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2(9, 18/9, 27/9, 36/9, 45/9, 54/9)

Destiny number 9 is a very spiritual number, symbolised by vision and consciousness. It is a number that is associated with idealism, compassion and humanitarian values.

The Destiny number 9 possessor has great enthusiasm for life. He brings beauty and perfection into his own life and into the lives of others. This he does through his contribution on charity, romance and art. Such a person should be of a peaceful mind, kind, generous, forgiving and compassionate at heart, an inspiration to others, strong-willed, artistic, energetic and humane. He should teach himself not to be narrow-minded or of a narrow outlook to life, emotional, impulsive, hasty in losing his temper, bitter in speech and behavior, a bad influence and should not be quick to pick up fights.

The number 9 Destiny suggests that the direction of growth in your lifetime will be in benevolent activities, in compassion, and in worldly understanding. You are living up to and growing toward your Destiny when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others.

You are the compassionate one, someone who is particularly generous and trustworthy. You’re caring and understanding and have a genuine love for people and the world around you. You’re constantly putting others first and have a wealth of compassion for the world and everyone in it, unable to bear witness to the self-destruction that exists in this world. You will do whatever you can to help the less fortunate.

Destiny number 9′s is very sensitive souls. Intuition and psychic abilities come natural to you. People love being around you. You’re sociable, understanding and have a great enthusiasm for life. It is imperative that your relationships have an abundance of love, affection and romance. You are certainly known as ‘the giver’ yet you never neglect your own needs, always expecting the same abundance from your loved ones in return.

You must be willing to help others as you were intended to be the “big brother or big sister” type. You must work well with people, for you have the potential to inspire.

Creative ability, imagination and artistic talent (often latent) of the highest order are present in this Destiny. Career fields in which you can excel are many and include advisory roles, medicine, legal fields, artistic fields, diplomacy, and religion.

Friendships, affection, and love are extremely important. Your personal ambitions must be maintained in a very positive perspective, never losing sight of an interest in people, and preserving a sympathetic, tolerant, broad-minded and compassionate point of view. If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural Destiny in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others.

Undeveloped or ignored, the negative side of the 9 Destiny can be very selfish and self-centered. If you do not actively involve yourself with work that benefits others, you may tend to express just the opposite characteristics. It is your role to be very involved with other people and their needs, but it may be difficult for you achieve this role. Aloofness, lack of involvement, and a lack of sensitivity mark the low road of this Destiny.

The expression that you exhibit is represented bythe number 9. Your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You like to help others as you were intended to be the “big brother or big sister” type. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. You work well with people, and have the potential to inspire. This suggests that you could successfully teach or counsel. Creative ability, imagination and artistic talent (often latent) of the highest order are present in this expression. It’s possible that you’re not using or developing all of these capabilities at this time. Some of your talents may have been used at an earlier time in your life, and some may still be latent. Be aware of your capabilities, so that you can make use of them at appropriate times.

If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural expression in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others. Your personal ambitions are likely to be maintained in a very positive perspective, never losing sight of an interest in people, and a sympathetic, tolerant, broad-minded and compassionate point of view. You are quite idealistic, and disappointed at the lack of perfection in the world. You have a strong awareness of your own feeling as well as those of others. Friendships, affection, and love are extremely important.

Undeveloped or ignored, the negative side of the 9 expression can be very selfish and self-centered. If you do not actively involve yourself with work that benefits others, you may tend to express just the opposite characteristics. It is your role to be very involved with other people and their needs, but it may be difficult for you achieve this role. Aloofness, lack of involvement, and a lack of sensitivity mark the low road of this expression.
To better understand 9s uncommon universal effect, add together the numbers from 1 to 8. (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8). The answer is 36. Add the 3 and 6 together, and you have 9. Add 9 to 9 and you have 18. Add the 1 and 8 together, and you’re back to 9.
Another mathematical wonder is that when you multiply 9 by 9, the answer is 81. And, of course, 8 + 1 = 9. Look what happens when you multiply 9 ones by 9 ones. (111,111,111 x 111,111,111). The result is an astonishing 12,345,678,987,654,321 which, when added together = 81 = 9.

This is the only number that works in such mysterious ways and, just as 9 contains the energies of all the other numbers, you, yourself, can be all things to all people, adaptable in a wide variety of environments and situations. You can be quite a mystery, too.

