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206744_1014935329231_4318_nI am a down-to-earth Energetic Healer and I am working very successful with :Cosmic Energy Healing,Cosmic Energy Distant Healing,Balancing Chakras,Repairing Auras and organizing on line Courses. I am here for you if  you are searching for an effective way to relieve your pain or need support in healing and need a sincere perspective on health problems,career or life issues. If you need advice as well as supporting and progress in your career I can help you achieve all this in a live video meeting.

Since 1999, I have helped numerous people to facilitate recovery and to overcome their sufferingMany of us suffer from painful conditions which we strive to cure or not only seek for a cure, but also want to understand what else lies beyond the cause of pain. Some struggle with infertility, various illnesses and addiction,tiredness, stress, depression, anxiety or negative emotions. Other have problems in their Career and job.

If you are one of the people above, then we can work together on solving your problem.

I have been helping people with many painful conditions and situations for 12 years. Take some time to work with me and you will feel that something good is unfolding in you.

I can help you too in an online personal meeting.

I use a very simple method that works, and that you can learn to use for yourself too. It’s 100% natural and you can put it into practice into your daily life. It’s based on: empathy, self-knowledge and deep meditation.

Many people feel good just being close to me or talking to me. They say that peace and trust arise naturally from me and that they trust me. I pay attention to you from a human point of view.

In our online meeting I establish a spiritual connection with you. We focus on the issue that is ready for healing and all you have to do is to follow my instructions.
After the session, most of my clients experience a healthier state or are in a healed state of mind. They feel something good has been done.

If you live in Greece, we work in a face-to-face session. Just contact me and I will email you my mobile number to make an appointment.

This is how it works:

  • You contact me through the form below and we make an appointment
  • We meet through the Skype or by telephone.( sofi – 52) or by telephone.++306936868889
  • We talk about anything that’s bothering you. Health issues, feelings, perceptions, and problems in daily life… whatever you like to share. I listen carefully without judgement, anything you tell me remains strictly confidential – that’s my personal guarantee.
  • We meditate together, sometimes we’re silent. Any meditation we do is guided by me.
  • You receive personalized instructions and teachings to let the healing process occur.
  • You just have to be present and follow my instructions.

A one-time session costs 50 EU. Once we have an appointment I will send you a call for payment to your email address and you can pay safely and securely through PayPal (all major credit cards accepted). After payment your booking is confirmed. Discounts may apply when you take sessions regularly.

Note that a spiritual healing session is not intended to substitute medical advice. However, if you are looking for…

  • more freedom in life situation
  • progress in your career and your business
  • acceptance, compassion and strength to overcome traumas, painful conditions or diseases
  • greater comfort when facing medical procedures my healing sessions can be just what you are looking for.