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Green Loving Tan Auras


Green Loving/Nurturing Tans—a combination in the analytical color group—take leadership roles and guide friends, family and co-workers through difficult and complex problems. Green Loving/Nurturing Tans are good motivators, dole out compliments, and are thoughtful. They typically need to develop communication skills so they can offer, not only general praise, but also constructive criticism in the work place, which leads to a more successful career. This combination color will take a leadership role to help guide friends, family and co-workers through various life issues. They are typically wise beyond their years and help others change their lives. Green Loving/Nurturing Tans must also take a dose of their own medicine and practice what they preach.

Personality: A Green Loving/Nurturing Tan Aura is governed by the personality of the Green Aura. Both colors are mentally agile and analytical, methodical thinkers. The Green side of the Aura will analyze and get the answer the problem quickly while the Loving/Nurturing Tan side will make sure that every step along the way is correct and nothing is overlooked. Emotionally, the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan stay slightly separated from inner feelings so they can remain productive and helpful to others. The Loving/Nurturing Tan addition to the stronger Green Aura band will help the Green connect and process emotions without getting too confused, frustrated or angry. Socially, the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan seeks out one special person who connects on a physical, loving level remains committed to them. They prefer one on one social contact with bright, sensitive people rather than large groups.

Career: Green Loving/Nurturing Tans have many options in career choices. The Green stronger Aura band strives for continued achievement and ultimate success. They want to be productive, creative and rise to the top as a powerful leader. When they add the Loving/Nurturing Tan Aura to their Green Aura band for success and prosperity, they add the quality of helping other obtain the same degree of success. A Green Nurturing/Loving Tan wants to help others gain prosperity and is patient and fair with co-workers, friends and family. They always offer a hand to formulate the methodology—to even work backwards from the goal—so that the person in need sees the entire road map

Relationships: Green Loving/Nurturing Tans are loyal and loving, but sometimes possessive partners. They are strong willed and stubborn, but want one special person in their lives they can trust and with whom they share their dreams, hard work, and material success. They look for someone of high intelligence that is physically attractive and desires to succeed in life. Therefore, they will be most compatible with other Green Loving/Nurturing Tans and other colors and color combinations of the Analytical Personality color Auras. A Green Loving/Nurturing Tan will not be very compatible with the Physical color Orange who will be too flighty.  But they will have an interesting relationship with a Physical Red who is very powerful, intelligent, takes care of themselves, is generally neat, and loves to be direct, successful and loved. A Green Loving/Nurturing Tan will also not be compatible with the Action colors of Yellow or Magenta because they are too playful, shift priorities too much, and cannot stay with one person for very long. The Emotional Personality color Auras—Blue, Lavender, Indigo, and their combinations—will think the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan has too strong of a personality for them at times and will feel they are not understood enough. A Green Loving/Nurturing Tan relationship with the Spiritual color Auras Crystal or Violet will be challenging but work out fairly well. These colors will share their intelligence and work together to be more successful. They will help each other find spiritual awakening and constantly balance material success with religious piety.

Health and Wellness: A Green Loving/Nurturing Tan will have fewer health problems if they permit their Green Aura band to be governed by their Loving/Nurturing Tan side. The Green Aura governs a very powerful and successful person, but that success creates stress. Stress leads to problems with Angina— because of the heart involvement with Green Auras—and most likely stomach problems such as reflux, ulcers and colonists. The Green Loving/Nurturing Tans can alleviate stress and avoid stomach problems by calming down, putting off completion of all their lists, and forgetting about work for a while. Green Loving/Nurturing Tans should take time out to “smell the roses” and be thankful and actually enjoy the objects of their success. Forcing some evenings at home with a loved one watching a favorite movie and eating a home cooked meal will aid digestion and curb the workaholic nature of the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan.

Spirituality: A Green Loving/Nurturing Tan will be very eager to pursue any ideology associated with spirituality. They will be eager to understand and embrace a theology that they can study thoroughly and embrace completely. They will challenge themselves to understand, rather than feel emotion about practicing their religious beliefs. They want to seek out meditation, knowledge, chanting or ritual that shows compassion and love in words and deeds to humankind. This will help the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan feel and understand that they are entitled to give and accept the power of love from God. Many Green Loving/Nurturing Tans receive immense self-worth, self-esteem, and peace by becoming involved with social welfare and/ or community outreach programs sponsored by their churches so that they can counsel and/or teach religion or life experience classes.

 Chakras: The Green Loving/Nurturing Tan Auras emanate from mostly the Heart Chakra that radiate out on both the left and right side of our body. The Green Aura band will flow upwards from the left side beside the Heart Chakra and generally remain on the left side of the body. The Loving/Nurturing Tan Aura band will cross over from the Heart and will be seen on the right side of the body. Green is the true color of the Heart Chakra – representing love, growth, success, life and rebirth. The Loving/Nurturing Tan Aura band really has no “home” Chakra, but can spring out from the Heart, Throat or Solar Plexus Chakra as a color that “thinks” about love, compassion, cooperation, intuitive understanding, and commitment.

 Color Change: Green Loving/Nurturing Tans will tend to become over stimulated and way too dark of Green and Tan because of the strength of the Green Aura band. When this combination Aura becomes too strong, a person will show tendencies of being a workaholic, perfectionist, overly demanding, moody and controlling. The antidote for this condition is an application of a lighter shade of green – Jade to Aventurine – and to listen to soft music or take a warm bath to calm the body and soul. If the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan becomes too lethargic, depressed, overly sensitive, angry or lacking in confidence, then you know your Aura is under stimulated. Your aura will appear very pale, and you may actually carry a low grade fever and feel as if your eyesight is affected. When this happens, you need to make sure that you surround yourself with bright green – plants, food, and clothing – even yellow sunshine to brighten your mood. Balance of work and play, rest and mental stimulants are the keys to maintaining good color for this Aura combination.

 Green Loving/Nurturing Tans are really loving, compassionate, intelligent, people who are driven to success and are really too hard on themselves. They need to take more time to reflect on their own needs so that they can first calm and then revive and renew more quickly from overload. They need to keep their homes neat, with a minimal of furniture and “stuff” sitting around. They should have pictures of family rather than art work that help balance their priorities; accessories should be warm colors like red and yellow for foundation and warmth. Live plants should be in every room for heart health and growth. These warm colors should be added to the foundation color of earth tones for balance and calmness. Gold jewelry is another way to add warmth to the Green Loving/Nurturing Tan. Jade, or Emerald gems are perfect for love and harmony. Love notes, or Birthday cards naturally add more love written with green ink. Green is actually the most abundant color on the face of the Earth, so use it without hesitation to enhance work, play and love.