The shape of the number 9 forms the basis of a spiral which reflects the combined motion of creativity and evolvement. Those born on the 9 path have great potential for creative thinking, artistic output, as well as rapid evolution of the mind, the emotions and/or the body. 9 enable you to live a life full of love, accomplishment, and personal satisfaction. But, first, you must accept that feelings are what you came into this life to express and understand. The 9 Destiny Paths is, indeed, an emotional one.
9 is the most complicated of all the numbers and the most difficult to live with or make sense of and, until you understand its evolutionary purpose, life can seem like an eternal roller coaster. Trauma after trauma may be experienced until you finally accept that emotion is what you are here to learn about.
When 9s true nature is denied or exaggerated, you can hurt people by taking their love for granted and trying to control their lives. You may have a desire to give, but will give to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, one of which is guilt. Some 9s are adept at making others feel guilty, using their misfortunes as an excuse to take rather than give. Global awareness may also exist, but from a fearful, bigoted and non-accepting point of view. Insight may come, but is then rejected. Compassion is viewed as weakness as it means having to let down one’s guard and actually feel something. Emotions are expressed but held on to instead of being released. The courage that is typical of those on the 9 Destiny Path is then expressed through misplaced anger instead of self-acceptance and fairness.
9s can never be happy when their destiny energy is exaggerated or denied because this imbalance tells you that happiness does not exist. You then resent others who are experiencing happiness. When the 9 energy is experienced in this way, it is bitter, to say the least. Fortunately, most 9s do not stay in this dark and lonely place for long.
The 9 mind evolves in ways that others may not experience. This enables you to feel your feelings in their most profound and diverse forms. You often have to travel in what seems like the wrong direction – backwards – in order to go forward. 9 is so complex that you cannot help but become involved in the metaphysics of life. You have an insatiable appetite for the spiritual and psychological.
A basic understanding of reincarnation is desirable because this lifetime is likely to be your last. If that sounds a little ominous, you should know that all 9s are very old souls who have lived many lifetimes. Haven’t you ever wondered why nothing really shocks you? It is because you have seen and done it all before. You have existed in every form, color, race, creed, and gender. You have traveled every walk of life. Of course, that does not mean that you have learned all you need to learn, and your experiences in this lifetime will make that clear. Be prepared to let go of previous beliefs so that you can learn something new.
Deep down, you know you are here to conclude unresolved issues of the past so that you can move on to a higher existence. But what you may forget is that you must live this life fully, finish everything you start, tie up all the loose ends and gain experience from past and present mistakes. All of this can seem like a daunting task. Or, in a different light, it can be an exciting and fulfilling adventure. You may become frustrated by the demands that life appears to place on you, until you realize that you simply don’t assert yourself as fully as you could.
Your live-and-let-live attitude is a beautiful part of who you are, but it can also backfire on you. To counteract this, you must develop a deep self respect for and be comfortable in your role of ‘giver’. When this is achieved, you will have no problem saying ‘no’ when necessary. You will understand that nobody owes you a thing, and that there is no one to whom you are obligated, either. Then you will be able to move away from the guilt that often plagues the 9 who does not know what it means to be a 9, and you will understand just how beautiful the act of selfless giving actually is. Just remember that you cannot give what you have not got. And you cannot keep giving without replenishing your stock, whether it be energy or material things. Aim for quality rather than quantity.
You are probably aware of how versatile you are. There is very little to which you cannot relate and you probably know a little bit about everything. However, while your versatility is a great asset, it can create problems with regard to your sense of identity, making a living and establishing a secure base for yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to specialize in something in which you are passionately interested. Otherwise, you cannot help but suffer the pains of feeling unfulfilled. Self-fulfillment, usually through creativity and helping others, is one of the beautiful gifts that 9 offer.
Your life tends to create circumstances to which you must constantly adapt. This makes it difficult for you to focus on one thing at a time. You may spread yourself too thin, unable to concentrate long enough to gain the necessary experience or expertise. You may find yourself bouncing from one thing to another without actually completing anything, unaware that completion is what’s needed.
You may already be doing pretty well in life, but there is no telling just how much you can accomplish with focus. It is always lack of concentration which prevents 9s from seeing their higher potential. It is up to you to recognize your specialty, (your passion), and give it the focus it deserves.
