra stones are quite powerful and if you are choosing to work with them you are probably aware that you are on a spiritual journey.As the pituitary gland secretes hormones that balance our whole system, it is important that this area is kept healthy. There are many crystals that will help you to develop your spirituality via the seventh chakra.

Related imageChanging your life can be assisted by using crystals. It is of value to use the correct crystals to stimulate areas of the body that require help. This chakras function is to manage specific areas of the brain, the pineal gland, the pituitary, the nervous system and all master glands.Once you work with these stones you may open your crown chakra, as you begin to make contact with spirit. This is quite common, and necessary for many spiritual practices, and this chakra will normally close naturally without any effort within a few hours.If you feel spaced out this may be a sign that this chakra is open. If you have a spacey feeling and it bothers you, in future be sure to keep one of the grounding stones close by, to aid you to be properly grounded after doing spiritual work.Hold any of the many base chakra stones, such as Black Tourmaline, Black Andradite Garnet, Tourmilated Quartz or Black Obsidian in your hand, to help to close any of the chakras. Use Muscovite to both aid with spiritual development and to prevent the side-effects that you may (not always) get from opening up spiritual or psychic gifts. This will also prevent this spaciness happening.
If you would like to develop the gift of psychic knowing, this may happen once you start working with specific crown chakra crystals.Psychic knowing is unusual in that the information is delivered directly from spirit to your mind, and although it happens quickly it is actually following a specific path.The information in the form of thoughts, or spiritual energy, enters via the crown chakra into the nerve bundle in the center of the brain, and they are immediately available in your thoughts.

The crown chakra is the most highly spiritual of the seven major chakras within the body, so it is the most powerful chakra for spirituality, not including the eighth chakra or soul star chakra and the other trans personal chakras. Keep any of these lovely crystals within your aura, and it will assist you to heal any health issues in this chakra, and it may enhance your connection to the Divine Mind and your higher self.Image result for crown chakra artMany beautiful stones of these colors are easily obtained. It is easy to buy stones for this chakra, so take a look at teh stones mentioned here to see what you need.Even having a few tumble stones in your pocket will keep them close to the area that they benefit.One of my favorites is the quite beautiful lavender purple Sugilite stone. Some books and jewelry stores have labeled it as “the premier love stone”, but it offers much more.Sugilite rings, like the one in the image on the right, and other jewelry made from this stone is wonderful to wear.This lovely crystal is a strong spiritual grounding stone, and it is a wonderful stone for psychic protection as well.This is very useful when you begin any psychic exploration, to have protection from any entities that may be attracted to your ‘light’. The combination of Amethyst Crystals with Sugilite, both powerful 7th chakra stones, will elevate the level of psychic protection. This combination is also very effective for overcoming addictions.

To gain the greatest advantage spiritually you might choose to make use of high vibration healing stones. Using any of these strong crystal energy stones will be most advantageous to this chakra. After the use of certain high crystal energy crystals, you may find new ways of thinking could emerge.Values, high ethics, service to others, humanitarianism and sensitivity to the environment emerge from this powerful crystals will work simultaneously on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras and the transpersonal chakras which are above the crown chakra.This is because all of the chakras from the heart chakra up are concerned with spirituality and healing.Some of these crystals will be easier to get than others, but if you are meant to have one it will turn up. Look for any of these stones, as they are excellent to develop any of the psychic powers.Both Herkimer Diamonds and Moldavite are now more common in good crystal shops. Some of the other high frequency stones are classified as rare crystals, and they can be a little more difficult to obtain.A few of these high vibration stones are now known about more widely, as more of you embrace spirituality and healing.White Heulandite, Nirvana Quartz, Herderite, Petalite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Danburite, Satyaloka Quartz, Scolecite, Tanzanite, Natrolite, Star Hollandite Quartz and Phenacite are stones you might choose.These crystals are  high crystal energy stones, and all these are potent stones for accelerating spiritual growth.Crystal jewelry made from any of the violet or white crystals including clear quartz is recommended. There are beautiful pieces of crystal jewelry made from many of the 7th chakra stones.Wearing earrings made from Labradorite is powerful, and it keeps it higher on the body and close to the crown chakra. Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone Crystal are both powerful stones to wear and make extraordinary jewelry pieces.Many women report astonishing shifts after beginning to wear Moonstone, as it is the stone of the “Goddess”.

