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Exam dreams about failing an exam, test or audition are very common dreams and can also be very frightening for some people. These dreams not only appear while you are in school, they can be experienced at any point in your life after your formal education.

At face value, if this dream appears while you are still in school, it usually represents your unpreparedness or fear of failure about the test itself. Later in life, after your schooling, this type of dream can awaken the anxieties you had at one time or another is association with taking a test.

They usually occur later in life when suffering from anxiety in your waking life. Perhaps you are under scrutiny at work from a supervisor, co-worker or someone you are in a personal relationship with. This can mean that you are a perfectionist and this dream will manifest itself because you put expectations on yourself that are too high and you are fearful of not meeting them. You might be disorganized in your waking life, which may conjure up a dream that you are late for an exam. You might also be neglecting an important issue in your life or unprepared for a challenge. In that case, you may dream that your pen or pencil breaks, you can’t find the classroom or a seat in which to take the test. Sometime these types of dreams are recurring and continue to do so until you find out their root cause.Related image

On the positive side, not all dreams about exams reflect a fear of failure. You might actually experience passing a test with flying colors in your dream, which reflects that you are feeling confidence and high self-esteem and that you have achieved goals that you have set to accomplish in your life.

As previously stated, the negative aspects of these dreams stem from your subconscious mind and reflect anxieties or fears in your waking life.  The best way to eliminate these dreams from recurring is to confront and resolve the issues, which are bringing on this generalized anxiety and fear.

Exam dreams can be nerve-racking.  Imagine… you’re sitting at your desk in school.   You watch as the teacher hands out papers to each student.  When she comes to you, you stare blankly at the page in front of you.  You completely forgot about the test today!  You panic. You don’t even what it’s on.  You are going to fail.

Suddenly, the scene fades to black and disappears.  You are back in your bed. With a sigh of relief, you realize it was a dream.

Taking an exam or test is one of the top Image result for meaning of exams in dreamsten common dream themes. Examination or ‘test’ dreams are usually symbolizing your anxiety about being a success or a failure; being prepared or being judged by others. You may be worried about meeting other’s expectations of you.
If your dream involves seeing yourself sitting an exam then you feel that your morel beliefs are being tested. This dream is associated with self-criticism and the need to achieve high expectations in your life. If you have done well at the exam then it demonstrates that you are able to remain strong through a difficult period of time, normally an exam demonstrates that you may have some thoughts or you need to display some actions in regards to a project that others don’t agree with. It is important to make sure that if you are displaying these traits then you need to look inside in order to address the problems within. If you are feeling alone in an exam then this is an indication that anxieties in your life have surfaced. Perhaps relaxation in quite place is needed at this time.If your dream involves taking an exam and that you feel that you are unable to achieve the desired results then this dream generally indicates or highlights the feelings of anxiety. If you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper and you are unable to answer any questions within the exam or alternatively this exam is in a foreign language the you do not understand the text then it indicates that you are worried the you are not going to be able to continue working as hard as you are in life for a long period of time. If you see a clock in your dream and time has run out then this is an indication of fear of the unexpected.Related image
If you dream that you …

  • Found yourself back it college or school and that you have of finding it difficult to care for an exam.
  • Suddenly finding yourself sitting the exam without any preparation and the inability to answer questions on the paper.
  • Having very little awareness of the topic of the exam.
  • Being asked to say out loud answer that you do not know of.
  • Walking into school will room to teach others to communicate due to a lack of preparation.
  • Inability to communicate or answer any questions.
  • You have passed exam and you are celebrating.
  • In your dream you are encouraging another person to pass an exam.
  • You are feeling anxiety at the thought of sitting an exam.
  • A sense of being at school and unable to live up to expectations.
  • Sitting in a room which is silence as everybody owls starts to sit in exam and you are unable to do so.

Positive meaning is if ………..

