Sanskrit Name : Dhanusha

Meaning of Name : The Archer

Zodiac Symbol: The Archer

Zodiac Element: Fire

Zodiac Quality: Mutable

Planet: Jupiter

Type : Fire-Mutable-Positive

Colors: Blue, Purple,White,Violet,  Red, Pink

Lucky Day : Thursday

Lucky Number : 3, 12, 21, 30

House: 9th House

Chinese equivalent is the Rat

Metal: Aluminum, Tin, Silver

Greatest Gift: Compassion, Freedom

Birthstone: Blue Topaz, Turquoise

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

The natives of the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius, the ninth Sign of the Zodiac, are renowned for seeking and saying the truth, and nothing but the truth. They are represented symbolically by a man with a bow and arrow, who is half human and half horse. This is why they are also referred to as the Archers. Knowledge, action and a broad-minded attitude defines them. They also have a great sense of humor. The Sagittarius natives have a keen desire to discover the meaning of life, and therefore are very philosophical and religious. They are clear in their thoughts, and love it when others agree with their opinions. However, they can also be very argumentative, harsh, and inflexible. They are enthusiastic both as listeners and as talkers. They carefully listen to others’ opinions, especially to satisfy their desire to gain more knowledge. The Archers also need to travel a lot, and love to explore the world. If they feel that their freedom is being curtailed, they simply lose their patience and mess things up. They love to enjoy life. At a party, you will see them arrive before anyone else and leave after everyone. They are keen to learn new things, which is why they love to experiment a lot. So their knowledge is mostly first-hand, not bookish.
The Sagittarius natives love the outdoors, and hate it when they have to stay indoors. Honest, but sometimes tactless, these people love challenges. Although they think of themselves as adventurers, not intellectuals, they also enjoy learning new subjects and can do very well in academics. They are very loyal to their friends, and therefore very popular in their immediate circle. Many of them are lucky to have friends in high positions. Sometimes they can be insecure and also doubt the decisions and judgments of others. The Sagittarius-born are extroverts, enthusiastic and sometimes excessively frank. They are prone to talking too fast and too much, so sometimes it may become very difficult for others to keep pace with them. This frequently results in their statements and opinions being taken lightly by others. Their words can be as hurtful as they can be inspiring. They are far-sighted people who are curious, and have a true bent for spirituality. They attract others for their sense of humor and confidence.
The Sagittarius-born will rarely show their emotions, so people tend to label them as cold. They derive a great amount of pleasure from adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, mountaineering, horse riding, or travelling to exotic destinations. Sagittarius – Aries, Sagittarius – Leon and Sagittarius – Sagittarius  make compatible life partners, as they tend to share similar energy levels. Sagittarius Moon is happy-go-lucky and free-spirited… as long as they aren’t cooped up. They need space and personal freedom to be happy. They love to be physically active. Travel, sports, socializing… it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is active. They love open spaces, indoors and out. Optimistic and cheerful, Sagittarius Moon is always upbeat, even when they’ve disappointed you for the third time because they once again forgot the lunch date you had planned.

They are competitive and love the outdoors. They are usually natural athletes, or if not, they appreciate athleticism in others. They abhor routine, and feel the need to escape. If things get tough, you better lock the door, because they will be looking for the fastest road out of town.

Sagittarius Moon has an ability to simply believe that everything will work out for the best. They don’t make detailed plans; they just like to play it by ear. As such, they are very adaptable when the need arises. Idealistic and romantic, they don’t look before they leap. While this makes them lots of fun sometimes, this aspect coupled with their generosity can leave them vulnerable to be taken advantage of. This same quality, however, can make them successful where those who were more cautious tend to fail. After the dark days of Scorpio we are experiencing days of comfort. People are drawn to the order and stability. They are quiet and law abiding. At these days, we would like to receive advice, recommendations, follow the rules, comply with regimes. At this point, we need teachers and patrons. But someone in this time would prefer to teach others, to give his advice.