Your life is often cluttered with useless projects, people, possessions, and you have a tendency to waste your time, energy, opportunities and resources on unimportant matters. You may have to occasionally stand back from the ongoing dramas of your life and assess any situations or relationships that need to be weeded out and ended.
In order to find the truth, you will have to begin at the beginning and go back to the very source – the origins of the matter – back to the past to release yourself from unexpressed emotions which are holding you there. Recognize where you are torturing yourself emotionally over matters you can do absolutely nothing about. When you realize that this is what you so often do to yourself, it will be easier to accept the past and move on to a more comfortable reality.
Ultimately, you are learning how to let go. This can be a painful process until you understand its necessity. You may question how it is possible to be the loving and generous person you know you are when you may have to hurt yourself or others in the process of letting go. The life of a 9 is never simple. Very often, the people you think you may hurt actually need to be released so that their lives can unfold in a way that is natural for them. For you, partings are such sorrowful and frightening occasions, only to find, in retrospect, that it was the best thing for all concerned.
On the other hand, by developing a greater tolerance for the individuality of others, the need to end certain relationships need never arise. You must learn to accept the diversity of humanity and enjoy the richness of loving relationships in which common goals take the place of ego. It is hard for those who love you to share you with the world, as they must often do. The least you can do is to allow them to be who they are rather than who you want them to be. You can be frustrated with those who do not live up to your high ideals, but your disappointment is actually with your own intolerance. You may think that tolerance is one of your greater attributes, but this is a misunderstanding since we only tolerate that which we do not like. Acceptance is the key. That means that you must stop judging yourself, and others.
9 is the number of giving, and the most precious gift you can bestow on anyone is your acceptance of them just as they are. This in no way implies lowering your standards or putting up with ongoing adverse behavior. You must stay true to yourself and your principles. But your vision is a unique one and you cannot always expect others to see life as you see it. If you try to control other people, or if you are overly possessive, irresponsible, unemotional, or destructive, the 9 energy will work against you dramatically.
You are likely to experience at least one major trauma, illness, loss, accident, scandal or some other dramatic event which changes the entire course of your life. In retrospect, such painful events often turn out to be significant turning points which open you up to your emotional powers which, in turn, set you on a more meaningful path. When you express your emotions, life will provide you with many unusual and profound understandings and experiences. As your experience grows, you will become a philosopher of sorts, and you will want to share your insight with others.
There is nothing you cannot handle. You have had to face fear so often that you instinctively understand its purpose. The more you face your fears head-on, the more you will know what really does need to be feared and what does not. This makes you courageous, intelligent, and compassionate. You may have to work hard at building this level of confidence. When you do, you will experience a massive shift of consciousness. Your emotions will become your power instead of your weakness, and you will develop a much deeper appreciation of your purpose as a human being.
Some of your most natural characteristics are those of generosity and compassion. Others who can sense your need to give may try to take advantage of you. Therefore, you must learn to give only because you want to and not because you feel you should. You cannot battle with guilt. You can only recognize it and move away from it. Remember that guilt is NOT an emotion, but a wall of judgment which prevents you from feeling anything at all.
Take a good look at the way you have led your life and you will realize that you have been giving your whole life, perhaps without even knowing it. There are so many ways in which to give. Few of them require sacrifice. You can give as a loving spouse or parent, you can give kindness and comfort to others, or money and material assistance to those in need, you can give friendliness, encouragement, opportunity, emotional support, guidance and counsel; you can give of yourself through your particular field of work or service, or through your abundance of creative talent. Yes, you have been giving to this world all your life.
When you are unfocused, you can be all talk and no action. Who can blame others for ignoring or stealing your ideas when it is obvious that you have no intention of putting them to use? You are a natural planner and dreamer, but you must also take the action which will actualize your goals. Only through undaunted belief in yourself can you do this.
Because 9 is made up of all the other energies, you must know what the other energies consist of so that you can incorporate their qualities into your daily life:

