Dreaming about elevators can symbolize many types of situations taking place in your waking life, either past, present or future. Although elevator dreams are very common, they can also be quite unnerving and unsettling. Elevators usually move either upwards or downwards which is suggesting you are either on a positive (up) or negative (down) path. If the lift or elevator falls then there is a crisis in your life at the moment. If the elevator drops suddenly or is not doing what you expected it to do and is unpredictable then this dream indicates that in your work life you are keeping your side of the bargain or contract, but the other person or company is not, and this is creating intense frustration and conflict in your life. If however, you dream of falling in your actual dream then it takes on a new meaning. The falling sensation generally indicates the fear of losing security or a relationship. If you see yourself falling but do not have the sensation then it demonstrates a fear of failure. Most people experience this dream if they are focusing on their career, with a strong indication of wanting security around what they do.   If you hit the bottom of the lift or elevator following the sensation of falling in your dream then this indicates that you must believe that life still continues even after a crisis. If the dream involves a feeling of deep concern of other people in the lift or elevator then then this indicates that you are losing out on a relationship. This dream indicates that the relationship will work much better if you can express that knowledge will feelings with this person.Image result for Elevators dreams

The location of the elevator in your dream can give you a clue about what issues in your life the dream is pointing to. If the elevator is in an office building, this may indicate issues (positive or negative) you are having with your career or your coworkers. If the elevator is inside a home, this may indicate issues (positive or negative) you are having in your family life.

The direction that the elevator is moving in your dream exposes the ups and down of your life. If the elevator is moving upward, it can symbolize that you are moving forward in life and resolving problems.
If the elevator’s upward movement is too fast and frightening and it propels you into space, this could symbolize that you are feeling extremely overwhelmed, taking on too much and are afraid that you cannot handle something in your waking life.
If the elevator is going down, this is usually not a positive sign. It can indicate that you are slipping into or revisiting old unresolved problems. It can also mean a loss of control over your life. A positive symbol of the descending elevator could be that you are beginning to feel more grounded and able to face the challenges ahead, either new or old ones.Related image

If the elevator does not allow you to exit and you feel trapped, this can symbolize that you are in a situation in your waking life in which you are stuck. You may feel there is no way out and you don’t see any other options.

A sideways movement of an elevator in your dream may symbolize that you are spinning your wheels and not moving anywhere in some aspect of your waking life.

Dreams are the tools you can use to resolve issues in your waking life or those that have been continuing to haunt you. So if you have been dreaming a lot about elevators, you have the tools to discover why they have been happening and put them to rest.

Elevators and escalators go up and down and so they may represent anything in waking life that rises and falls or goes up and down – finances, emotions, promotions, etc. In general, the up and down motion of the elevator may represent the ups and downs of your life; or it may symbolize the emotions and thoughts emerging out of and submerging into your unconscious.
  • The movement of the elevator going up andImage result for Elevators dreams down in the elevator shaft may be a metaphor for a sexual intercourse
  • If the elevator or escalator is going up.It may indicate that you have risen to a higher level of consciousness; you are seeing things from a higher perspective; your plans or goals are moving ahead; or it may symbolize a raise or promotion.
  • If the elevator or escalator is descending

  • It may symbolize descending into the unconscious; becoming more grounded; you may be coming back down to reality; or it may signify a setback in your plans.

  • If the elevator or escalator gets stuck or stops

    It may suggest that you are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life: your career, a relationship, your education, etc; or a plan or project, goal or project has come to a standstill.

  • If you can’t get on the elevator or elevator

    If it is broken, you may to overcome an obstacle or you may need to work harder to attain a goal.

  • If there are many others ahead of you waiting to get on it you may need to be more patient and add additional time into your plans.Image result for Elevators dreams
  • If the elevator is out of control

    If it crashes through the roof, it may indicate that you are being put into a new elevated position and are feeling unprepared to deal with the new responsibilities.

  • If it is plummeting, it may symbolize a fear of losing control or an inability to get to the level you want to reach.
  • If the elevator is moving sideways

    It may symbolize being unproductive; you may be feeling like your career or a relationship is going nowhere; you may have reached a plateau in some area of life – a diet/exercise or weight loss program, personal/spiritual growth, your career, etc