Lovely Purple Amethyst jewelry is easy to buy. Any reputable crystal shop will have pieces in one of the listed stones.

Many jewelers keep crystal pendants and rings of either purple or Green Amethyst, which are not only powerful stones but are also lovely to wear.Wearing purple crystal jewelry, made from any of the violet flame stones will create amazing healing results.Some of the most well-known purple crystals are also known as stones that bring through the violet flame, including Sugilite, Tanzanite, Purpurite and Amethyst Crystals.Another beautiful purple stone, that is also protective, is Charoite. It brings the added vibration of “being of service”. It speaks to all of us who not only wish to be spiritual, but to bring these gifts to the world so that everyone can benefit.As you use crown chakra healing crystals you may enhance the abilities of this chakra.As you allow yourself to open to the flow that comes to you from the universal mind, new spiritual abilities come forth and new ways of thinking emerge.

Image result for Earth Star or Earth Chakra

Soul Star Chakra      White

The soul star chakra is associated with the origin of enlightenment and with the principle of ascension, and to the ideal, ‘I transcend’.This chakras meaning is a lot about the idea of ‘letting go’ and allowing the Divine light of Spirit, and the white ray to fill your life.This chakra is the area where we connect with our higher self, and through this develop spiritual abilities.One of the reasons we do not normally have access to this information, is that it may also be quite confronting. It allows you to let go of old attitudes that may otherwise have held you back in your current life.If you succeed in gaining this information, it may be powerful to aid you to make momentous changes in your way of thinking and living. This may happen when you integrate lessons that you learned in prior lives.

The eighth chakra is commonly called the soul star chakra or seat of the soul. It is located above the top of the head, above the crown chakra. This chakra is situated above the highest point of the physical body, and is approximately a hand width above the head, or around six inches, and up to two feet in some people.It is the first trans-personal chakra. Although there is a gateway between it and the crown chakra, commonly called the Stellar Gateway, this is the next chakra above the crown chakra in the etheric body.It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, as it is the point where spiritual energy, and Divine love, enters the body. Via the gateway, Divine light and energy filters down into the crown chakra for distribution throughout the body.

The eighth or soul star chakra meanings relate to infinite energy, spirituality, supreme Divine wisdom and spiritual compassion.Those who have developed certain spiritual gifts, may utilize the soul star chakra, and gain access to the Akashic records. This access may allow your conscious mind to breach the veil of amnesia, which has prevented you from knowing information about past lives and the lessons learned during them. Indigo Kyanite primarily relates to the higher chakras, and is an excellent stone to use at any of the chakras from the third eye up into the transpersonal chakras.All colors of Kyanite have a strong, powerful vibration, and will bridge any energy gaps.Before beginning any further development work, ensure you have taken care of this first, by aligning your chakras using Kyanite.Blue Kyanite is also very powerful for aligning your chakras very quickly.During your life many of you have had accidents or surgery, and are unaware that these may cause gaps in your energy flow.Continue to use Kyanite regularly, once you decide to work with the energy of the transpersonal chakras.This is an important stone to use when doing energy work anywhere in the body, not just spiritual work. It is one stone that never needs cleansing.The chakra color for the soul star chakra is white, and it is also associated with the white ray. White light may be generated from this chakra, the clear, luminous light which brings spiritual cleansing and healing.If you have not previously done any spiritual development work, I suggest that you use either Clear Quartz Crystals,Image result for Earth Star or Earth Chakra Natrolite, Selenite or Clear Danburite.
These stones will develop both the eighth chakra and lower chakras.Another very powerful stone to aid the eighth chakra is Phenacite. It will assist white light from spirit, to flow down from the etheric and through the entire body.You may notice that many of the soul star chakra stones or crystals are not white, the specific chakra color.Other colored crystals are often crystals that work with more than one chakra, and they may even be chakra stones for quite a few of the chakras.Many of these are high vibration stones, that are powerful for bringing enlightenment and amazing spiritual development.This includes crystals such as Danburite, Herderite, Natrolite, Petalite, Satyaloka Quartz, Sugilite, Datolite of any color including white, Amethyst Crystals, Charoite, Phenacite or Tanzanite. The number of crystals that aid the soul star chakra is quite large, so the list is quite long. You can look at the list of soul star chakra stones at the bottom of the page.