  • You pass the exam.
  • Within you your dream you are relaxed and able to take on any challenges that confront you.
  • You encounter happiness and contentment at passing the exam.
  • Pete if your dream of feel particularly warm towards you.
  • Ability to help other people pass an exam – being a teacher
  • The exam was around music which has resulted in contentment.
  • This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life…
  • You are going to find creativity in your life shortly and this dream indicates that it is time to recognise that through interesting approaches to problem you’re going to be able to overcome any difficulties that you are faced with.
  • That it is important that you realise that a close friend will be able to inspire you in the future. It is important that you come to terms with your own sense of the being.
  • Relationships are your work is going to improve in the forthcoming future, you have been subconsciously building up the energy with this situation and it is likely to change for the better going forward.
  • It is likely the you have encountered some how issues and this dream indicates that you are likely to become much better in the future.
  • You have found it difficult to avoid feelings of negativity in your life recently.
  • The feeling of being worried about what is to come in your life.Image result for meaning of exams in dreams

To specifically dream that you fail the exam or test generally symbolises that you are going to feel unprepared for a situation in the near future. It is important to recognise that you need to accept what you can do waking life as there are occasions where you may feel anxiety. The exam is positive if you are able to successfully find answers to the questions that you need to succeed in the exam. To be examined by a doctor or an alien deomstrates that you need to be aware of your health. Think about aspects that may effect your mental well being and how this can be improved in the future.
Any factors which are associated with you not being able to achieve the desired results – such as your pen has leaked, or you are rushing towards the end of an exam but you are not able to get into the room, or you are not given the questions to answer — all point towards the fact that you are feeling inadequate in a work situation.

If you are delivering a presentation to an audience who are happy about your delivery then this is a positive dream. If you dream that you are telling your parents of a result from an exam then this means that you feel tested by your family. If you are the presenter or the teacher within the dream then this symbolises that you hold the power over others at the moment. It is important to understand that you must conform to society, it is only when we grow up and become an adult we identify ways in which we can approach different problems. To feel unprepared in your dream indicates that you do not feel prepared to take on a major challenge in your life. Another indication is that this dream is related to frustration so try to prepare responses in your waking life – if you encountered any criticism or judgement within your dream. This type of dream is directly related to your fear and guilt of being able to perform in waking life. To feel any type of nervousness in your dream related to an exam or test is an indication that old attitudes and beliefs on the whole need to be challenged in the future. It is important to not interpret this dream in isolation. Think about the place where you are being tested. Related image

Also think about the numbers that were associated with your dream did you only answer a to questions from example? What would the number eight be related to in a situation where you feel that you can’t live up to the mark. A sense of not being able to meet the standards of the exam indicate that things have not gone down in a situation. The reason why you have encountered this dream is that you are starting to feel that one of the areas of your waking life has been challenged.

A driving test shows that you are being influenced in your career or love life in a certain direction and that you feel that you have little control over the circumstances.

A school exam is specifically focused on your beliefs being tested by another. An exam which you fail means that you are going to be facing some complex situations over the forthcoming year and that you need to keep your mind focused on what is important to you. If you pass the exam then you are going to be able to control all circumstances and succeed in your endeavors.

It is important to recognize that taking any type of exam is this symbolism that you are being put to test in waking life. These types dream are normally highlight a feeling of being worried and anxious in a situation relating to living up to expectations. Taking on more challenges will enable you to improve your relationships with others. This is a classic dream which is related to overcome an obstacle.Related image