In the days of Sagittarius there is rising the interest in a public life, we want to take a position in society, to strengthen the ground, to make our lives measured and orderly. These are the best days for a successful teaching experience; we are better educating ourselves and teaching others. The days are favorable for the production of a new knowledge, new skills and transferring knowledge to the others. If you are asked about something in this days (for advice, for example) – respond, advise, help to find the answers, most likely you will be able to do it brilliantly. But if you are not asked – do not interfere with your advice and help. It is always better to ask for one.

Here the moon is in a Fiery sign, visiting Jupiter. Of course, the perception of a person will be unconsciously adjusted to every situation that will be associated with a sense of authority, hierarchy, social relationships. A person with his moon in Sagittarius will feel the finest structures of the social relations; he will be set to a situation where he would be able to accept any traditions or ideologies.

Such a person has an unconscious desire to be an example for the others. These people are very sensitive to the traditions. They are unconsciously set up to the search of authorities and the similar situations, which they could absorb, and then – become the authorities by themselves. Very often these people have the bombast, the need to satisfy their vanity and pride. If they will not find those qualities in themselves, they will be upset and worried, because they would like to have it all. These people at the unconscious level are very well-versed in the social environment. Moreover, the person has not yet taken a conscious decision, but subconsciously he already feels a strict social structure, he already knows who has the authority, which does not, he can instantly navigate and understand how to behave, in order to be respected.

The Lunar Sagittarius – like an indicator – feels any changes in a social conditions, changes of leaders and authorities. Of course, he is not aware of these things, but by his behavior and by his relationships you can always see it. These people are often becoming the distributors of knowledge; many of them were among the founders of the famous occult and scientific schools.

Moon Sign Sagittarius is impatient. They don’t like to spend the time that may be required to develop a relationship or any other benefit. They can be too candid, especially at times when they really need to use some tact.

Power and status impresses Sagittarius Moon. They also like to leave an impression on others, and may resort to boasting or exaggerating to do so. They are creative and talented; many go into the arts or design. They also can be successful in sales, education and jobs where they must rely on communication.

They have a dual personality, so they can appear to be two very different people. They may appear independent, and at the same time, they may seem irresponsible. This dual nature also causes them extreme highs and lows. One minute they may be the life of the party, the next they are utterly despondent. They are highly driven, and can often be very successful, especially at professions that allow them freedom and travel opportunities. They love to learn, and will be restless intellectually if they are not stimulated by their activities. They are always searching for something.

These natural adventurers are impulsive and enthusiastic. This is partially why they are so great at teaching… they are enthusiastic about sharing their passions and are good at explaining what makes the subjects so fascinating for them. Unlike some of the other Moon signs, the Sagittarius Moon Sign is not really materialistic. They prefer having an incredible experience, even though it is fleeting. They tend to wax philosophical at times, and are naturals with language. When needed, they are a champion of justice if someone dear to them is affected… it will become their new mission to make sure the end result is fair.

The searching Sagittarius – moons are always alert, open and interested in everything. They easily become enthusiastic; they are idealistic, love their freedom but are rarely persevering. They demand as well as concede liberty and tolerance in love. They dispose of an impulsive, enthusiastic and optimistic approach to live. They are adventurers, nature – lovers and the notorious travelers among the moon signs. They are always driven to new horizons, which they try to conquer. They are also travelers in the mental sphere full of the desire for knowledge and discovery. They deal with last questions and the sense of life and try to pass on the answers they have found. They enjoy living but sometimes tend to be sectarian and to proselytize.
Dhanu Rashi is the ninth moon sign in Vedic Astrology whose equivalent is Sagittarius.

The ruler of Dhanus Rasi is Jupiter or Guru.

It is symbolized by the Archer and element Fire.

The lucky color for this Vedic moon sign is WHITE, ORANGE, GREEN.

The Dhanu Rasi includes the Nakshatras of Moola, Purvashada and Uttarashada (Pada 1).

Personality: As the Dhanu Rashi is ruled by planet Jupiter, it signifies wealth, motivation, intelligence and good luck. People born in Dhanus Rasi will be inquisitive, loquacious and interested in mysticism and philosophy. They give importance to rank and riches of people. Their capabilities are very different from person to person and span from scholarship to plagiarism. Uninhibited show of wealth is accompanied by a charitable disposition. They are known for their truthful nature and never hesitate to tell it, however hurtful it might be. They are independent and go-getters even though they are soft-spoken and modest.