  • Independence: knowing who you are, adapting to change, and leading your own life.
  •  Relation: cooperating with others, patience, tact, careful attention to detail, and developing intuition.
  •  Creativity: communication, friendship, beauty, and happiness.
  •  Break through : knowing that one’s work must be what one loves. Dealing with limitation.
  • Freedom: gaining experience by learning from mistakes. Travel. Coping with sudden developments.
  • Responsibility : the ultimate balancing act.
  • Wisdom : inner development, spirituality and knowledge.
  • Satisfaction :using your powers of manifestation through True Understanding and Balance.
  • Completion: following your feelings to Free Will.

You can be perceived as many things, ranging from the nicest person in the world to an angry, self-centered alarmist. What seems to others as negative behavior is actually quite natural for one who is experiencing so many different aspects of life as intensely as you are. Be yourself. Let your feelings take their spontaneous course, through you and out of you.
You are able to see all sides of a situation and you realize just how nearsighted others can be. Even though you become frustrated by a world that is so gullible, your caring nature wants to open people’s eyes to reality. Yes, you are a very intense person. You are here to learn about life from a broader perspective and then interpret your findings to others. You must find a way to communicate complex ideas in simple forms; otherwise your life will feel like one big ongoing struggle to explain yourself.
You can impress others with your versatility and broad knowledge but, in the end, it is you who must feel satisfied. Success is the result of different factors being brought together at the right time, in the right place and by the right people. You feel deeply about a lot of things which are connected by a common thread. What you want can only be determined from what you feel, and how deeply you let yourself feel it. With the firm intent to fulfill a goal, you will notice opportunities you could not see before. You will learn the progressive nature of reaching a goal, and resolve to take the steps which will lead you to it. It is not enough to merely wish for something. It is a matter of setting your sights on what you desire and then drawing yourself closer to it, step by step, with patience and determination. As more steps are taken, new insight accelerates the process. Then, you realize that this particular goal is only one step in a far greater process and that even higher goals are attainable. Such is the spiraling evolving nature of the 9 energy.
9’s emphasis on endings means that you cannot progress until each step is concluded. You may often find yourself having to go back over ground you thought you’d already covered. But once this lesson is learned, there is no telling what you can achieve, especially if your goals involve creativity or humanitarian issues.
You hate to be distracted when your heart is set on something but your diverse nature often pulls you in different directions. As you take your time to figure out which way to go, others may see you as lazy or scattered. But, if you believe in what you’re doing, the criticisms of others will have little effect. You are traveling a very different road to most other people and you must, therefore, give yourself enough freedom – enough detachment – to find your way.
Eventually, both you and those around you will see that all those seemingly unrelated events in your life are actually connected in some way and represent the link between the unknown and your very purpose in this lifetime. Try to leave nothing unfinished. Tie up all the loose ends. Know when you are finished and LET GO. Then move on. What a perfect journey yours can be when you know how to travel its powerful, unpredictable, and loving energy.

as have nine lives and humans live in cycles of nine years. Nine destinies are humanitarian creatures who wish to save the world. They are very old souls and therefore psychic.  They literally see red when injustice is done. They are sensual people, easily attracting the opposite sex with whom they love to flirt, being naturally hot-blooded. Their Karmic Lessons involve the global wellbeing of humanity. Missionaries and visionaries, they flock to underdeveloped countries fighting for the spiritual and physical growth of humankind. They can sometimes be martyrs to the cause. They pursue their goals with grit and guts. They are intrigued by the paranormal because they have great insight and innate psychic powers. They crave affection and are passionate lovers. They are super-sensitive, are easily offended and do not forgive too easily. They are attracted to the medical field, welfare, religious orders, veterinary science, animal welfare, parks and wildlife, environmental organizations and the visual arts. Circus people often have multiple nines in their charts. They have a tendency towards possessiveness, neurosis and volatility. God help the person they are fatally attracted to as they won’t let them out of their sight for long. Promiscuity can be a problem for them.

Positive: Universal protection, good in public relations, responsible, ‘Universal Brotherhood’, inner wisdom, highly intuitive, strength of character, selfishness (learning to say No), humanitarian, creative abilities, sensitive, loyal, forgiving, generalist, multi-talented, teacher, healer, artists, old soul, actor, intelligent, understanding, discreet, brilliant, compassionate, problem-solver, inner wisdom, highly intuitive, self-love, freedom, popular, eternity, generous, non-conformist, artistic genius, have a breadth of vision and a wide viewpoint, can be a little eccentric, communicative, influential, philanthropic, duty, calling, mission, obligation, mysticism, faith, optimism, Divine wisdom, self-sacrifice, karma, enlightenment, service, compassion, selflessness, high idealism, sympathy, psychic, tolerance, humility, altruism, benevolence, empathy, power, charity, intuition, perfection
Negative: Uncaring, uncommunicative, unreliable, lacks the use of understanding, lack of concern for others, lacks the awareness of intuition, weak concern for the self, lacks sensitivity, self-indulgent,  disloyal, lacks the ability to forgive, detached, lofty, dreamy, lethargic, lacking in concentration, aimless, stress and tension, unreliable, weak willed.
Challenges of the Destiny Number 9. As a destiny number 9 you must be cautious against over sensitivity. The misfortunes of others can cause you great pain and if you allow, could have a negative effect on your usually sunny disposition. You can be prone to poor judgment and slight naivety at times. Analytical by nature, you are interested in what makes a person tick, be wary however that your partner does not become overwhelmed by the feelings of being studied from under a microscope. There is also the danger that the destiny number 9 can swing from being wholly selfless to utterly self-centered in a flash. 9 is a path of insight, generosity, emotion, compassion, global awareness, interpretation, diversity and strength. 9 contains a little bit of all the other numbers, as well as many unique characteristics of its own. Its influence makes you versatile and unusual.
Ruling Planet – Mars

Color  – Red

Gemstone  – Bloodstone

Health Problems – Problems around the genitals and kidney disease

Careers: As a creative, selfless humanitarian you would be suited to: the education, government and religious professions, as well as any type of welfare, medical or charitable fields.

  • education professions
  • government professions
  • religious professions
  • welfare fields
  • medical  fields
  • charitable fields

Famous Number 9’s:


Ernest Hemingway

Carl Jung

Elvis Presley


Shirley McLain

Patrick Swayze