  • If you fail the exam then this dream is indication that your ambitions of beyond your abilities and waking life. It is important to recognise that you are ready to take on new challenges.
  • If you pass the exam easily will be presented to a large audience without any major problems then this dream indicates that you are comfortable in any achievements which are likely to happen in the future. Some dream theorists indicate that sitting an examination is related to the fear of failing are a challenge in your waking life. This is generally  associated with a stressful experience in your waking life. It is quite straightforward in that if you fail this dream is negative and if you pass this dream is positive.
  • If you see your score or college and you are relaxed and prepared in the situation then this indicates that releasing emotions and beliefs in your waking life will enable you to move forward with success.
  • If in your dream you do not want to learn then this shows that you are going to have many influential friends.
  • If you are studying or learning in your dream then this indicates that you have a great interest in the wiring knowledge.
  • If you visit an academy in your dream then this shows that you are likely to regret an opportunity that is going to pass you by.
  • If you dream of being in a college taking an exam then this indicates that you are likely to advanced position of power.
  • To dream that you are back at high school demonstrates that you are likely to receive praise through a deserved victory.
  • If in your dream you suspended from high school and you have to take an exam then this shows that you are likely to encounter some troubles in your life.
  • If you are counting in your dream and are expected to answer a mathematical question in a classroom then this denotes that you are going to have trouble in controlling your emotions in the near future.
  • If you are specifically counting the times table then this indicates you are likely to be lucky information to your fortune is going forward.
  • If you are answering a mathematical question and you answer in error then this shows that you are going to overcome enemies in a work situation.
  • To dream that you are taking a history exam indicates a long unpleasant relationship with the opposite sex.
  • If you find yourself back at university and you undertake an exam then unfortunately you are likely to encounter somebody that you cannot trust in the near future. Image result for meaning of exams in dreams

Feelings that you may have had in this dream about an exam or test mean……..
Worried. Scared about the future. Not able to live up to expectations. Vulnerability. Anxiety. A sense of panic in order to complete the exam. Incompetent. Guilt. Shame. Power to deliver and escaping from reality. Unable to proceed. Inability to communicate with others. Happy. Celebration. Contentment. Concerns. Ability to live up to achievements. High standards. Expectation. Discovering a new talent.

  • If you will be facing a test in the near future, the dream may be a rehearsal or practice dream, to prepare you for taking the test.
  • Failing a Test

    May symbolize feeling insecure or inadequate in some aspect of waking life; or it may be a warning that you need to study or prepare more.

  • Passing a Test

    May indicate that you are fully prepared and ready to deal with what lies ahead; or it may be compensating for your fear of failure.

  • If you are surprised you passed the test then you may be selling yourself too short or not giving yourself enough credit for your accomplishments in waking life.
  • Problems taking the Test

    If you can’t find the testing location or you don’t have a pen or other needed supplies, you may be unprepared for something or you may not have all the information or support you need for your undertaking.

Test taking dreams: These dreams can cause anxiety and most people have this dream from time-to-time.  Exam dreams can be stressful and you usually find yourself either late or unprepared for the exam.

Students and Exam Dreams: If you’re a student these dreams often reflect your own feelings about test-taking.  Pay attention to how you felt during the dream.  Your feelings during the dream generally mirror a feeling you have in waking life.

If you felt anxious during the dream, you may be feeling anxious in your waking life too.  Your anxiety about taking a test may be sabotaging your success.  If this feels true, you might take action on the dream by doing something to relax before the exam like deep breathing or meditation.

Dreams of the Future: Dreams often show us what is just ahead in our future.  Exam dreams can serve this purpose too, particularly if you are a student.   Did you forget about a test scheduled for today?  Could you have a pop quiz?

If you’re not a student this dream could still be showing you something about the future. It could be foretelling a surprise review from your boss or a career-defining decision you will need to make.

Ask yourself what is going on in your waking life that *feels* like you are being tested.  Connect the feelings in the dream with feelings you have in waking life to see what area of your life your dream could be pointing to.

A Dream of Completion and Growth: If you’re not a student, exam dreams are often about completion.  Think about it – when you’re in school, you’re only allowed to take an exam after you’ve learned the material.

It follows that if you dream about taking an exam, you’ve already completed the “course”.  You learned what you need to know and are ready to put your knowledge into practice.

Now, here is where you need to think symbolically.  Look at areas of your life where you are finishing something.  It could be a project you are completing or it could be a stage in your life.

Are you ready for a promotion?

Is it time to start your own business?

Time to get married?

Move on from a relationship?

Have children?

Stop an addiction?

Whatever it is, your dream could be showing you that you have completed one chapter of your life and you are ready to move forward and take on your next greater challenge.