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Ghost dreams can have many different symbolic meanings, depending on what is happening in your waking life. A common reason for a ghost to appear in your dream is that you may be feeling detached and separate from those around you or not as fully engaged in life as you want to be. You could be feeling stuck in a current situation, or have unresolved issues with others or in your own pursuits. A dream ghost may also symbolize that it is time for you to move forward either in a job, relationship or some other situation in your waking life.

In general, seeing ghosts in your dream symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear.

This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. You may be anxious about your ability to achieve something in real life. Or, you may be afraid of death and dying.

If you were frightened by the ghost or it spoke to you, this is a warning that some powerful pressure will be put on you to join in a scheme or activity which is against your principles. Related imageResist the temptation with all your strength, and if necessary get help from a trusted friend or adviser.

If you dreamed of being a ghost, this symbolizes a feeling of disconnection from life and society.

This dream may be a calling for you to move on and abandon your outdated modes of thinking and behavior, and make a positive change in attitude.

Fear is another reason that a ghost or demon can appear in your dreams. It may be a warning to flee from certain people or situations in your life, or be a warning of imminent danger to you or others close to you. Ghosts may also signify characteristics of your own persona that you dislike, yet are fearful of changing. They can represent your inability to communicate your true feelings, either positive or negative. Also, to let go of the past, or to confront issues you have suppressed or that have been haunting you in your waking life. So it is time to take action and move toward positive changes for the better. These dreams can also be recurring, at least until the issues they are related to get resolved.

If you have been ill or surrounded by others suffering an illness, ghosts appearing in your dreams may indicate your own fears about death and dying.

If your dream ghosts are people you have known and lost, it can indicate a number of things. The meaning is dependent on the relationships you had with them when they were alive. For example, it can represent guilt feelings you are harboring because you did not have proper closure or unresolved issues of anger at someone. However, these ghosts could be trying to send you a message or trying to let you know that everything is beautiful on the other side.Related image

Certainly, ghosts can be unnerving for whatever reason they pop into our dreams. Keep in mind that they also just might be the result of watching a scary movie or one of the many paranormal and ghost hunting programs on television.

Psychological Meaning: The shadowy ghosts of your dreams symbolize those aspects of yourself that you fear. But it is fear itself that makes them frightening. Expose these dark lurking images into the bright light of day and you will realize that it is only your own fear that makes them nightmares. You must understand that there are many, different energies that make up your psyche. Your dream also reflects your own fears about death and dying. Freud thought that ghosts are actually the visions of people who are afraid of death.  In this sense, the ghost would not be real at all but rather a projection of our subconscious mind.

Mystical Meaning: In most cases ghosts are representations of the dark forces within ourselves that we have not acknowledged. However, many people have claimed to have really met the dead in their dreams.  In some cases, the dream spirit gave evidence that proved them to be the real spirits of people from the other side, usually only spirits that care for you can communicate in this way.

Ghost dreams have always been considered frightening even nightmarish, but these days they are a pretty popular dream. Are there any ghost haunting your dreams? If so, what might they be symbolizing? To better understand their meaning we need to determine a few things about ore ghost.

First are your dreams a ghost or a visitation?  Differentiating between “the ghost dreams” and dreams of a loved ones who have departed is important. Dreams of loved ones who has passed may carry very different feelings and meanings than the classic ghost dreams. Dreaming of someone who has died, may actually be ancestral visitation dreams rather than the ghost or hunting dreams.

If someone you love has recently passed that person might materialize in your dreams as a ghost. These types of dreams may bear a slightly different meaning than ancestral visitation dreams. They may symbolize mourning or unprocessed grief over the loss of that person. They can also symbolize guilty feelings in the relation to that person or unresolved issues, not having said goodbye, or even guilt over being angry that the person passed. On a more positive note, these dreams may also be visitations; the opportunity to conclude issues you wish you had taken care of before the person crossed.

Classic ghosts dreams are dreams that have a more haunting quality than dreams about those who have recently died or those loved ones who come to visit us while we sleep. These are dreams of the shadowy shape, person, or image that comes unbidden and leaves behind a feeling of uneasiness or even fear. Classic ghost dreams may fall into the ‘shadow’ category of dreams. (More information about the shadow is located at: Shadow.) As a shadow symbol ghosts may represent parts of ourselves we do not wish to look at–parts of ourselves that we don’t like or that actually scare us.

The Classic ghost dreams require a close look at the feelings and reactions the dreamer has to the ghost. If the feelings are fear based or if the ghost causes you to run away, the dream may symbolize an attempt to run away from or somehow combat some part of yourself. If, however, you find yourself talking to the ghost or embracing it in some way then the dream may indicate an acceptance or integration of some facet that was formerly denied.

Ghosts are associated with haunting and haunted places. They are also almost always symbols of the past. As such they may also symbolize some painful aspect of the past that has never been dealt with, yet still haunts the soul. Looking at other symbols in your dreams, such as its location, may provide clues as to what it is that hasn’t been processed. For example, if you find yourself in your old childhood home the dream may point to some trauma suffered in childhood.Image result for ghost dreams meaning

Ghosts are often associated with fear in the dream dictionary. It turns out that there is truth to the saying that we fear what we do not understand. Ghosts as a dream symbol are usually just as feared. Usually the dream meaning of a dream involving ghosts has something to do with fearing a part of yourself. The ghost may symbolize some kind of painful or repressed memory that you might have had since childhood. Sometimes the identity of the ghost in the dream can help you understand what the memory is related to, though this is not always the case. Some dream interpretations suggest that a ghost in a dream could just exist as a symbol for your fear of death. Of course, ghosts are strongly associated with death, and can easily be seen as symbols of death because of this.