It is important when working with the soul star chakra crystals, that you are aware of the dynamic energy that this chakra governs. It is via this chakra that specific information is downloaded, to the chakras below.Working on this chakra, you may develop your psychic gifts and find your spirit guides. If you have any of the other eighth chakra stones you may begin working with them first, but Selenite or satin spar, has a high vibration, and many people recommend it.It is often made into healing tools such as Selenite wands. When you begin to work with the eighth chakra, the crystal that is usually recommended is White Selenite. This may aid you to gain access to powerful angelic beings from the higher realms. As you embrace and embody the learning that will come through, amazing changes may happen in your life.It is through this area and via contact with the Ascended Masters, that you are able to activate your light-body and attain enlightenment.These words should not to be taken lightly, as these higher beings are extraordinarily powerful, and expect a lot from those who choose to make the decision to follow this path.Image result for Earth Star or Earth Chakra

It is recommended that you might like to seek advice from alchemical healers who have the specific knowledge on how this is done.Daily meditation with the powerful high crystal energy stones, including and specifically White Selenite crystals, may open and activate this chakra.Meditating regularly is highly recommended if you want your spiritual path to move more quickly. Depending on your prior experiences, including those in past lives, this will happen at the pace of your own souls journey.Working at the level of the transpersonal chakras, it is very easy to become ungrounded. I highly recommend that you ensure that you are grounded, by the use of spiritual grounding techniques, including doing a grounding meditation.In addition, you may prefer to wear some of these stones as crystal jewelry, such as crystal pendants or earrings. Keeping the energy of these stones within your aura may create spiritual growth even more quickly.

Many of the powerful stones for this chakra, make lovely jewelry and one that is particularly useful to wear as crystal jewelry is purple Charoite.Wearing Charoite Stone jewelry is a powerful asset for both psychic protection and for spiritual grounding, and as well they are beautiful crystals.Wearing Charoite has the added advantage of aiding you to ‘be of service’.High crystal energy stones worn continuously are very powerful, so if you are going to wear or use high vibration crystals, just ensure that you also wear grounding stones as well.Ensure that you keep grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline or Charoite close by, and if possible within your aura. At all times, try to use natural crystals of any crystal if you are able to, rather than manufactured stones.

Working with the high vibrations of the trans personal chakras, you will in all probability begin developing psychic abilities. All psychic gifts can be developed, but it may take time and effort.Once you have begun the process of connecting your soul to your conscious mind, you may gain an awareness of your soul’s purpose, and access to karmic memories. The soul star chakra or eighth chakra is the area within the etheric body, where the functions of higher consciousness, spirituality and your commitment to higher ideals originate.The white ray energy of the eighth chakra is a powerful restorative.It will aid emotional balancing and stability, and bring deep inner peace and tranquility. By the access to Divine Wisdom you may become aware of the oneness of all that is.The eighth chakra is a chakra that is about ascension and your spiritual self. As you work with your higher self and your spirit guides, you may learn why you are here, and why you were born at this time.Many of you who have come onto the earth have a definite purpose, but you may not know yet what your purpose is.Once you work with the high vibration trans-personal chakras, you may gain the knowledge about why you have incarnated, and be able to follow the path required, and be of service to humanity and the earth.The use of the eighth chakra crystals, have a strong potential to bring through a number of psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairvoyance and psychic knowing, and may assist you to develop your intuition.


