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Energy Body is the structure for the Consciousness.

Energy Body forms with more than 72000 Nadis or Energy tubes which run all across the Body.
All these Energy Tubes starts from the head region. This region is called ‘Bramha Randra’.
These Nadis spread through out the body like roots of a plant. Energy Body is the main base for the design of our life.
Energy Body is the main source for all our actions and even for our existence.

Our Energy Body receives Cosmic Energy during sleep and Meditation.Image result for energy body
We are using this Energy for our body and mind activities like seeing, speaking, hearing and physical movements and even for digestion.

All these functions are totally based on the incoming Cosmic Energy.

The inflow of Cosmic Energy is purely based on our thoughts.
When we have thoughts, the inflow of Cosmic Energy is obstructed.
In other words,
Our thoughts are the stumbling blocks for the inflow of Cosmic Energy.

When the inflow of Cosmic Energy is less, the Energy in the Energy Tubes depletes. This depletion causes Etheric Patches in the Energy Body. This Etheric Patches gradually leads to diseases in the physical body.
In other words,
Root cause of all diseases is the lack of Energy in the Energy Body.

In Meditation, we get abundant Cosmic Energy. It flows heavily through all our Energy Tubes of Energy Body. Cosmic Energy cleanses all Etheric Patches due to its heavy flow.
When Etheric Patches are cleansed, we come out of all our illness.

When Energy starts flowing heavily through Bramha Randra, we ‘feel’ heaviness in the head region or heaviness in the whole body.

When Energy is cleansing the Energy Tubes, we may get itching sensation or pain in that region.
Some times we may experience pain in various places in the physical body.

For all these pains we need not take any medicines.
All these pains will vanish by increasing Meditation.

By intake of more and more Cosmic Energy by more and more Meditation, we come out of all physical and mental illness.

All of the above has been divinely orchestrated by your soul and all of the other aspects of you existing in other dimensions of time and space, instructing the mind to receive the thoughts that will trigger action from your physical, mental and emotional self, urging you to find your true essence.

In meditation we reach a thoughtless state and under the shower of the cosmic energy. The more meditation one does and more one will receive cosmic energy. This cosmic energy flows through the energy bodywhich is also called the etheric body or spiritual body which is alike in all human beings. The Cosmic Energy from the top of the head called Brahamrandara (7th Chakra or Christ Center) and inflow of Cosmic energy is based purely on our thoughts.

When the flow of cosmic energy is less, the energy in the energy tubes is depleted and thus   etheric patches appear in the energy body and these etheric patches gradually lead to diseases in the physical body & in other words depletion of the Cosmic Energy is the root cause of all the diseases in the etheric body. In meditation we get abundant cosmic energy, it flows through all our energy tubes of the energy body and when Cosmic energy is passing through energy body and because of its heavy flow it cleanses all etheric patches. When etheric patches  are cleansed  we come out  of all  our sicknesses.
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When energy starts flowing through the Brahamarandra ( 7th chakra or Christ centre)  we feel  heaviness  in the head  region or heaviness of the whole body. Where energy is cleansing the energy tubes in a particular region we may get itching sensation or pain in that region. Sometimes we may experience pain in various parts of our bodies  & we need not to take any medicine. All these pains will disappear by doing more meditation.  By intake of more & more cosmic energy by meditation we come out of all physical & mental illnesses. In meditation we transcend the body and mind and then the Cosmic Energy flows.