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Green Pet Auras


The Green aura of your pet is comparable to the human Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is located right over the heart of your pet. Your pet will be very bright and alert, and will demonstrate a lot of love and attention towards you. At the same time, your pet may also show symptoms of being self absorbed; he/she can sit for hours preening, licking or sniffing at his/her body or at a favorite chew toy or treat.

Your pet will give you unconditional love, bordering sometimes on jealousy and being considered a “one person “pet. Your pet will be very protective of your personal being and space, and may not let others approach you without making warning sounds or aggressive stances. Your pet will truly reflect your sentiments – if you are warm and loving to others, your pet will adopt the same attitude; if you are wary and stand off from others, your pet will adopt the same stance. Your pet will be most relaxed when you are home, sitting near to them and talking softly and lovingly to them.

Your pet will want to be neat and clean like you, and will want to have the very best bedding, and food around them. They will be picky about their tastes – just like you, if you have a Green aura. Pets with Green auras have large hearts and they want to be loved and appreciated just because they are there to love you; please show them your gratitude in return.

Great choices of color around your pet will be Green and Rose and Crystal to lift their spirits, and good Gemstone choices for a health will include Emeralds, Jade, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and Crystal. These colors will reduce the chances of anger and heart problems with your pet. Optimum balance can be achieved by taking your pet with you to places that welcome community service with animal participation to open their hearts to others. Also, watch TV and movies close by your pets so they can feel and “tune in” to your emotions for that special love connection.