Each individual crystal in the cluster will send out the positive energy to enable it to impact with the entire human energy field.Crystals have a vibration which can be measured, and according to the level of the vibration can be effective healers of individual chakras. Clear Quartz will work to heal all chakras. Clear quartz clusters have a positive effect on all chakras. Quartz clusters of any type, are useful pieces to have in a space, as they will send the energy out throughout the room. It’s vibration has the potential to boost any other stones energy so it may assist all chakras.

Stones are used for many purposes including Meditation, Divination, Healing, magical oil blends or even crushed in some incense recipes.

Each of our Chakras has it’s own unique healing color, which are also the same colors that appear in a rainbow. These pure, spectral colors can be used to energetically influence the senses, balancing the body, mind and soul. Colors also have frequencies, measured in terahertz, and wavelengths measured in nanometers.

A very powerful Chakra meditation is to “breath in” color; with each breath, imagine breathing in a particular Chakra color, and direct this charged “Prana” (the Life giving Energy of the Universe, which we take in through the air we breath) to that Chakra, infusing it with Life energy.

You can carry them, burn them, add them to your favorite magical oil blend, and place them around the home, in the car, at the office, anywhere you feel the energies are wanted. We ourselves are still learning all about the wondrous ways of gems and stones. A journey that we hope will never end! Stones predate humans by centuries and can show us our true selves because of that fact. They are symbols for forces far beyond words or cold-hard facts. They are there to show us what is already there within and around ourselves.

There are various uses for the beautiful stones. It is up to you how they are used. This is a mystical journey, no magic is needed other than that of your possession of whichever stone you choose. Get to know each stones properties, learn how these stones can enrich both your personal and spiritual life in unlimited wondrous ways.
A good start in finding the right stone is if you have a goal in mind for the stone. Since there are such a great number of stones available this helps limit your choices. Know the properties of each stone and you will find the one you are looking for; the right shade and shape will become important to you too.

Image result for chakrasIf there is no goal in mind, you just want or need a “special little stone”, see which one jumps out at you, or pass your hand over several stones and feel the energy that comes to you. Try meditating for the right one. Again, knowing the properties of stones may help you in this.

Now that you have chosen your stone, it is time for programming it. Programming involves implementing your energy and will into the stone of your choice. However, it is very important to first cleanse the stone. The stones and gems are extremely receptive to vibrations and that includes negative ones. The stone you have chosen may have passed through other hands before reaching you. You must get rid of any other energies the stone may have picked up and make it “yours”.

There are many different methods for cleansing a stone and again it is important to know all you can about your particular stone as some methods may be destructive to some soft stones and gems. The most frequently used method seems to be the one using water and sun.

This method involves holding the stone under running water (spring or well water preferrably) and with the use of visualization, banishing all negative and foreign vibrations and leaving the stone clear with it’s own energies. Instead of drying it with a cloth, place it to dry in the sun. If at night place in the full light of the moon. Both the sun and the moon are powerful sources of natural clear energies.

For stones that are too soft to put under running water, cleanse by passing through the smoke of sage or any other appropriate herb while meditating and focusing on banishing the negative energies and replacing with your own energies.

Another way is to bury the stone of your choice in the earth. Since the earth is the origin of the stone, the natural energies of Mother Earth will cleanse the stone of all negativity. Some say for three days, some say for a week… do whatever feels right to you. Also be aware of the moon when burying your stone. The phase of the moon can play a large part in the effectiveness of the cleansing. Still another way of cleansing a stone is to immerse it in salt water, salt being the symbol of the earth’s energies, and let it dry naturally in the sun.Image result for Earth Star or Earth Chakra

Meaning of the main Crystals and Gams

Agate – The best stone for healing serpent and scorpion bites. Aids strength and courage. Compels truth, promotes good manners, happiness, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, fertility and good health.