Generally the meaning of dream regarding a ghost that is of no person special to you has a more general message. When it is the incorporeal manifestation of someone that you have known for quite some time, then it is important to figure out exactly what significance that person has to you, and why they might show up as a ghost in one of your dreams instead of in their normal human form. Most dream meanings regarding dead relatives or friends are tied to feelings of guilt that you had. If the people that you are seeing as ghosts in your dreams are actually dead in the real world, then it is likely that you are dreaming of them because of some wrong that you committed against them while they were alive that you cannot get over. Image result for ghost dreams meaningIf you dream that you are attempting to reach out to a ghost that then disappears, a dream interpretation might suggest that you are attempting to deal with some painful or stressful memory, but that you have not quite become completely at ease with it. Still, you are taking steps to do so, and this might be the dreams’ way of telling you that you are making progress.
If the ghost of a person that you see in your dreams happens to be someone that is actually live, this is a dangerous sign. Contrary to how it may seem, it could mean that they are plotting something dangerous for you. You would do well to spend some time apart from this person until the dreams have settled down or gone away entirely. This is why it is important to carefully scrutinize the people in your dreams and the things that they do, because it clues your conscious self into what your subconscious feels. If you feel deep in your gut that you are in danger, this is your subconscious’ way of telling you, and you would do right to listen.

Ghost dreams may are unnerving, but understanding the dreams helps one make peace with the past so the present can be lived.Image result for ghost dreams meaning

The following are some common ghosts in dreams

  • Dreams of a ghost of either one of your parents, denotes that you are exposed to danger, and you should be careful in forming partnerships with stranger.
  • Dreams of the ghost of a dead friend, foretells that you will make a long journey with an unpleasant companion, and suffer disappointments.
  • If the ghost is someone known to you who has passed on and who speaks to you in you dreams, listen. The message is important.
  • To see an angel or a ghost appear in the sky in your dreams denotes the loss of kindred and misfortunes.
  • Dreams of a female ghost on your right in the sky and a male on your left, both of pleasing countenance, signifies a quick rise from obscurity to fame, but the honor and position will be filled only for a short space, as death will be a visitor and will bear you off.
  • Dreams of a female ghost in long, clinging robes floating calmly through the sky, indicates that you will make progression in scientific studies and acquire wealth almost miraculously, but there will be an under note of sadness in your life.
  • Dreams that you see the ghost of a living relative or friend denotes that you are in danger of some friend’s malice, and you are warned to carefully keep your affairs under personal supervision. If the ghost appears to be haggard, it may be the intimation of the early death of that friend.
  • If you are frightened by the ghost in your dreams, could mean that mistakes in your past have “come back to haunt you.” It could also mean that intense pressure to do something against your principles could be put upon you by someone in a position of authority.Image result for ghost dreams meaning

To see a ghost in your dream represents something that is no longer obtainable or within reach. It indicates that you are feeling disconnected from life and society. Try to figure out what the ghost wants or what it is looking for. The dream may also be a calling for you to move on and abandon your outdated modes of thinking and behavior.

To see your own ghost in your dream symbolizes aspects of yourself that you fear. This may involve a painful memory, guilt, or some repressed thoughts. Or you may be afraid of death and dying.

To dream that you turn into a ghost implies that you are desperate to escape from a situation.

To dream that you reach out to touch a ghost, but it disappears indicates that you are taking steps to acknowledging some painful or repressed thoughts even though you are not ready to fully confront them.

To see the ghost of a living relative or friend in your dream signifies that you are in danger of malice acts by that person.

To see the ghost of a dead friend/relative in your dream suggests guilt and regrets concerning the past relationships with that particular person.Related image

To dream that ghosts are trying to kill you implies that you are ready to confront your past and your repressed emotions, despite how painful it may be. You are ready to move forward with your life and leave the past behind. If a ghost is choking you in your dream, then it means that some past situation is preventing you from fully expressing yourself.

Dreaming that you are being stalked or haunted by a ghost indicates that you are refusing to confront issues from your past which is affecting your present life.

Generally speaking, people either believe in ghosts or they don’t and when it comes to dreams where ghosts appear how you feel about these ‘entities’ will have a bearing on the interpretation.  If you don’t believe in ghosts, then your dream may relate to something you literally don’t believe is happening in your life or that someone (perhaps not to be trusted, or that you don’t know very well) is trying to force your hand in some area.

If you have an open mind about the Spirit World, then ghosts which appear can take the form of people you know.  Many people describe visitation dreams, a wonderful experience where someone you has passed away appears in a dream with a healthy glow and positive message to inspire you when you wake up.  Where someone who you have loved and lost appears in a dream but their behavior is unkind, this often reflects feelings of guilt or unresolved issues around their passing which may need to be talked about.

Have a think about the entity that appeared in your dream and whether you recognized Related imagethem (even if not in appearance, if there was just something about them which seemed familiar).  If however, their image was more like an apparition or presence which felt threatening this may be the phenomenon known as ‘Old Hag Syndrome’ – a threatening or menacing figure which may seem to intimidate your dreams.  This is often a symptom of stress and acknowledges that you need more time to relax and find balance in your life.In your dream you said that you were battling the entity.  This may represent some conflict which is in your life at the time you had the dream and in fact may represent a battle you’re having with yourself.  Ghosts in dreams can equally be the part of ourselves we don’t like or are frightened to confront.  Having a battle with the ghost can suggest that you know some changes need to be made and are taking positive steps to address them, even if the journey is painful at the start.