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Everything and all in the universe,the same Universe is consist or is pure energy. All and everything in the Universe is purification and manifestation of the vibration of the energy as itself.

All the Space, infinite and cosmic, is filled full of forces and substances in all-various grades of substantial, ethereal, and spirituality. Such relatively physical force-substances as electricity and light may be cited as instances.  Electricity and light are, without exception, emanations from entities of cosmic magnitude. In other words, the Boundless is full of cosmic entities, each of which has its own universe acting as its own individual “bearer” or “carrier”; and the vital forces or energies in any such entity are the identical forces, energies, substances, which infill that universe, and therefore, because substantially of the nature of consciousness, direct it, guide it, control it, and are in fact that inner and eternal urge behind all the outer phenomenal appearances.

In the atom as in the cosmos, the same principles, the same energies, substances, and structural operations prevail, because both atom and cosmos are forever inseparable parts of the boundless All, and therefore reflect, each according to its power and capacity, the spiritual primordial which the Boundless contains. Hence cosmos and atoms — inner and invisible, outer and visible, worlds and planes and spheres, considered as a cosmic composite — are what we call not only the veils and garments of the cosmic life, but the expressions of that cosmic life itself.


All energy healing, whatever their name is comes from the Source of Creation and the only differences between them are the labels we give them and the processes by which we connect to the energy and use it. Another factor that makes a big difference is how high the healer’s vibration is.

The higher their vibration to closer to source energy they can get and the higher frequencies of energy they can channel.

This of course is defined by how much healing work people have done on themselves. The more they have done on themselves to closer to the source of pure unconditional love they will be able to experience and share in their healing. It is in the letting go of Ego and allowing you to be an empty vessel that the healing process takes place. Healing is a self-healing process and as we heal ourselves we heal our world.

The living body radiates warmth and energy. The energy is the life force itself, and has as many names as there are human civilization’s.

This Universal source of any life expressions, form or energetic entities is the Cosmic Energy or life Force. During many centuries in many civilization’s and movements take many name, but the essence was always the same.

3In Japan it is called Ki. We feed our bodies with food and water to keep them healthy and our etheric bodies also need energy and this is delivered through our aura and chakras. In Japanese Reiki (ray-kee) means universal (rei) free passage. The meaning of Ki is universal life-force energy. For example the Polynesian Huna call this life force Mana, the Native American Iroquois people call it Orenda. In India it is known as Prana, Ruach in Hebrew, Barraka in the Islamic countries. This is the same energy that the Chinese call Chi, as in Tai Chi.

People sense the en norms power in themselves as in their surroundings while once they receive it in their bodies. This energy is indirectly available to us from air, sunlight, earth food, water and love.

Once they feel it, they wanted to keep it and started to learn more and more the possibilities of her power while it enter their bodies and use it for healing their own bodies and race the vibration of the energy threw the chakras.

As more they learn as more they started to practice and developing many techniques’ for easier way of doing that base of their own experience, for the next generations. But because every person is different and specific form of expression of the energy, they need a different approach to this life force of the creation. They can use the Techniques but modulated to their own need and purpose. Human hunger to understand himself as a part of the Universe make him search more and more for answer in himself, in his deep inner being by starting to hear the voice of his real being. He discover the hidden knowledge which were waiting for him and he started to do it more and more developing on that way different approach and techniques – meditations. Once he discover that he find that he can control the power in his body for healing the parts or organs or even his whole body by filling that luck of energy in that part or rebalancing the energy in them. This knowledge of the power of the Energy and her many possibilities of modulations end expression, make him being with conscience, being who know his power in himself, being who can use this power to race himself on a higher level of the evolution, being  who learn that if he want to learn the law of the Universe and the existence of that power, he must first to learn himself, to learn the power in him, to control and use wisely. He understands that if he wants to understand the Universe he must to get to know better himself.4

Different approach on this unique Cosmic Energy we can see it on the way present as a tree.

The more healing of yourself you do from whichever twig will take you closer down the branches and back to the trunk and the acorn and the source of divine energy. The names on the branches differ and sometimes the energies differ, the tools differ but everyone connects to the same source energy.

What makes the difference is the energy of the healer, the amount of self-healing and development they have done. As the healer heals themselves, by releasing the egoist patterns of this and past lives and expanding their knowledge and themselves, then so they move down the branches and get closer to the trunk and the source energy themselves. We learn to combine the various methods and frequencies and synergies them all together to ensure that the client receives the healing they need for their highest good. We also learn and combine many other tools and techniques from other healing systems so that we have the most comprehensive variety of skills currently available.

Every client is different and every client needs different skills, tools to help them most. By constant practice and learning we begin, not only to gather all the skills that have been tried and tested over the millennia that work, but to reawaken our natural abilities embedded in our DNA. This gives us a comprehensive toolbox of abilities to combine in whichever way each and every unique client needs.5

We also work very much with the client. The client heals themselves. The healer, facilitate that healing by synergizing our energies with the clients and with all the various cosmic and earth energies and techniques available.

As a healer our objective is to facilitate the healing of our client. When the mental, emotional, spiritual bodies are in alignment the physical body will be well. If there is an imbalance then the body will show symptoms.

Also the more we learn and the more we let go of our own issues and come more and more in line with our soul’s energy then the more energy we can bring down and use to facilitate our client’s as well as our own healing. The Soul’s journey is a journey of many lifetimes, of which this is one. The soul is constantly growing and changing, as does the world and the universe in which we live. Change is the only constant.Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

As far as energy healing is concerned, scientists have discovered that it is very real and very effective. Energy healing has been proven to be so effective that it is even used in major hospitals and health facilities around the world. Clearing, re energizing, empowering, balancing and calming your energy field is a really powerful, proven path to healing.

The purpose of the healer is to allow the client to draw the necessary energies through them to allow their mental, emotional spiritual bodies to be aligned and when they are in balance the body knows how it should be and heals it.