Amber – An aid to furthering ambitions, and for healing throat disease. Magnetic. Electrically alive with solidified golden light. Emits powerful amount of heat and light. Powerful healing stone with large amount of organic energy.. In ancient times, ground to a powder and mixed with honey or oil of roses for various physical problems. Filters germs and infections and has the power to disinfect. Worn around the neck to help fight infection and respiratory diseases. Lifts the spirits. Golden yellow stone.

Amethist – Stone of Venus. Assists those to maintain faithfulness, gives wearer the gift of tongues. Increases spiritual awareness, has calming and soothing influence, has ability to transmute negative into positive, very effective as a healing stone. Has ability to prophesy, and wards off drunkenness. Warmed and placed on the forehead and temples, it is good for headaches. Has the ability to draw through it forces directed towards the body and repels vibrations the body doesn’t need, thus releasing only the energy patterns beneficial to the body. Best worn in healing near the heart center. Calming and protective, aids meditation, aids in purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness. Calming, grounding, a cleanser and spiritual stimulate, strengthens heart and cleanses liver of toxins, excellent for lung problems.  Purple ranging from light to dark.

Aquamarine  –   Assists inspiration, favorable for travelers, helps to protect against accidents. Calms nervous tension. Calming effects of the sea. Used to help banish fears and phobias. Soothing and cleansing. Powerful aid to happiness in marriage. Light blue clear stone.

Adventurine  –  Increases perception and creative insight. Stimulates opportunity and motivation. Soothes emotions, used for the heart and heartache, for acceptance of self and others, for inner peace.

Azurite  –   Powerful healing stone, invokes spiritual guidance, opens psychic eye. Good for dreams and improving psychic ability.

Bloodstone  –   A favorite for healing and strength. Soldiers of old wore it in battle, believing it had the power to stop bleeding. Stimulates flow of energy for healing blood circulation, stops hemorrhaging. Removes emotional blockages. A talisman for warding off all accidents and disease, especially suitable for men. Red stone.

Carbuncle  –   Worn to increase the feeling of self confidence and the ability to fight through difficulties.

Carnelian  –  Brings owner joy. Gives protection and energy. Orange-red stone.

Chrysoprase  –  Emits steady serene flow of light. Tranquilizing. Soothes emotions, will help tranquilize many forms of neurosis, used to absorb or deflect unwanted energies.Translucent apple green stone.

Citrine  –  Enables self esteem. Stimulates openness and awakening of the mind. Aid to the digestive system. Helps eliminate toxins. Encourages tremendous healing on the emotional and mental levels, helps unblock subconscious fears, and serves as a natural relaxant.

Coral  –  Promises a long and happy married life, protects a child from evil influences, and safeguards the teenager during the highly emotional period. Balances physical energy and relaxes tensions. Carries the creative vibrations of the sea. Various colors.

Cornelian  –  Wish stone, is highly favorable to health, long life, and good fortune. It’s special virtue is the fulfillment of one’s wishes if the stone is worn near the heart.

Diamond  –  A symbol of bravery and strength, and also one of the emblems of innocence. An antidote against pestilence.

Emerald  –  Helps women to attract a true love, and men to attract a loving wife. Promotes creativity, stimulates perception and insight, and strengthens memory. Beneficial effect on the eyes. Also an excellent preservative against decay, arrests dysentery, and heals bites from venomous animals. Clear green stone with a hint of blue.

Fluorite  –  Considered a good luck piece. Also called Fairy Gem. Manifests innermost wishes. Promotes well being; enhances concentration and meditation. Powerful spirit guide. Opens and softens the way for the use of other stones. Excellent used in aquariums-provides needed minerals. Charge on window sill at night . Varies in different shades of purples and greens. Identified by the bands of color seen within the stone.