The normal truthfulness of Dhanus Rashi people may be sometimes construed as disrespect. Their overindulgence in food, alcohol and drugs will result in obesity and bad physical fitness. Being lethargic they have a low priority for exercise and good health. Though they are honest and committed, sometimes they tend to act without sufficient thinking.

Individuals born under Dhanu Rasi are gifted with a great deal of enthusiasm and adaptability. This makes them suitable for all types of situations and surroundings. They are interested in travelling all over the world and like different types of food and drinks, theatre, animals and games. Confidence and a strong will power go hand-in-hand for the Dhanus people.

But the Dhanus Rasi are also known for their short fiery temper. They take risks without thinking of the consequences. And their decision making skills is something which needs looking into. At times their idealism can get out of hand. They tend to be dominating which might hurt their relationships in the long run.

Health: Planet Guru bestows a person born under Dhanush Rashi with good health under normal circumstances. Likely health problems are diabetes and gastric disorders. They might also face some problems related to the lower part of their bodies like the pelvis, hips and thighs. Regular exercise is the only way to avoid muscle and blood circulation problems.

Finance: Growth in finances for the Dhanus Rasi will be accompanied by greater expenses which will be a source of stress. They are blessed with riches or usually born in rich families. Money will never be a source of worry for them. But they will need to control their spending if they wish to have a secure retirement. They are known for their generosity and help everyone, when they have cash to spare.

Relationships: The Dhanus Rasi people will be warm and committed to their partners. But they are not expressive enough to show their real emotions. This may result in petty quarrels which however will not affect the harmony in the relationship. They love their families and work hard to provide everything for them. They are loyal to their partners and quite popular with people around them. Their warm and happy nature makes them pleasant company whom everyone loves.

Professions: The Dhanu Rashi are known for their positive outlook in life. They look at failures as stepping stones to success. Suitable careers for these people are: Publishers, Artists, Spiritual Leaders and Educationists. They make good leaders and diplomatic politicians. Religion too plays an important role in the choice of their jobs. Philosophy and travel related careers will work in their favor.

Moon in Dhanu (Sagittarius)

Governed by the positive energies of Jupiter, the Dhanu is blessed with a natural quest for knowledge, perceptive powers and courage. One of the outstanding qualities of Sagittarius is to set their goals beyond the perception of others, and sometimes even of themselves. The influence of Jupiter directs their interest to astrology, chanting and yoga. Irrespective of the rank they are born into, Dhanusa is bound to transcend it. The natives of this rashi have a stately appearance, and majesty is even reflective in their speech. People who are born under this sign always remember favors that are rendered to them, and like the centaur that is free of spirit, Dhanus natives detests limitations and least tolerates domination. They are the most optimistic of the 12 moon signs and are enthusiastic, adventurous and philosophical. They can get overindulgent and curious at times.

How to bring change to your life

The people with moon in Sagittarius are enthusiastic and are risk takers .They always try to seek perfection in the work they do. They love independence and do not like to be trapped physically, intellectually or emotionally. They have free mind and spirit and are adaptable in any kind of situations. They are a believer of justice and try their level best to do righteous deeds to other people. They are not necessarily materialistic and experience counts more than the acquisition of objects. They are good learners and are always try to increase their experience as they go on in life. They have a judicious bent of mind and also are philosophical in nature.

They possess a brilliant mind, the intuitive faculties are keen and their judgments poised. With a dynamic temperament, they are impulsive, magnetic and forceful. Lunar Sagittarians have a need for personal freedom and space. Meeting new people, going out in the world and travel are all important to their sense of well-being. They love open spaces, and, in their homes, a roomy and bright environment.

They are always in an active state physically as well as mentally and are ever ready for any task or challenge put forth onto the… Patience may be the most difficult quality for this native to master. They are the natural linguists of the zodiac. The Sagittarian breadth of vision is remarkable. There’s a bit of a teacher in Moon in Sagittarius, and definitely a helpful spirit. They easily forget appointments and the like, and some are even considered irresponsible. However, it is hard to stay angry at a Lunar Sagittarian! They are so cheerful and upbeat, and their optimism is catchy.