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Dream Symbols come across in our dreams that contain messages from our unconscious mind.  These symbols appear to be almost deceiving because they come across as a metaphor to grab your attention and is never what it truly means.  If you were to dream about a butterfly it might suggest change or transformation in your life right now.  Let’s explore a butterfly’s life cycle in detail, including all four stages of its life. All butterflies have “complete metamorphosis.”

To grow into an adult they go through 4 stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.  So when you see a butterfly in your dream you can be able to decode the symbol easier once you know everything about it.

Dream symbols also have a way of being evil or daunting at times to alert you, though that doesn’t necessarily mean you are in danger but could be some sort of emotional repression.  The more and more you ignore your internal or external issues your dream symbols will become more intense and more frequent.  These dreams would be classified as recurring nightmares.

Though nightmares and the symbols in them are not there to scare us but to help us fix a problem that we are sweeping under a rug for too long.  A common scary dream symbol we can analyze would be a shark.  If you look at sharks qualities you will know that it shows no mercy and will kill you and rip you apart when it wants, you are at its mercy.  Depending on the dream a shark could symbolize you or somebody you know that is a threat.  Do you or somebody you know possess shark like qualities?  Some say because a shark is in the water could that be a representation of your emotional state?  There is tons to think about when it comes to dream symbols and most important, dream symbols are personal to the dreamer and can only be decoded by them.

What are they…..

Dream symbols can be people, places, or objects that appear in your dreams via your unconscious. Your unconscious mind is like a big computer that stores everything you have ever seen or known in life that will drop little subtle for you to observe.  This is why our dreams can come across as very bizarre because the images/symbols are metaphoric and have a deeper meaning to what you think it might be.  Dream symbols differ from person to person depending on what is going on in his or her life but usually have the same underlying meaning.  One must understand the dream symbol and see how it can relate to what might be going on in ones life.  A knife is a good example of a dream symbol that can hold a different translation to the dreamer depending the context.  If in your dream you are cutting away at something at work might imply you are wanting to cut away from some aspects of it.  Another case of a knife would be to get stabbed.  You can ask yourself do you feel like you are getting back stabbed by someone or somebody?  Who is holding the knife and where did they stab you?  If you got stabbed in the heart by some crazy man could that suggest you are afraid of having your heart ripped in half in a relationship?  As you can see you can keep digging and digging which is the whole purpose of decoding dream symbols, you just have to be a bit open minded.

Decode Your Dream Symbol:

The first step in understanding your dream symbols would be to remember every single detail about your dream.  This might be difficult at first but the more you practice the better you will become over time.  Keeping a dream journal helps piece your dream puzzle easier.  You must jot down every single detail even though you feel it might not be relevant to you.  The first 1min you wake up from sleep you lose 90% of your dream so it’s vital to focus on the dream symbols.

Who – Who were the people in the dream.

What – What was going on in your dream.

Where –  Where did this dream take place.

How –   How did you feel?  Where you scared happy or sad?

Why –  Why do you think this dream happened.

The last step comes from you.  You will have to think about the people in your life that affect you directly or indirectly.  What is going on at this current moment that applies to the symbol that you received?  Are you the one who needs to change?  You have to keep in mind that a dream symbol and what it means is just the start.  It’s up to you translate the true meaning.