Galaxite  –  Believed to be sent to the earth by the Angels to heal the earth. Mixed dark green and milky appearance, when held in the light there are many opalescent pieces trapped within the stone. A type of Moonstone.

Garnet  –  Wards off inflammatory diseases, promotes healthy and cheery disposition. Balances hormones, good for mental depression, enhances self esteem, alleviates bad dreams, and encourages success in business. Thought to assist in seeing into past incarnations. Will ensure consistency in friendship and love, preserve health, and is generally fortunate. Vitality and passion. Stimulates happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, persistence, good for re-birthing, menstruation and life passages, disorders, fertility, eases arthritis pain. Ranges from orange red to pink-red.

Hematite  –  Very strong stone; absorbs negativity. Gives optimism and courage. Calming to the emotions. Worn as an amulet confers strength and procures favorable legal judgement. In Egypt, used to reduce inflammation and treat hysteria. Considered to be a grounding stone. Helps maintain balance between body, mind and spirit. Used for fevers, alleviates worry and anxiety as it allows for mental clarity, known as the “worry stone”. Heavy black metallic stone.

Herkimer  –  Balancing special variety of quartz crystal. “Diamond” works with yin/yang energies, known as the Dream Crystal, aids in bringing teachings of the dream state into conscious awareness, very highly attuned spiritually.

Jacinth  –  Renders the wearer extremely fascinating and strengthens the heart. Used for melancholy.

Jade  –  A most sacred stone and a symbol of divine revelation. Brings good fortune and health to its owner. Stimulates practicality, wisdom and universal atonement. Thought to provide a link between the spiritual and the mundane. Most revered by the Chinese.  Creamy green stone.

Jasper  –  Safeguard personal independence, said to bring inspirational warnings when there is danger of unfair domination from others, balance emotions and stress. Aid and comfort during periods of female distress. One stone worn about the neck and another around the waist.

Lapis Lazuli  –  Prized for its prophetic virtues. Stimulates wisdom, truthfulness and psychic experiences, healing and strengthening when worn next to the skin. Strengthens mind and body to spiritual awareness. Royal blue in color with flecks of real gold.

Leopard-skin Jasper  –  Powerful healer.

Malachite  –  Called a magic stone, favorable for travelers, missionaries, and other adventurers. Used as a child’s talisman to sleep soundly and protect from bad dreams. Stimulates clear vision and insight, represents hope and inner peace, believed to protect from danger. Increases abundance in all areas of life. This stone supposedly has equal amounts of negative and positive forces, thereby adding to the balance of physical and spiritual life. Used to release repressed emotions and for physical detoxing.  Brilliant shades of green, very apparent in bands of shades.

Moonstone  –  Aid in bringing forth memories of past lives, carried as a good luck piece. Brings good fortune. Reflects the wearers being and feelings. Promotes unselfishness. Opens the heart to humanitarian love and hope. Good for protection while traveling on water. Gives clarity to spiritual understanding. Good for pre-menstrual symptoms and balancing to the reproductive system. Used to ease childbirth. Sometimes called the Queen of Heavens stone. Calming effect on emotions. Eases menstrual pain, alleviates many degenerative conditions in the skin, hair, eyes and body fluids (tears, digestive juices) . Translucent milky stone with color tints ranging from white-yellow to blue-gray.

Moss Agate  –  Assists in making and keeping friends, helpful to farmers and those interested in growing plants. Moss Agates considered to be most powerful. Aid in restoration of energy, used in healing, and believed to bring wearer happiness, wealth, health and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness. Moss green balances emotional energy; Moss red balances physical energy; Blue lace gives tranquility .Translucent stone with flecks of green.

Obsidian  –  Used to sharpen both the internal and the external. Black stone.

Onyx  –  Preserves against the bite of snakes and venomous insects, and assists in bringing marital happiness. When certain persons wear it, may bring on terrible shapes to a dreamer, from which the future can be divine. Will ground spiritual energy to physical plane. Deep black in color.

Opal  –  An unlucky stone which can interfere with love and marriage unless one was born between September 23rd and November 21st. To these people it will give second sight or clairvoyance, and prevent contagion from the air — Generally white but various color range depending on variety. Identified by brilliant sparkling effect.

Pearls  –  Worn as a necklace, make the wearer chaste. Stimulates feminine qualities, used to focus attention, helps pull together mental and spiritual forces and peace of mind. Represents purity, modesty and gentleness. A very lucky stone for those born in June.

Peridot  –  Dispels fear, doubt and depression. Used to counteract negative emotions and healing of the spirit. Once worn as a means of gaining foresight and divine inspiration. Protection, prosperity, emotional calming, purifies and balances. Light green clear stone.

Phantom  –    Clear powerful tool for the New Age, used to ground and center while attuning to higher spiritual energies, in healing work used to disperse congested energies.

Pyrite  –  Enhances mental capacity and attracts money to owner. Has protecting, shielding aspect for physical, mental and emotional levels. Shields from negative energy, strengthens circulatory system and clears oxygen in the blood. Also known as fool’s gold.

Quartz  –  Amplifies healing energy. Used to help draw out pain. Able to tap into energies of the universe. Good stone for meditating on. Very potent and often worn to protect from negative vibrations.

Rhodochrosite  –  Adds courage, will and passion to the loving heart vibration. Represents love of God. Milky pink stone with definition.

Rhodonite  –    Used to activate love. Attracts or keeps a loving partner.  Pink stone with black highlights-very defined.

Rose Quartz  –  Worn or carried for love, fidelity, peace and happy marriage. Aids intuition and emotional balance. Reduces stress and tension – cools hot tempers. Vibrations of universal love and inner serenity. Comforts heart from all wounds, helps heal emotional pain, enhances love, self-love, positive outlook, joy and oneness. Light to medium milky pink color.

Ruby  –  The stone of freedom, charity, dignity and divine power. Increases vigor, renews vitality and cleanses the blood. The stone of courage. Helps banish grief for those in mourning. Generally deep red with orange or pink undertone.

Smokey Quartz  –  Good for calming the mind. Eases depression, fear and panic.

Snowflake Obsidian  –  Teaches one the truth of oneself in relation to ones ego, depicts the contrast of life…day and night, darkness and light, truth and error. Grounds spiritual energy to physical plane. Absorbs negativity. Black stone with lacy highlights of white.

Sodalite  –  Alleviates fears. Clears the mind. Blue with flecks.

Tiger Eye  –  Calms emotions, protects against external stresses. To restore physical energy and quiet emotional nature.

Topaz  –  Will make melancholy vanish when worn or carried in the left hand. Protects against insomnia and depression, mood elevator, revitalizes, stimulates creative thinking processes. Clear gold stone (deeper color than amber).

Tourmaline  –  Supercharged with magnetic and electric energy. Lifts fears and negative conditions. Causes the wearer to be flexible, understanding and more objective in purpose and reason. Electric and magnetic properties. Works as protective shield, consumes negative energy without releasing into atmosphere, has to do with visions and “seeing” with compassion, teaches to expand limited concepts of thinking, relates to aspirations for higher love, very complete stone. Various shades of pink and green. Some stones will have both colors.

Turquoise  –    Helps ward off danger and clears one’s path of pitfalls. Protector against evil. Self-love stone. Primary holy stone of Native Americans. Radiates calming vibrations, protective and restores healthy mental attitude. Stone of friendship. Balancing and healing. Great strength and vitality. Takes on characteristics of the wearer. It is unwise to wear a turquoise formerly worn by one who has died. Excellent for both spiritual atonement and healing of the energy centers and the physical body, valuable for grounding as well as for vision quests and astral travel, purifies all levels of being and is capable of handling strong negativity, also used for wounds and for damage to bones — Shades of blue, ranging from deep sky blue to greenish Chinese turquoise.